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Guangzhou Shoe Market: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

First, you will learn everything about Guangzhou shoe market – size of the market, location, and accessibility, amongst others.

Second, you will know how to import shoes from Guangzhou wholesale market.

So, before you import from Guangzhou shoe market, read this guide.

How Big is Guangzhou Shoe Market?

Guangzhou shoe market is quite big.

To start with, it has more than 800 stalls in every market.

Not forgetting the massive area coverage of 220,000 square meters.

Anything to do with footwear accessories and shoe materials can easily be found in the Guangzhou shoe market both at retail and wholesale.

Guagzhou shoe market

Guangzhou shoe market

Which are the Main Guangzhou Shoes Wholesale Market?

You are bound to come across several wholesale markets in Guangzhou city.

The following are some of the main Guangzhou shoe wholesale markets that shouldn’t miss on your list.

  • Global International trade center
  • Guangzhou metropolis shoe city
  • Yeuhe shoes wholesale market
  • BuyunTiandi Footwear Wholesale market
  • WanhaoFoortwear Accessories wholesale market
  • Hualigong shoes wholesale market
  • Jiahao hardware accessories shoes wholesale market
  • Dadushi shoes wholesale market
  • Chengdu shoes city
  • Xing Hao Pan shoe market
  • Guangzhou Euro commercial Plaza shoes city

Why should you Buy from Guangzhou Shoe Market?

Guangzhou city in China is recognized globally as a leading exporter in but not limited to footwear, household items, jewelry, beauty products, and clothing.

Guangzhou shoe market is known to have the leading wholesale market for shoes and shoe accessories.

As a result, many foreign buyers prefer to buy from the wholesale markets in Guangzhou due to the following reasons:

  • Guangzhou shoe market is one the largest footwear wholesale market and it offers shoes at unbeatable prices.
  • The shoes sold in the market are durable and of high quality. However, you should also beware of scammers and low-quality shoes.
  • You can have the option of purchasing real leather products and many other unique types of shoes available in the market.
  • Guangzhou shoe market is a specialized wholesale market.  Thousands of shoe importers prefer to purchase shoes from this market owing to the different varieties of shoes available.
  • Not forgetting that you also have the option of customizing your shoe design. This takes between three days to two weeks depending on a few factors.

Which Challenges will you Encounter when Buying Guangzhou Shoe Market?

Some of the challenges that you can face when buying from the Guangzhou shoe market are not limited to:

Shoe market

Shoe market

  • The language barrier is a key challenge when sourcing your shoes or any other product from China.

Nevertheless, you might consider getting a translator app or seek the assistance of a sourcing agent.

  • Shoe sizing problem- The shoe fitting criteria vary across different continents bringing about shoe sizing problems.

In the Guangzhou area and China in general the fitting tends to be smaller.

  • The suppliers in the Guangzhou shoe market prefer dealing in RMB as the main currency.

If you have any other currency, it is advisable to change it into RMB at a bank or a forex bureau.

  • Scammers –Just like any other market, you are bound to come across scammers in the Guangzhou shoe market.

Therefore, it’s always important to be extra cautious when making your purchases ensure that you confirm the credibility of your supplier before engaging in any payment procedures.

  • Low-quality products –  China is known to be the place where you can shop for anything and everything.

This includes both high and low-quality shoes and therefore having the skill to identify such is a plus.

If that’s not your skill, several inspection companies can perform quality tests on your shoes.

  • Most of not all suppliers do not ship the items overseas, rather as a buyer, you need to look for a shipping company that can be able to ship your products.

Alternatively, if you are experienced in the shipping sector you could choose to do it yourself.

  • Not all suppliers will have shoes in stock that you can purchase. Therefore, you might be required to place an order which can take 5 days or more.
  • The working hours of most of the shops in the Guangzhou market area are between 10 am-6 pm and therefore this limits the amount of time one can shop.

How do you Access Guangzhou Shoes Market?

Guangzhou shoe market comprises of different wholesale markets found in various locations that can be accessed through:

  • Metropolis shoe city is a large footwear wholesale market in Guangzhou composed of over 800 independent shops.

