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Baguette Handbag
Baguette Handbag Importing from China

If you searched for handbags, we know thousands of professional suppliers and manufacturers of baguette handbags in China that perfectly fit in what you’re searching for. And one of them is Yiwu in China, an excellent choice for you to buy trendy and affordable fashion handbags that are made in China.

Barrel Handbag
Barrel Handbag Importing from China

All girls or women want a fashioned bags that suit to whatever they wear and can carry numerous objects for travel. Lots of handbags in China that are fine quality materials, simple yet elegant handbags that perfectly suit your taste. If you didn’t know, China is the source of high quality barrel bag supplied by verified and experienced manufacturers.

Bucket Handbag
Bucket Handbag Importing from China

When it comes to high-end handbags or leather handbags, GuangZhou is the largest market for handbag goods in China and the undisputed leader of the entire industry of handbags, where you can find dozens of handbags manufacturers.

Doctors Handbag
Doctor's Handbag Importing from China

Finding for the best selection of affordable doctor style handbags? China has a wide variety of designs listed that can incorporate your personal. They also manufacture your own handbags and bag designs. One of them is Yiwu International Trade City, the largest wholesale market for small commodities on the planet, which is about 600 standard football fields large. If you’re planning on importing handbags from China, it’s the best place for you.

Envelope Clutch Handbag
Envelope Clutch Handbag Importing from China

Clutch handbag has been lost in antiquity, but few can’t deny it’s important to women in society and must have for every women’s wardrobe. For the past years, China sold over 4 million designer handbags to the global market. It is a proof that they had a good reputation in manufacturing high-end products.

Frame Handbag
Frame Handbag Importing from China

Choosing an attractive bag is important, as we all want to look good. If you want to import handbags, China has many bag manufacturing hubs and each of them has its very distinctive features and products of expertise and ship their products worldwide if you want personalized hand made bags they made it for you.

Hobo Handbag
Hobo Handbag Importing from China

For women, handbags are the most functional, hard-working accessories in the closet. If you’re planning on importing handbags from China, you can find a reliable supplier in China and Guangzhou is famous in producing bags and the price is very affordable handbags.

Messenger Handbag
Messenger Handbag Importing from China

Whatever style, cross body or over the shoulder, China offers the best messenger bags for men and women. You can find lightweight styles bags with adjustable straps that are tough as nails, comfortable on and off the bike, ideal for travel, work and with enough room to carry all of your gear wherever you’re going.

Quilted Handbag
Quilted Handbag Importing from China

The handbag market in China is growing due to a growing preference for high-end luxury brands. If you want to import handbags from China, shop from the world’s largest selection and best deals for handbags, and you can find a top rated quality of handbags in Guangzhou and Yiwu in China which are the largest market of handbags in the country.

Saddle Handbag
Saddle Handbag Importing from China

Looking for best and affordable handbags? Guangzhou is the best choice for the hottest and trendy products of handbags. You can choose different types of lightweight and style handbags that you like and suits your preference.

Importing Backpack purse from China
Importing Backpack purse from China

Looking for a backpack purse? Bansar, as a professional freight forwarder, we are familiar with the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Additionally, we can recommend the perfect fit for your business. One of the provinces that has outstanding, a large selection of suppliers is in Yiwu.

Importing Basket bag from China
Importing Basket bag from China

Discover the latest basket bag from experienced manufacturers and suppliers in China. High-quality basket bag offer in a wide variety. You can get wholesale basket bags at affordable prices. Most manufacturers can be found in Ningbo, Yiwu, Shenzhen. When it comes to trendy and fashionable basket bags made in China are your best options.

Importing Duffle bag from China
Importing Duffle bag from China

When it comes to high-quality yet affordable duffle bag, China manufacturers and suppliers is your top choice. Import premium quality duffle bag supplied by experienced manufacturers at Chinese factories. These trusted suppliers guarantee that your brand stands out in the market. A wide selection of styles, designs of duffle bags is available for you to choose from.

Importing Folder purse from China
Importing Folder purse from China

The foldable purse in Chinese market continuously grows. If you want to import high-quality foldable purse in China, you can shop high-end products from top suppliers and manufacturers in Ningbo, Yiwu, Shenzhen area. You can find a perfect foldable purse for your business.

