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Public Bonded Warehouse
Public Bonded Warehouse

Bansar Guangzhou warehouse lets you import, store, and process goods without paying import duties. Plus, in our Guangzhou free warehouse, you may be eligible for an export VAT refund. Our international warehouse in Guangzhou is a great option for seamless import and Free Trade Zone benefits.

Free Warehousing in Guangzhou
Free Warehousing in Guangzhou

If you choose Bansar as your freight forwarder, then we will support you with free warehousing for 28 days. We ensure the safety and security of your goods, along with a range of other services. This way, it will be easier to consolidate your goods and arrange for all shipping logistics.

Consolidation Service
Consolidation Service

We will consolidate your cargo by combining e-commerce goods from multiple suppliers into one shipment. This means that partnering importers and suppliers with small cargo pay cheaper bulk rates. Bansar China warehouses can do that to lower shipping costs for your business. Plus, consolidation will improve security of your cargo, so it is less likely to get lost or damaged.

Repackaging Services
Repackaging Services

We also provide a repackaging and enforcing services. If you have custom packaging requirements for your order, we can fulfill that. If you have fragile cargo, we will add special packaging to protect it. 

Custom Labelling Service
Custom Labelling Service

We also offer customized labeling at our Guangzhou Bansar warehouse. We can add specialty labels on your shipments. That may be safety labels, your business logo, or something else entirely.

Quality Control Service
Quality Control Service

Upon arrival at our Guangzhou warehouse, your products will be carefully inspected. We will check product quantity, quality, specifications, acceptance quality limit, and marking. Everything to make sure that your goods are in perfect condition. 

Tracking Service
Tracking Service

If you want to see the state of your goods for yourself, but cannot visit our warehouse, we have a solution for you! We can provide you with Guangzhou warehouse tracking. Our staff will take photos and videos of anything that you request. 

Sorting Service
Sorting Service

Using an advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) with software and robots, Bansar Guangzhou warehouse options allow us to keep a complete inventory of your goods. This way, we will be able to report to you the stock availability, specifications, etc.

Assembly Service
Assembly Service

Similar to consolidation, Bansar Guangzhou warehouse staff can do kitting and assembly of your goods. For further efficient processing and shipment, we will carefully assemble your cargo.

Pick & Pack Service
Pick & Pack Service

Bansar Guangzhou warehouse can also pick & pack your shipment to help you lower shipping costs. Pick & packing is when particular goods are picked out of a bulk order and packed or assembled separately. There are many types of service, such as batch picking and wave picking. This will help you if you are importing or processing goods for different products, destinations, or purposes.

Climate Control
Climate Control

If you have products that require special handling and climate, Bansar will take care of it. Some climate control features may include vents, air conditioners, humidifiers, freezers, and heaters.


Bansar Guangzhou warehouses are secure with security staff and cameras. We are dedicated to guarantee the safety of your cargo. 

Supervision Service
Supervision Service

We will look after your cargo as it is arriving or leaving our premises. When it is time to ship your goods, we will supervise that as well. Your cargo will always be in the best hands with our container-loading supervision service. We look at quantity checks, packing list checks, container conditions, loading process, packaging, and much more.

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Guangzhou Warehouse: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

All information you’re looking for about Guangzhou warehouse is right here.

Whether you want to know the location, how to rent or cost or Guangzhou warehouse, your answer is right here.

Read this guide to learn how to make importing from Guangzhou easy and simple.

What is Guangzhou Popular for?

As the third biggest city in China, Guangzhou is popular for numerous activities. However, highly regarded activities include the following;

Guangzhou China

Guangzhou China

· Canton Fair

It is a trade event, which occurs in Guangzhou twice a year during spring and autumn.

In involves domestic and international traders selling and buying a wide range of products.

The Canton import and export trade fair has been running since 1957.

It has provided a platform for foreign businesses to make contacts in China.

Furthermore, the Canton Fair remains a significant one in the country despite the flourishing of different types of trade fairs around China.

The spring event often takes place in April, whereas the spring even usually takes place in October.

· Shopping

Guangzhou’s location is at the center of Pearl River Delta, commonly known as the world’s factory city.

In essence, you can find almost any commodity in Guangzhou at cost-effective rates.

This city has countless wholesale markets ranging from electronics, fashion items, and accessories, bags, and furniture, among others.