To get to metropolis shoe city, take line 6 or 2 of the Guangzhou metro line.

It is within a 5 minutes walking distance from the metro station.

  • Chengdu shoe city can be accessed through Metro line 5 and it’s located near the Guangzhou Railway Station.
  • You can access Xing Hao Pan Shoe market by taking line 2 or 5 and later alight at Guangzhou railway station.
  • Guangzhou HuaNan Shoes Wholesale City is the largest of its kind in South China. It is in Guangzhou Da Dao Nan, Haizhu District, Guangzhou. You can get here using bus lines 51, 79, 125, 180, 195, 288, 522, or 543.

It can also be accessed through Metro line 2, then alight at Nanzhou Station.

Thereafter, take the B7 express line at Haizhu Bus Terminal, and alight at LuoxiQiaojiao Station.

  • To get to Guangzhou EuroCommercial Plaza Shoes City you can either take lines 5 or 2 and alight at exit F of Guangzhou railway station. The same route applies to New Continental Footwear plaza and Jinma Shoes City.
  • Lingnan Shoe Market is in Panyu District, Guangzhou City. It can be accessed through Metro line 3, exit at Xiajiao Station.

As you can notice, most of the shoe markets can be accessed via the same routes.

Meaning that most are located closer to each other.

Which Types of Shoes can you Buy from Guangzhou Market?

Guangzhou’s shoes wholesale market offers all kinds of shoes.

Different types of shoe designs

Different types of shoe designs

I’m talking of men, women, and children not forgetting the diverse designs too.

Not only will you get quality shoes but also buy them at affordable prices.

Here is a list of the types of shoes you can buy from the Guangzhou market;

  • Sandals
  • Slippers
  • Sneakers
  • Boots
  • Heels
  • Wedges
  • Sport shoes
  • Hiking shoes
  • Outdoor shoes
  • Snow boots
  • Children shoes
  • Official and casual leather shoes
  • PU shoes
  • Industrial shoes

Apart from Guangzhou Shoe Market, Are there Alternative Shoe Market from China?

Yes, there are alternative shoe markets in china apart from the Guangzhou shoe market.

The various shoe markets include:

  • Yiwu shoe market, which is in Yiwu, Zhejiang province.
  • Dongguan market is in Guangdong province. It is famously known for hosting the annual Canton Fair which attracts more than 15,000 visitors.
  • Jinjiang market is in Fujian province. It is also commonly known as the Shoe Capital of China.
  • Wenzhou is home to more than 3000 shoe manufacturing factories that cater to the domestic demand for footwear.
  • Chengdu in Sichuan province is in the west of China and largely specializes in ladies’ footwear.

Other shoe markets available are not limited to;

  • Global International trade center
  • Guangzhou metropolis shoe city
  • Yeuhe shoes wholesale market
  • BuyunTiandi Footwear Wholesale market
  • WanhaoFoortwear Accessories wholesale market
  • Hualigong shoes wholesale market
  • Jiahao hardware accessories shoes wholesale market
  • Dadushi shoes wholesale market
  • Chengdu shoe city
  • Xing Hao Pan shoe market
  • Guangzhou Euro commercial Plaza shoe city

You can also access shoe markets through China wholesale websites which include: China brands, Made in China, DH gate, Alibaba, and AliExpress.

Why do you need China Sourcing Agent when Buying from Guangzhou Shoe Market?

Sourcing agents are very advantageous when it comes to sourcing your products from China.

The benefits of using a sourcing agent when buying from the Guangzhou shoe market are not limited to:

  • The language barrier is eliminated by sourcing agents.

Apart from sourcing for your shoes, they also act as translators between you and the supplier.

  • Sourcing agents guide you in sourcing for reliable vendors to get the best price and quality you are seeking.
  • Probabilities of being scammed are dimmed as sourcing agents can spot scammers quite easily.

Their experience in the industry

  • Sourcing agents help you with navigation from market to market which will make it easier.

