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Grinding Wheels
Abrasive Grinding Wheels
Abrasive Grinding Wheels Manufacturer from China

Grinding wheel is commonly used for removing metal. Whether you need to import any types and shapes of grinding wheel, even in any sizes, a lot of manufacturers in China from Shandong province can definitely provide all you want. They offered great prices in terms of shipping your orders to your warehouse.

Aluminum Grinding Wheel
Aluminum Grinding Wheel Manufacturer from China

Are you planning to import aluminum grinding wheels? The suggested manufacturer of Bansar can certainly help you run your expandable business grow bigger. A good connection between Bansar and leading manufacturer in China build for customers importing safety. Zhejiang and Jiangsu province has a lot of supported manufacturers in China.

CBN Grinding Wheel
CBN Grinding Wheel Manufacturer from China

CBN Grinding Wheel Manufacturer is most in China. Commonly CBN Grinding Wheel Manufacturers are based in Guangdong province provided affordable cost so their clients save money by importing from them. If you are seeking for reliable manufacturer and factory, China is a great place for you.

Ceramic Alumina Grinding Wheels
Ceramic Alumina Grinding Wheels Manufacturer from China

If you are planning to order ceramic alumina grinding in China, many trustworthy manufacturers of grinding wheels are most commonly found in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. Profitable products of grinding wheels are provided by the most leading manufacturer of a country with a high amount of productivity, China.

Cylindrical Grinding Wheel
Cylindrical Grinding Wheel Manufacturer from China

China manufacturers offer all types of affordable cylindrical grinding wheels to all customers for their expanding business. By their help, you don’t have to worry about your shipping information for safety. They provide all the details and offer the best rate for shipping your orders. Shandong and Henan provinces have that kind of manufacturers.

Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel
Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel Manufacturer from China

High-quality diamond cup grinding wheel is your expected? Well, China has it all. A lot of manufacturers have manufactured the best quality of grinding wheels yet reasonable prices. Zhejiang province is one of the most provinces in China, having many verified manufacturers in many years. Leave your imported products and let Bansar handle the safe shipping process.

Saucer Grinding Wheel
Saucer Grinding Wheel Manufacturer from China

About finding a better supplier, you should be very careful so you can sure they can support your business needs. Building the best relationship with your ideal manufacturer in China can help you get quality products of saucer grinding wheels.

Silica Carbide Grinding Wheel
Silica Carbide Grinding Wheel Manufacturer from China

Are you looking for a qualified place for you to import? China is a great place for you. Manufacturers from Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces are supplying good quality silica carbide grinding wheels to all customers for their inlarge business. Purchase your silica carbide grinding wheels in China and gain the best profit.

Silicone Carbide Grinding Wheel
Silicone Carbide Grinding Wheel Manufacturer from China

A successful tactic is proven in China in global sourcing in different businesses. So if you import from there you can ensure you can support your business smoothly. If you have struggled with finding the manufacturer, let Bansar help you with that. Bansar can also recommend to your manufacturer based in Guangdong province.

Straight Cup Grinding Wheel
Straight Cup Grinding Wheel Manufacturer from China

For the success of your business, you need to identify the products you selected. Gaining good profit can help your business develop in the long run. Find a manufacturer who offers quality straight cup grinding wheels. A lot of them is in Jiangsu and Hunan provinces. Quality products such as straight cup grinding wheel are the reason many people choosing on importing in China.

Surface Grinding Wheel
Surface Grinding Wheel Manufacturer from China

Many types of grinding wheels such as surface grinding wheels are available in many manufacturers in Shandong province. You can find a great producer of grinding wheels and many others in the best manufacturer in China mostly in Guangdong province. If you choose your bet manufacturer China, you can construct a great connection with them.

Taper Cup Grinding Wheel
Taper Cup Grinding Wheel Manufacturer from China

Importing a taper cup grinding wheel in urgent is not easy. Better to choose a  manufacturer that only manufacturing grinding wheel. Guangdong and many other provinces in China have the most supplier and manufacturers, been trusted manufacturers in many years experienced a lot of awarding from international certifications.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Grinding wheel Shipping from China?

Sea Freight from China
Shipping grinding wheel by sea is one the most hassle-free and one of the most efficient and timely freight shipping services.
Air Freight Shipping from China 2
A high value shipping for your urgent orders, you can consider shipping your orders by air.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
Affordable shipping in rail is much more than Air. Long distance for your huge orders can be very beneficial in shipping by rail.
Door to Door Service China
Bansar can provide professional door to door shipping by sea, by air, and offer good freight for your grinding wheel in affordable cost.

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The Tips of Importing Superabrasive Grinding Wheel from China

There are 2 main types of super abrasive grinding wheels: diamond and CBN grinding wheels. Both of 2 kinds of grinding wheels feature high hardness and high grinding efficiency.

In recent years, the technology of China’s super abrasive grinding wheels has developed rapidly, and the quality gap between China and International factories is decreasing. As a major exporter of diamond and CBN abrasives, China has an unparalleled advantage in production costs. And the overall cost performance of the grinding wheels is very good, and they are replacements for European and American. This paper states how to choose the right supplier of super abrasive grinding wheels.

