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rum glass bottle
Importing Rum Glass Bottle from China

Marketing your liquor and spirits product in a unique bottle will help attract attention and set your product apart from the rest. China manufacturers supply a wide variety of options for your production needs in rum glass bottles. Manufacturers and suppliers in China are commonly based in Jiangsu province. They provide rum glass bottles that are durable, high-quality and will ensure the natural look of your liquor and will be showcased on store shelves.

square oil glass bottle
Importing Square Oil Glass Bottle from China

Find the best selection of cheap square glass oil bottles in China manufacturers. Suppliers are commonly based in Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces. They will surely provide you quite a satisfactory square glass oil bottles with the best quality at most competitive price in the world. They offer a wide selection of low-priced rum glass bottles for you to purchase.

Vodka Glass Bottle
Importing Vodka Glass Bottle from China

China suppliers are prominent manufacturer of high-quality glass bottles offering a wide range of empty vodka glass bottles available in all shapes & sizes & color for your product premium packaging. Manufacturers in China are based in Jiangsu province. They offer a great selection of high quality, clear and colored vodka glass liquor bottles to showcase your adult beverages. Take your liquor and business to the next level with their packaging solutions.

Beer Glass Bottle
Importing Beer Glass Bottle from China

China factories manufacture and supplies top quality beer glass bottles to customers in the food and beverage industry. No matter what kind of glass packaging product you’re looking for, you’ll find it at China manufacturers that are commonly based in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. The unique properties of their glass beer bottles guarantee 100% beer enjoyment.

Food Glass Bottle
Importing Food Glass Bottle from China

China suppliers manufacture food glass bottle ideas that include metal tins for coffee and candy, glass jars for sarsa and jelly as well as glass bottles for salad dressing and hot sauce. Manufacturers and suppliers are based in Guangdong province. They offer food glass bottles products are available in amber, clear, colored or opal glass and in a variety of shapes.

wine glass bottle
Importing Wine Glass Bottle from China

Manufacturers of wine glass bottles in China offer ideal bottles for your timeframe, desired quantity and brand positioning. They provide wine glass bottles with quality-checked and packed to your specification into white or custom cartons. Suppliers are mostly based in Guangdong province. Select high-quality products at the best price from these certified Chinese wine glass bottles manufacturers.

essential oil glass bottle
Importing Essential Oil Glass Bottle from China

China manufacturing factories of essential oil glass bottle are most in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Manufacturers provide the largest variety of essential oil glass bottle packaging solutions at the absolute best prices. Finding a professional Chinese supplier will help you save money, time and effort. Just take care of your chosen suppliers, find the one that had meet quality standards and international certifications.

milk glass bottle
Importing Milk Glass Bottle from China

Glass milk bottles are glass bottles used for milk and are generally reusable and returnable. When looking for milk glass bottle manufacturer and supplier in China, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces is your choicer places. It is where most milk glass bottle suppliers and manufacturers in China are located. Whether you need milk glass bottle for your glass bottle business or other purposes, you can surely find professional Chinese suppliers that meet your needs.

Medicine Glass Bottle
Importing Medicine Glass Bottle from China

Find the best medicine glass bottle supplier and manufacturer when planning to import medicine glass bottle in China. Manufacturers supply a range of medicine glass bottle and lab bottles at low prices. Choose manufacturers and suppliers that had meet quality standards and international certifications. Finding the right manufacturers for your medicine glass bottle needs will help you save time and effort.

flint glass bottle
Importing Flint Glass Bottle from China

China flint glass bottle is perfect for storing and infusing your own homemade spirits and liqueurs. For your wide variety of flint glass bottle needs, you can find reliable professional flint glass suppliers and manufacturers in Shandong and Jiangsu provinces. You can surely have the best flint glass bottle by importing flint glass bottle from China.

