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Importing Glass from China
Importing Flat Glass from China
Importing Flat Glass from China

China is the world’s biggest glass manufacturer. You can find a lot of reliable flat glass manufacturer in China in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai. We can recommend the right manufacturer from these provinces that’s best for your windscreens, home windows, bus stops, electronics, appliances, and much more application needs.

Importing Toughed Glass from China
Importing Toughed Glass from China

Looking for a toughened glass for your kitchen and bathroom needs, and for your glass business? China glass manufacturers offer a wide range of toughened glass products. And they are able to supply these products at competitive prices. Purchase a larger quantity of toughened glass products to improve the safety and security of your property.

Importing Patterned Glass from China
Importing Patterned Glass from China

For your privacy and obscurity desired in your property, patterned glass products is what you need. And for your greater product needs, importing from Chinese glass suppliers is right for you. Shandong, Guangdong, Hebei, Jiangsu provinces have the leading suppliers of patterned glass products. They feature a wide selection of designs, styles, and types that fit your taste.

Importing Laminated Glass from China
Importing Laminated Glass from China

Laminated glass is a common option where increased security may be needed, in your front doors, store window fronts or car windscreens, and aquarium etc. China laminated glass manufacturers and suppliers, with years of experience,  specialized high-quality laminated glass products with a large selection of products sizes, thickness, colors and etc.

Importing Mirrored Glass from China
Importing Mirrored Glass from China

There are many types of glass available and another type is mirrored glass. Mirrored glass is quite simply a mirror – and can be produced in all sizes, from small bathroom mirrors to full-length wardrobe doors. No worries for your mirrored glass orders from China, most Chinese glass manufacturers supply this type of glass and offer a wide selection in high-quality at best price.

Importing Coated Glass from China
Importing Coated Glass from China

Looking for a large quantity of coated glass for your double glazed windows to improve home insulation? China has more than 2000 certified coated glass suppliers. These manufacturers provide a wide range of coated glass products. So purchase your orders according to your personal use or business needs.

Importing Tinted Glass from China
Importing Tinted Glass from China

If constructing building and privacy is your priority, then tinted glass is the ideal choice for any doors or windows in your home or business. You can find reliable tinted glass suppliers in China in Shandong, Guangdong, Hebei, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang provinces. These manufacturers are verified and experienced in tinted glass manufacturing for many years.

Importing Sandblasted Glass from China
Importing Sandblasted Glass from China

Sandblasted Glass offers the perfect balance between beauty and privacy. Chinese manufacturers of sandblasted glass have a lot of years of experience in providing high-quality glass products to different users. They also offer a wide range of different types of glass, so no matter what your requirements, they’ll be happy to provide.

Importing Float Glass from China
Importing Float Glass from China

Leading float glass manufacturers in China are based in Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang provinces. They provide a wide range of high-quality float glass products. It is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and is used in the glass cutting process so it can be cut to the exact size required for your application.

Importing Reflective Glass from China
Importing Reflective Glass from China

If you want to buy discount and quality reflective glass in China, you can find reliable manufacturers in a different area in China. Wholesale inexpensive and customized glass products at a reasonable price. Find suitable reflective glass products that are right for your glass curtain walls modern buildings needs.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Glass Shipping from China?

Glass Sea Freight Shipping from China
Less in-transit cost, high cargo carrying capacity and enough time processing for documentation. You can benefit this if you choose sea as means of transporation of your larger glass orders.
Glass Air Freight Shipping from China
If you need your glass orders urgent, then you can use air freight with high cost. You can benefit a lesser risk of damage and shipments safety.
Glass Rail Freight Shipping from China
Rail delivery offers secure and reliable delivery to your destination. Cost effective, faster form of land transportation.
Glass Door to Door Shipping from China
Door to door shipping can deliver your glass shipments safe, on time, with competitive freight cost. Also recommend when unfamiliar with all the shipping process.

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Importing Glass from China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are importing glass from China or want to learn about the Chinese glass market then read this guide.

It will help get reliable suppliers who offer a competitive price on glass.

Also, you will learn how to ship a class from China.

Why Import Glass from China?

There are several reasons why most importers prefer importing glass from China.

These include:

Window glasses

Window glasses

· Affordability of Glass

China has thousands of manufacturers including glass manufacturers.

