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importing furniture from China
outdoor furniture importing from CHina
Outdoor Furniture Importing from China

China outdoor furniture manufacturing factories are most in Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces. You can import different outdoor furniture including outdoor sofa set, Patio Dining Sets, outdoor dining set, Outdoor Lounge Chairs, Patio Dining Tables, and more. Any materials like wicker, wood, metal, plastic, you can always find a reliable manufacturer in China.

importing indoor furniture from China
Indoor Furniture Importing from China

Whether you need to buy furniture for your home or your business, China furniture market can always meet your needs. There are thousands of furniture market in China, the biggest one is Foshan Shunde furniture market, if you are importing indoor furniture in a small amount, then Foshan furniture market can be your good choicer, but if you can big furniture brand and have big orders, you’d better find an indoor furniture factory.

American Market Furniture importing from China
Import Furniture from China to US

If you are importing furniture from China to the USA, you may take care of the trade tariffs. Finding a good furniture manufacturer will help you save too much money and time

Europe Style Furniture Importing from China
Europe Style Furniture Importing from China

You can find good suppliers in Foshan furniture market for all European style furniture. If you buy furniture for your own home, I suggest you collect your friends’ order together to get a better quote.

import hotel furniture from China
Import Hotel Motel Furniture from China

Finding hotel motel furniture manufacturer on B2B platform is a hard work, it is too difficult to verify if they are trading company or a furniture factory, and most factories only manufacture one type of furniture, for example, if you are looking for hotel furniture manufacturer, then you need to find a factory that focuses on the hotel furniture manufacturing. Not a factory that manufactures all kinds of furniture.

Import Office Furniture from China
Import Office Furniture from China

80% of office furniture manufacturers are in Guangdong like Foshan, Guangzhou, Zhongshan. If you find a manufacturer in Shenzhen, most of them are trading companies. You can find a good supplier of different office furniture like office chair, office desk, office sofa, Filing Cabinets etc.

Hospital Furniture
Import Hospital Furniture from China

If you’re looking for furniture, Guangdong is the largest supplier and manufacturer of high graded and top class hospital furnitures in China. Many hospitals want their patients and their watchers feel comfortable in the hospital. China can help you in finding the best types of furniture that you are looking for.

Aluminum Patio
Aluminum Patio Importing from China

Aluminum Patio can fight any weather conditions. It can be good to use for outdoor especially on gardens. For business, it can be great. A lot of people love to relax in the garden while having their nap on aluminum patios. For the better shipping rates and solutions, Make a deal with the most popular electric fence manufacturer in China. You can find a lot of them in Guangdong province. They offered great rates so you can save your money and effort.

Bedroom Furniture
Bedroom Furniture Importing from China

It is more attractive if you choose to have good furniture for your bedroom. You can sleep comfortably without any things anywhere. In China, you can see a lot of skilled people creating any type of furniture with different designs. Will, Bansar has created a good relationship with many manufacturers in China. Whether from Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangdong provinces and even in Henan province.

Carved Furniture
Carved Furniture Importing from China

If you are looking for unique carved furniture for your bedroom, kitchen, living room or any parts of your house you could beautify, China has it all. Whether you need a carved table set for your garden, a reliable supplier and manufacturer in Zhejiang province can supply all you desired design and even your own design. Make you’re importing simple and no-hassle time included by dealing with Bansar.

Closet Furniture
Closet Furniture Importing from China

Having a personalized closet can make your bedroom neat and clean and also, you can move comfortably. A quality and friendly cost of closet furniture from popular and professional Chinese furniture markets are offering by them to help you to be successful in managing your business. In selecting manufacturers, you can ensure your electric fence orders by being expert in choosing a certified one.

Fabric Furniture
Fabric Furniture Importing from China

For cozy and comfy relaxation, the fabric furniture can be a great choice for you to find. You can find your favorite supplier and factories in China who provide full details so you can import them immediately. Select various furniture qualified manufacturers in China and manage your business in a smooth and perfect way to have a good profit in the long run.

Kitchen Furniture
Kitchen Furniture Importing from China

You will never be ashamed if you have your kitchen organized by having high-class furniture from China. China is the most trusted in terms of productivity. Genuine furniture in different designs for your kitchen will be provided if you can deal with them. Make your kitchen memories unforgettable and import your desired designs in China. You can have a lot of savings and fewer efforts.

Kitchen Table Furniture
Kitchen Table Furniture Importing from China

Kitchen Table furniture comes in many features. If you want a foldable table with amazing designs of chairs, or want to have a great design in the centre, you can have it all. Any designs you want for your business or for your own house will be provided. If you want to be successful, just contact your supplier and manufacturer in China and let them help you manage your expanding business.

Living Furniture
Living Furniture Importing from China

If you are importing for the first time, will, it is not really a peaceful task at all. You have to be more confident by being an expert in selecting your long time to be a partner in the industry of business. You need to be very watchful in finding a partner. Your business success depends on how you manage and how you choose a factory that is reliable and has the capability to handle the rest.