You can also opt for retail outlets if you are not necessarily up for wholesale.

The city is also a retail center, which allows many vendors to provide options for attractive prices.

Also, the city is also the starting point of the popular New Silk Road.

This enhances trade activities between several Chinese and foreign cities along the route.

And this is suitable both for local and foreign customers.

Where is Guangzhou Warehouse?

It is located in the Pearl River delta in South-Central of mainland China. You can access it using a wide range of transport means.

If you are a foreigner, you can fly directly to Guangzhou Baiyun International airport then connect with different means.

You can take a taxi to the Guangzhou warehouse, board a metro-bus, or a fast-speed train.

The warehouse has proximity to several factories and manufacturing plants of a wide range of products.

As an active hub for trade, logistics, and distribution all over the world, the warehouse is also closer to Guangzhou port and airport.

This is essential since it enhances convenience in international trade.

Is keeping your Imports in Guangzhou Warehouse Safe?


Guangzhou warehouse has put all relevant security measures to ensure and guarantee customer’s commodities are safe.

Guangzhou warehouse

Guangzhou warehouse

There is a highly advanced computerized system, which allows effective capturing of data regarding any customer’s imports before storage.

The warehouse also complies with the international standards of safety as far as design construction is concerned.

It has a solid construction, which prevents weather elements from affecting the products.

Moreover, the personnel within Guangzhou warehouse are well-trained, knowledgeable, and experienced in handling different commodities.

This prevents any unforeseen damage or loss of cargo stored within the premises.

And most importantly, Guangzhou warehouse is insured with a reliable insurance provider.

The policy covers the cargo from damage or loss, hence guaranteeing compensation in case such arise.

The significance here is all these give you peace of mind, which is vital when keeping your imports in the warehouse.

How long does it take to Ship from Guangzhou Warehouse in China?

It is subject to your preferred shipping method.

You can use a variety of available options, including air freight, ocean freight, and rail freight.

You can as well use express shipping, which is also common.

Express shipping takes between 8-48 hours to get your consignment at your doorstep.

Airfreight takes between 1-4 days to ship from the warehouse.

Trucking may take between 1-7 days, whereas ocean freight may take up to 60 days, depending on various predetermined circumstances.

The duration also depends on delivery destination.

If you are within or close to Guangzhou warehouse, you are likely to get your shipment within a few hours to two days.

However, if you are shipping to a foreign destination, chances are high the shipment might take between 4-60 days contingent on shipping method.

In short, there is no standard duration for shipping from Guangzhou warehouse since several factors determine it.

How do you Find the Cheapest Warehouse in Guangzhou?

Warehouses in Guangzhou

Warehouses in Guangzhou

You can search online on various available directories.

You’ll be able to find the listing of all warehouses in Guangzhou based on pricing.

The other way is through referral.

You may want to inquire from your acquaintances or trade partners to refer you to particular Guangzhou warehouses.

Frequent traders are always aware of the cheapest options since they used them often.

It is evident they have contacts for the same hence can easily direct you to one.

Attending the trade fairs within Guangzhou is also an ideal way of finding cheapest warehouses.

The owners always advertise for such spaces in the trade fairs, thus allowing you to pick the contacts.

And the most prominent way is by using an import/export agent.

These individuals or entities have established contacts and good rapport with several owners or managers of cheap warehouses in Guangzhou.

It thus makes it easy for the agent to find you one, which is also highly secure and convenient for your needs.

Can Foreigners have Guangzhou Warehouse Address?

Of course, yes.

It is the perfect approach for coordinating the movement of your shipments to and from the supplier when importing or exporting goods.

It also enables you to access the premises within the shortest time possible when needs arise.

In essence, it enhances convenience, especially in import and export activities.

How can you Manage Guangzhou Warehouse Shipping Tracking Remotely?

By using several measures, which include the following;

· Using Fixed and Movable Tracking Alternatives

For efficiency, considering fixed option in tracking Guangzhou warehouse shipping remotely comes in handy.

It involves using software designed to track the activities taking place within the warehouse and its surrounding.

This approach allows you to manage and assign destinations with clear-cut proficiency.

Using a movable option is also ideal in tracking Guangzhou warehouse shipping remotely.

It makes it easy to see where products are positioned.

It also allows you to determine how to access it and whether it is ready for shipping.