This raises the competition level, in turn, you will always get glasses at competitive prices.

· Quality of Glass from China

With the appropriate manufacturer, you will be able to find a high-quality glass.

The reason I’m emphasizing getting a legit manufacturer is that China has a blend of both high and low-quality products.

So depending on the types of glass you choose, it may affect your business positively or negatively.

· Uniqueness of Glass from China

You will never miss any type of glass you want in China.

And this includes unique types of glasses.

Every design, color, texture can be easily purchased from China.

· Wide Variety of Glasses to Choose from

With the many manufacturers in China, there’s no doubt that you will have a wide variety of glass to choose from.

To make your shopping easier, make sure you have in mind what exactly you want.

This is to avoid confusion and waste of time.

Who are the Top Glass Manufacturers in China?

You might be interested in checking out some of these top glass manufacturers;

  • Rider glass Co. Ltd
  • Qingdao Creation Classic Glass Co. Ltd
  • Teckson Glass Co.Ltd
  • Beijing Northglass Technologies Co. Ltd
  • QingdaiSunnyglass Co. Ltd
  • SuqianTongyong Glass Co.Ltd
  • Qingdao Vital Glass Co. Ltd

Alternatively, you can also use China sourcing agents who will help you get the best supplier.

Which are the Best China Glass Markets?

Shanghai International Glass Market and Guangzhou Glass Wholesale Market are the best China glass markets you could shop from in China.

However, expect to come across other smaller markets of the same.

Importing glass from China

 Importing glass from China

How do you Find Best Prices when Importing Glass from China?

Your budget is the number one factor you might be considering when doing any form of importation.

Failure to stick to it might result in losses or little profit margins for your business.

Therefore, you have to make sure that you get a quality glass at relatively affordable prices.

How do you do this?

· Bargain

Bargaining is one of the popular ways to negotiate prices with your glass supplier in China.

Since your China glass supplier or manufacturer is business-minded he will propose a high amount.

Therefore you have to start at that least price, less than half the price in some cases.

In the end, you will be surprised at how much you will purchase the same overpriced glass.

· Make Bulk Glass Purchases

It goes without saying that once you purchase glass from China in bulk, your manufacturer or supplier will be more than willing to cut costs.

Meaning you will be able to purchase your glasses from China at very affordable prices.

· Purchase Glass Directly from the Factory in China

Purchasing directly from the factory puts you in a better position to easily negotiate prices with your manufacturer.

This, in turn, lays a better foundation for your future purchases.

· Make use of Sourcing Agents and Freight Forwarders

Freight forwarders have proper networks with established manufacturers.

Therefore they can secure great deals for their clients.

 How do you Test Quality of Glass Imported from China?

When importing glass from China, one of the top factors is quality.

Well, how will you test the quality of glass?

  • Conduct a fragmentation test –Different types of glasses will fragment differently. For instance, annealed glass easily breaks and it produces long and sharp splinters. This is not the case for laminated glass which remains integral sticking to the plastic vinyl layer.
  • Test for resistance to chemicals
  • Perform a head form test
  • Test the mechanical strength of the glass
  • Test the burning behavior of the glass

What are the Quality Standards for Glass Imported from China?

Most if not all products including glass imported from China needs to meet certain quality standards not limited to;

  • The glass must pass through an inspection
  • Adhere to the set terms and conditions regarding the handling and waste management among others.
  • The importer should obtain a test report analysis from the laboratory

Generally, glass should be CCC, AS/NZS 2208, BV, CE, SGCC,ISO, and SGS, certified.

Remember, depending on your application requirements, you can request for specific quality tests.

How do you Ship Glass from China?

Glass from China

Bansar shipping to all destinations

Shipping glass from China can be done in these four main methods;

  • Airfreight– Not only is it the fastest but also the most expensive among the rest. However, it will be the ideal means to use if urgency is what you need.
  • Sea freight –Sea freight is the least expensive and mostly used to ship large goods including glass. Nevertheless, be ready to wait for your goods a bit longer as compared to air freight.
  • Door to door shipping –Are you unfamiliar with the shipping processes? If yes, the door to door shipping would suit you best as all you will have to do is make an order and your glass will be delivered on time.
  • Rail freight –If your export country borders China, then rail transport is one of the ways you could use to ship your glass.