Importing Miniaudiere from China
Importing Miniaudiere from China

Miniaudiere is made from/ with silk, printed leather, beads & crystals making it adorable and classy. In China, you will find leading designers and manufacturers of fashionable miniaudiere. As a professional freight forwarder company, Bansar knows well-known suppliers and manufacturer in China that can be your reliable partner soon.

Importing Sachet Handbag from China
Importing Sachet Handbag from China

Shop range of sachet handbag from leading manufacturer and supplier in China. The smart solutions can be avail ideal for any requirements, both business and personal. Most manufacturers offer bespoke services. Standard and custom sachet handbag can be an offer by leading sachet handbag manufacturer and supplier in China.

Importing Saddlebag handbag from China
Importing Saddlebag handbag from China

Chinese manufacturers and suppliers of saddlebag handbags offer a huge range of products made from fine materials. Find the perfect size saddlebag handbag with great features. Most manufactures of saddlebags in China are based on Shenzhen, Wuhan, Foshan, and Shanghai.

Importing Sling bag from China
Importing Sling bag from China

Sling bag is a convenient way to carry essentials anywhere. If you want to import, China will be your ideal place. There are lots of sling bag manufacturers and suppliers based from different cities and provinces. Guarantee and ensure safety as suppliers certified by industrial standards. There are a wide variety of bags available with many useful specifications.

Importing Tote Bag handbag from China
Importing Tote Bag handbag from China

Whether you’re looking classic tote bags or fashionable bags, you can surely find perfect handbags in China. If you want to import, no worries at all. There are many suppliers and manufacturers of tote bag handbag based on different areas. Some can be found in Guangzhou, Xiamen, Yiwu.

Importing Wristlet handbag from China
Importing Wristlet handbag from China

Looking for reliable suppliers and manufacturers of wristlet handbags in China? Bansar can lend a helping hand. We know most factories/companies designing wristlet bags. We can recommend the best one based on your requirements. When the need for business or any others, rest assured that in leading experienced manufacturer in China, you’re in a safe and ideal place.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Handbags Shipping?

sea freight shipping from China to 4 1
Shipping handbags by sea is the oldest transportation but everything is moved via large cargo containers and secured.
air Freight Shipping from China to
Shipping handbags from air is free from physical barriers. Follows the shortest and direct routes. The fastest freight solution.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 1
Much faster and more reliable, least affected by weather conditions and traffic jams.
Door to Door Shipping from China to 2
More expensive, but very convenient and delivery is fast. Saves time and effort.

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Importing Handbags from China: The Definitive Guide

Are you importing handbags from China and you don’t know the manufacturer and supplier in China?

Don’t miss this guide it’s for you.

It offers detailed information and you will be able to know about the Chinese market.

Importing Handbags from China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you want to profit from handbags business, then China offers a perfect market.

Whether you want designer handbags or personalized handbags, importing from China is a better option.

Today’s guide focuses on all the ins and outs of importing handbags from China.

How do you Check Quality of Handbags from China?

Hand bags made in china

Figure 1 Hand bags made in China

Being able to identify a low quality handbag is truly a helpful skill when making your purchase.

First, check what material it is made of. Mostly plastic bags are of low quality and to identify one just hold a lighter next to the bag.

If it’s cheap plastic you will see it melting immediately.

Second, look at the stitching. Mostly the inside stitching is what you should pay close attention to.

A quality bag will have its fabric lying flat and the stitching is aligned to the edge as compared to a low quality bag which will have tight threads and fabric not laid flat.

Also quality bags have their lining attached meaning you can’t adjust the lining inside out.

Is Importing Handbags from China Profitable?


You can make a huge income from importing anything from China including handbags.

Handbags are a necessity to most if not all women as they are not only used to carry valuables but also complement outfits.

Owing to this, handbag business is rapidly flourishing across several regions in China.

How do you Verify China Handbag Suppliers?

It’s important to ensure that you are purchasing from genuine handbag suppliers or manufactures to avoid risking your business.

For you to achieve this, make sure to consider the following factors;

 Hand bags on Alibaba

 Hand bag on Alibaba

These sites display thousands of suppliers and to add on that you are able to see whether they are verified or not. It’s actually the easiest ways you can verify handbag suppliers.

  • Check on the business license – If you spot terms like manufacture or produce the business is more likely to be genuine.
  • Lastly you can choose to work with a freight forwarder.

The reason being they are much experienced and oriented on the various know how’s in the field.

This puts them in a better position to easily make a verdict whether or not a handbag supplier is genuine.

Can you get Designer Handbags from China?


