Guangzhou Furniture Market

Guangzhou Furniture Market: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Before you buy from the Guangzhou furniture market, read this guide.

It answers all questions you have been asking about importing furniture from China.

Where is Guangzhou Furniture Market Located?

It is situated in central Guangdong province, China, about 30 kilometers away from Guangzhou business district.

It borders some of the flexible and vibrant cities, including Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Macao, among others.

The market is approximately 80 kilometers from Hong Kong.

 Guangzhou furniture market

Guangzhou furniture market

Why should you Buy Furniture from Guangzhou Furniture Market?

It is advantageous in many ways to source these products from the Guangzhou furniture market.

Some of the beneficial reasons for doing so include the following;

· Variety of Products

This market has countless furniture manufacturers and suppliers.

It is essential since it gives you a wide range of options to pick from when searching for an ideal one.

You can get any design of your choice, be it standard or customized.

·  Low Taxes

Most furniture products available in the Guangzhou furniture market are subjected to low taxes.

And this is quite deliberate since the Chinese government sees it as a way of attracting foreign markets.

In essence, buying from this market enables you to save quite a significant amount of money and increase your profit margin.

· High-quality Products

The variety of furniture products you find in this market are of high-end quality.

The artistry and technology used in designing and making the furniture here are top-notch.

The availability of raw materials is also in abundance, which makes it relatively difficult to compromise quality of the final product.

· Superior Infrastructure

The infrastructural development within and around the Guangzhou furniture market is top-notch.

Transport network and market malls are properly designed to meet the demands of business in this region.

It is vital since it enhances efficiency in regards to shopping and transportation of the products.

In the end, it reduces the cost of doing business, which translates to a better profit margin.

· Affordability

Most prominently, furniture products in this market are quite cost-effective in general.

You can always find the particular type you are looking for depending on your budget.

Furthermore, the overall cost of importing furniture from Guangzhou among foreigners is relatively low.

How Far is Foshan Furniture Market from Guangzhou?

The road distance is approximately 30 kilometers.

However, you can choose you to use a wide range of transport means to get to the Foshan furniture market from Guangzhou.

The available options include trains, long-distance buses, metro-bus, and taxi, among others.

The distance covered depends on the specific route the mode of transport you’re using pliers.

How do You Find Furniture Manufacturers in China Guangzhou?

There are different ways you can use to find ideal furniture manufacturers in Guangzhou, which -include the following:

 Furniture in guangzhou

Furniture in Guangzhou

· Online Search

Most manufacturers of these products in China have established various online platforms for their business.

This may include websites, web pages, and the use of different types of social media platforms.

You can thus search for the ideal ones on such platforms using the available online directories.

You’ll find and assess the available then select the most preferable, which suit your needs.

·  Referrals

You can choose to inquire from other buyers, especially those who frequent the market to refer you to an ideal manufacturer.

This is one of the most preferable means since, in many cases, it guarantees you of getting a reliable manufacturer.

· Visiting the Showrooms

You may as well decide to travel to Guangzhou to find the manufacturers in their factories and showrooms.

It is an ideal option, especially if you need a large quantity of furniture.

It is also a suitable method if you’re searching for customized designs since it enables you to present it to the manufacturers physically.

· Using Sourcing Agents

It is regarded as the best option you can explore when looking for furniture dealers in Guangzhou, China.

These can be individuals or companies with a specialty in sourcing for manufacturers within this city.

They are familiar with most suppliers offering different types of products, thus an ideal option to explore when in need.

How big is Guangzhou Furniture Market?

This market has coverage of 750,000 square meters, thus considered as the largest one in scale globally.

In this space, this market accommodates over 4,000 furniture dealers from home and abroad in this market.

It also hosts close to 200 modern furniture shops, over 1300 furniture manufacturers, and more than 50,000 people within its confines.

The figures clearly, show how big the Guangzhou furniture market is and the reason it is considered the world’s largest furniture market.

What are the Advantages of Buying from Guangzhou Furniture Market?

a) The market is centrally located within the city, thus making it easy to access it using different modes of transport.

You can use taxis, metro, train, and bus, thus giving you more options ideal for your needs.

b) It has over 4,000 furniture dealers and more than 1,300 furniture factories, which comes in handy in terms of variety. In essence, it enables you to choose from the various manufacturers to ensure you get the best deal.

c) There is flexibility in terms of MOQ since a variety of suppliers offer different terms. This enables you to buy furniture which meets your demands irrespective of the quantity.

d) The market offers over 40,000 different furniture designs.