First of all, we should learn about some knowledge of the superabrasive grinding wheel.

Diamond and CBN grinding wheels feature high hardness and high grinding efficiency. But there are many different applications for specific use.

The differences for processing items, please see the figure below.


Different bond for processing items


There are 4 kinds of bonding agents for superabrasive grinding wheels: metal bond, resin bond, vitrified bond, electroplated bond. In actual use, different materials to be processed or different surface finish are required, and it is different for choosing the grinding wheel.

  • Metal bond products have the features of high grinding efficiency, large machining allowance, strong holding force to abrasive grains and good wear resistance.

Metal bond diamond grinding wheel: mainly used for quartz crystal, tungsten carbide, glass, refractory, gemstone, optical glass and etc.

Metal bond CBN grinding wheel: mainly used for high speed steel, tool steel, die steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy and etc.

  • Resin bond products have good self-sharpness, sharp cutting, high grinding efficiency, low surface roughness of the machined workpiece, leas heat, and not burn easily the workpiece. They are suitable for precision grinding.

Resin bond diamond grinding wheel: mainly used for tungsten carbide, ceramic, magnetic materials, silicon wafer, thermal spray alloy and etc.

Resin bond CBN grinding wheel: mainly used for high speed steel, cast iron and other materials.

  • Vitrified bond products have the features of sharp cutting, high efficiency, long service life, no heat and no block, easy to control processing precision and dressing.

Vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel: mainly used for tungsten carbide, PCD, PCBN, ceramic, cermet, and etc

Vitrified bond CBN grinding wheel: mainly used for cast iron( alloy cast iron, ductile iron), steel(45# steel, 55# steel, 20Cr)

  • Electroplated bond grinding wheel features high abrasive grain density, sharp grinding, high processing efficiency, high processing precision and no dressing. The products can be made into various shapes. It is suitable for the molding of products with special complex surface, ultra-thin, very small, geometric shapes and dimensional accuracy requirements.


How to choose the superabrasive grinding wheels supplier from china.

Suppliers are mainly divided into 3 kinds, manufacturer, foreign trade company, factory with trading department.

  1. Manufacturer

Advantages: There is no intermediate and quickly quote the price, and understand the products well, and track the production process well and control the quality more easily.

Disadvantages: All products are manufactured by themselves, which is a disadvantage in the actual process.( Except for several big factories with relatively complete categories, other small and medium-sized enterprises has advantages in one or two bond products, not all products have good cost performance.) In addition, the categories are not complete and cannot meet the needs of customers for one-time purchase. The price policy is not flexible enough.

  1. Foreign trade company

Advantages: It has strong manufacturer resources, and can get the most advantageous products of each manufacturer and continuously optimize the product portfolio. The price policy is also relatively flexible.

Disadvantages: The quotation is delayed because of the purchasing link, and cannot control the quality in the whole process. In addition, the staffs know about the professional knowledge of the product little.

  1. Factory with trading department

It is the combination of manufacturer and foreign trade company. And it only sells the products with comparative advantages, and other outsourced products. It combines the advantages of manufacturer and foreign trade company. At the same time, it can improve the professional skills of the employees, providing customers with the best quality service.


Buyers can choose different suppliers of superabrasives grinding wheel in China according to own situations. And also can enquiry for quotation to several suppliers. Buyers can know about the quality only by testing the products.

The above recommendations are for reference only, because both manufacturer and trading company are constantly optimizing their products and services, and their gap between them is getting smaller and smaller.


Best 20 Grinding Wheel Manufacturers in China

1 Hebei Sanfeng Abrasives Co., Ltd

Henei sanfeng abrasives Co., Ltd developed its reputation with honesty, innovation, technology leadership, and quality first. With many years, Hebei sanfeng abrasives accumulated their rich experience in the manufacturing of grinding wheels and it is one of the tops and largest manufacturers of grinding wheels located in China.

2 Qingxian Shunda Grinding Wheel Manufacturing Co. LTD

Qingxian Shunda Grinding Wheel Manufacturing Co LTD is one of the top manufacturers. Customer satisfaction is the focus of the Qingxian Shunda Grinding Wheel Manufacturing Co LTD’s attention. They look forward to cooperating with their client sincerely. Their company has passed ISO9001: 2008 management system certification.

3 Fujian Diamond Tool Co., Ltd

Fujian Diamond Tool Co., Ltd give their great efforts and full experiences to improve their technology. Fujian Diamond Tool Co., Ltd has successfully reduced the cost and promoted the grinding wheel products to the international market. Fujian Diamond Tool Co., Ltd is one of the trusted and reliable manufacturers in China.

4 Jiangsu tianyu grinding technology co., LTD

Jiangsu tianyu grinding technology co., LTD can manufacture and supply high-quality metalworking steel depressed center grinding disc, stainless steel grinding disc. They can provide not only high-quality products but also the best and excellent services. Their grinding wheel products are all reliable and in the best performance. You can assure with abrasive that you can get a great product at affordable prices.


