Foshan Furniture Market

Foshan Furniture Market: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are importing from Foshan furniture market, you cannot miss this guide.

It will teach you how to get the best furniture at competitive prices in Foshan Market.

You will also learn the benefits of buying furniture from Foshan, how to check quality, compare furniture prices, know Incoterms to use and the best way to pay suppliers.

So, keep reading to make shopping in Foshan furniture market easy and simple.

How Big is China Furniture Market?

Not only does China lead in online furniture but it also tops the exportation of wooden furniture globally.

Some of the countries that China exports its furniture include;

  • Japan
  • United States
  • Vietnam
  • Hong Kong
  • European Union

China furniture market is also estimated that China produces 40% of the world’s furniture production.

This rapid growth of China’s furniture market can be attributed to several factors not excluding;

  • Huge population
  • Economic stability
  • Rise in GDP
  • More real estate developments
  • Urbanization

In 2019, China had a projected sale of USD 68.6 billion through online platforms.

During the same year, China had a retail sales amounting to 19.5 billion Yuan.

By this, you can tell that China’s furniture market is quite huge and still growing more with new trends.

Where can you Find Affordable Prices between Foshan Furniture Market and Guangzhou Furniture Market?

Foshan furniture market would be the ideal market to purchase affordable furniture in China more specifically at the Shunde district.

Here, you will come across several markets and different types of sellers with a variety of designs at very affordable prices.

This explains why most furniture importers are attracted to Foshan furniture market.

Normally, this is not the case when it comes to Guangzhou furniture market.

Why Buy from Foshan Furniture Market?

If you ask any furniture importer where they get furniture from, most will mention Foshan.

Reason being Foshan furniture market is well known for quality and affordable furniture.

Well, you get what you pay for.

The following reasons will explain why you should also consider it when shopping for your furniture in China.

Inside foshan furniture market

Inside foshan furniture market

  • Affordability – Furniture in the Foshan furniture market are sold at the best prices you could get.

To get the most out of your purchase, practice the art of bargaining.

Start from half the price you expect to buy your furniture and negotiate your way with your supplier.

  • Quality– Quality is a key factor that any importer prioritizes in any type of purchase and this includes furniture purchase.

Generally, China is considered to have quality furniture.

I’m also referring to furniture that has been produced without any single traces of nails, screws, or glue.

  • Varieties of furniture – Before starting your purchase, ensure that you know what you want to buy from the market.

Failure to this might result in time wastage trying to figure out which furniture to pick and which one to leave.

This is because there are several furniture varieties and it might be confusing when selecting your preferred furniture.

  • Unique designs – With more advancement in technology, Chinese furniture manufacturers ensure that they keep up with the emerging trends.

Meaning, you are bound to find trendy and unique designs in the Foshan furniture market.

  • Customization –You can have any type of furniture made to suit your taste and preference.

 What are the Benefits of using Foshan Furniture Sourcing Agent?

Finding the right supplier might turn out to be challenging and difficult and that’s where sourcing agents come through.

Some of the advantages of using sourcing agents are not limited to;

  • Sourcing agents will help you find your ideal furniture supplier in China.
  • By using sourcing agents, you eliminate the probability of being scammed.
  • Additionally, sourcing agents are good at negotiating prices with suppliers and therefore they can easily find you the best deals available.
  • You don’t have to halt your day to day activities for you to shop as all this will be taken care of by a sourcing agent. No legwork for you!
  • There will be zero language barriers as sourcing agents can fluently communicate with suppliers in the local language in turn securing great deals.
  • Sourcing agents will help you in checking the quality of your furniture.
  • They will also arrange all your shipment procedures.

Where is Foshan Furniture Market?

Foshan furniture market

Foshan furniture market

Foshan market is located in Foshan City in Guangdong province.

It lays on the river Delta thereby providing direct access to Shenzhen and Guangzhou ports.

As a result, the transportation of your goods becomes easier and cheaper.

How can you Travel to Foshan Furniture Market?

The fastest way to get to Foshan furniture market from Guangzhou airport is by using a taxi.

It will take around 1 and a half hour to arrive in Foshan furniture market.

Alternatively, there is a cheaper metro from Guangzhou airport to Foshan.

However, it doesn’t reach at Foshan furniture market and therefore you will need to connect with a bus or taxi to get you at Foshan furniture market.