There are several markets and deciding on the best to shop from might be time-consuming and a challenge too.

  • After placing your order, a sourcing agent will communicate and follow up with the suppliers to ensure that your goods reach the intended shipping warehouse.
  • A sourcing agent will always keep you informed regarding your orders with the suppliers.
  • In the case of issues arising with suppliers, a sourcing agent will promptly solve the issue to safeguard your goods. They are versatile.

How do you Verify the Quality of Shoes in Guangzhou Wholesale Market?

In as much as the Guangzhou wholesale market offers a wide variety of shoes, they come in high as well as low quality.

To ensure that you don’t end up buying low-quality shoes, here are a few tips you should consider when checking the quality:

  • Buy shoes from a well-known brand. Also, check the spelling of the name on the shoe to ensure it is correctly spelled.

Replicas of known brands might have spelling mistakes on the shoes.

  • Examine the soles of the shoes to see if they are sturdy.

Good quality shoes should be sturdy enough to protect feet from sharp objects as well as provide cushioning.

  • Verify that the insole and arch offer adequate foot support.

For shoes with removable insoles, check if the sewing is neatly done.

  • Look closely at the seams for uneven stitching or looped threads and edges of the shoes for loose material or visible glue.

A good quality shoe has decent workmanship even at the smallest details.

  • The heel should be securely attached to the shoe. If the heels are sewn on, the stitches should be even and secure.

If the heels are glued on, check for any gaps where the soles could start peeling off.

How does Yiwu Shoes Market compare to Guangzhou Shoe Market?

Yiwu market is undoubtedly considered to be the most famous and largest wholesale trade market in the world in comparison to the Guangzhou market.

In terms of a variety of products, however, the Guangzhou market takes the win.

Yiwu’s wholesale market is centrally placed which enables it to gather an expansive product range in a single location.

Guangzhou market however has widespread market hubs located in different areas within the city, making one-stop sourcing difficult.

Guangzhou’s wholesale market has warehouses nearby which means that goods can be shipped the same day.

Yiwu’s wholesale market, however, has no warehouse nearby which means that goods generally take a few days to be shipped.

In terms of accommodation, the Yiwu shoe market has hotels that can be found next to the market.

This means that importers can easily access the market without having to travel from far.

Some of the Guangzhou market locations are further from central accommodation areas making navigation to the market hectic.

How do you get Best Shoes Prices in Guangzhou Wholesale Market?

Shoe prices vary in the Guangzhou wholesale market.

To ensure that you have gotten the best prices, here are a few tips you could employ:

  • It is important to work with sourcing agents, not only do they connect you with the best-priced suppliers but also help you with negotiating prices.
  • Bargain –Bargaining in Guangzhou wholesale market and China, in general, is normality. Therefore, ensure that you do not settle for the first price proposed by your supplier. Start at less than half of the proposed price and negotiate your way to your desired price.
  • Since Guangzhou has a variety of markets, ensure you have visited as many as you can, and compare the prices, you can find better deals in the long run.

Never be contented with one market.

  • Wholesale markets in China thrive through bulk purchases, thereby, the higher the number of shoes you purchase, the better the deals.

Is China Shoe Wholesale Market the Largest in the World?


China’s wholesale market stands to be the largest globally.

The Yiwu International Trade market located in Yiwu, Zhejiang province, in China is the largest wholesale market globally.

The reason being, not only does it have thousands of business stores but also exports products to several parts of the world.

It is estimated that more than 200 countries benefit from Yiwu exports.

This together with all the other several markets in China contributes to China’s leading trends in the wholesale sector worldwide.

How do you Pay Suppliers in Guangzhou Shoe Market?

Before sending money to your supplier, there are considerations you need to factor in or rather consider:

Never send money to personal accounts via any method of payment.

Always insist on being given details of the business account of the company you are dealing with.

If you cannot be provided with one, decline doing business with them.

Ideally, before you pay potential suppliers any money, you must draft strong payment terms into the agreement you sign with them.

This relates to the timing of payment and choice of payment method.