Rattan Furniture
Rattan Furniture Importing from China

When you are importing rattan furniture for the first time and in really urgent, Bansar recommended you to find a manufacturer that focuses only on manufacturing furniture. You can make sure that they can only focus on your ordered rattan furniture. Build your high-level relationship with the leading suppliers in China and make you dream really do come true.

Wooden Furniture
Wooden Furniture Importing from China

High-quality yet reasonable cost of furniture is the reason many of the people who handle a business prefer on Chinese furniture and many others. Most of their furniture suppliers and manufacturers guide customers to their success. By contacting Bansar to help you find your furniture manufacturer, you can find a skilled manufacturer on fulfilling your own designs. and even their own amazing designs.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Furniture Shipping?

Furniture Sea Freight Shipping from China
You can save a lot of money shipping your furniture by sea, but take care of the transit time, if you need your furniture urgent, then you can use air freight with high cost.
Furniture Air Freight Shipping from China
Less amount, and urgent orders, and also, the cost on each furniture is very high, you must choose the air freight shipping.
Furniture Rail Freight Shipping from China
If your furniture are shipped to Russia or Europe, and time is a little urgent, you can consider shipping your furniture by railway. The cost is between shipping by sea and air.
Furniture Door to Door Shipping from China
If you are not familiar with the importing process, or you do not have importing permit, you can find a good freight forwarder and ship your furniture to your home or warehouse

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Importing furniture from China: The Definitive Guide

If you are importing furniture from China and want to find a better supplier,

If you are starting your business and need to import furniture from China,

If you want to know more info about the Chinese furniture market,

Then you’re in the right place.

This guide will teach you to be an expert in Chinese Furniture market, and help you find a reliable China furniture manufacturer.

Keep reading…You will learn:

Why You Should Import Furniture from China

Chinese furniture

Chinese furniture

1. You’re Sure of Finding Exquisite Furniture

Well, the most obvious reason is that you can ship exquisite furniture from China cheaply that when you opt to buy locally.

You see, Chinese manufacturers make their furniture pieces with royalty in mind.

They mostly handcraft the furniture paying attention to every small detail and avoiding the use of nails, screws and glue,

Furniture markers in China believe that nails, screws, and glue reduce the lifespan of furniture.

This is because glue can become loose, nails and screws can rust thus weakening the strength and stability of the item.

Because of this, most of them design their furniture in a way that allows all parts to connect without using any nails or screws.

Antique Chinese Furniture

 Antique Chinese Furniture

Furniture that is made in this manner and using good quality wood is usually very durable.

It can last for centuries and beyond.

2. Wide Range of Wholesale Furniture Available

Another reason, there are thousands of wholesale furniture markets in China.

This simply means that you can buy high-quality furniture from China at amazingly low prices.

You’ll be surprised to know that the country has an entire city dedicated to the manufacturing and selling of furniture items.

Yes, the city of Shunde is located in the Guangdong province of China.

Shunde is home to thousands of furniture manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers thusly known as ‘Furniture city’ of China.

That is not all!

Buying furniture from China presents you with limitless options.

The country produces all types of furniture designs from classic to contemporary.

There is also furniture for everyone in all quality ranges from superior quality to medium quality.

So no matter your price, know that you will always find the right furniture for you.

Bottom line?

The Chinese furniture market is full of wholesalers and retailers all competing for you.

Generally, competition here is very high.

Thus, to attract customers, manufacturers keep coming up with new furniture designs and maintain strict quality control.

And given today’s transportation convenience, it is easy to ship in lots of exquisite furniture at an ideal price.

As I said, it doesn’t matter if you’re importing the furniture for your home or business, buying from China is simply an excellent choice.

Before you start the buying process, however, I think it is prudent that you understand a little bit about the Chinese furniture market.

Read below.

China Furniture Market Guide

China is known to be the world’s largest exporter/producer of furniture.

A position that was previously held by Italy for many years.

Now, the world sources it furniture from China.

Reports indicate that the country exports over USD 50 billion worth of furniture annually.

In 2017 alone, China’s furniture exports accounted for about 40% of the world’s total.

See here: China dominates as the world’s top furniture exporter.

Chinese Furniture Export

Chinese furniture export – Photo courtesy: Forest Trends

This is huge, no doubt but that’s beside the point.

The point is that the Chinese furniture industry is enormous and is growing at a rapid rate.

Thousands of individual furniture markets are found in China.

But the most popular ones for overseas importers is the Foshan Furniture market.

Foshan is the largest furniture market in China, and the most popular.

You may not know this yet;

But a random search on your favourite search engine on “furniture markets in China” will have all results leading you to Foshan.


This is because of all the existing furniture markets in China, Foshan tends to meet almost all of the market’s needs, both domestic and international.

Now, the Foshan furniture market is located in Foshan.



It is also known asShundeLecong wholesale furniture market.

The market is just about 40km south of Guangzhou and is easily accessible via train, bus, subway or ferry from Guangzhou or Hong Kong.

Note that shopping in Foshan gives you access to thousands of furniture manufacturers and retailers.

Items here are showcased in a 5 km market comprising of over 20 streets and over 200 buildings.