This makes it easy for you to find the exact design you are looking for, whether for indoor, outdoor, office or kitchen, among others.

e) The furniture rates in this market are cost-effective. You can be certain of buying high-quality furniture at a competitive rate as long as you target the right dealer.

f) Shipping of the furniture products to your delivery destination is also efficient from Guangzhou market.

It is well inter-connected and has proximity to different infrastructural networks, including trains, roads, seaports, and airports, among others.

g) The dealers in this market also accept a wide range of flexible payment options. This is fundamental, especially among foreigners, since it eliminates payment inconvenience due to varying currencies.

Which Types of Furniture can you Import from Guangzhou Furniture Market?

They include the following;

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Living room furniture
  • Dining room furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Storage furniture
  • Hotel and restaurant furniture
  • Kitchen furniture

Which are Best Luxury Furniture Manufacturers in Guangzhou?

They are several and vary depending on the specific type of furniture you are looking for.

Even so, some of the highly-rated manufacturers to consider in this region include the following;

  • Guangzhou Mingzhen Mattress Furniture Co., Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Jinggang Furniture Co., Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Leadcom Seating Co., Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Holike Creative Home Co., Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Zhuolie industrial trading Co., Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Topmedi Co., Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Mige Office Furniture Co., Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Okayaya Beauty Manufacturer
  • Guangzhou Lianzheng Furniture Manufacturer
  • Guangzhou CDG Furniture Co., Ltd.

How can you get Best Prices from Guangzhou Furniture Market?

You can use several interventions to obtain best rates when shopping from Guangzhou furniture market. The notable ways include the following;

Quality furniture from Guangzhou

 Quality furniture from Guangzhou

·  Buying Large MOQ

Most manufacturers and dealers usually offer discounted rates for customers who purchase large quantity products.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be one type of furniture.

Instead, you may decide to buy several different furniture types as long as you are getting them from one dealer.

It becomes easier to negotiate for a better deal than when ordering a few quantities.

· Checking Different Furniture Malls

In Guangzhou furniture market, different malls stock and sell relatively the same products but at varying rates.

You need to figure out and explore the specific malls, which sell such items at lower rates.

You’ll notice in most circumstances; the quality is often the same only that each mall has a specific target market.

· Consider using a Sourcing Agent

Sourcing agents understand the dynamics surrounding Guangzhou furniture market.

They are familiar with all the malls within and their pricing for respective products.

Engaging and seeking their services enable you to get better rates since they know exact places to find the items.

Moreover, they have better negotiation skills and an advantage to warrant better discounts.

· Target the Trade Fairs

Guangzhou hosts the biggest furniture trade fair in the world known as the China International Furniture Fair (CIFF).

It provides the best setting for buyers to get all competitive discounts on almost all products in this exhibition.

Some exhibitors provide as high as 50% discount or more on specific furniture products.

Moreover, it also allows you to establish a good rapport with exhibitors and company agents for further engagement regarding pricing.

Do you need China Sourcing Agents when Importing from Guangzhou Furniture Market?

Yes, it is quite important to seek their services, but it is not compulsory.

These agents play a fundamental role in facilitating the sourcing of different furniture products in Guangzhou.

They understand various elements surrounding the sourcing of furniture products from this market.

The sourcing agents also have contacts of most of the reliable and affordable dealers in the Guangzhou furniture market.

It thus becomes easy to fast-track the sourcing process, which is vital in enhancing efficiency and convenience when importing these goods.

How do you Ship Furniture from Guangzhou to Amazon FBA?

It is a relatively and easy process as long as you implement applicable stipulations and meet the conditions.

The first step in attaining this is by creating a shipping plan.

This plan enables you to specify the particular furniture products you want to send to Amazon FBA.

It also allows you to specify the quantity of every item, shipping method, and carrier information.

Once you complete and submit your shipping plan, you can use a shipping queue on Amazon to track your shipment.

The second step in this process is preparing your furniture.

At this point, confirm the packaging requirements to ensure you comply with Amazon’s policies.

Select the prep required depending on the type of furniture you’re shipping.

You’ll find the details on ways of preparing each product to prevent incidences of product returns.

The third step is labeling the furniture products you’re shipping accordingly.

Amazon FBA centers only accept correctly labeled items.

It helps to facilitate tracking into Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Then double-check to ensure every detail is captured correctly.

Remember, the moment it is accepted and approved, it becomes difficult to edit the information.

So you can go ahead to prepare your Amazon FBA shipment at the prepare shipment page and confirm all the final details.

Send the shipment, and once it is received, you’ll get a notification alerting you about the same.

How do you check the Quality of Furniture from Guangzhou Furniture Market?

You have to consider a wide range of elements including the following;

Quality furniture from China

Quality furniture from China

Raw material – It should be of high quality since it determines the final product.

