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Guangzhou Wholesale Market -The Complete Guide

Before you shop in Guangzhou wholesale market, read this guide.

It covers everything you need to know about Guangzhou market such as products to buy, mode of transport, and quality verification amongst others.

Take a look.

How to Find Guangzhou Sourcing Agent

You need to have a sourcing agent in China to help free up your time as sourcing for goods can be tedious.

The sourcing agent will make wok easier for you at a very affordable fee.

Here is a guide on how you can find a good sourcing agent in Guangzhou.

· Do Proper Research

You need to do proper research on the sourcing agents that you would like to hire via different online platforms.

Doing a research will help you narrow down your long list of sourcing agents to a few who are credible and trustworthy.

· Choose Specific Sourcing Agents

It is important to narrow down your search to specific people or sourcing agents who specialize in specific goods.

You will settle on a company that has plenty of experience sourcing the type of goods that you need from Guangzhou.

· Have Proper Knowledge of Your Requirements

You should do more research on the sourcing agents to get more information about their resourcefulness.

A proper sourcing agent often has information on the things that you require including specifications and proper paper work.

· Choose Industry Cluster Sourcing Agents

As you narrow down your choices, you should consider choosing sourcing agents within a particular industry.

This makes it easy for you to have proper access to the goods through the sourcing agent with no additional cost.

· Choose One that has Proper Market Knowledge

In addition, you should go for the sourcing agent who understands how the Guangzhou wholesale market works.

This will make it easy for you to find the right goods from favorable suppliers and at friendly costs.

· Choose Experience and Skills

Despite the fact that you will to pay more for experienced sourcing agents, it is important to get one with skills.

Such sourcing agents will make it easy for you to get the goods you need at the Guangzhou wholesale market.

Products to Import from Guangzhou Wholesale Market

You can import quite a lot of products from Guangzhou wholesale market that will suit your requirements.

Here are some of the products that you can purchase and import to your destination from Guangzhou.

Section of Guangzhou wholesale market

  • Clothing for different uses such as casual wear, uniforms and even sports clothes.
  • Jewelry such as watches, chains, rings and bangles among others
  • Electronics such as television sets, computers and even music systems among others
  • Communication gadgets such as mobile phones
  • Cosmetic products such as make up kits
  • Women accessories such as handbags
  • Shoes for different purposes such as sportswear and casual fittings.
  • Used or second hand products such as mobile phone in great condition
  • Restaurant and Hotel Supplies
  • Fabric for making different types of clothes or furniture
  • Auto parts for your vehicles
  • Beauty products for women such as hair weaves
  • Toys for kids
  • Eye wear and glasses

How to Get Best Prices when Buying from Guangzhou Wholesale Market

When shopping in Guangzhou wholesale market, there are different prices for different things.

You can get the best prices for the materials that you want through the following ways.

· Using a Proper Local Sourcing Agent

Well, you can get the best price when buying from Guangzhou wholesale market by using sourcing agents.

Sourcing agents with plenty of experience and skills will help you get suppliers who have good products at affordable costs.

They will also have the proper language of negotiation thus getting the best prices for the cargo.

· Purchase Goods in Bulk

Apart from that, you can also purchase your products in bulk and get good prices and discounts from suppliers.

Due to economies of scale, the supplier will work out proper prices if you take a huge consignment.

· Purchase from the Factory Outlets

You should consider purchasing from the main factory outlets which often offer lower prices or factory prices.

In this case, you will find at the factory outlets that supply the kind of goods that you need.

Where to Buy Clothes in Guangzhou Wholesale Market

You will purchase clothes from the clothing market in Guangzhou which is the leading market for clothes.

Depending on your location, you should consider going for the clothes at the Guangzhou wholesale market.

Some of the clothes wholesale markets that you will find in Guangzhou include:

· Baima Clothes Wholesale Market

Here you will purchase the women high end clothes at wholesale prices for you to retail.

You can access Baima clothes market through this address “No. 16, Zhannan Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China”.

· Shisanhang Clothes Wholesale Market

In this market, you will purchase middle- end clothing for both gender of different age groups.

You can access Shisanhang clothes wholesale market through “Shisanhang Road, Guangzhou, China” address.

· Shahe Clothes Wholesale Market

In case you are looking for low-end clothing, then you can go to the Shahe clothes wholesale market.

You can use “No.57, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China” as the main access address to Shahe clothes market.

· Zhanxi Clothes Wholesale Market

You will find the best type of men’s clothing are at the Zhanxi clothes wholesale market.

You can access this market through “No.57, Zhanxi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China” address.

How to Buy Electronics in Guangzhou Wholesale Market?

You can also purchase different types of electronics such as television sets and mobile phones from Guangzhou market.

In Guangzhou, there are two main wholesale markets where you will purchase the electronics from.

