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Anti slip Hair Wigs Importing from China scaled
Anti-slip Hair Wigs Importing from China

Anti-slip hair wigs works best for people who are completely bald. It gently grips your scalp and therefore needs no elastic adjuster. China’s hair wig suppliers mostly in Guangdong and Shandong  has manufactured a lightweight and very comfortable ant-slip hair wig that is suitable for people who are not completely bald. These manufacturers assures you a high-quality products at an affordable price.

Full Lace Wigs Importing from China
Full Lace Wigs Importing from China

If you want a hair wig that can be styled, parted or can be brushed in any way you want, full lace wig is perfect for you. China’s leading hair wig manufacturer has made a full lace wigs that worth the price while ensuring its high-quality performance.

Hairpieces Importing from China
Hairpieces Importing from China

Hairpieces merely enhances the look of a person’s natural hair. If you want to have a wig that looks like a natural hair, China wig manufacturers in Guangdong, Shandong and Hunan are supplying hairpieces that can blend in with the hair and gives shape to a person’s hairstyle with just an affordable price.

Human Hair Wigs Importing from China 2
Human Hair Wigs Importing from China

For the best-looking and most realistic hairdo, wigs made of human hair are the smartest choice. Verified wig manufacturers in China have made the best-quality hair texture and the price depends on the quality of the hair itself so the prices may vary.

Lace front Hair Wigs Importing from China 1
Lace front Hair Wigs Importing from China

Lace front hair wig is a little thicker and there might be clips sewn into it so that the wig stays in place while you’re wearing it. If you are looking for this kind of wig, manufacturer in China can offer a lot for you. These factories created this type of wig so that the wearer can actually select his or her own hairline while ensuring its quality and reasonable price.

Lace Hair Wigs Importing from China
Lace Hair Wigs Importing from China

Lace hair wigs fits over the scalp for a natural look and feels. In China, mostly in Guangdong and Shandong, there are manufacturers that supplies lace hair wigs that is custom-made so that they fit your head perfectly. They assure you a high-quality product at the best price.

Monofilament Hair Wigs Importing from China
Monofilament Hair Wigs Importing from China

Monofilament hair wigs look the same as the skin surrounding your hair and it can be parted or brushed in any direction as you wish. In Guangdong and Shangdong, there are factories that is manufacturing this type of wig. They used a lot softer material than the regular cap so they are perfect if you have thinning or balding hair or a sensitive scalp. These manufacturers offers you an affordable price.

Synthetic Hair Wigs Importing from China
Synthetic Hair Wigs Importing from China

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, prefer short- to mid-length hair, don’t need  much styling or care for the wig, and intend to use the wig only on a short-term basis, synthetic hair wig is an excellent choice. China wig manufacturers can offers you a high-quality and an affordable synthetic hair wigs that will serve a good purpose.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Hair Shipping?

Sea Freight from China to 2 8
Shipping hair by sea is the most efficient and cost-effective mode of transporting shipments.
Air Freight from China to 9
For fast delivery of your hair, shipping by air is your best choice. Cargo tightly managed and reduced damaged orders.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 9
Choosing rail freight is perfect for your large volume hair orders that traveled in long distances.
Door to Door Service China to 1 7
Door to door delivery has been providing fast, effective and delivery to any postal items or parcel.

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Best 20 Hair Manufacturers in China

1 Guangzhou Labor Hair Factory

For more than 13 years, Guangzhou Labor Hair Factory is expertly trade-in with the hair industry. This company specializes in synthetic hair and human hair products. Their factory is situated in Guangzhou and covers 1600 square meters. Some of their products include clips hair, hair bulk, hair weft, ponytails, and so on.

2 Guangzhou Fabulous Hair

Guangzhou Fabulous Hair Co., Ltd in China is an executive supplier and manufacturer of fabulous human hair products over the 12 years. Within the years of development, the company now owns 3 big huge branches and 1 big factory. The human hair categories they produce include Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, European hair, and so on.

3 Ningbo Jiangbei Shiquan Gifts 

The company manufactures and supplies any kind of human hair products. All are with the highest quality and offered at reasonable prices. They continuously enhance their capacity in innovating the hair products to reach customer`s expectations. They make sure to export human hair to worldwide with no defects as their quality mission.

4 Juancheng Shangkai Hair Products Factory

Juancheng Shangkai Hair Products Factory is one of the premier reliable manufacturers and exporter of human hair products. Since the establishment in the year 2000, this company now develops with more than 400 employees and production capabilities of 200, 000 PCS of hair products monthly. They only present 100% high leveled human hair.

5 Guangzhou Baolai Hair Products Co., Ltd

The Guangzhou Baolai Hair Products Co., Ltd was located in Heze City, Shandong Province of Mainland China. Shandong province is the distribution center in China, and also the biggest human hair manufacturing company. Incorporated in 2008, dedicated their services to human hair-producing for almost a decade now. Also focused on trading, producing, researching, and development for human hair production.