You need to have a specialty or experience in matters of furniture to tell between inferior and superior raw material quality.

Artistry – The creativity put on the final product has to be top-notch.

High-quality furniture has epic artistry in terms of general design and final finish.

Price – Ideally, most furniture items, which are cheaply sold in this market, happen to be of relatively inferior quality in all aspects.

Therefore, chances are the higher the unit price, the higher the quality and vice versa.

Weather-resistant – A quality furniture can withstand extreme weather conditions for a long time without losing its substance.

Quality marks – The Chinese government and local authorities have agencies, which set quality standards for furniture products.

These agencies approve quality units by imprinting quality marks on them.

How much do Furniture Cost in Guangzhou Furniture Market?

The cost of furniture products in Guangzhou furniture market varies based on different prevailing factors.

Nevertheless, the price of furniture in this market is substantially lower compared to retail prices in home country.

And this justifies a trip to China to purchase these products.

First, the type of furniture you’re purchasing determines the precise amount of money you’ll pay to acquire the product.

Remember, these products come in various varieties; hence they pricing tends to differ.

The quantity of furniture you’re purchasing from Guangzhou is another aspect, which influences cost.

In many instances, a buyer purchasing more pieces of furniture tend to get a better discount than one buying fewer pieces.

The design and type of raw material also define the cost of furniture in Guangzhou furniture market.

High quality and sophisticated designs are relatively costly than simple designs.

Also, the specific mall or dealer you are buying from determines the cost of these items.

Some malls are targeting more expensive markets, whereas other target middle and low budget market, quality notwithstanding.

And most prominently, the buying timing is also a cost-determinant factor.

Purchasing during events such as trade fairs allows you to buy these products cheaper than ordinary days.

How will Freight Forwarders help when Importing from Guangzhou Furniture Market?

Freight forwarders have invested in building solid relationships with different players in this industry.

This leads to expeditious shipments and likelihood of favorable shipping rates hence reducing operational costs.

They help in securing cargo space and ensuring you get cost-effective shipping rates for your furniture from Guangzhou.

They offer customs brokerage services, which entails meticulous attention to details and wealth of knowledge.

This provides you with peace of mind and convenience, knowing all aspects are taken care of.

They help coordinate all entities involved in supply chain to ensure successful shipping and delivery of these products.

They undertake administrative burden on your behalf by ensuring each paperwork is accurate and submitted at the right time.

This also helps to enhance the seamless importation of your goods from Guangzhou furniture market.

Which Mode of Transport will you use to transport Furniture from Guangzhou Market?

There are several shipping options you may consider when transporting products from Guangzhou furniture market.

Some of these options include the following;

Express shipping – It is the use of expedited methods to ship such products to the delivery destination within the shortest time possible. Mostly, it ranges from 8-48 hours for orders to be delivered.

Trucking – It is the use of trucks to transport the products to the ideal destination. It is a suitable shipping method for orders within the country and may take between 1-7 days.

Rail freight – It involves using railroads and trains to ship these products to the delivery destination. Guangzhou furniture market is located in a prime area, especially for easy access to rail freight.

Airfreight – It is also a common mode of shipping you can utilize when shipping goods from Guangzhou furniture market.

Sea freight – It involves use of water vessels to transport goods consolidated inside containers. It is the dominant mode of shipping for most furniture products from Guangzhou market.

Which are the Main Furniture Malls in Guangzhou?

  • Red Star Macalline
  • Shunde Huihui Furniture Shopping Mall
  • Zhongjiang Furniture Shopping Mall
  • Classical Shopping Mall

Which Documents do you need to Import from Guangzhou Furniture Market?

They could be quite a number, but the most important ones include the following;

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Bill of Lading
  • Bill of Exchange
  • Letter of credit/Purchase order
  • Insurance certificate
  • Country of origin certificate
  • Import license
  • Bill of entry

How much does it Cost to Ship Furniture from Guangzhou Furniture Market?

There is no standard cost for shipping furniture from Guangzhou furniture market.

It depends on the mode of transport you’re opting for shipping the items.

Typically, sea freight is the popular means of shipping furniture from Guangzhou to a most international destination.

However, for regional or local destinations, you can utilize other means such as rail freight and trucking.

In general, sea freight shipping is relatively cheaper than all other available options for transportation.

The other determinant factor is the size and volume of the furniture you are shipping.

Most carriers often charge freight charges depending on the weight and size of the shipment occupies.

Also, this cost depends on the distance from Guangzhou furniture market to the delivery destination.

The shorter the distance, the lower the rates, and the longer the distance, the higher the rates.

And most prominently, it depends on the particular carrier you choose for these services.

