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Compressed Polyester Importing from China

This is not actually foam, but rather densified polyester batting that creates an effective foam alternative. Compressed polyester will not disintegrate or yellow like traditional foam, but it will compress over time. If you need to import compressed polyester for your business, Guangdong is the biggest supplier of foam that provide high quality products.

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Polyester Fiberfill Importing from China

An affordable option, it is a common stuffing for pillows and deep seating back cushions. Wide selection of polyester fiberfill are available in China market. If you are importing polyester fiberfill from China, you can rest assured you’re getting the high quality products.

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Medium Density Polyurethane Antimicrobial Foam Importing from China

Medium Density Polyurethane Antimicrobial Foam is a traditional foam option with medium firmness that is suitable for seating and mattress applications. If you’re planning on importing foam from China, Guangdong has a lot of foam manufacturer that you can choose from.

pu foam high density
High Density Polyurethane Foam Importing from China

The higher density makes this foam more resilient, and therefore more suitable for everyday, high-traffic uses. High Density Polyurethane Foam is available in both medium and firm firmness levels and typically lasts up to 12 years. You can import foam for your business from the leading foam manufacturer and suppliers in China assuring the highest quality at best price.

Dry Fast Open Cell Foam Importing from China

An open cell foam has open pores that allow water and air to flow through easily. Open cell foams make a comfortable and cool seating cushion or mattress. If you are importing dry fast open cell foam from China, you are rest assured you’re getting the good quality products that even you’re customer will patronize your product.

Closed Cell Foam Importing from China

Closed Cell Foam resists moisture absorption, making it buoyant. This foam is made from PVN and is three times firmer than polyurethane foam. Import closed cell foam from the leading foam manufacturer and supplier in China mostly in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, and Jiangsu. Chinese closed cell foam are not exactly cheap, yet it will prove cost effective for you. You can use your closed cell foam for years.

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Fabric Backed Sew Foam Importing from China

Fabric Backed Sew Foam is a thin sheet of polyurethane foam that is perfect for upholstery applications. Import fabric backed sew foam for your business from the best foam manufacturer and suppliers in China area.

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Best 20 Foam Manufacturers in China

1 Dongtai sponge Products Co., Ltd

Dongtai sponge Products Co., Ltd was incorporated in the foam industry since the year 2011. This is a team of well-experienced engineering personnel and mature management employees. At the same time, this is the first company to pass the ISO9001 certification. They produced foam products from raw and environmentally-friendly materials.

2 Fule Footwear Material Co., Ltd

This is one of the joint-ventured enterprises with a factory area around 5000 square meters. Fule Footwear Material Co., Ltd produced foam products such as memory foam, PU foam, and environmental breathable foam. It owns development capacity and full reclamation technology, makes foam products with high resilience, high absorption, and high breathability.

3 CYG TEFA Co., Ltd

CYG TEFA Co., Ltd is a comprehensive professional manufacturer of all foam products. It also combines production and development together. Was set up in 2002, with over 350 full-time employees. The company holds 15 years of industry experience that manipulates over 15 advanced equipment for the entire process. Yearly, the company can distribute more than 3500 Tons of foam products.

4 Hengxiang Technology Co., Ltd

This company, Hengxiang Technology Co., Ltd always supplies professional service and satisfying quality products for its global customers. Its regular annual production capacity catches up to 100, 000 tons of foam products. Moreover, the company has an expert technical engineering group, who is able to provide technical assistance for product development and research.

5 Rubber & foam industrial material co, Ltd

The company was set up back in the 2001 year. Rubber & foam industrial material co, Ltd specializes in creating foam products, integrates development and research, sales, and production. They offer complete varieties of foam products to fulfill customer needs. Throughout the years researching foam materials, they now provide clients from different fields with super quality foam products.


Situated in the city of Chiping, Shandong province, China, YIHE PLASTIC CO., LTD now employs 150 workers. They specialize in EVA foam, PE foam, and rubber foam productions. With complete equipment imported from Taiwan and Japan to provide the best quality products with the best price. The team has a lot of experience in the foam industry, can supply foam with custom size, density, hardness, thickness, etc.