New Asia International City of Electronic Science & Technology Wholesale Market

You can purchase different types of electronic products from this market at affordable prices.

You can get to this market through “55 Xidi 2ndd Rd, Changti Road Shipping Leisure street in Liwan District of Guangzhou”.

· Nanfang Building Wholesale Market

You can get access to different electronic materials such as laptops, mobile phones and their accessories in this building.

The main address of the building is at the “Nanfang Mansion, in the Liwan District

Where to Buy Souvenirs from Guangzhou Wholesale Market

Well, just all the other products, you will purchase the souvenirs from the souvenir market in Guangzhou.

The main markets where you can buy souvenirs in Guangzhou wholesale market include:

· Cantonese Embroidery Wholesale Market

The main location for the Cantonese Embroidery wholesale market is No.100 Yuehua Road.

It is famous for different types of souvenirs that have different and very bright colors.

· Jade Sculptures Wholesale Market

You will purchase the souvenirs from “Xia Jiu Lu, Hualin Jade ware Street” at the most affordable prices.

Modes of Shipping from Guangzhou Wholesale Market

Well, after shopping from Guangzhou wholesale market, you will package your cargo to the nearest port.

Depending on the mode of transport you can take it to any of the following ports:

  • Sea port for transporting the cargo from Guangzhou to your destination via sea freights
  • Airport where you will transport the cargo via air freight mode
  • Train station where you will load the cargo on a train to your destination. Rail freight only works where there is infrustructure
  • Road transport to closer destinations with proper road network connections

Top Guangzhou Wholesale Markets to Shop from

When shopping from Guangzhou, there are specific markets that you should consider visiting.

Here are the top wholesale markets in Guangzhou that you should consider visiting.

  • Clothes wholesale market which include Thirteen Hong Kong Wholesale Market, Shahe Wholesale Market and Baima Market
  • Electronics Wholesale market located at New Asia International City of Electronic Science & Technology and Nanfang Building
  • Watch Wholesale Market located at the Zhan XI watch market and South Watch Center.
  • Hotel and restaurant wholesale markets located at Nantian International Hotel Supplies wholesale market and Shanxi International Hotel Supplies wholesale market.
  • Wedding Dress Markets which id found at the Jiangnan North Avenue.
  • Jewelry wholesale market located at Xijiao Building Jewelry Wholesale Market, Liwan Plaza Wholesale Market and Taiking Jewelry City
  • Guangzhou handbag wholesale market which you will find in Jinyi Leatherwear Plaza and Zhongyang Leatherwear Mall.
  • Jeans wholesale market located at Xingtang International Jeans Mall.
  • Cosmetic wholesale market located at Guangzhou Beauty Exchange Center and Guangzhou Xingfa Plaza.

Benefits of Buying from Guangzhou Wholesale Market

When you purchase from the Guangzhou wholesale market, there are particular benefits that you will enjoy.

Some of the benefits include:

· Affordable Cost

You will enjoy affordable prices for different types of goods that will fit your needs.

· Efficient Transport System

After purchasing your products, you can easily transport them to different destinations through the efficient transport system.

· Variety of Goods

Guangzhou wholesale markets have a wide variety of goods that you can choose from depending on your specifications.

· High Quality Products

Most of the products that you will purchase from Guangzhou wholesale market are of very high quality.

Location of Guangzhou Wholesale Market

Guangzhou wholesale market is a very big market with different goods at different locations in Guangzhou.

For instance, you will find the clothes wholesale market in a different location from that of watches.

Here are some of the locations where you will find different types of products.

  • Fabric Wholesale Market located at Guangzhou International Textile City and Ruikang Lace Accessory market.
  • Auto parts wholesale markets located at Guangdong Yangpu International Automotive Supplies Center and New Guangdong Auto Parts Trade Market.
  • Eyewear wholesale market located at Guangzhou Glasses City.
  • Toys wholesale market located at Onelink Plaza and Guangzhou Zhongyang Toys Wholesale Market.
  • Underwear wholesale market located at Guangzhou Xinxiang Underwear City.
  • Shoe wholesale market located at Guangda Foreign Trade Shoes Plaza and Buyuntiandi Shoes World.

Buying Second Hand Electronics from Guangzhou Wholesale Market

You can purchase second hand electronics that are in very good condition from the Second hand electronics wholesale market.

All you have to do is walk into the second hand electronics market and choose the type of electronics you need.

Common Challenges when Shopping from Guangzhou Wholesale Market

Shopping in Guangzhou wholesale market can be a little bit challenging especially for a foreigner.

Some of the challenges that you might experience include:

  • Language barrier as most of the traders do not understand English and often trade in their native language.
  • Currency barriers where the main currency in use is RBM thus rendering the dollar unacceptable as mode of exchange.
  • Locating some of these markets can also be a challenge in case you do not have a proper guide to help you.
  • You might be a victim of fraudulent behavior from different suppliers who might want to steal from you instead.