Different shippers charge varying rates for this service based on numerous factors.

You, therefore, need to figure out the ideal one, which meets your budget and demands by evaluating terms of all available ones.

What is the MOQ in Guangzhou Furniture Market?

Every supplier in Guangzhou furniture market has its terms and conditions regarding the MOQ for purchasing products.

You need to inquire from specific suppliers to determine the terms surrounding MOQ for each.

If the required quantity is below the MOQ of a certain supplier, you can as well look for those who can compromise.

Most suppliers in Guangzhou furniture market are relatively flexible.

And this is important since they cater even for small-scale customers in need of few quantities.

In a nutshell, there is no specific MOQ tagged on purchasing furniture in Guangzhou furniture market.

Ensure you find out prior to enable you to make an informed decision.

What should you consider when Buying Traditional Chinese Style Furniture from Guangzhou Furniture Market?

Size of your home – Some of these traditional Chinese style furniture have unique shapes and designs.

Therefore, you need to consider whether or not the specific type you are choosing fits your house.

Features – Make sure the features of this type of furniture suit your needs.

For home furniture, ensure they suit your needs and your loved ones too.

Consider the height, size, design, and compatibility, among others.

Durability – Of course, most of these old-style designs tend to be relatively durable.

However, you should find out whether or not they can withstand other conditions without dilapidating.

Color – It is a vital aspect to look into when buying antique Chinese style furniture.

The color should complement the tone of your room and decorations as well.

Comfort – Always choose comfort over anything else when buying the vintage traditional Chinese furniture.

Consider the ergonomics of the furniture to make your home welcoming without compromising on comfort.

Cost – The money you’re spending to obtain this type of furniture needs to be within your budget.

In most cases, traditional Chinese furniture designs are made using high-quality raw materials.

And this influences the price for a finished product.

Can you find Suppliers from the Guangzhou Furniture Market on Alibaba?


Alibaba partners with a lot of verified Guangzhou furniture market suppliers.

They are quite a several on Alibaba and offer different types of furniture, both antique and contemporary designs.

Such suppliers target the international market through Alibaba as the means of facilitating the selling of such products.

You only need to know the name or search for the same on the directory on this platform to find your preferred one.

Which Payment Methods will you use in Guangzhou Furniture Market?

Letter of credit – This common among huge importers. The importer’s bank issues it as a commitment on behalf of the buyer.

Once the seller meets the stipulated demands, the importer’s bank releases money to the vendor’s bank.

Open account – It is also common among frequent large-scale furniture importers.

It involves the shipping of the items to the delivery destination, and payment is done after a particular period.

It could be 30, 60, or 90 days depending on the agreement between involved parties.

Credit/debit card – It is a payment option where the buyer’s account is deducted of a specified amount of money and credited to the supplier’s account. It is convenient, safe, and faster.

Online payment – It is using e-wallets to pay for the goods. There are several e-wallets you can use, such as PayPal and Alipay.

However, both users must have these e-wallet accounts for transactions to take place.

Mobile payment – It involves the use of mobile money by transferring from the buyer to the vendor.

In China, WeChat is the popular mode of mobile payment you can use when paying for furniture.

It is safe, real-time, and convenient.

Cash payment – It is basically about paying the seller using hard money in exchange for the goods.

It usually happens among small-scale buyers in different types of malls within this market.

How long will it take to Ship Furniture from Guangzhou Furniture Market?

It is mainly contingent on your preferred type of shipping.

Different shipping options take varying duration to get the shipment from Guangzhou furniture market to your delivery destination.

Furthermore, the shipping distance also affects the duration your goods will take to your destination from this furniture market.

For instance, if you opt for air, it can take between 1-7 days, depending on a wide range of prevailing circumstances.

Rail freight may take up to 30 days, also depending on the route, number of stoppages, and the distance of ultimate delivery destination.

Sea freight, which is more dominant for shipping furniture from Guangzhou furniture market, may take up to 60 days.

Moreover, the duration is also determined by the specific carrier you are using to ship your consignment.

Do you need Insurance when Shipping Furniture from Guangzhou Furniture Market?


It is quite important since shipping furniture from Guangzhou furniture market means your goods are exposed to many risks.

Obtaining an insurance cover for these goods help in safeguarding them from any imminent damage or loss.

It gives you peace of mind since you are guaranteed compensation in case of loss or damage to your furniture.

However, you need to weigh in and determine whether it is commercially-practical to obtain insurance cover.

If you are shipping a few furniture items, it won’t necessarily make sense to get insurance cover.

At BanSar, we make importing furniture from Guangzhou furniture market easy and simple.

For all your freight forwarding needs, BanSar is here to help you – contact us now.

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