“Best Angola Freight Forwarder”

Find top logistics companies and freight forwarder in Angola

If you are looking for a reliable freight forwarder in Angola, you are in the right place. We collect the best forwarding companies in Angola, and you can find the right one for your business.

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TIBA Angola Lda
Rua Major Kanhangulo, nº290, 3º Andar, Edificio Monumental, Luanda, Angola
Freight Forwarder Angola

They can offer air and sea freight and as well as delivery services and/or collection of goods by land.

Rua Hélder Neto 50, Luanda, Angola
Freight Forwarder Luanda

Aside from the logistics, they take responsibility for the entire management of administrative process related to easing and speeding up all customs and formal paper procedures and as well as transporting cargo.

OLICARGO Transitário Angola, SA
Avenida da Independência 4, Lobito, Angola
Freight Forwarder Lobito

Because the efficiency and speed are needed in the success of companies, Olicargo from Lobito has a worldwide personalized and daily service of air cargo transportation.

FAMS Transitarios
R. João de Barros 17, andar, Angola
Freight Forwarder Andar

In order to provide tailored and high quality domestic and international supply chain services to Angola with its customers, they recognized as a leading logistics provider in the Angolan market.

Av. 4 de Fevereiro 16, Luanda, Angola
Freight Forwarder Andar

Transmad is absolutely one of the top companies in the Forwarding industry in Angola.

Maersk Angola Lda.
Luanda, Angola
Freight Forwarder Luanda

Maersk is enhancing solutions that meet the needs of their customer from one end of the supply chain to the other.

MSC Mediteriian Shipping Services
Namibe, Angola
Freight Forwarder Namibe

They are committed to promoting a sustainable business model.

R. de Macau, Cabinda, Angola
Freight Forwarder Cabinda

They provide service-driven solutions to different industries such as Gas and Oil, Mining, Power, Energy, and Construction.

AGS International Movers Angola
Viana Park, complexo 9Q9 Estrada de Calombo, Viana, Angola
Freight Forwarder Cabinda

AGS Movers Angola is the best international removal partner that offers innovative and customized storage and moving services for businesses and individuals.

Hotel Presidente, Largo 4 de Fevereiro, Luanda, Angola
Freight Forwarder Luanda

Orey has been focused on Logistics and Transport’s historic activities. They are looking forward to different ways and innovative solutions to create value for all stakeholders.

Air France Cargo
Pointe-Noire, Congo - Brazzaville
Freight Forwarder Angola

They are always modernizing and updating their services to help you get things done.

Bollore Transport & Logistics Congo
Avenue de Loango Pointe, Noire, Congo - Brazzaville
Freight Forwarder Angola

They provide freight forwarding nationwide and vice versa.


Luanda, Angola
Freight Forwarder Luanda

Natco Angola is an international transport, freight forwarder, and logistics service provider in Angola.

Rua 21 de Janeiro, N 50, Zona 6, Luanda, Angola
Freight Forwarder Luanda

Amex cargo provides international cargo and logistics services in Sea, Air, and Road freight.

AGS Déménagement Congo Pointe Noire
40 rue Kondi Mbak, Pointe Noire, Congo - Brazzaville
Freight Forwarder Congo

They offer personalized and innovative excellence in furniture storage and moving for professionals and individuals.

SGS Angola Lda.
Belas Business Park, Edificio Luanda, 7º andar - Talatona, Luanda, Angola
Freight Forwarder Luanda

Whatever your industry or wherever you are, you can rely on their international experts’ team who offer business solutions in order to make the business more simple, agile, and efficient.

FMLider Consultoria / Prestacao de Servicos, Lda.
Travessa de Mocambique, N. 10, 2do Andar, Apart. B, Luanda, Angola .
Freight Forwarder Luanda

They are an International Logistics and Freight company with the Head Office in Luanda and connected across the Globe.

Rua Marien Nguabi, 149, R/C Maianga, Luanda, Angola
Freight Forwarder Luanda

Aerolog Africa is the ideal provider for full-service logistics across all modes including Road, Sea, and Air.

Experts Freight Llc - Angola
Rua Antonio Agustinho Casa, Viana KM 12, Luanda, Angola
Freight Forwarder Luanda

Their Business offers Sea and Air Cargo Handling, Liner Agents, Customs clearance and delivery, Warehousing & Storage.

TechnoTrans - Transitarios Internacionais Lda
Rua Rei Katyavala Nr 138 ( Liga Africana ) Luanda - Angola .
Freight Forwarder Luanda

Nowadays, they support the most modern technologies in a distribution network.

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