A taxi would be much easier and faster as compared to using a bus to furniture market in Foshan.

How much does it Cost to Rent Warehouse in Foshan Furniture Market?

The cost of renting a warehouse in Foshan furniture market ranges from as low as 1.00 Yuan per day to as much as 140 Yuan per month.

The cost will vary depending on the type of warehouse, storage type, and the total space just to mention a few.

Why should you use Freight Forwarder when Importing from Foshan Furniture Market?

Freight forwarders are there to ensure that your shipping process runs smoothly until your goods arrive.

That said, there are a couple of reasons why you should consider hiring a freight forwarder. Some of these include;

  • Warehousing – Freight forwarders will be responsible for finding you a warehouse for your goods.
  • Versatility –Freight forwarders are versatile in a manner that they can solve or take care of any sudden situations with immediate effect.
  • Flexibility – Having the ability to swiftly adapt to any emerging situation is key for any importer.

This allows you to easily change shipping options if the need arises. A freight forwarder will take care of all these.

  • Custom clearance –As with import and export businesses, trade documents are important.

When importing your furniture, you will be required to have some import documents as the first thing.

Freight forwarders have made this work easier as all you need is to provide the required documents and sit back.

  • Cost-effective – Freight forwarders are there to assist you in securing the best deals with your manufacturers.

This is mostly through effective negotiations with your manufacturer or supplier.

  • Guaranteed arrival time – Freight forwarders work on a strict and professional schedule to ensure that your goods are delivered in a good time.

What are the Top Furniture Malls and Markets in Foshan?

Foshan has several furniture markets each specializing in different types of furniture.

This makes it hard for you to buy and therefore the simplest way to purchase is to find the right shopping mall.

I’m going to make it easier for you.

Here are the top 4 recommendations.

· Louvre Furniture Mall

High-end quality furniture of high quality is what you will find here.

Louvre furniture mall is by far the biggest and best rated among all other malls in China.

You can spend a full day exploring the different types of elegant trendy furniture in this mall.



Needless to say, the prices in this mall are not cheap.

However, you get what you pay for.

Furniture importers don’t mind paying more for high quality and trendy furniture.

Louvre furniture mall is also considered to be scam-free.

· Shunde Furniture Shopping Mall

Covering an area of 32.3 million square feet, Shunde is considered to be the largest furniture wholesale market globally.



It has more than 20 furniture wholesale buildings dealing with all types of furniture you could think of.

Furniture in this mall is of high quality and costs a bit more than other malls.

· Foshan International Furniture Expo Mall

Opened in 2013, Foshan International furniture mall has over 1200 shops and over 3000 international and domestic brands.

Since the mall is still new, the rent is cheaper and this directly reflects the pricing of furniture.

The suppliers in this mall offer competitive and lower prices to their customers.

· Sun-link Furniture City

Sun-link furniture city is divided into two markets, the northern and southern markets which are not far from Louvre.

Sun link

Sun Link

The northern sun-link furniture market is known to have better quality and beautiful furniture as compared to the south.

Most of the types of furniture sold here have Asian, minimalist, and modern feel to them.

If you are looking for quality furniture this market shouldn’t miss on your list.

· Tuan Yi International Furniture City

As compared to Louvre and sun-link markets, Tuan Yi international furniture market has cheaper furniture.

However, the market doesn’t have the most trendy and stylish designs as seen with Louvre furniture mall.



· MacallineFurniture Mall

Macalline furniture mall is the best to shop from if your budget is middle range.

You can compare the quality of furniture here with those in Louvre.

The best bit is that they are cheaper than Louvre furniture.



European and American style of furniture is what you will find in this market.

The reason why it’s not familiar to many is due to its hidden geographical position.

As a result, it experiences lower traffic as compared to the other malls.

What is the Best Time to Buy from Foshan Furniture Market?

Most shops in Foshan furniture market are open from 10.00 am to 18.00 pm with some suppliers operating as early as 9.30 am.

If you are planning a trip to Foshan furniture market, I would advise you to avoid any dates around major public holidays.

The reason being during this time most shops remain closed and therefore you will not get the full exploration of the market.

Here are some holiday dates in the Chinese calendar.