Some popular furniture exhibitions that you’ll come across in Foshan are:

1. Louvre mall

Louvre mall is the largest mall in Foshan city and the largest source of Chinese furniture.

Its products are high end and a bit pricey, to be honest.

Louvre mall

Louvre Mall

The quality, however, is unmatched, and it is a complete zero scam area.

The mall is also comfortable and easy to explore.

This might be a good place to start with if you’re a new-to-China importer.

When here, you can rest easy knowing that you will get high-quality furniture at optimum rates.

2. Sunlink furniture market

The Sunlink shopping mall is divided into two regions.

There is the northern centre that displays high-quality furniture products.

Sunlink furniture market

Sunlink furniture market

And, the southern centre where shopping is a breeze but the products are not as high quality as those in the northern centre.

3. Tianyi mall

If you have the time to explore and select excellent furniture products, then you can try shops at Tianyi furniture city.

Prices here are cheaper than those at Louvre and Sunlink.

The only problem is that shopping may take you a while.

Beds for sale in China

Bed for sale in China

Other popular shopping centres at Foshan are the Red star Macalline shopping centre and the Shunde Dynasty wholesale market.

These two offer a variety of furniture products that are high end. The quality of these products is comparable to those found at Louvre.

Their prices, however, are much lower than what Louvre suppliers offer but also higher than those of Sunlink.

Here is an article with more information on this: Foshan furniture markets.

Now besides shopping at Foshan, you can opt to explore manufacturers in other areas.

Depending on your furniture requirements, you can explore manufacturers in Shanghai and Beijing.

There are lots of furniture factories here.

So if you want to source a high quantity of furniture from China, then you may consider sourcing directly from factories in Shanghai or Beijing.

Basically, that is all you need to know about the furniture industry and markets in China.

You can easily get quality furniture for your home, office or business from any of the markets above.

Only, however, if you’re physically in China or if you’re using a sourcing agent that’s in China.

If not? Find out your options below.

How to Find Real Furniture from China

You don’t have to be in China to be able to buy and import furniture from China.

The current world of technology has made it possible for you and me to shop from anywhere in the world.

In this case, you can shop your furniture online through;

1) Alibaba

Alibaba is the largest online B2B platform in Asia and among the largest in the world.

The platform connects customers from all over the world to suppliers in China and beyond.

Furniture on Alibaba

 Furniture on Alibaba

You can easily find a furniture supplier on Alibaba, make an order through the site and have your items delivered to you wherever you are.

Note that for Alibaba, most suppliers here are wholesalers.

So the MOQ demands are only suitable for those of you seeking to import a large volume of furniture.

2) AliExpress

If you can’t meet the MOQ demands of Alibaba suppliers, Aliexpress is your next best alternative.

Here, you can purchase as low as one furniture piece and have it shipped to your country with ease.

Furniture on AliExpress

Furniture on AliExpress

All you need to do is know how to shop on the site, ensure that you verify your supplier’s credibility and choose the correct shipping method for you.

Here is a guide on how to safely buy from Alibaba: Alibaba 101: how to safely source products from Alibaba

3) Global sources

For medium and large volume importers, Globalsources may be an excellent place to source furniture from.

This site is simply a smaller version of Alibaba.

Furniture on Global Sources

Furniture on Global Sources

The interface is pretty easy to use, and there are a variety of products to choose from.

Other than finding suppliers on B2B platforms, you can also search for them on Google.

It is equally easy and convenient.


4) Google

To find furniture suppliers on Google, here is what you need to do;

  • First, go to Google and on the search bar, type in your search terms,e. furniture suppliers in China
  • Google will present you with very many results
  • Pick a few of these results based on their relevance to your search. You can pick results displayed on the first page
  • Compare the portfolio of each of these suppliers and pick 2-3 for contact
  • Contact the suppliers you’ve chosen in the above step
  • During contact, ask about their products, supply capabilities, price, MOQ and everything else that you may need to know
  • Once you’ve gotten feedback from the suppliers you contacted, compare them
  • From the comparison, pick one to work with based on how their responses suit your supply demands.

Search for Chinese furniture on Google

Search for Chinese furniture on Google

Remember that Google will only bring results according to the search command that you give it.

So when typing in your search term, try to be as specific as possible.

These are the options you have for finding suppliers online.

Other non-internet options are going to China yourself or using a sourcing agent as I have already mentioned.

Or, you can attend trade fairs some of which might also require your physical presence in China.

Common fairs and exhibitions to attend include;

5) Canton fair

The Canton fair (China import and export) fair is the most popular fair in China.

The fair is often hosted by the ministry of commerce of PRC and the people’s government of Guangdong province.

It is however organized by the Chinese foreign trade Centre.

Canton Fair

Canton Fair

The Canton fair, note, is held every spring that is from April to May of every year.

And also, in autumn which is from October to November.

It is usually held in Guangzhou, China.

Attending the canton fair allows you to meet a variety of suppliers and get to see first-hand a wide range of furniture products.

6) China international furniture fair

The China international furniture fair is also a huge event.

The fair is over a decade old and holds every March and September of every year.