How do Package Glass from China?

To avoid any type of loss or damage, you have to make sure that your glass is well packaged.

Here are some of the packaging processes for glasses from China;

  • Have corrugated boxes in place
  • Wrap your glasses. This can either be done using bubbled cushions or foam poaches inserts. Make sure you cover all the openings with extra papers just to avoid any breakages.
  • Add extra cushioning to the remaining spaces in the box to prevent the glasses from moving while on the road. Check for any movement and if there is add more stuffing until settled.
  • Label your boxes. This includes indicating the nature of goods which in our case are “FRAGILE” as well as the contents of each box. 

Why do you need Freight Forwarder when Importing Glass from China?

Freight forwarders come in handy in several ways;

  • Flexibility –Freight forwarders can quickly adapt to arising changes on information relayed to them.
  • Cost-effective –Since freight forwarders are well networked with established manufacturers, they can secure great deals and thereafter provide the same to their clients.
  • Manageability –Freight forwarders work on a schedule and therefore make sure that everything runs smoothly as expected.
  • Hassle-free –With a freight forwarder you won’t have to worry much about your shipment as they will be responsible for every step as directed by you.
  • Specialization – It’s easier to design your shipping process with freight forwarders.

You just need to communicate your preferences and they will use that during your shipment.

Which Incoterm should you use when Importing Glass from China?

FOB is the best incoterm used by most glass importers from China.

Bansar shipping to all destinations

 Incoterms 2010

Should you Buy Glass on Alibaba or Contact Glass Manufacturer in China Directly?

Remember, you are bound to get better discounts when contacting your glass manufacturer in China as compared to purchasing glass on Alibaba.

To add on that, purchasing directly from the manufacturer will help you establish meaningful bonds for the benefit of your future purchases.

How much Duty will you Pay when Importing Glass from China?

The import duty is normally calculated as a percentage of your imports’ custom value.

Duty = duty% * product price

Which Types of Glass can you Import from China?

You can import almost any type of glass from China. These might include;

  • Flat glass – This type of glass is normally used for windows, windscreens, transparent walls and glass doors among others.

Most suppliers of flat glass are located in the cities of Shandong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, and Zhejiang.

  • Toughed glass –Also known as tempered glass, toughened glass is much stronger as compared to the normal glass. It is due to the additional thermal as well as chemical treatments used to design it.

This type of glass can be used in bathrooms as well as kitchens.

  • Tinted glass – You might have come across tinted glasses in homes, cars, and buildings. Just as the name implies, this type of glass provides privacy owing to its tinted nature.

Most suppliers of tinted glass are located in Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hebei, and Guangdong.

  • Reflective glass – Again, if you want to achieve extra privacy then introducing a reflective glass would be the ideal option.

Reflective glass contains a metallic coating which helps in cutting of solar heat and achieve a mirror effect.

It also blocks visibility from outside.

  • Patterned glass –Just as the name suggests, patterned or decorative glass features different patterns on its translucent surface.

You can purchase patterned glass in Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, and Guangdong.

  • Mirrored glass –Mirrored glass is more or less the same as reflective glass. You can compare it to the normal mirror. This mirror effect can only be visible from outside.
  • Laminated glass – One of the best well-known features of laminated glass is being able to hold together when shattered.
  • Coated glass – Coated glass contains a coating of several metallic compounds that regulate solar radiation entering a building.

There are more than 2000 certified suppliers of coated glass in China and therefore expect to purchase it at good prices.

  • Float glass – most modern windows are made from float glass.

The reason as to why it’s referred to as float glass is due to the fact floating molten glass is used to make it on a bed of molten metal.

Most suppliers are found in Shandong, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces.

  • Sandblasted glass –Sandblasted glass not only offers beauty but also privacy. China manufacturers are experienced in making quality sandblasted glass as per your requirements.

Which Documents do you need to Import Glass from China?

You will be required to have the following legal documents when importing glass from China.

When can you Hire Sourcing Agents to Import Glass from China?

Sourcing agents come in handy in several situations not excluding;

  • When you are new in the importation industry.

Sourcing agents are familiar with several trusted suppliers and the processes involved therefore you won’t have to worry about uncertainties such as scamming.