7 Changsha Firm Bond New Material Co., Ltd

Changsha Firm Bond New Material Co., Ltd is China`s excellent manufacturer and distributor of all foam products. It started in the foaming business from the year 2013, with factory-produced PU foam products. Gained more than 2 decades of industry history, have full abilities to guarantee products` quality and right on-time delivery schedule.


The factory was officially built-in the 2005 year, set up in the City of Qingdao, Shandong province, Mainland China. As this company develops and gathered more experiences, its products now have been exported to different countries worldwide. America, Europe, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Middle East are some of the countries.

9 Viorangold Technology Co. Ltd

Began in the foaming business since the 2008 year and is incepted in Shenzhen City, Guangdong province, China. Since established, the company is years dedicated to supplying technical solutions, manufacturing top quality foam products. And also, the company already passed ISO14001 and ISO9001 standards. Making sure they manufacture products from raw materials.

10 Qisheng Sponge Co., Ltd

Qisheng Sponge Co., Ltd specializes in producing foam mattress, memory foam mattress, spring mattress, and many more. Concentrate on the international market, has the ability to provide ODM and OEM services as well. The company also consists of a professional team that can deal with foam processing, design, and marketing. Resellers and wholesalers are welcome here.

11 Homing Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

Homing Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd focused on producing a complete line of foam products. All the foam products from the factory have high quality and high performance. The enterprise combined development & research, strong technical force, and considerate service as well, makes the company leads in the industry. It gained long-term experience, can be any customers` reliable friend.

12 JLON Composite Co

Being a long-term producer of tailored foam products, JLON Composite Co offers a wide range of product selection with stable quality and affordability. It is a one-stop source of foam products, holds a lot of clients from around the world. They can build strong friendships with customers. And due to perfect services and product quality levels, they now earned a good reputation.

13 Xiangyu New Material Co., Ltd

Xiangyu New Material Co., Ltd started in 2009, specializes in different kinds of foam products. Backed up with a highly advanced transport system, professional factories, and experienced manufacturing skills, Xiangyu now occupies an area of 10,000 square feet. Employed with 128 staff members, who can offer different foam styles.

14 Haitai Chemical Co., Ltd

Was founded in 2007, Haitai Chemical Co., Ltd is a technology company which expertly manufactures, researches, and sell foam products to different countries. It closely connects with universities and local research institutions and has the ability to upgrade product quality. Every year, the company`s production output can reach about 8000 tons of foam products.

15 Taiyue Composite Material Co., Ltd

Taiyue Composite Material Co., Ltd was located in Qingdao City, Mainland China, and has been in the business for over 20 years. The team engages in producing and developing a wide range of foam products. Its main product involves foil foam insulation, roofing foil bubble insulation, and many others. With a reputation and exceptional business performance, its products have been delivered to different countries.

16 Golden Furniture Co., Ltd

Golden Furniture Co., Ltd was based in the city of Foshan. This company mainly produces foams, mattresses, sofas, and a series of office chairs. However, all of the company`s products are sold well to overseas countries like Europe, Japan, the Middle East, America, etc. At the same time, they are the recipient of the ISO9001-2000 quality certificate, for customers` additional assurance.

17 Pengyuan New Material Co., Ltd

One of the all-around manufacturing companies, import and export trader in China. Started in 2004, the company strictly controls product quality in reliance on the ISO14001: 2004 and ISO9001: 2008 standard. As a famous company, they established R & D center to develop products and new skills as well. However, its yearly output is about more than 10000 tons of foam products.

18 Maire E-Commerce Co., Ltd

Maire E-Commerce Co., Ltd mainly devoted to foaming and 3D foam wall sticker development.  In the field, foam products are increasingly best-selling among customers as they are functional, easy to use, and have rich designs. The company is also dedicated to serving all costumers better ODM and OEM services. Can provide excellent product design, sales assistance, and other services.

19 Shunda Company

As a leading foam products manufacturer in China, Shunda Company has a National degree construction certification to take large orders from local and international customers. Now it became one of the leading suppliers of foam products in the international market. Supported by a strong R&D team and quality control capability.

20 Oneof Industrial Co., Ltd

This Oneof Industrial Co., Ltd is an enterprise established in 1995 and was based in the City of Quanzhou China. They have been developing high-quality foam products for more than a decade. As a result of hard work, they now have 11 total sets of production lines, strives for success, providing remarkable services to meet each customer`s demands. They only offer low cost yet high-quality products and services.

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