6 Shandong Lacer Hair Trading Co., Ltd.

Cooperatively exports and manufactures human hair and human extensions products to support hairdressers, hair shops, hair salons, etc. They deliver and exported well-processed hair products to over 6 continents and 126 regions nation-wide. They have been doing their very best in the industry for over 30 years. One of our greatest goals is to provide the highest quality hair products, but also maintain professional and personalized connections with every client.

7 F&R Beauty Co., Ltd.

F&R Beauty Co., Ltd was stationed in Yunnan Province, Kunming City, China. Kunming City is the center and the largest hair market among Asia countries. Presently, the F&R Beauty Co., Ltd finally owns 2 forest farms, 8 growing bases, 300+ workers, which helps to produce 5000 human hair products. Expert in giving customer service, quality management, and delivery service.

8 Xuchang BeautyHair Fashion Co. Ltd.

The Xuchang BeautyHair Fashion Co. Ltd is most professional, as well reliable manufacturer of all types of hair including natural hair, synthetic hair, human hair wigs, lace wigs, hair extensions, and many more. The team has many clients that come from foreign countries, such as Japan, Europe, Oceania, etc. They gained high respect from regional customers because of their great quality services and productions.

9 Changge Elegant Hair Products Co., Ltd.

As an ISO and SGS registered manufacturer in China, Changge Elegant Hair Products Co., Ltd is also known as the largest distributor and collecting center of highest quality human hair items. It is also a trusted exporter since the beginning of 2010. World`s popular company due to its exceptional technicians, well-experienced, and remarkable quality control team.

10 Juancheng Changshunfa Crafts Company

Juancheng Changshunfa Crafts is a well-recognized enterprise, focusing on producing a wide variety of human hair extensions. You can exactly find their factory in a small city in Juancheng. Juancheng City is China`s biggest hair distributing center. Since 1999, they provide customers with various high-quality hair extensions choices. This factory accepts OEM and ODM services in order to support you. Yearly, the factory`s annual production capabilities reach up to 300, 000 pieces.

11 Tedhair Limited

Since 2008, TedHair provides top-quality hair products and services at the best price with extraordinary customer service to many vendors, salons, distributors, and online store owners throughout the world. Ted Hair supply virgin Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, Brazilian hair, and many more. The company becomes the leading and premier manufacturer in China for such a good reputation brings.

12 Kabeilu Hair Factory

Specialized in producing high-class, full, long, and beautiful hair virgin human hair for more than 11 years. Guangzhou Kabeilu Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional and dedicated manufacturer located in Guangzhou, China. Gained best reputation in the beauty market industry with hard-working 600+ employees who integrate into meticulous research and development.

13 XBL hair Factory

Established in 2001, Guangzhou XBL Hair Products Co,.Ltd. has 21 years of rich experience in human hair fabrication and marketing sales. They sell all types of hair products to meet your demands such as Brazilian hair bundles, Remy hair, virgin hair, human hair bundle, and so on. Place your orders now to be satisfied!

14 Xuchang Longshengyuan Hair Products Co., Ltd

A company engaged in vigorous research and creating virgin hair extensions, unprocessed hair, Remy hair, etc. with advanced techniques and styles. The company owns over 12,000 square meters of factory size with 500+ workers and a modern production line. They can make 250,000 pieces per month average output.

15 AY Hair Products Co., Ltd.

Established in 2001, AY Hair Products Co., Ltd is one of the most reliable and premium manufacturers located in Qingdao City, China. Your one-stop-shop solution for hair product needs. Plus, they also offer customized products, for example, exchanging color, texture, material, lengths, according to a client request. For more than 13 years of expertness in the hair industry, they know and understand every client’s demands.

16 Black Show Hair

Offers luxurious, silky, smooth, and elegant hair extensions to entrepreneurs, wholesalers, retailers, salon professionals and distributors worldwide, Black Show Hair is a very popular manufacturer with vast experience you can trust on! The company pride themself on offering originality, variety, and distinctive extensions made with high-standards finishes and materials. Black Show Hair is willing to assist you in finding the perfect virgin hair for your business.

17 NewTimes Hair International Industries Co. LTD

With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing high-end human hair for men’s and women’s hair, NewTimes Hair International’s progression over the years allows them to diversify their product range. Offers you a comprehensive range of high-quality hair products, excellent professional and technicians, customer service, and everything you need with ease.

18 Beauty Stage Hair Co., Ltd

Provides the cheapest price of high-quality hair products in China, which founded in 2005. Beauty Stage Hair Co., LTD is specialized in supplying hair products, such as virgin hair, wig, lace closure, lace frontal, etc. with more than 13 years of efforts and development.

19 Bboss Hair Products Co., Ltd

Located in Guangzhou, China, Bboss Hair Products Co., Ltd is one of the major suppliers and manufacturers assures you the top-notch human hair extensions products at competitive prices. They aim to build long term relationships with all customers around the world. They accept orders of all sizes, big or small quantities.

20 Guangzhou Leis Hair Factory Co., Ltd,

Guangzhou Leis Hair Factory Co., Ltd, is expert and specialized in manufacturing and exporting unique, high-quality human hair weave, human hair extension, lace wig, synthetic wig, and accessories for over 20 years of experience. For many years in the field, they gained a good reputation in foreign and domestic markets for remarkable products and superior customer satisfaction.

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