Furthermore, you can combine both fixed and movable tracking options seamlessly.

It allows you to acquire optimum results by hastening the entire process and making it more intuitive.

· Cloud Integration

You can integrate the cloud into your warehouse shipping operations.

This approach helps to tie every operational aspect of Guangzhou warehouse as it continues to expand.

Remote warehouse shipping tracking software and cloud go hand-in-hand to pushing the enterprise to the next level.

It also allows you to streamline the warehouse shipping tracking and other related operations without being physically present.

· Bar Code Scanning

It involves tracking of the shipment by using a radio frequency ID software.

This technique enables you to monitor several activities of the warehouse without necessarily being present.

You’ll know the quantity of products coming in, ideal storage place, storage duration, and quantity leaving.

It is necessary for reducing the need for warehouse space by decreasing unnecessary in-stock commodities.

It is also efficient in analyzing and tracking deliveries to the clients all remotely without stepping on the warehouse.

How far is Guangzhou Warehouse from the Nearest Port?

Port in Guangzhou

Port in Guangzhou

The nearest port is Huangpu, which is approximately about 2 kilometers away from Guangzhou warehouse.

The distance is around 10 minutes’ drive from the warehouse to the port.

Can you Buy Products Directly from Guangzhou Warehouse?


Several suppliers store a wide range of their commodities in Guangzhou warehouse.

In essence, you ought to find your preferred supplier, contact them, and plan on how to obtain the products.

This involves researching the specific supplier by determining the location, price, and other relevant details.

Also, most of auctioned commodities are purchased directly from Guangzhou warehouse.

You need to know the details of the auctioneer and order directly from the warehouse where the goods are stored.

What are the Benefits of having a Warehouse in Guangzhou?

They are quiteseveral including the following;

· Proximity to Ports

Guangzhou has about 300 ports ideal for facilitating movement of commodities in and out of the city.

It enhances efficiency and convenience as far as storage and handling of shipments are concerned.

· Proximity to Factories

The city is known for its myriad factories and manufacturing plants of different products.

It thus makes it easy to access these factories and suppliers whenever you in need of warehouse service in this city.

Moreover, it means it also becomes easy to consolidate smaller shipments from a wide range of suppliers and producers around.

· Storage

It allows you to provide a storage facility over a certain period.

This can be a valid solution for specific shipments, which have to wait until others arrive for consolidation.

You also enable the suppliers to have a space to hold stock of products to guarantee supply.

In essence, it helps to create less dependence on the factory’s lead times and, subsequently, reducing risks on delayed supply.

· Product Assembly

Having this facility in Guangzhou provides an opportunity to do simple and medium assemblies.

It offers the space to have an assembly facility for different products for manufacturers who lack it.

· Central Location for Quality Check

It becomes easy to control the quality of different products when you have a warehouse in Guangzhou.

Ideally, you’re likely to receive multiple orders or samples at specific times.

Even so, a warehouse provides a central place for receiving them, thus enhancing quality control.

· Cost-effectiveness

It is economical to have a warehouse in Guangzhou since you’ll save a significant amount of money.

This is particularly practical if you are a huge importer since you’ll require space, time, and other resources.

In the long run, your operational costs will be lower than when paying for warehousing services.

How much does Renting Warehouse in Guangzhou Cost?

The rates vary depending on a wide range of aspects.

For instance, the size of the house determines the rent you’ll pay for space

In Guangzhou, you can rent a warehouse of as small as 2 square meters and as big as 140 square meters or bigger.

The other determining factor for Guangzhou rental rates is the facilities available.

Those with amenities such as parking, elevators, and so on tend to be a bit costly.

Most importantly, the actual location of the warehouse also determines the rate.

For instance, renting one in Pangyu district is quite cheaper than any other district in this city.

In a nutshell, there is no standard rental cost for warehouse services in Guangzhou.

However, the rates range from 5-15 USD per square meter, depending on the factors mentioned above.

Are there Ecommerce Consolidation Warehouse in Guangzhou?


They are located all over Guangzhou city and its environs.

Many factories, manufacturers, and suppliers are located in Guangzhou.

It is bound to have a wide range of ecommerce consolidation warehouses.

Most ecommerce orders often tend to be in small quantities but from different suppliers.

The ecommerce dealers and platforms use such facilities as a way of fulfilling customer’s orders.