Festival dates2020 days off
New Year30December – 1st January
Chinese New Year24th -30th January
Qingming Festival4th -6th April
Labour day1st -5th May
Dragon boat Festival25th -27th June
National day1st -8th October


 What Types of Furniture can you buy Foshan Furniture Market?

You can purchase all kinds of furniture from Foshan furniture market.

Keep in mind that different manufacturers specialize in a specific type of furniture.

Some of this furniture are not limited to;

  • Bedroom furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Metal furniture
  • Wooden furniture
  • Hotel furniture
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Plastic furniture
  • Living room furniture
  • Plastic furniture
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Wicker furniture
  • Children’s furniture

How do you get Best Prices for Modern Furniture in Foshan?

For you to get the best price on modern furniture in Foshan you need to understand the following tips.

  • Bargain –Bargaining is part of Business in China and therefore you shouldn’t shy away from practicing it.

This simple act might end up being financially rewarding to you and your business at large.

  • Use a sourcing agent –Sourcing agents are well oriented with the business and can easily communicate fluently with Chinese manufacturers.

As a result, they effectively negotiate and secure the best prices for you.

  • Buy directly from the factory – You will get better rates when you purchase directly from your manufacturer as compared to a supplier.
  • Make bulk purchases –Chinese manufactures are willing to give you the best trade discounts if you purchase your furniture in bulk.

The reason being, the cost of production will equally match the selling price.

If you make smaller purchases, the production cost might be higher and this will force your manufacturer to offer fewer discounts on your furniture.

How do Check Quality of Furniture in Foshan Market?

To avoid purchasing low-quality furniture in Foshan market, carry out a quick furniture checklist on the following;

  • Quality of materials used – Furniture is mostly made using wood or metal. Pay closer attention to the quality of these two before making your purchase.

Solid hardwood is the best type of wood for furniture as compared to plywood.

If at all you want to purchase plywood furniture, ensure that it has 9 layers as this guarantees you durability.

Pine is cheap and wears off easily as compared to Oak or walnut wood furniture.

  • Finishing – the finishing should be evenly done across the entire surfaces. A quick way to test the finishing is to run your fingernail along the surface and notice if there is any line left.

This indicates a poorly done finishing.

Touch the edges as well as surfaces of the furniture to ensure that they are smooth.

  • The wobble test – Test the stability of the furniture by putting pressure on it. If it wobbles or rocks there’s a lower probability of the furniture to last long.
  • Weight –heavier pieces of furniture have higher quality as compared to lighter ones. This is because most heavy types of furniture are made of hardwood which is heavier and durable as compared to softwood.
  • Warranty – Most of the quality furniture comes with a warranty lasting one to five years.
  • Whether handmade or machine-made –It is advisable to purchase handmade furniture as compared to machine-made.

Handmade furniture is often made with care and expertise and has a fine finish as compared to machine-made furniture.

Meaning they are of higher quality.

  • Check the cabinets and drawers and ensure that the doors open and close properly without any roughness to it. They should close fully and not remain in an open position once closed.

Is it Cheaper to Buy from Foshan Furniture Market?

Yes, it is.

Wholesale furniture market in Foshanis famous for having quality and variety of furniture at affordable prices.

Furthermore, you can always bargain your way to your desired price and therefore getting the best prices is easily possible.

Remember, the different markets in Foshan will have varying costs of furniture and quality is one major determinant for this.

Therefore, in as much as you find the price quite attractive, always ensure that the quality of the furniture is up to par.

What are the Benefits of Buying from Shude Furniture Market?

Shunde furniture market is considered to be the largest furniture wholesale market globally.

Here are some of the reasons why Shunde furniture market should be in your listing.

  • Quality –The furniture sold at Shunde furniture market is of high quality as compared to some other markets around. The prices are a bit on the higher side but you get what you pay for.
  • Customization –You are free to customize your furniture based on your tastes and preferences.
  • Variety of designs –There are several furniture designs in this market and therefore it’s wise to know what you want before planning your visit. Failure to this might result in more time wastage when shopping.
  • Purchasing from Shunde furniture market will get you unique designs from different brands. It’s one market that keeps up with the current trends in furniture and therefore expect to get the latest designs in the market.

How do you Package Furniture when Buying from Foshan?

Packaging of your furniture should be top-notch to avoid any losses while in transit.