Attending CFF allows you access to the value chain of the Chinese furniture industry.

Furniture in China

Furniture in China

It also allows you to network with key furniture manufacturers and suppliers in China.

So if you are a business looking for a reliable made-in-China furniture supplier, then attending this fair will do you good.

These are the two most popular furniture trade fairs in China.

For more information on furniture trade shows in China, read this article: furniture and houseware trade shows in Asia.

In the meantime, allow me to briefly tell you how to identify a suitable furniture supplier in China.

This is whether you’re locating the supplier online or the ground in China.

Tips on How to Find a Quality Chinese Furniture Supplier

To find the right supplier for your furniture requirements, consider the following things.

Dining room furniture from China

Figure 14 Dining room furniture from China

4. Credibility

Suppliers in exhibitions are often quality and vetted suppliers.

Those you find on B2B platforms, however, require further due diligence.

You need to assess whether you can trust a particular supplier or not.

And, whether you can rely on them for your supply chain needs.

There are several ways to verify suppliers on Alibaba, AliExpress and other platforms.

Here is an article that explains this further: how to find and verify Chinese suppliers you can trust.

5. Customization options

It is expected that when you buy furniture, you will need to customize the furniture.

As such, you need to find a supplier that offers a variety of customization options.

The supplier you choose should be able to provide both OEM/ODM services.

6. Furniture regulations

When looking to import furniture from China, you need first to understand your country’s regulations on furniture.

Different countries have different furniture regulations.

No matter what your country demands, find a supplier that can supply you with furniture that meets those regulations.

7. MOQ (minimum order quantity)

This is a very important consideration when looking for Chinese furniture supplier.

Some suppliers offer very high MOQ demands but meager prices. This is because they price their products on a wholesale basis like those on Alibaba.

Then there are suppliers with minimal MOQ demands; those that can supply you with even 5 items or 2 depending on your requirements.

These suppliers, note, tend to price their products a bit higher because they are almost selling in retail.

The good thing, however, is that Chinese suppliers tend to be very flexible.

If you order a variety of different items, they can compromise their MOQ demands and allow you to purchase lesser items.

Other elements that you can consider our customer service and delivery and return policies.

What kinds of furniture you can import from China

Well, there is a variety of furniture that you can import from China.

These include;

Living room furniture from China

Living room furniture from China

  • Sofas and couches
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Dining room furniture
  • Wood furniture
  • Metal furniture
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Wicker furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Hotel furniture
  • Children furniture
  • Plastic furniture

Whatever furniture you want you will get it all in China.

No matter the material, type, size, and design.

You just need to specify your requirements and find the right supplier for your requirements.

After which, you start organizing for shipping of the furniture from China to your destination.

How to Ship Your Furniture from China

Shipping bulky cargo like furniture from China can be a daunting process if you don’t know how to go about the process.

There are a lot of things that you need to know to ship a container of furniture from China successfully.

Things like the terms used, cost, paperwork, methods, and modes of shipping are essential to the successful shipping from China.

So let us discuss each of these items to get a deeper understanding of how to go about them.

I. Shipping method

If you’re importing furniture from China, you will most likely use sea freight to ship.

For destinations within Asia and Europe, you can opt for railway shipping as there is a great railway network connecting these regions.

Why sea or rail freight?

Well, furniture is usually very bulky. It is very hard to ship such bulky cargo via other means other than the two.

Air freight, for instance, doesn’t ship bulky cargo like this.

Unless you’re shipping very small furniture items and in small volumes, air freight isn’t an option to consider.

Otherwise, the cost of shipping will be very high.

Note also that furniture is often shipped in containers and the only ways to transport a container overseas is by sea or rail.

So if you’re organizing shipping for your furniture from China, choose either sea or rail freight depending on your destination.

II. Shipping term

You have four incoterm options when shipping furniture from China.

Note that suppliers in China often quote their prices based on the incoterm you’re using.

So the quote will be based on how much of the shipping you’re allowing the supplier to handle.

Depending on the Incoterm 2010 you chose to use, you can let the supplier;

  • Ship to no further than their warehouse/factory, EXW( EX-works)
  • Ship to a loading port that you choose in China, FOB (free on board)
  • Ship to a named port in your country, CIF (cost insurance freight). CIF quote often includes insurance for goods that are paid for by the seller.
  • Or, ship all the way to your warehouse/home (DDU). You will cater for the cost of customs clearance.

In EXW and FOB, the supplier can use your chosen freight forwarder and clearing agent.

For this, they will pay the forwarder directly.

CIF and DDU will have the supplier use their freight forwarder that you will pay for.

The shipping term to use is often stated in the pro-forma invoice.

If you find that your invoice does not state the incoterm to be used, make sure that it is included to avoid any confusions and misunderstanding.

The conditions of the term should also be explicitly stated.

Another thing, when comparing quotes from different suppliers, make sure that you do it based on similar incoterms.

A supplier quoting USD 100 per piece may be cheaper than one quoting the same amount per piece on EXW.

Note that the right incoterm to use will largely depend on your experience in importing from China.