How to Travel to Guangzhou Wholesale Market

You can travel to Guangzhou wholesale market through different routes using different modes of transport.

The mode of transport that you will use will depend on your current location.

Here are some of the modes of transport that you will use to travel to Guangzhou.

Baiyun Airport

· Non-stop Flights

You can get on a non-stop flight all the way to Guangzhou airport from other cities in China.

· Road Transport

As soon as you alight from the plane, you can use a taxi to access Guangzhou market via road network system.

· High Speed rail

You can also get on the high-speed rail that will help you move from different cities in China to Guangzhou.

Food to Eat when Visiting Guangzhou Wholesale Market

Well, China has some of the best delicacies that you will enjoy while on the shopping trip to Guangzhou.

Some of the delicacies that you will enjoy while on your shopping trip include:

  • The White Radish and Beef Offal
  • Wonton noodles
  • Steamed Vermicelli Roll
  • Guangzhou Special Soup

Modes of Payment to use when Importing from Guangzhou Wholesale Market

Guangzhou suppliers do not accept other currencies such as the dollar or British pound.

The main currency in use while importing from Guangzhou is the RBM.

In case you have to pay cash for the cargo, then you must have the cash in RBM.

Apart from that, you can do bank transfers especially with more organized suppliers who have established bank accounts.

How to get Warehouse Services when Importing from China

As the goods await shipping, you will have to store them in a warehouse which can be a challenge to find.

Here are some of the options that you can explore to get very good warehouse services for your cargo.

  • You can get proper warehouse service through the help of the sourcing agent who can ensure proper storage.
  • Apart from that, there are suppliers who offer the complete package which involve storage of the goods as well.
  • Additionally, your freight forwarder can organize for warehousing of the cargo as it waits to ship to your destination.

How to Find Guangzhou Freight Forwarder when Importing from Guangzhou Wholesale Market

A freight forwarder will be the main link between your goods and the destination of the goods.

You can get a freight forwarder through references from other credible suppliers or through proper research.

You must, however, be careful not fall victim of inefficient freight forwarder who will mishandle your cargo.

In that case, here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a freight forwarder:

  • Credibility of the freight forwarder in terms of how efficient they are in handling cargo
  • Experience of the freight forwarder to understand the skill level of the freight forwarder
  • Proper documentation to know that the freight forwarder is complying to the rules and regulations.
  • Membership to particular known organizations as an indication of proper financial power.

Disadvantages of Shopping in Guangzhou Wholesale Market

Guangzhou electronics market

Unfortunately, shopping from Guangzhou may not be as rosy as it has certain pitfalls.

Some of disadvantages that you may experience in Guangzhou wholesale market include:

· Unreliable Suppliers

Simply because a supplier has a booth in Guangzhou wholesale market, there is no guarantee that they are reliable.

You might come across shady suppliers who will supply you with very low-quality products.

Apart from that, there suppliers who can also defraud you of your money in Guangzhou wholesale market.

· Language Barrier

Most of the suppliers that you will meet on different booths do not have the ability to speak English.

You might have to hire a translator to help you with the translation the terns under use.

· Mode of Monetary Currency

In Guangzhou, most of the trades will not take US Dollars and will only accept RMB.

Implying that you will have to change your currency to RMB for easy payment options.

· Lack of Export Transport

Here, most of the suppliers in Guangzhou do not transport cargo overseas except for locally.

You must, therefore, look for a freight forwarder who will organize proper transport for your cargo.

· Unsuitable Products

You may also find products in Guangzhou that are not suitable for export to your destination country.

In this case, you will only purchase the products that will easily gain access into your destination country.

Where to Buy Bags in Guangzhou Wholesale Market?

Guangzhou has 24 wholesale markets with different types of bags for you to choose from.

Some of the top markets where you can consider purchasing the bag include:

  • Zhongyang Leatherwear Mall located at 11-21, Sanyuanli Avenue, Baiyun District in Guangzhou
  • Jinyi Leatherwear Plaza located at 1453, Jieffangbei Road, Baiyun District in Guangzhou

You can purchase different types of bags such as wallets, backpacks, and handbags that are made of leather materials.

How to Verify Quality of Products in Guangzhou Wholesale Market.

It is very important to verify the quality of the products that you intend to purchase from Guangzhou wholesale market.

This will help you avoid being a victim of counterfeit goods from fraudulent suppliers.

You can check the quality of the good by checking if they meet the technical specifications.

In case of machines, you can conduct tests on the machines to ensure that it is of good quality.

A credible supplier should also be able to provide after sales services such as installation to ensure quality products.

Using such tests, the supplier will ensure that the machines meet the right technical specifications.

As you can see, there are many products you can get in Guangzhou whole same market.

At BanSar, together with our partners, we make sourcing and shipping from Guangzhou simple.

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