ISPM pallets are the ideal ones for packaging your furniture.

Nevertheless, the key point is to give clear instructions regarding how you want your furniture packaged.

Ensure that you carry out an inspection to check whether your goods are well packages as per your requirements.

This can be done before your goods are loaded to the container.

Remember, proper packaging is critical in ensuring that your goods arrive safely without any form of damage.

How are Furniture Malls distributed in Foshan?

Furniture malls in Foshan are located close to each other and you will take 5 to 10 minutes from one mall to the other.

The distance of all the furniture malls from Foshan city center is 15 minutes.

This geographical distribution saves you time and energy when shopping for your furniture.

Which Incoterms should you when Importing Furniture from Foshan?

FCL and LCL are the ideal incoterms to use when importing your furniture from Foshan.

Use FCL (Full Container Load) when your pallets exceed 5 and LCL (Less Than Container Load) if your furniture pallets are less than 5.

With LCL, your furniture will be shipped together with other goods from different importers.

On the other hand, FCL allows you to ship all your furniture in one container only carrying your goods.

The shipping can either be 20 feet or 40 feet depending on your choice.

How do you Pay Suppliers in Foshan Furniture Market?

There are different methods of paying suppliers depending on the amount you are paying.

Some suppliers might delay your deliveries and therefore it’s wise to choose the appropriate method to protect both parties.

Here are some payment methods accepted by Chinese suppliers;

  • International wire transfer –It is common among small to medium transactions.

As the buyer, you will have to deposit a down payment before the production process commences.

Thereafter, you will finish the payment depending on the terms agreed upon.

With an International wire transfer, both the buyer and supplier are at risk of losing money.

The buyer can decide to cancel the process after production begins and this poses a risk to the supplier.

  • PayPal –Many Chinese suppliers don’t accept PayPal payments as it favors the buyer more. Additionally, transaction fees are high. This type of payment is ideal for small buyers.
  • Letter of credit – In as much as it involves a lot of paperwork, a letter of credit is the most favorable and secured payment method. It is the ideal method to use if your payment exceeds $50,000.
  • International credit cards – International credit cards would be ideal when making small purchases. This payment method is not very secure as you expose your bank details online.

It is commonly known to be a target for scammers who purport to be genuine online businesses.

Once you send your bank detail that’s it, they steal from you.

Therefore you need to be extra cautious when paying your supplier via international credit cards.

Ensure that it’s a genuine supplier before making any payment.

  • Western Union – Western Union is another cheaper and faster alternative to PayPal and ideal for small purchases.

However, the importer is at a higher risk than the supplier since the money is sent to an individual.

Keep in mind, scammers also use this platform, and therefore you need to be keen.

  • Online escrow – Online escrow has less paperwork and therefore it’s not that secure in terms of solving future disputes. It is ideal for smaller transactions below $5,000.
  • Cash – You should only make cash payments when dealing with a trusted supplier or purchasing small orders.

In as much as cash payment is risky, most furniture importers opt for it mostly when using a sourcing agent.

What is the MOQ in Foshan Furniture Market?

Chinese furniture

Chinese furniture

The MOQ in Foshan Furniture Market varies from one supplier to the other.

Luckily, Chinese suppliers can accept slight negotiations especially if you are buying a variety of different types of furniture.

The MOQ can range from as low as 1 piece to as high as 200 pieces and more.

How do you Ship Furniture from Foshan Market?

There are four main methods that you could use to ship your furniture from Foshan market;

Air freight is the fastest and most expensive of them all.

It is mostly suitable for shipping urgent or sample goods and therefore most importers do not use this method.

Sea freight is the commonly used shipment method by most importers.

The reason being it is quite affordable and appropriate for shipping bulky goods.

On the flip side, it is the slowest shipping method and therefore you will have to wait for weeks before your cargo arrives.

Rail transport is cheaper than air freight and faster than sea freight when shipping bulky products.

This makes it a good choice when shipping goods across countries bordering China or countries connected by rail to China.

Lastly, just like rail freight, road freight is applicable when transporting goods across countries bordering China.

It‘s also the method used to transport goods from the suppliers to the port and from the port to your warehouse.

Shipping from Foshan market might require you to use one or two of these shipping methods for your goods to reach you.

How do you Compare Furniture Prices in Foshan Furniture Market?