And it is the reason you will find consolidation warehouses in Guangzhou.

Moreover, this improves quality control of the different products.

It also helps to cut costs from the buyer’s perspective as far as shipping is concerned.

As a Freight Forwarder in China, Do you have Warehouse in Guangzhou?


We have a warehouse facility in Guangzhou, which we use to provide a wide range of services for different customers.

Our Guangzhou warehouse is well-equipped, secured, and accessible from all the major factories in this city.

Its location is also in a prime area close to numerous seaports, a few minutes’ drive to Guangzhou international airport and train stations.

Some of the services freight forwarders provide at the warehouse in Guangzhou include picking, packing, consolidation, delivery, and tracking, among others.

Do Freight Forwarders in China Charge for Storing Imports in Guangzhou Warehouse?

It depends on the contract between the freight forwarder and the importer.

It is also dependent on whether or not the forwarding agent owns or rents the Guangzhou warehouse.

Again it depends on duration the commodity is staying in the freight forwarder’s warehouse as well as the quantity of the products.

In many instances, most freight forwarders rarely charge an importers storage fee in their warehouses.

There is always a negotiation between the two parties, which sees forwarding agents taking care of storage fees or related expenses, if any.

Do China Sourcing Agents offer Guangzhou Warehouse Services?

Yes, quite a number of them offer warehousing services, but not all.

When it comes to sourcing agents, it depends on the specific type you are dealing with as far as warehouse services are concerned.

You can choose to deal with individual sourcing agents.

In most instances, individual sourcing agents are ideal when purchasing products in small quantities.

Also, you can decide to work with an entity such as Bansar, which has a specialty in sourcing and warehouse services.

Such companies are suitable for both small and large order quantities, which also require different warehouse services before delivery.

Therefore, you need to carry out due diligence when seeking assistance from a sourcing agent who can also provide warehouse services in Guangzhou.

What is the Affordable Means of Transport from Factory to Guangzhou Warehouse?

Trucking is seemingly, the most affordable transportation means for products from warehouse to factory.

Most of the factories in Guangzhou are located within proximity to the warehouse.

Some factories are even within a radius of two kilometers.

It thus makes sense to use trucking services to transport the goods from factory to Guangzhou warehouse.

Other than affordability, it is as well convenient for such a distance.

How can you Ship from Guangzhou Warehouse to Amazon FBA?

It quite an easy task to undertake and achieve as long as you implement the following aspects;

· Create an Amazon FBA Account

It entails setting up an account on this platform to allow you to get access and use it whenever there is a need to.

You need to provide your details and other vital details to create your user account.

· Set the Quantity

It is the second step in ensuring you are fulfilling your Guangzhou shipping to Amazon FBA plan.

You do this on the user account by filling in the quantity of the inventory you have in stock, which you’d wish to send.

· Prepare the Commodities

You must ensure the products are prepared to match the standards of Amazon before leaving Guangzhou warehouse.

In other arrangements, Amazon may prepare and label the goods on your behalf but at a price.

· Label the Products

Amazon requires all its FBA products to be labeled appropriately according to its standards.

The labels must support barcode scanning system to put away and track them commodities.

· Review and Prepare the Shipment

Pay keen attention to all the details about the shipment, especially the ID and destination fulfillment center code.

Check the shipment’s page to see the final copy of the shipment.

Then prepare the shipment by choosing the right carrier, figuring-out number of boxes required, scheduling shipment, and printing box labels.

Once the shipment is sent, you’ll get a notification, and the Amazon team will handle the rest of the order fulfillment process.

Are Packaging Services available in Guangzhou Warehouse?

Absolutely yes!

Packaging forms a greater part of service that Guangzhou warehouse offers.

In most instances, we receive products from manufacturers without proper packaging nor labeling.

In such cases, it is the prerogative of Guangzhou warehouse to ensure the products are packaged accordingly.

Moreover, some customers also want products sourced from suppliers to be packaged in a particular manner.

Therefore, Guangzhou warehouse ensures the commodities are packed according to the customization requirements of the client.

Which Documents do you need to use Warehouse in Guangzhou?

The essential ones include the following;

Import documents

Import documents

· Packing List

This is a document, which provides detailed information regarding the commodities in terms of quantity and weight.

A packing list is vital since it gives proof of the products received in Guangzhou warehouse.