The various ways in which you can pay suppliers in the Guangzhou shoe market include:

  • Telegraphic Transfer –  Otherwise known as international wire transfer, Telegraphic transfers leaves both you and the supplier at risk.

Owing to this,most suppliers will request a deposit to reduce their risks.

Nevertheless, it is widely accepted by several suppliers and stands to be one of the fastest payment methods.

Most importantly, it’s quite secure owing to the several credentials used as provided by you.

  • Letters of Credit – if you are planning to make wholesale purchases, a letter of credit would be the ideal option.

Not forgetting that it is also secure for both you and your supplier.

This makes it popular among most suppliers and trading companies.

  • TransferWise–Trasferwie is a suitable payment method when making frequent payments to Chinese suppliers.

Not only is it easy to sign up but also allows you to store money in different currencies.

Once the exchange rates are favorable or the timing is right you could proceed to make your payments.

  • Escrow–This payment method protects you and the supplier in that; once you make your payments, a third party will hold your payments until your goods are delivered.

However, it’s ideal for small transactions and not widely accepted for international transactions.

  • PayPal–Just like escrow, PayPal is suitable for making small transactions. Keep in mind that it’s not accepted by several Chinese suppliers.

We might owe this to the high transaction fees involved.

The fee increases s the transactions increase.

Solving PayPal disputes is difficult since making a claim takes time and winning is not guaranteed.

  • Western Union–The Western Union payment method is not suitable for any buyer as the security is very low.

In addition to that, its only ideal for making small transactions not forgetting that it’s also a target for fraudsters.

I wouldn’t recommend using this method not unless you equally trust your supplier.

  • International credit or debit cards–Using international credit or debit cards has a low risk to the buyers as compared to the supplier.

In as much as it’s a popular payment method, most Chinese suppliers avoid it owing to the risks posed on them.

Additionally, its one of the payment methods targeted by fraudsters, and therefore this might cause huge losses in the event of such a situation.

  • Sourcing agents – If you are using a sourcing agent to source for a supplier, you can also pay your supplier through the same agent. Nevertheless, you need to check if the sourcing company will charge you separately for this service.

‘What is the MOQ in Guangzhou Shoe Market?

MOQ refers to the minimum number of units as supplier is willing to sell at a given price.

It can either be set per order, per product, per material, or color.

The MOQ in the Guangzhou shoe market is not static as it varies from vendor to vendor and from market to market.

The guiding considerations for the MOQ include:

  • Type of Product – The simpler it is to make a shoe, the lower the MOQ. The more complex or expensive it is to make a shoe, the higher the MOQ.
  • Customization – Shoes that require customizing sometimes require higher production cost and longer production time which will result in higher MOQ.
  • Size of the Factory – Larger factories usually quote high MOQ as they have a wide range of production lines thus largely deal with huge orders.

Smaller factories, however, work with lower margins and often can offer an incredibly competitive quality.

The general MOQ in the Guangzhou market ranges between 1,000 pairs to 2,000 pairs following the guideline below:

  • MOQ per model: 1000 – 2000 pairs
  • MOQ per color: 500 – 1000 pairs
  • MOQ per size: 250 – 500 pairs

Nevertheless, some traders offer smaller volumes such as MOQ requirement as low as 50 pairs per model.

What Documents do you need to Import from Guangzhou Shoe Market?

A successful import process from the Guangzhou shoe market requires you to have the following documents:

  • Bill of ladingA bill of lading is a document detailing the shipment of merchandise issued by a shipping company. It can be used by customs and insurance companies as proof of shipment.
  • Commercial invoice – It is a document prepared by the exporter as a formal note for payment as well as customs declaration.
  • Pro forma invoice–A proforma invoice provides all the necessary information regarding the shipment and is prepared by the exporter.
  • The packing list–A packing list contains a list of all goods shipped together with the quantities. It is prepared by the shipping company.
  • Certificate of originThe certificate of origin serves a proof that the goods have been obtained and manufactured from a particular country.
  • Insurance certificate – An insurance certificate is a document that safeguards your goods against loss or damage.
  • Sale contract – A sale contract is a legally enforceable binding document between the buyer and seller the purchase of assets by a buyer from a seller for an agreed-upon value in money.
  • Inspection certificate – It is a document issued to confirm that your goods have passed the inspection procedures and is issued by an inspection company.
  • Air waybill – It is a receipt issued by an airline to prove that the goods were transported and are prepared by the airline or by its authorized agent.