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You can save a lot of money shipping your glass bottle by sea, but take care of the transit time, if you need your glass bottle urgent, then you can use air freight with high cost.
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If you need your Glass Bottle orders a little urgent, you can use air freight with high cost. Its the fastest freight solution.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
If your Glass Bottle are shipped to Russia or Europe, and time is a little urgent, you can consider shipping your Glass Bottle by railway.
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When new to importing, you can contact Bansar to help your order. We will ship your orders to your warehouse or home.

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The Resource To Import Glass Bottle From China:

Chinese Glass Bottles

Best 20 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in China

1 Fusion Glassworks

Fusion Glassworks was incorporated in the year 2004, offering high-quality, yet affordable glass bottles. In Fusion Glass, they can customize glass bottles to achieve your specifications. And also, they use their professionalism and wide experience in manufacturing to produce inexpensive Chinese glass bottles. At once, they uphold all quality standards that come from different well-founded western institutions.

2 Vista Group

As a manufacturing leader and professional, Vista Group in China decided to dedicate itself to giving various designs of glass bottles. Recently, the group can produce over 2000 supplies of glass bottle products to worldwide customers. They globally distributed a total of 450 million units of glass containers and 80,000 tons of annual capability. In addition, Vista Group has a number of senior engineers that can customize glass bottles according to your plans.


The company of HONGMAI GLASS was formed in 1999. As a reliable, well-reputed manufacturer and supplier of glass bottles, they are more concentrated in innovations as well as packaging procedures. Within the 2 decades of development, their capacity is now enlarged to meet international market demands. Good at glass bottle designing, manufacturing, and packaging.


SGSBOTTLE is a famous brand and a manufacturer of any glass bottle designs. They have been manufacturing, supplying any types of glassware to international brands, for more than a decade now. The team is professional in terms of making any glass bottle designs and good shape in accordance with customer`s and user`s requests. Check their factory to find the latest and well-designed glass bottles.

5 Unipack glass

Unipack glass was founded back in the year 1980. This expert group has wide knowledge in innovating an exclusive, and exceptional quality glass bottles, which great use for wine, beer, etc. As the greatest, leading glass bottle manufacturer, they glad to offer one-stop glass bottle solutions to help you expand your own business. At Unipack glass, you can receive a lot of competitive benefits over other manufacturers and suppliers. Each day, Unipack glass has an installed capacity of 2,280 tons.

6 ShangHai Misa Glass Co., Ltd

Internationally, ShangHai Misa Glass Co., Ltd is one leading and well-known manufacturer of custom glass bottles. Established in the 1990s, proudly owns 25 production lines, 4 plants, and 2 6-color automatic printing equipment. The enterprise has a hardworking, pragmatic engineering team, experts in whole glass bottle productions. However, this company is now performing services in many liquor and domestic beer industries, coming from America, Europe, Africa, etc.

7 Hualian Glass Bottle Factory

At a famous City in China, the Hualian glass bottle factory is operating, doing its best to design and manufacture glass bottles for your business needs. Not only glass bottles, but also they highly present liquor bottles, glass jars, and much other glassware. The company has the ability to highlight your brand worldwide.

8 East Asia Glass Limited

Started operating in 1995, East Asia Glass Limited is proud as the most trusted, a popular manufacturing company in China. They have broad expertise in creating shiny, ground-breaking glasswares for all world-premier industries of drink and food. East Asia Glass Limited centered its attention in the making, supplying different glass bottles for the worldwide market. In addition to their capacity, they are also devoted to making the customer`s dream designs turn into reality. They can also print your brand name on the product if you require it.

9 Suzhou junmeike Machinery Technology Co., Ltd

Suzhou junmeike Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is an executive beverage, glass bottle solution provider in China. This is an enterprise, providing independent designs, product sales, after-sales service, and professional glass productions. With the help of their expert design team, the company attained trust from worldwide customers due to the solutions they provided. Also along with well-experienced staff to provide friendly customer service.