Also, it will depend on your shipping destination as well as the type of goods you’re importing.

EXW is suitable for those of you importing small volume furniture.

Those with experience in shipping from China can also choose EXW since they can handle shipping from China themselves.

DDU, on the other hand, is suitable for shipping furniture from China for the first time.

If you don’t want to involve yourself with the process of shipping goods from China, you can also choose DDU.

FOB and CIF are the most commonly used terms in furniture importation in China.

They are used across the board by both amateur and experienced importers and for all any quantities of goods.

III. Shipping cost

The cost of shipping furniture from China varies greatly.

It depends on the incoterm you’re shipping under, your supplier, quantity of goods, mode of shipping among other things.

Calculating landed cost

Calculating landed cost – Photo courtesy: Cargo from China

Customs duties also play a great role in the final cost of importing furniture from China.

So consult with a professional customs broker for more insight on how much duty you will pay to ship furniture from China.

More importantly, pay attention to the incoterm you choose.

You don’t want a cheap CIF quote only to end up paying more when picking up the cargo at the destination port.

IV. Shipping Mode

Furniture is usually shipped in pallets which are then loaded into containers.

Now there are two modes of container shipping.

There is FCL shipping from china (full container load) shipping that is suitable for cargo that’s more than 5 pallets.

And, there is LCL shipping from China (less than container load) shipping that’s suitable for cargo that less than 5 pallets.

FCL vs. LCL Shipping

 FCL vs. LCL Shipping

If shipping FCL, you rent an entire shipping container.

This means that only your cargo will be shipped in a whole container, whether 20 ft. Or 40 ft.

For LCL shipments, you share a container with other shippers shipping the same direction.

Still, if you’re shipping cargo that’s less than 5 pallets but doesn’t want them coming to contact with other loads when shipping, you can opt for FCL shipping.

It ensures the safe shipping of cargo however delicate.

V. Shipping time

When thinking of how long your cargo will take to arrive from China, you need to consider three things.

One, the time your supplier will take to prepare your order.

Some suppliers tend to delay shipping a lot.

While some may take 2-3 days to prepare an order, there are those that may take a week or two to get an order ready for shipping.

Although large orders take longer to be ready.

Two, the time it takes to transport the cargo from a loading port in China to your destination port.

Usually, shipping from China takes about 5-50 days depending on the mode of transport used and the destination.

Shipping from China to Global Destinations

Shipping from China to Global Destinations

Three, consider unforeseen delays.

This could be delayed due to bad weather, port congestions, poor scheduling, and political tension among other things.

Any of these things can delay shipping time.

So when estimating the transit time of your furniture from China.

Add one plus two plus three.

For example, if you’re shipping from China to the US, you can expect to receive your items in 2months.

It could be sooner if your supplier is fast and if there are no delays due to unforeseen circumstances.

Remember that shipping furniture from China is neither hard nor easy.

It all depends on your understanding of the process and the freight forwarder that you’re using.

A reliable and professional freight forwarder can help you ship furniture from China hassle free.

So make sure you find and hire the right forwarder to help you with your shipping.

As you do that, remember to also work on your shipping paperwork.

Documents you should know when importing furniture from China

Paperwork is important when importing furniture from China to any country in the world.

Different countries have different documentation requirements.

Some will ask for an import permit for all kinds of furniture; others only require permits for importing wooden furniture.

Other just don’t ask for permits.

Shipping documents

Shipping documents

Whichever the case, you will need to complete customs paperwork and pay customs duties for furniture imports from China.

The main documents that you will need to clear your furniture imports from China are:

1. A packing list and commercial invoice

These two are mandatory documents for all kinds of imports from China.

A packing list details the volume, type of products and quantity of each product in a shipment.

This document is important as it allows you to verify that the contents of the shipments are actually what you ordered for.

Also, customs use it to verify the contents of a shipment against what is indicated in a bill of lading.

A commercial invoice on the hand details the value of the goods you’re shipping.

Customs will use this document to determine the actual value of your goods when calculating applicable taxes and duties.

You can get these two papers from your supplier.

He can email them to you or simply send hard copies.

2. Bill of lading (B/L)

Usually, furniture is transported in containers and by sea.

This means that you will need to get a bill of lading document for customs clearance.

A B/L is just a receipt issued by a shipping company to acknowledge receipt of goods for shipment.

It usually details the type, quantity, and destination of goods to be shipped as well the consignee of the goods.

You will need these documents to claim goods once they arrive at your destination port.

3. Certificate of origin (C/O)

A C/O, in this case, will be used to certify that the furniture you’re importing is wholly obtained, produced or manufactured in China.

Its importance is generally to prove to customs the origin of your imports.

4. Other documents

Depending on your country’s customs rules and regulations, you may need additional documentation.

These may include product licenses, certifications, etc.

Note that paperwork is important in any international trade process.

In this case, it will help protect you, the supplier and any other parties that are involved in the importation process.

Your freight forwarder should inform you of the appropriate documents needed for importing furniture to your country.

A customs broker should also help you in preparing paperwork for importing furniture from China.