How much does it Cost to Rent Warehouse in Guangzhou Shoe Market?

The rental cost of warehouses in China has been on the rise due to the growth of industries.

The cost of renting a Guangzhou warehouseranges from as low as $1 to as much as $120 per cubic meter.

Keep in mind that the cost will vary depending on a couple of factors such as;

  • The storage type
  • Type of warehouse
  • Total space occupied

Alternatively, freight forwarders and sourcing agents are ready to assist you to acquire warehouse spaces in China.

How much do Shoes Cost in Guangzhou Wholesale Market?

When purchasing shoes in Guangzhou wholesale market, the price will highly be determined by factors such as MOQ, quality, materials used, and design just to mention a few.

In most cases the higher the MOQ the lower the shoe price.

Shoes range from as low as $1 to as much as $500 or more.

Some shoes are made of very high-quality raw materials for example snakeskin or leather.

As such, the price will be higher as compared to plastic shoes.

Luckily, you can always negotiate prices with your supplier and reach the best price.

What Incoterms should you use to import from Guangzhou Shoe Market?

When choosing your incoterm, it’s important to settle at one that allows you to have full control of your shipment.

For instance, FOB and EXW are some of the best incoterms you could consider when importing shoes from China.

With FOB you will be required to transport your cargo to the port and load into the ship after clearing them for export.

Additionally, you are free to choose your preferred freight forwarder which allows you to effectively negotiate prices.

Not forgetting that you can as well choose suitable routes for your shipment.

All these explain why most importers place the FOB incoterm as one of their top priorities.

However, it’s important to note that this incoterm is not used for container shipping.

You can only use it for maritime as well as inland waterway transport.

Other incoterms available are not limited to;

Why do you Need Freight Forwarder to Import from Guangzhou Shoe Market?

Freight forwarders come in handy in superior ways when doing any type of importation.

When importing shoes from the Guangzhou shoe market, a freight forwarder will be advantageous in the following ways;

  • Timely delivery of goods – Working on a tight schedule to meet client’s deadlines is what freight forwarders do daily.

That said, you can continue with your daily routines knowing that your shipment is being taken care of by experts.

  • Freight forwarders can quickly come up with solutions when sudden unforeseen circumstances emerge during the shipping process.
  • Freight forwarders are quite flexible in that you can make alterations and they will quickly adapt to it.
  • Warehouse space –Freight forwarders are responsible for identifying a suitable warehouse for your shipment.

Whether in China or any other foreign country,they secure storage space for your cargo.

  • Freight forwarders are cost-effective. Think of it this way, they negotiate prices with suitable carriers on your behalf.

As if that’s not enough, they also break the language barrier you would experience when dealing with Chinese carriers.

  • Customs clearance is one of the challenging phases when importing/ exporting goods. It’s one of the steps that require a lot of documentation and this ends up being quite overwhelming.

Having a freight forwarder would relieve you from such hassles as they take care of passing your goods through customs.

How do Prices in Guangzhou Shoe Market compare to Alibaba shoe Wholesale?

Shoes from the Guangzhou shoe market are also offered at Alibaba.

It’s estimated that 7918 Guangzhou wholesale shoe products are sold in Alibaba.

Both the Guangzhou shoe market and Alibaba are ideal for making your purchases.

Nevertheless, if you want to purchase in bulk and get larger trade discounts, buying directly from the factory would be the ideal option.

Most of the markets in the Guangzhou shoe market have wholesalers and suppliers of different types of shoes.

Therefore, purchasing from Alibaba allows you to buy your shoes directly from the factory at much cheaper prices.