10 Interwaters

Interwaters is willing to provide better quality glass bottles. They are expert not only in manufacturing but also in safely exporting of any glass products. They usually used PP bags, aluminum cans, and carton boxes in the packaging process to avoid unwanted cracks in your glass bottles’ orders. At the same time, the company now holds ISO and SGS quality certifications for additional customer assurance.

11 Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd.

Started in the operation since 1970, Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd is one of the recorded Shanghai Stock Exchange Market. The company mainly offers high-quality glass bottles to be exported to more than 80 different regions and countries. After years in the service, they gain stable business connections with many pharmaceutical industries abroad or even in China.

12 Cangzhou Norki Houseware Co., Ltd.

Cangzhou Norki Houseware Co., Ltd has its own head office in Hebei, China. The company proudly presents high-quality glass bottles to meet your exact demands. It is a big pleasure for them to work with you. Since established, the team always strives to do their very best in order to attain the trust and to satisfy each customer.  You can purchase bulk or wholesale ways from them. They have well-trained staff to assist you and provide friendly customer service.

13 Ningbo Beixuan International Trading Co., Ltd.

This company is a globally trusted supplier of different glass bottle molds. Only for reasonable prices, you can already get the design you want. Just send your layout and specification, so they can begin the process. The company is stick to a principle “continuous improvement, service first, and quality first” to meet each client`s requirements. A perfect service awaits you there!

14 Xuzhou Shangli Artware Co., Ltd.

A well-recognized producer and a supplier of high-quality glass bottles. Their other products are juice bottles, food jars, wine bottles, and other glass-made bottles. Their factory has 8 warehouses in total, 3 workshops as well with regular 800, 000-pieces production capacity. The company is operating together with 300 workers, 40 of them are expert persons, marketing staff, and senior technicians.

15 Puyang Lumeng Glass Product Co., Ltd.

Puyang Lumeng Glass Product Co., Ltd began in the serious glass bottle operations since 2006. The team more focuses on creating new designs and shape for glass bottles. They are approved, super-qualified manufacturer & supplier for different glass industries from both foreign and domestic countries. Their major glass products now entered successfully in Turkey, Korea, Russia, and so on.

16 Abely

The Abely team offers a one-stop glass bottle solution for perfumes. They transport high-end perfume glass bottles for niche brands in 30+ regions and countries. Most of their customers come from America, Europe, and so on. Abely can design different unique molds to supply over 80 biggest companies worldwide. And for you to know, the major purpose of Abely is to keep up long-term relationships with their international partners.


CRYSTAL that operates in China, is an industry leader when it comes to producing, manufacturing glass products, such as glass bottles. Their main headquarter is located in Xuzhou, China, working with largest-scale factory partners. The company`s goal is to provide customer`s needs, providing custom products and solutions to achieve a bright future. Passer from ISO9001 worldwide quality certification.

18 Jiaxin Glass Imports and Exports (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

This is a professional group, providing a glass bottle with endless sustainability, versatility, and beauty. Inspired by their loving customers, Jiaxin Glass Imports and Exports (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd creates more modern glass bottles or containers with overall quality and elegance to exceed the client`s expectation. Glass bottles from this company are the best choice.


There are plenty of glass bottle varieties you could find and select in AMAN INDUSTRY CO., LTD. All the glass bottles come from infinite sizes, textures, and shapes, customizable as well to suit customer`s multifarious requirements.  They willingly offer a long-term partnership with global industries. We promise to give the best services every client deserves. The main markets they supply are from Eastern Europe, Oceania, Southeast Asia, etc.

20 Foshan Shining Glass Co., Ltd.

Foshan Shining Glass Co., Ltd has almost 13 years of experience and commitment to manufacturing high-quality glass bottles. Since the beginning, Shining Glass does their very best, and today, they successfully became one of the leading manufacturers of glassware products worldwide. Fully committed to the glass bottles production, research, and development. Also has complete production equipment, helps them become a one-stop glass bottle provider to complete the needs of customers.

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