Since most furniture malls are located close to each other, comparing prices should be quite a task.

First, it’s important to have a hand note to record the price of the different suppliers you come across.

Afterward, start from one shop to the next enquiring prices of the different types of furniture.

Negotiate as if you want to buy to know the final price that you would get for the furniture.

Thereafter excuse yourself and move to the next supplier and repeat.

It’s better to compare 3 to 4 suppliers or more to acquire full knowledge of the pricing in the market.

At the end of it all, you will have a list of suppliers that will assist you in selecting your preferred one.

Which Documents do you need when Importing from Foshan Furniture Market?

Any importation or exportation processes will require you to present documents.

In our case, here are some of the documents you will require when importing from Foshan Furniture Market;

 Should you use FCL or LCL when importing from Foshan Furniture Market?

Both FCL and LCL are ideal incoterms to use when importing from Foshan Furniture Market.

However, this is what I have to say.

FCL is normally applicable if your furniture exceeds 5 pallets while LCL is ideal for less than 5 pallets of furniture.

In simper terms, use LCL for smaller purchases and FCL for larger purchases.

That said, it’s worth noting that with LCL your furniture will be shipped together with other importers’ goods.

On the other hand, FCL will purely comprise of your goods.

LCL vs FCL Shipping

FCL vs LCL shipping

Are there Limitations of Importing from Foshan Furniture Market?

Yes, there are. Some of the limitations you might experience are not limited to;

  • Scammers –Just like any other market, you might encounter scammers in Foshan Furniture market.

Hiring a sourcing agent would the best idea if you are not planning to physically visit the market. This way, you reduce the probability of being scammed.

  • Language barrier –Most of the Chinese don’t speak in English and neither do the suppliers.

Therefore language barrier might be a huge problem, especially when trying to negotiate on prices.

  • Poor quality – being able to identify poor quality furniture will save you from huge disappointments later.

Before making any purchase I advise you to properly check the condition and functioning of your furniture.

If you don’t trust yourself in conducting these checks, you could consider hiring a sourcing agent or an inspector to assist you.

All in all, you hack this and your business is set for impressive growth.

  • Service and delivery – Different suppliers will offer different services to their customers.

Some suppliers delay deliveries which might have an impact on your overall shipping process.

What are the Business Hours for Furniture Malls in Foshan?

Most shops in Foshan furniture malls open at 10.00 am and close at 6.00 pm from Monday to Sunday.

In some instances, you might also find shops open at 9.30 am.

However, most if not all shops remain closed during public holidays and therefore this wouldn’t be the right time to shop.

Is it Profitable to Buy Furniture in Foshan Wholesale Market?

Yes, it is.

Not only is it profitable but also you get high-quality furniture which will boost your business reputation.

Purchasing middle, high, and luxury priced furniture could be more profitable as the custom tariffs are calculated by the cargo weight.

Meaning, the customs tariff for furniture worth $500 and $5000 would be equal.

How long does it take to Produce Furniture in Foshan China?

The time taken to produce furniture in Foshan China will depend on the type and quantity of furniture.

The more the furniture the longer it will take to produce.

Not forgetting that complicated designs and types will take longer to produce.

Averagely it takes 15 to 60 days to produce furniture.

What Safety Standards should you Consider when Buying from Foshan Furniture Market?

Before purchasing your furniture, ensure you know the regulations required by your country.

Failure to this you might have your furniture ready but you can’t export.

Some of the safety standards you should consider include;

  • Fire safety standards –Some furniture might have chemicals and heavy metals which pose danger to the end-user.
  • GB28007-2011 for Children furniture standard
  • GB18584 limits hazardous substances of wooden furniture
  • GB/T 3325- 2008 standard is for metal furniture
  • QB/T 2280 is a standard for office chairs and tests for fire resistance coating or plating components.

How much Taxes and Duties will you pay to Import Furniture from Foshan?

The tax is normally calculated on the total cost of your furniture, insurance cost, and shipment cost.

Averagely the VAT rate in China stands at 0.03 or 0.17.

The average duty rate is 12.47% while the sales tax is calculated as 17% of (CIF + Duty).

At BanSar, we make the entire process of buying and shipping from Foshan furniture market easy and straight forward.

Contact us today for competitive freight forwarding rates.

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