  • If you are busy to follow up with the importation process, sourcing agents will take care of that until your goods are delivered.
  • In cases where language barrier is a problem.
  • When you want to get great value for money. You won’t have to travel or worry about accommodation costs.

What the MOQ when Importing Glass from China?

The MOQ varies from one manufacturer to the other.

Generally, the MOQ when importing glass from China ranges from one square meter to as high as 2000 square meters.

Remember, most manufacturers make use of the MOQ to maintain the profitability of their business.

Therefore it is hard to lower the MOQ.

However, don’t shun away from negotiation but then don’t expect much from this.

Are there any restrictions when Importing Glass from China?


Make sure you learn the regulations and restrictions that may apply before embarking on your glass importation from China.

Which are the Popular China Glass Exhibitions?

You might be interested in attending one of these popular Glass exhibitions in China;

Incoterms 2010

 Glass exhibition

  • China Glass Shanghai
  • China Guangzhou Glass Expo
  • China International Glass Industry Technology
  • International Congress on Glass
  • China International Glass Exhibition

You can also visit this website to know trade fair dates.

Are there any Disadvantages of Importing Glass from China?


In as much as importing from China might be all beneficial, here are a few cons regarding the same.

  • Language barrier –Most Chinese do not speak English and therefore it might be quite difficult communicating.
  • Scams –Not all suppliers are verified or rather legit. It’s important to be extra careful when making your purchases to avoid falling in the trap of buying fake products or being scammed.
  • Time-consuming – Traveling to and fro might be time-consuming especially if your country is not bordering China.

Best 20 Glass Manufacturers in China


Sxet glass is a professional glass processing one-stop solution and manufacturer in China, with over 12 years of experience in glass fabricating OEM service, we can be flexible with any orders for you.

Sxet focuses on precision glass manufacturing, the tolerance is up or down 0.05mm. Meanwhile, we can do surface finished as your requirement such as AR&AF coating, AG etching, Aluminum coating( ITO -Indium Tin Oxide and Non-conductive coating), etc.

Samples will be provided as your request.


Founded in 1993, SZG Glass is providing glass fittings serving 70+ countries worldwide. The company is equipped with 24 production lines including tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, heat strengthened glass, decorative glass, and more. SZG Glass manufacture glass fully complies with international quality standards such as CE, ISO, ANSI, BS, EN, and SGCC. As a professional manufacturer, SZG Glass offers top-quality glass products and excellent customer service.


AEON Industries Corporation Ltd dedicated to providing advanced glass solutions to various industries. They are serving the solar industry, automotive industry, and others. The product ranges are reflective glass, tinted glasses, laminated glass, clear and colored patterned glass, wired glass, and so on. AEON Glass has over 10 years of glass manufacturing and exporting field.


Founded in the year 2004, QINGDAO MIGO GLASS CO., LTD is specializing in building glass and solar glass production. The company own 30,000 SQM factory consisting of 200+ workers. MIGO Glass production has been widely applied for windows and doors, staircases, glass railings, glass greenhouse, and more. With 16 years of experience producing and exporting glass, MIGO Glass ensured better customer service.


Over 20+ years in producing and distributing architectural glass and furniture glass, Shenzhen Jimy Glass Co., Ltd became one of the leading enterprises in China. Product ranges include mirror glass, patterned glass, clear float glass, solar reflective glass, tinted float glass, curved glass, insulated glass, and more. JIMY Glass got a high reputation in the market for offering a one-stop professional service at reasonable rates.


SENHONG GLASS is located at Dezhou City, Shandong Province, founded in the year 2003. The company offers full glass production for business and building construction purposes. All glass products comply with different countries’ standards including AS/NZS 2208, ANSI Z97.1, EN14449, and EN12150, EN14179. SENHONG Glass offers the best possible service according to customers’ needs and requirements.


Focusing on glassware production, Qianyun Glassware Co., Ltd entered 32 different countries. The company is serving a Macys store, Target, Waterford, and Mikasa. Qianyun is dedicated to offering high-quality contemporary design products and delivered on-time. Additionally, they keep improving and creating unique glassware. Today, Qianyun create called “ Order Track” service for fast order.