They’ll also help in clearing your goods through customs both in China and destination country (if you want)

You can hire one if you need the help of an expert customs clearance agent.

Payment methods when importing furniture from China

Buying from furniture from China isn’t like buying domestically.

When buying from China, there is a variety of payment options.

Each of the options given works well for different importers and under different circumstances

The best option for you nonetheless will highly depend on the total value of furniture you’re buying.

Note however that some payment options may make you susceptible to scams and fraud.

So it is best to explore your options carefully and choose a mode that is safe and convenient.

Making payments

Making payments

That said, here are the common payment methods when importing furniture from China:

· International Wire Transfer

The wire transfer payment is probably one of the oldest payment mode and the most commonly used in China.

Suppliers and importers alike prefer wire transfers for small and medium-sized transactions.

How does this work?

Well mostly, suppliers require that buyers pay a down payment before production of furniture.

Then, the buyer to finish the remaining payment once production is complete.

Note that although popular, paying via wire transfer is not the safest option there is.

You risk losing your money should anything go wrong before the delivery of items.

So for this option to work for you, you should only pay the right amount of money at the right time.

No more no less!

· Letter of credit

The second and most secure method of paying your Chinese supplier is by using a letter of credit.

This is because your payment is secure until after your supplier meets the obligations of the letter.

So if you’re transacting amounts over USD 40,000, then paying via an LC is suitable.

Note however that you may need to do lots of paperwork with your bank for a single and successful transaction.

Also, you will incur high fees to get the letter of credit from your bank.

· Online escrow

For smaller transactions, those amounting to USD 5000 and below, using escrow services might be safe for you.

Escrow services are found on the internet.

Alibaba has its own escrow service known as Alipay.

The services keep your money and only releases it when you confirm the satisfactory receipt of items.

The disadvantage of online escrow services is that dispute resolution processes aren’t streamlined.

They are difficult to solve and take too long.

· International Credit Cards

Credit cards are seldom used when paying for large quantities of supplies.

Actually, most factories in China do not accept credit card payments.

But if you’re importing a smaller amount of furniture, then paying using your credit card can be acceptable.

· PayPal

Paying via PayPal is more or less the same as paying via credit card.

The only difference is that with PayPal, you don’t expose your credit card details.

Instead, you attach the card to your PayPal account and pay your supplier through their email account.

When you transfer funds to the supplier, PayPal deducts a fee that the supplier charges back to you.

Like online escrow, PayPal is also feasible for smaller orders.

· Cash

Most furniture transactions in China are paid for in cash.

This is easy if you’re buying via a sourcing agent or when you’re personally on the ground.

Note that cash payments are often very risky.

Nonetheless, they also help you get lower pricing for goods.

My advice?

Only consider cash is you’re making small order purchases and/or when you fully trust the supplier.

· Western union

After PayPal, western union is the second easiest way of paying for small orders of furniture in China.

Western Union is very risky since you’re paying money to an individual and not a company thus it’s easy to get scammed.

It is however fast, and the transaction charges are also minimal.

· Paying via your sourcing agent

Honestly, this is not an actual paying method, but it is an option that you can explore.

If you’re using a using a sourcing agent to buy goods, you can channel the payment through them.

Doing this is safer as the agent will pay the supplier through COD (cash on delivery) or Chinese escrow.

The agent can also accept or reject to pay for the furniture if the quality does not align with what you agreed upon.

For busy and new-to-China importers, paying for imports via a sourcing agent could work great.

It is safer, convenient and well, worry-free.

Note that there are so many sourcing agents/companies that you can hire to help you source for furniture in China.

So finding one to work with isn’t much of a problem.

The problem that most importers face is deciding on whether or not you should hire a sourcing agent.

If you’re one of these importers, then worry no more as the next topic will help you decide wisely.

Finding a Sourcing agent VS. Handle Everything Yourself

Let’s get straight to the point:

Finding a sourcing agent or handling sourcing and shipping yourself is no longer the question here.

The questions are when do you need to work with a sourcing agent?

And when should you handle the whole process yourself?

These are the questions I am going to try to answer here.

So firstly, if you or your team can’t spare a few hours to follow up on the progress of your order in China, you probably need the help of a sourcing agent.

The agent will help you with the entire process of furniture importation.

They will identify a supplier that can supply you with quality furniture at the right price.

They will also help you with shipping and any other logistics process that you may need help with.

But this is not your only option of getting quality products from China, evidently.

Sourcing agent

Sourcing agent

You actually have4 options to consider that are:

1) Buying directly from manufacturers

Most importers prefer making their purchases directly from the suppliers.

This way, you get to control the whole process and avoid dealing with go-betweens that charge exorbitant commissions.

If you have the time and are organized enough to follow up on suppliers, you can consider this option.

You also have to be sure that you can satisfy the MOQ demands of suppliers.

2) Hire a commissioned agent

Commissioned agents basically work for suppliers in China.

Their job is to find customers, introduce them to the supplier and help with communication.

By accepting to buy from the supplier they introduce you to, you help secure their checks.

This is because part of what you pay for the goods is their commission.

It is how they make their money.