· Commercial Invoice

It is a document, which outlines the goods sold and the amount of each.

It is vital because it gives you an overview of the value of the products you are receiving in the warehouse.

· Inspection Report

It is a statement prepared by an inspecting agency for a particular product.

It summarizes information regarding the status of the commodity as far as safety is concerned.

· Lease Agreement

It is a contract, which outlines terms between the buyer and property owner regarding storing the products in Guangzhou warehouse.

Can you Consolidate Goods from Alibaba Suppliers in Guangzhou Warehouse?


The essence of Guangzhou warehouse is to provide space where goods are received, stored, picked, packed, and delivered.

Most customers who buy from Alibaba tend to order small quantities of different products from various suppliers on the platform.

It is quite easy, and all it requires is details regarding the consignee to make packaging and consolidation of all their orders uncomplicated.

Whenever the suppliers bring different products, bit only makes sense to ensure they are all consolidated for each customer.

In the long run, consolidation of goods from Alibaba suppliers guarantees quality and reliability order fulfillment.

Moreover, it enables the responsible party to save shipping cost since all items for a single customer will leave as a consolidated cargo.

Can Foreigner Buy Warehouse in Guangzhou?

Ideally, China has some restrictions as far as purchasing of property among foreigners is concerned.

The entire process of acquiring one is complicated and bureaucratically tiresome.

Even so, since Guangzhou warehouse is for commercial purposes, a foreigner can only purchase it once the company is incorporated in China.

Therefore, it becomes easy and commercially viable to rent this type of property rather than purchasing one if you are a foreigner.

Are there Guangzhou Warehouses for Perishable Goods?


These are the types of warehouse facilities designed with all the necessary amenities, including refrigerators.

They are quite a number in this city designed to cater to goods with a relatively life short span.

Nonetheless, such facilities are usually costlier than an ordinary warehouse for non-perishable goods.

What are the Available Sizes of Guangzhou Warehouse?

Guangzhou warehouse is available in a wide range of sizes, depending on the size and quantity of the commodity.

The size ranges from two square meters to about 132 square meters of beyond.

You merely need to determine the right size for your products and seek the service.

Can Imports be Labeled in Guangzhou Warehouse before Dispatch?


This is more common among suppliers and companies seeking comprehensive order fulfillment services.

It is also necessary when shipping imports through third parties such as Alibaba and Amazon FBA, among others.

In essence, labeling is vital as a way of customizing the product to suit the specifications according to the buyer’s or user’s demands.

Labeling at Guangzhou warehouse is also possible before dispatch to facilitate shipping to the correct address.

Do Warehouses in Guangzhou have In-house Loading and Offloading Capability?


However, this is dependent on the specific type of warehouse facility in Guangzhou you are seeking the services from.

Some small warehouses usually hire loading and offloading resources on-need basis.

They only need such services when there is a particular project going on.

Others,however, have established in-house loading and offloading resources.

This includes hiring personnel to handle such tasks as well as buying loading and offloading equipment and machinery.

But this is usually common among major Guangzhou warehouses, which experiences high traffic throughout.

Do Guangzhou Warehouses work during Holidays?

China national holidaya

China national holiday

Not all.

Most Guangzhou warehouses do not operate over holidays.

Employees are usually given some time off to stay away from work hence limiting operations.

Most employees also observe the holidays religiously, thus making it relatively difficult to coordinate any warehousing operations.

However, there are some Guangzhou warehouses, which upon prior request or arrangement, can work during holidays, albeit minimal.

In such instances, a few paperwork and a few internal operations can as well be effected.

But this must be communicated in advance before the holiday.

Are Distribution Services available in Guangzhou Warehouse?

Most definitely.

It is one of the core services, which Guangzhou warehouse offers.

Many suppliers seek assistance from this facility to help in accomplishing order fulfillment process on their behalf.

This could be suppliers without proper distribution mechanisms, with limited resources or without adequate warehouse.

Those with overwhelmed capacity in terms of order processing and fulfillment can as well get distribution services in Guangzhou warehouse.

However, the distribution services are only available in specific Guangzhou warehouses with capacity to attain the required results.

To whom does Liability Fall for Goods Stored in Guangzhou Warehouse?

It is dependent on the agreement between the Guangzhou warehouse owner and the customer.

In some instances, the liability is usually entirely on the property owner.