Ruixin Glassware Factory is located in Shenzhen. The main factory is located in Shanxi, northern China. They are a professional manufacturing enterprise of glassware. The product range includes wine glasses, water glass, glass candle holder, glass ashtray, and more. Any machine-made and handmade glassware, all are finely produced. Ruixin has been in the manufacturing industry for over 12 years. They are very professional in producing glassware. Product quality and time delivered is their main focus.


Qingdao Neo Glass Co., Ltd is providing professional glass solutions for over 10 dedicated years. Their main customers are those who are in need of residential and commercial buildings. Neo Glass main products are laminated glasses, tempered glasses, polished glass, mirror and other glasses use for architectural needs. Some of the glass can be customized to the desired shape and processed in ideal ways.


More than 10 years of supplying innovative glass, China Star Glass serves clients in the worldwide market. They are independent glass groups devoted to providing essential support. Through the help of experienced sales professionals, no matter how small or big, efficient, and prompt delivery assured. Excellent after-sales service takes place.


Established in the year 2009, Ginde Glass Co., LTD is offering a broad product line of glasses. The company develops and supplies decorative glass, architectural glass, door glass, tempered glass, mirror glass, and more. In addition, Ginde Glass continuously offers innovative glassware through excellent design, quality, and service. They are exporting glasses to the USA, South America, Europe, Asian, and Middle East countries.


Kunxing Glass Company provides innovative glass products for all construction, transportation, industrial application. They are one of the reputable Chinese glass-deep processing corporations. KXG produces many kinds of quality glass products at reasonable prices. With many years of professional experience, KXG is providing technical service to all customers.


Blue Star Glass Co., LTD has over 17 years in deep-processing glass experience. They are exporting processed glass to 100+ countries on 6 continents. Blue Star Glass is offering a one-stop manufacturing service to all its customers. As a highly professional manufacturer and supplier, they offer the best service at a more competitive rate.


Founded in 1988, Xinyi Glass Holding Limited became one of the world’s leading glass manufacturers. Xinyi is manufacturing high-quality glass products including float glass, automobile glass, architectural glass, and more. They are covering 130+ countries and different regions across the globe. Xinyi is actively improving and promoting production.


More than 26 years in business, Rider Glass Co., Ltd committed to manufacturing and export range of glass products. Suitable for automotive, architectural, and residential applications. Rider Glass provides raw and processed glass for over 126 countries. They are providing high-quality glasses, any big or small requirements they can meet your demand. Rider Glass sales group has expertise and marketing knowledge to help you make informed purchasing decisions.

 REXI Industries

Established in 2005, REXI Industries supply a comprehensive range of glass products. Production coverage includes laminated glass, float glass, mirror glass, tempered glass, and more. With years of expertise, Rexi Industries became one of the professional manufacturers and glass solution providers in China. They already got CE, BSI, CSI certifications. Rexi can satisfy the individual unique requests.


Located in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, Qingdao Joysun New Materials Co., Ltd produces and exports a huge range of glasses. Our product range includes laminated glass, insulated glass, tempered glass, float glass, solar glass, reflective glass, and so on. Joysun glasses production meets the standard of countries like the USA, Europe, Australia, etc.


More than 20 years in the glass processing industry, Hopson Glass Group makes every effort to meet every customer’s desire. HGG become the most professional manufacturer in China, producing the widest range of raw and machine-made glasses such as anti-reflective glass, digital printing glass, laminated glass, heat-strengthened glass, enameled glass and so on. HGG produces products qualified by ROHS and SGS requirements.


Over 25 years of experience in deep-processing glass production, Noval Glass China has steady development. The company is consists of more than 100 technicians and 300 staff. They have the strong technical knowledge to support every business. Noval Glass is able to supply a comprehensive range of glass products are competitive prices.


Qingdao Kangdeli Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd supply and export raw glass panels and processed glass panels. As a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier, Kindly Glass and Mirror offer a wide range of products including float glasses – clear, tinted, and reflective, tempered glass, laminated glass, and more. They are ISO 9001 and CE certified exporting products to Europe, South America, the Middle East, and 4 other continents.


Focusing on shower and furniture glass for over 15 years, Apis Glass continuously delivers a high-quality range of glasses products. Included in the product range are glass shower doors, printed glass, glass table tops, glass shelves, and more. All products have met the Standard EN 12150 and ANSI Z97. Glass delivers glass in just short lead time 4-6 glasses.

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