Now the advantage of working with a commissioned agent is that they are fast, and are often cheap.

The disadvantage?

Most of them can be very unprofessional.

They are always looking after the interest of the supplier.

If things go wrong and there is a dispute, they will always defend the supplier.

3) Buy from a trading company

If you find that the MOQ demands being given to you are hard to meet, buying from a trading company may be a good option.

A trading company, in this case, is a company that works directly with manufacturers in China.

The job of the trading company is to connect buyers and suppliers.

How do they work?

A trading company will find you, take your order and place production in a factory that they’re in contact with.

On every order they place, they make a margin.

Working with a trading company allows you easier and quicker access to products.

They are also convenient as through their company; you can buy in small, medium or large quantity.

You generally don’t have to worry about suppliers’ MOQ requirements.

4) Hire a third party service provider

These are sourcing agents that you (the buyer) pay a commission for services that they provide.

Their services include supplier identification and screening, factory auditing, supplier management, and production follow up.

Some offer shipping and logistics services all in one.

Note that unlike the other agents, third party agents receive their fees from you (the buyer).

They are also very transparent in everything.

Third party agents will tell you the supplier’s names and address as well as inform you of the process followed in supplier identification and production.

The downside of working with a third party agent is that you pay an upfront fee before service provision.

The fees, however, guarantee you of full transparency, and control of the process.


If you consider hiring a sourcing agent, keep in mind that not of all they are trustworthy.

You, therefore, should do due diligence to ensure that you find a suitable agent to work with.

Qualities of a good sourcing agent

  • Experience in furniture procurement processes, at least 5
  • Affordable pricing. They should be able to offer quality products at competitive prices
  • Can converse in Mandarin and/or Most Chinese suppliers don’t speak English which means that you’ll need an interpreter
  • Good negotiating skills. Suppliers tend to be difficult at times
  • Familiarity with the Chinese business culture. This is important in establishing a good relationship with suppliers.

You should know that finding a reliable sourcing agent is very important if you intend to work with one successfully.

If you find an agent with the above qualities, then they are worth having a look at.

Note that a good agent is a key to your success in importing furniture from China.

They will help you to quickly and efficiently find high-quality suppliers in China.

Remember that with a sourcing agent, you won’t need to avail yourself or a representative in China for the buying process.

The agent takes care of everything allowing you to concentrate on other important things.

However, if you feel that you should DIY (do it yourself) the buying process, well and good.

It could be that you want total control over the buying process.

Or, you simply can’t match the cost of hiring a sourcing agent.

Whichever the case is, DIY sourcing in China still works.

In any case, hiring a sourcing agent can be a liability especially if you hire the wrong one.

Remember that a majority of the agents receive their incentives from the supplier.

As such, they will select suppliers that pay the biggest commission.

Not one that’s qualified for your furniture supply requirements.

Don’t get me wrong, not all sourcing agents are greedy and don’t care about buyer’s needs.

There are very many goods agents out there.

It’s just that the good ones are few and out of reach for small and medium volume importers.

I mean, there is no need of paying a sourcing agent more than the total worth of the furniture you’re buying.

We have to admit though, that good thing is always costly and in this case, you’ll have to pay more for good service.

If you opt for cheap, you may live to regret your decision of hiring a sourcing agent.

So, as an SME or homeowner, it is best that you roll up your sleeves and manage the sourcing process.

It’s not as bad as it might sound!

Yes, you’ll put in extra effort, but at the end of it all, it’s better to do it yourself than to hire a bad sourcing company.


Are you ready to import furniture from China?

I know how hard the process of importing from China can be, especially if it’s your first time.

By reading this guide, however, I believe that you’ve gotten the information that you need to get through every step of the import furniture from China process.

If you still have questions on how to import furniture from China, feel free to ask below or contact us directly.

Thanks for reading!

Best 20 Furniture Manufacturers in China

1 Interi Furniture

Interi Furniture was founded in 2003. This furniture brand is specializing in top-grade furniture ideal for clubs, villas, hotels, real estate mock-up rooms, cafes, and so on. Interi Furniture is also known as a high-class custom-made furniture manufacturer in China. Their manufacturing facility is based in Guangzhou, China covers an area of 20,000 sq m with 500 staff. They are also providers of international hotel brands such as Four Seasons, Shangri-La, Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott, and more.

2 Promising Furniture

Promising Furniture was established in 2009. Specializing in supplying indoor furniture, this company is selling to international markets like Australia and Europe. The company has a professional team to help customers find the best specifications they’re looking at. Promising Furniture has over 10 years in the business.

3 Hongye Furniture

Guangdong Hongye Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd can be found in Jiangmen City. It was established in the year 2010, specializing in office furniture. That includes chairs, tables, desks, sofas, cabinets, and more. Hongye Furniture has over 1,000 employees and modern machinery to manage production. It has over US$100 million annual turnovers.

4 Serenity Made Co. Ltd

This company is based in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Serenity Made Co., Ltd is modern commercial furniture focusing on hotel furniture, café tables, dining and café chairs, and related products. Serenity Made has a strict management system and up-to-date machinery to design furniture. They are exporting products to 100+ foreign countries and regions.