Additionally, most manufacturers are willing to offer customization if you make bulk purchases.

When is the Best Time to Buy from Guangzhou Shoe Market?

Most shops open at 10 am and close at 6pm.

Therefore, the best time to buy from the market would be any time from 10 am to 4 pm since traffic starts building up soon before 6pm.

In addition to that, take note of any public holidays as most shops remain closed on such occasions.

When does Guangzhou Shoe Market Open and Close?

Guangzhou shoe market opens at 10am and closed at 6pm.

However, some retail shops close as late as 10pm.

Is it Cheaper to Buy from Guangzhou Shoe Market?

Yes, it is. Buying from the Guangzhou shoe market is not only cheaper but also you will have a variety of shoes to choose from.

Bargaining or making bulk purchases can also land you at unbeatable prices which in turn increases your business profit margins.

How can you Ship from Guangzhou Shoe Market?

There are four shipping methods you could use to ship from the Guangzhou shoe market namely;

Your choice will depend on several factors such as distance, urgency, budget, and size of goods among others.

For instance, air freight would be the ideal option when shipping urgent and smaller amount of goods.

This is because it’s the most expensive among the four methods mentioned.

This explains why most importers use air freight for shipping samples and urgent documents.

On the other hand, sea freight is the best and commonly used shipping method used by most importers to ship their products from China.

Not only is it cheap but also ideal for transporting very bulky goods.

The downside of using sea freight would be the delivery time as it’s the slowest among them all.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t inhibit importers from using this.

Saving as much to increase profits is what every importer aims at and therefore sea freight remains the best option.

Road freight is applicable in all of the above shipping methods.

You will need it when transporting your shoes from the Guangzhou shoe market to the port and from the destination port to your warehouse.

However, road freight would be suitable when shipping to countries connected to China via a road transport network.

When shipping bulky goods and you want a faster method than sea freight, rail freight would be the ideal option.

Just like road freight, destination countries need to be connected to China through the rail transport network.

How long does it take to Ship from Guangzhou Shoe Market?

The time taken to ship from Guangzhou shoe market will depend on a few factors such as;

  • The shipping method used –Some shipping methods are faster than others which would defiantly influence the time taken to deliver your goods.
  • Public holidays- Most businesses remain closed during public holidays which might cause delays in your shipment.
  • Incorrect documentation will delay your delivery.
  • Weather conditions might lead to vessel delays

That said, it will take from as short as 2-3 days when shipping via air freight and 14 to 30 days via sea freight and rail freight.

Which Quality Standards should you Check when Buying Shoes from Guangzhou Wholesale Market?

Quality standards are enforced to ensure quality control.

The quality standards vary depending on the gender, materials, target consumer age group, intended use, andstyle.

Let’s have a look at some of the quality standards you should check when purchasing from the Guangzhou shoe market;

  • GB/T 3903.1-2017 – for Footwear (whole shoe flexing)
  • GB/T 3903.4-2017 – For footwear (outsole hardness)
  • GB/T 3903.6-2017 – For footwear ( Outsole Slip resistance)
  • QB/T 5190-2017 –For Jute shoes
  • QB/T2955-2017 – Quality standard for casual shoes
  • QB/T 5196-2017 –Quality standard for footwear in chemical testing preparations
  • 2018-1196T-QB – Quality standard for slippers
  • GB/T 15107-2013- Athletic shoes
  • GB28011-2011 –Shanks of footwear
  • GB25036-2010 –Children’s canvas rubber footwear
  • GB 20400-2006 – Leather and Fur
  • GB/T22756-2008 –Leather sandals
  • GB 25038-2010 –Vulcanized shoes
  • GB 21550 –Shoes made with PVC leather

These set standards are meant to ensure quality is upheld and the use of harmful materials is controlled.

Here at BanSar, we strive to make shopping in Guangzhou shoe market simple and easy for you.

Whether you need free storage, affordable custom clearance, shipping container or warehousing, BanSar offers a perfect solution.

We are a Guangzhou freight forwarder you can trust.

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