However, in certain cases, the liability falls fully on the client.

And in some cases, the liability is shared between the two involved parties.

The bottom line is there is no specific party, which is liable for goods stored in Guangzhou warehouse.

It is entirely contingent on the arrangement between the involved parties.

BanSar offers all logistics services including warehousing in Guangzhou.

So, if you’re importing from China, contact BanSar for free Guangzhou warehousing services.

Guangzhou Warehouse

  • Warehouses that can consolidate your cargo more secure and effective
  • Expert shipping agent to assist you to arrange the shipping
  • Offer a long time free warehouse services for all customers
  • Handle all steps well for you
  • Provides a one-stop service such as Packing & Labeling, Trucking, Customs brokerage, etc.
  • One-stop service in Guangzhou which there are lots of markets
  • Employs well-trained and professional operation team to work for you
  • Rich experience in container loading, guarantee 100% safe products

Private Warehouses in Guangzhou China

As a professional and skilled freight forwarder in China, Bansar can provide 10 days free warehousing to clients, if goods ship with us. Private warehousing facilities we offer can be owned and operated by wholesalers, distributors, traders, or manufacturers. Whether you need a warehouse for your goods, choose Bansar to provide you Private Warehouses in Guangzhou China with excellent services. These are utilized exclusively for wholesalers, distributors, traders, or manufacturers for their own distribution activities/operations. Also called as proprietary warehousing, these facilities offer a convenient storage solution and typically offer abundant advantages to customers.

Public Warehouses in Guangzhou China

Having a hard time searching for the best storage solution for your products? As the best freight forwarder partner in China, Bansar will help you to find the best warehousing option in China. Public warehouses in Guanzhou can be owned by the government, semi-government bodies, and connected companies. The services are made accessible to private firms for a rental fee. Such warehouses are usually built to assist small traders who are not competent to have their own warehouses and maintain their property. Choose Bansar to find you the best public warehouses in Guangzhou, China for highly efficient services.

Bonded Storage in Guangzhou China

With over 12 years of warehousing and shipping experience, Bansar is a premier freight forwarder in China that is professional in transportation logistics and how to safely and effectively store and move your perishable goods. You can choose the right warehouses, whether its a bonded warehouses that can be owned, operated, and controlled by governmental and private entities. Bonded Storage is a facility utilized to store imported goods that were approved by the customs but import duty is still to be paid.  Private agencies who want to operate bonded warehouses need to obtain a special license from the government.

Bansar: Your Secure Guangzhou Warehouse and Freight Company

Being one of the leading logistics companies in China, Bansar has warehouses all over China. 

Of course, the great city of Guangzhou is on our list as well. 

As it is an important port, our warehouse there is very useful to importers and suppliers. 

We have the prime location for our warehouse. 

It is close to Guangzhou ports and factories.

If your products are manufactured or supplied from Guangzhou, you can use our Bansar warehouse there. 

Plus, Guangzhou is one of mainland China‘s leading commercial and manufacturing regions. 

It hosts Canton Import and Export Fairs, and is in a Free Trade Zone of China. 

Guangzhou is a part of Guangdong bonded logistics park, or the Pearl River Delta Special Economic Zone

This means that by storing here, you will get benefits of duty-free import and bonded warehousing.

It is the perfect place to store your goods. 

We offer countless professional services to take care of your cargo.

As soon as your truck, train, place, or ship arrives, your goods will be in our dependable hands. 

Bansar’s services include loading and unloading supervision, item sorting, storage, cargo consolidation, packaging, customized labelling, quality control, and more.

Bansar Guangzhou warehouse will support your import, export, wholesale, or distribution business.

You can request space in our warehouse for all sorts of goods—industrial and commercial. 

We will take care of your products for 28 days free of charge. 

We are dedicated to helping you save time and money. 

You can reach us 24/7, and we are always ready to help your business skyrocket.

Besides warehousing, our Guangzhou location also offers air-, rail-, and sea freight, door-to-door delivery, and customs clearance services.

Our Guangzhou warehouse shipping for manufacturers and suppliers has the best rates and services. 

Bansar provides secure and cheap international freight from our warehouse location worldwide.

With more than 12 years of experience, we provide reliable services to alleviate all your importing troubles. 

Send us an inquiry today, and we’ll give you our best quote and warehousing options for you. 

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