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Importing Hand Tools from China
Importing Bradawl from China

A bradawl is a hand tool with a pointed blade similar to a straight screwdriver and a handle made from wood or plastic. If you’re looking for hand tools, Zhejiang is one of the largest manufacturers of hand tools if you’re going to fix your car to any appliances at home.

Importing Clamps from China

A clamp is a fastening device used to hold or secure objects tightly together to prevent movement or separation via an inward application. Clamps can be temporary, as used to position components while fixing them together, or they can be permanent. They are usually used in repair jobs, to assemble furniture or DIY projects at home, you can import hand tools from China.

Importing Hammer from China

A hammer is designed to deliver high force on a small area. The tool is made of a long wooden stick, attached to a block of metal. It can be used for driving nails, breaking objects and forging metal. If you have difficulty in finding high quality of hand tools, China is highly recommended if you are importing hand tools.

Importing Knives from China

We are not talking about your kitchen knives here. Every home tool kit should have an industrial grade knife. Used for opening boxes, letters, or cutting not so tough materials. For safety measures, make sure the knife blade has a locking mechanism when not in use. China is a knife and tool company dedicated to creating the world’s strongest, sharpest, knives, swords, tomahawks, machetes, cutlery, tools for every day uses.

Importing Pliers from China

Pliers are common hand tools found in almost every household. They help to hold objects firmly, bend other materials, and remove unwanted elements. Jiangsu is the major manufacturer of standard pliers in hand tools in the Chinese hardware industry.

Importing Scissors from China

A most common tool found in every household, scissors are multi-purpose tools. They are useful in every situation, be it for a school project, in the kitchen, a DIY job, or anything you need. It can be useful in opening packages or boxes.

Importing Screwdrivers from China

Screwdrivers come in various shapes and sizes by hand tools manufacturers in China.  It is one of the must-have tools in a household utility kit. They can be used to screw or unscrew nails on any surface, to tighten the hinges, install light switches, or assemble furniture. If you need this at home, China is the best manufacturers of high class hand tools in Asia.

Tape Measure
Importing Tape Measure from China

Tape measure is a must-have in every home tool kit. They are useful in taking the room or wall measurements. China has a wide variety of measuring tape options available to you and a lot of choices that you can from plastic, metal, and polyester.

Importing Wrench from China

A wrench is used to grip and turn objects. They are helpful in assembling furniture or bike repairs where it can be used to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts. It helps to fix your car and other appliance at home.

Importing No Welding Connection Hand Tool From China
Importing No Welding Connection Hand Tool From China

Whether you are using it for airconditioning installation, refrigerator repair, or plumbing, no welding connection hand tool can provide you with an efficient fire-free connection solution, contact us now.

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Best 20 Hand Tools Manufacturer in China

1. Sinotools Industrial

Sinotools is one of the biggest hand tools manufacturers in China. They can offer a great business relationship with clients. For more than 20 years, Sinotools is committed to offering the best quality products at competitive prices. With their dedicated and professional team, Sinotools can provide you a broad range of hand tools products.

2. Zhejiang SALI AbrasiveTechnology CO., Ltd 

SALI has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality hand tools. All their hand tools are manufactured with various quality standards and certifications. SALI always update the performance of the products to meet the markets’ stable quality. They always look forward to being your business partner!

3. Pangu Industrial

Pangu Industrial was established in 1996. They specialize in manufacturing a wide range of hand tools such as a hammer, wrecking bar, ax, and more. They have advanced hand tool production facilities and production processes. With that, Pangu Industrial can meet your OEM processing requirements. Pangu Industrial offers innovative and reformed hand tools.

4. Wintek Tools

Wintek Tools has been a professional manufacturer of hand tools in China for many years. Through their professional production lines, Wintek Tools can produce a complete range of hand tools for your needs. All their products are perfect for you and the market’s demand quality.

5. KSEIBI Tools

KSEIBI Tools is a global company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality hand tools. They offer the best quality hand tools with reasonable pricing. KSEIBI also has excellent sales and marketing support to attain the best economic results. All the services and products will be catered according to your needs!