 Hangzhou Fanxi Tools is a comprehensive manufacturer of a wide range of grinding wheels products.  Their production base is ISO 9001-certified where we adhere to a quality management system to ensure proper manufacturing and handling. They are equipped with advanced machinery and testing equipment to ensure stable and reliable output quality.


Danyang OK Tools CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer for producing and exporting grinding wheels for more than 10 years. With over 10 years of their export experience, they have gathered rich experience for OEM and ODM. Most of Danyang OK Tools CO., LTD‘s products are exported all over the world.

7 Taizhou Sunland Abrasives Co.,Ltd

Taizhou SUNLAND ABRASIVES manufacture with plenty of skilled workers, advanced producing technology, high quality and moderate price, professional team with high efficiency.  The team get a good reputation among its customers. Taizhou Sunland Abrasives is committed to being your reliable expert on your grinding wheel needs.

8 Shanghai Saychum Gift Co Ltd

These manufacturers are providing excellent customer service and they take every care to ensure that your experience with them is second to none. Whether you are looking for a great and best grinding wheels, they can provide a promotional product to suit your needs. Your OEM and ODM orders are accepted at Shanghai Saychum Gift Co Ltd.

9 Jiangsu Yilin Diamond Tools Co. Ltd

When it comes to manufacturing of grinding wheels, and other products, Jiangsu Yilin Diamond tools Co., Ltd is the best manufacturer in China. They are professionals in marketing, design, and are great service providers. The factory has powerful production capacity, rigorous product testing system, and superb product development capability. Reliable to offer better products for valued clients.

10 Zhongshan Mltor Intelligent Equipment Co., ltd

Zhongshan Mltor intelligent equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2002, which is specialized in the research, manufacture, and supply of different kinds of cutting equipment. Zhongshan Mltor intelligent equipment Co., Ltd is one of the great choices for any grinding wheel projects.

11 Zibo Hans International Co. Ltd

If you are planning to order a grinding wheel product, Zibo Hans international Co. ltd is one of the professional manufacturers. Profitable products of grinding wheels are provided by the most Zibo Hans International Co. ltd. You will never regret it if you are going to choose Zibo Hans International Co. ltd as your manufacturer.

12 Jinjiang Jiaxing Import and Export co., Ltd

Jinjiang jiaxiang import and export co., ltd was established in 2000. They become China`s top leading supplier and manufacturer of grinding wheel products. The professional team made and designed the best one. Their products are commonly used in the machining industry.

13 Yongkang Yekai Abrasives Co., Ltd.

Yongkang yekai abrasives Co. ltd now becomes popular as one-stop hospitality sourcing and solution provider and manufacturer. All the products they offer are environmentally friendly and professional. Yongkang yekai abrasives Co. ltd always make sure the quality of every product. You can trust and rely on Yongkang yekai abrasives Co. ltd.

14 Foshan YXH Tube Mill & Mould Co., Ltd.

Foshan YXH tube mill & mould Co. ltd is one of the grinding wheel manufacturers in China. Having imported advanced technology, management system, and equipment from abroad, they have established a perfect production system which includes R&D, production, management, and service. Their products have obtained ISO9001:2000 International Quality System Certificate.

15 Jingjiang Dazhan Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd.

 Jingjiang Dazhan Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd. is a local enterprise that produced a batch of fuses earlier in China. Now they have a professional laboratory, excellent testing equipment, and a group of high-quality employees. The quality of products is guaranteed, and all of their products are deeply trusted.

16 Linyi Hambo Abrasive Co., Ltd

Linyi Hambo Abrasive Co., Ltd. is primarily involved in the production and processing of resin-bound abrasives and Verified bonded grinding wheels, including an Aluminium oxide grinding wheel, a Green silicon carbide grinding wheel, and many more. They have strong technical force, reasonable layout of infrastructure facilities, advanced production equipment, and complete supporting facilities.

17 Linyi Hambo Trade Co., Ltd.

Linyi Hambo Trade Co., Ltd. is ISO9001 and MPA certified and is also certified and licensed for export quality. With “customer satisfaction” as the focus of their attention, they have persevered in high standard position and high standard management to ensure that Linyi Hambo Trade Co., Ltd company develops firmly with their unique characteristics.

18 Pegatec Abrasives Co., Ltd.

Pegatec is a famous specialized resin cutting tools manufacturer. They are one of the most influential companies that can create unique competitiveness. They never take quality tests easily. Before packing, each piece of products they make sure that it must pass the strict screening.

19 ZheJiang WuYi Hotshine Abrasive Tools Co., Ltd

ZheJiang WuYi Hotshine Abrasive Tools Co., Ltd. has established a complete quality inspection system for raw materials, adopting the world’s advanced and scientific inspection and testing methods. They carry out multiple checks on product quality, striving to make the products reach the advanced level at home and abroad.

20 Wuxi Yinli Abrasive Trade Co., Ltd.

 At Wuxi Yinli, they cared a lot about abrasive grinding wheel products over for 10 years. It was founded in 2006 and is located in the city of Wuxi, nearby Shanghai. They are also a trustworthy manufacturer of different kinds of grinding wheel products. Their product performance is outstanding and is priced extremely competitively.

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