5 JL&C Furniture Co. Ltd

JL&C Furniture Co., Ltd’s headquarter is located in Shanghai, China. It has more than 20 years in the furniture industry. Their products are perfect for offices, homes, hotels, and night clubs. Utilizing quality raw material, they could offer high-end furniture and home goods. Stringent quality standards, competitive prices, and a wider range of products are company advantages.

6 Artech

Artech was founded in 2001. They are engaged in designing villa furniture and custom-made furniture product for high-end customers. Artech main production includes KTV furniture, Sauna furniture, Apartment, Villa furniture, hotel lobby furniture, hotel guestroom furniture, and more. Custom offers fit for all – custom hotel, residential and commercial furniture.


Lifan is engaged in office furniture for over 20 years. Their primary products are meeting room tables, office workstations, height-adjustable desks, folding training tables, and office chairs. The company is well-equipped with cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, a diligent team, and quality control. Lifan is based in Sanshui, Foshan, Guangdong Province.


Zhejiang Divany Furniture Co., Ltd is specializing in wooden furniture, home furniture living room furniture, dining room furniture, reading room furniture, and bedroom furniture. This modern manufacturer has been in the business for many years. They are cooperating with famous Italian designers and gain popularity in the international furniture market.

9 FULILAI Hotel Furniture Co., Ltd

Fulilai Hotel Furniture Co., Ltd can be found in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. They are dedicated to manufacturing and supplying hotel bedroom furniture. Along with their offers are sofas, doors, chairs, restaurant furniture, lobby furniture, outdoor furniture, and more. FULILAI manufacturing facility covers an area of 50,000 sq m. This company has 500+ staff to work with you.


Liaoning is a special company that was established in 1992. It is one of the biggest manufacturers in the Chinese school facilities industry. The company manufacturing facility occupied 14300 square meters. Liaoning main products are school desks and chairs, classroom furniture, classroom, and lab facilities. Most of their advanced production lines are imported from Britain, Germany, and U.S.A. Liaoning is distributing products around the world.

11 MIGE Office Furniture

Guangzhou Mige Office Furniture Co., Ltd is a new company specializing in the production and distribution of metal furniture. They had more than 8 years in the business. Among their furniture are reception desks, sofas, coffee tables, conference desks, and more. MIGE has many partners in a different areas in the world.

12 Rongbin Furniture

Foshan Rongbin Furniture Factory was established in 2011 in Foshan City, Guangdong, China. They are engaged in manufacturing living room furniture sets such as sofa, sofa chair, leisure chair, recliner sofa, living room cabinet, living room table, and more. The company has advanced production equipment to design furniture set.


Jade Ant is engaged in designing and drafting architectural firm for residential and commercial projects. Their main products are bedroom furniture sets, living room furniture sets, dining room furniture sets, and office furniture sets. At Jade Ants, they can provide absolute solutions for all interior projects. This company is cooperating with thousands of interior designers and property owners.

14 Shenzhen Coco Furniture Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Coco Furniture Co., Ltd was established in 2005. The company is specializing in living room furniture, dining table and chair, coffee table, bar table and chair, modern and classic furniture replica, seat fabric sofa, leather sofa, and more. There are 800+ furniture items for selection. Coco Furniture is selling most products to the overseas market.

15 Zhejiang Senchuan Furniture Co., Ltd

Founded in 2005, Zhejiang Senchuan Furniture Co., Ltd is committed to furniture research and development. This company can be found in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, with a building area of 120,000 sq m. Their main products are chairs, sofas, beds, cabinets, and other furniture accessories. Senchuan has been exporting its products to 70+ countries around the world.

16 is a furniture company providing seating and office space solutions. This company is dedicated to product planning, manufacturing, R&D, and customer service. It was founded in 2003 by Mr. Endison Lu. Over the years in the business, this company is cooperating with international designers like Claudio Francesco Bellini, Baldanzi & Novelli, and more.


Jiangsu Jiahong Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd focused on lab furniture, fume hood, and turnkey solution. Their main business range includes lab furniture, lab ventilation system, lab storage cabinet, fume hood, gas systems, and more. The company is exporting products to different countries such as India, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa, etc.


Huahe has over 50 years in the field. It is a large-sized company with an annual turnover of 440,000,000. This company headquarter is based in Qiqihar, China. Their main products are wooden doors and furniture and exporting them to France, Canada and America. Huahe is a leading company with stable performance in the domestic market.


Lopottion Furniture Group is providing office furniture in China for over 20 years. Loppottion has grown their company as they have branches in Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Beijing, and other cities. Their primary products are filing storage, office table, office sofa, and office chairs. This company is exporting products to overseas countries all over the world.


Zhengce can be found in Shanghai, China. They are specializing in manufacturing chairs and tables. Some products have acrylic, plastic, and metal structure ideal for home and office furniture. This manufacturing facility covers a space of about 120,000 sq m. Zhengce has more than 500 types of products such as bar stool, softcover chair, office furniture, and more. They are exporting products to the Middle East, New Zealand, Asia, etc.

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