7. Hangzhou TLE Import & Export Co., Ltd.

With their rich experience in manufacturing top-quality hand tools, Hangzhou TLE Import & Export Co., Ltd has gained thousands of customers from around the world. They also have a team of dedicated professionals to provide high-quality hand tools. They also offer excellent and professional services to all their customers.

7. C&A Tools

C&A Tools is an expert manufacturer of all kinds of hand tools for over a decade. They provide the best quality hand tools with competitive price, promote delivery, and reliable quality. They always ensure the quality of the products and maintain good relationships with customers worldwide.

8. Hangzhou Sunlight Hardware Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Sunlight Hardware Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of hand tools in China. With their world-class machinery, production facilities, and technology, Hangzhou Sunlight Hardware Co., Ltd can provide you a complete range of hand tools. They are your one-stop solution for your hand tools needs.

9. Shun De DaLiang JiaTian hard tool Co., Ltd

Shun De DaLiang JiaTian hard tool Co., Ltd is an expert manufacturer of all kinds of hand tools such as screwdrivers, plier, wrench, and more. They have a skillful R&D team that timely innovative products to meet your needs and market demand. To improve product quality, Shun De DaLiang JiaTian hard tool Co., Ltd employs a strict quality control team. They also offer OEM services for you!

10. Zhangjiagang Realtek Tools Co., Ltd

Realtek Tools manufactures different types of hand tools. Realtek Tools relies on innovation and continuous improvement to ensure the quality of the products. They offer zero-defect and zero-complaint services to meet customers’ demands. Realtek offers high-quality hand tools at a reasonable cost.

11. Wenzhou Meters Int’l Trade Co., Ltd

Meters company is a worldwide manufacturer of complete set hand tools. Among their products are hose clamp, strike tools, and more. They offer the best services and the highest quality hand tools. Meters company welcomes customers from around the world.

12. Fuzhou Winwin Industrial Co., Ltd

Winwin Industrial is a professional Chinese manufacturer of the best quality hand tools. Their full range of hand tools includes mechanic tools, measuring tools, fastening tools, striking tools, etc. They have a well-equipped testing center to ensure the quality of their products and meet customers’ requirements.

13. Ningbo DACO Commodity Co., Ltd

Since its establishment, Daco Commodity offers a wide variety of hand tools that can meet every customers’ multifarious needs. They offer OEM and ODM services. DACO Commodity always maintains good customer service and high-quality products.

14. Jiangsu JieJie Tools Co., Ltd

In JJ Tools, all products specially hand tools, are well-organized. They have a strict quality control team to thoroughly inspect every step from designing to producing. All the products are manufactured according to various international standards. JJ Tools offers strong support and quality-guaranteed products.

15. Hangzhou Sworld Industrial & Trade Co., Ltd

Their company specializes in manufacturing hand tools with stable quality, reasonable cost, fast delivery, and quick response. S-world also offers versatility, requested quality, scheduled delivery, and cost-saving services.

16. Fame Top Industrial Limited

Fame Top Industrial Limited has earned a reputation as a professional manufacturer of hand tools. Since their establishment, they never stop providing trustworthy and reliable services. They obtained quality system certification from ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004. All their products have met different market requirements. They also maintain stable and strong business relationships with their customers.

17. Guangzhou OKMA Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd

OKMA Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of superior quality hand tools. They manufacture hand tools out of the finest materials with exact tolerances and can withstand under industrial conditions. They specialize in research and product development. OKMA offers an affordable price, high-quality products, and fast delivery.

18. Z and Y Tool Supply Co., Ltd

Having engaged in manufacturing hand tools for many years, they can assure you a quality-guaranteed product. They also assure prompt delivery of your products. They usually ship products within 10-30 days upon receiving orders.

19. Shanghai Crownrich Enterprise Co., Ltd

From sourcing to quality control, artwork design, production to packaging, Shanghai Crownrich Enterprise Co., Ltd can provide your needs. They have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing perfect hand tools.  They offer quality service, high-quality products, reasonable cost, and a strong command of supply chain management.

20. Jiangsu Universal Industrial Co., Ltd

Universal Industrial focuses on manufacturing professional quality hand tools. Every product is strictly controlled by their quality control team. From designing, producing to packing, every step is under control. They manufacture functional, efficient, and high-performance hand tools at a reasonable cost.

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