China is undoubtedly one such country with several handbag manufacturers including designer handbags.

Therefore be prepared to be spoilt for choices.

Remember, not all designer hand bags from China are genuine.

Some are just a replica of the actual products and many importers find themselves in challenging situation when deciding whether the handbag is fake or not.

The best way to avoid this is by using freight forwarders as they are oriented in this field and therefore finding a professional designer handbag wouldn’t be much of a hassle to them.

How do you Ship Handbags from China?

Shipping handbags from China can be done through several ways depending on your budget and

size of goods you are shipping.

More exactly,air, water, rail and road are the four major ways through which you can ship your handbags from China.

Most importers use sea freight to ship large amounts of goods reason being it is the cheapest as compared to other transport means.

If in any case you urgently need your handbags delivered then air freight is the ideal means for you.

Otherwise, you could also use road and rail transport if the country of destination borders China.

Choosing to work with freight forwarders will make your shipping work many ways easier as they will take care of all the shipping procedures until your handbags are delivered.

If you are newbie then I would recommend working with a freight forwarder just so as to avoid any first-time frustrations that may arise.

Which Incoterm is Cost-effective when Importing Handbags from China?

There are several Incotermsavailable for you to can use when importing handbags from China.

To single out the best you have to consider the risks and responsibilities to be met by you and your supplier.

FOB and CIF are some of the best and common incoterms used by most importers.

The reason behind this is because these two favor the importer as the freight forwarder will be responsible for most of the shipping processes.

How do China Handbag Manufacturers support OEM Business?

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM)businessrefers to a company that acquires or rather purchases equipment made by another company.

Most China handbag manufacturers allow other businesses to purchase their products and sell as their own otherwise supporting OWM businesses.

Should you Import Handbags from China through B2B Websites or Factory?

Importing directly from the factory is always the best idea not only for handbags but also any other type of import.

The reason as to why most importers prefer factory is due to the larger trade discounts.

As compared to importing from B2B websites, you have a n opportunity to effectively negotiate prices with your manufacturer on a face to face basis.

This not only boosts your bond but also your future business deals.

In as much as we are witnessing rapid growth in communication, purchasing from a B2B website won’t satisfy some of the doubts you might be having about the products produced by a certain manufacturer.

This drives us to another benefit of practicing factory purchasing.

Purchasingfrom factory will allow you to carefully assess the manufacturer and the products they produce and determine whether they are of your required quality.

In short, you can easily inspect your product.

What is the Import Duty for Handbags from China?

You are likely to pay an import duty of 14% when importing handbags from China with the global import duty rate standing at an average of 6.4%.

How can Freight Forwarder help when Importing Handbags from China?

Freight forwardersperform various shipping processes and that’s the reason why most importers opt for them.

With a freight forwarder, you are guaranteed the following;

  • Cost effectiveness – Shipping bod goods in bulk enable freight forwarders to get large trade discounts which otherwise reduces their costs.
  • First delivery – Their experience in shipping as well as the strict schedule they follow ensure that goods are delivered at expected time.
  • Flexibility – Freight forwarders are able to easily adjust to changes and this not only makes them flexible but also reliable.
  • Versatility- You don’t have to worry of any inconveniences as freight forwarders are able to swiftly sort out any arising issues regarding your shipment.
  • Freight forwarders save you the agony of having to worry about your shipment. You can continue with your daily routines without having to worry about your shipment.

Where can you Find Handbag Supplier in China?

Guanzhou and Yiwu are the most famous cities for handbags suppliers in China. Others include;

  • Guangdong
  • Pinghu
  • Zhejiang
  • Fujian
  • Shanghai
  • Shandong

Which are the Top Handbag Markets in China?

China has several handbags market and settling on the best might be quite challenging.

However, here is a quick highlight of the best handbag markets in China.

Leather handbag from China

 Leather handbag from China

  • Guangzhou bags wholesale market
  • Shengyi leather market
  • Baiyun World Leather Trading Centre
  • Jinyi Leatherwear Plaza
  • Zhuolong Leather Business Mall
  • Yisen Leather Building
  • Nantai Bags and Cases Leather Products Wholesale Market
  • Leather product Wholesale market of Hehuachi
  • Leather Product Wholesale market of Yiwu
  • Baigu, Hebei
  • Guihuagang, Guangzhou

Which Types of Handbags can you Import from China?

You can import nearly each and every type of handbag you wish to from China. This includes;

  • Barrel handbag
  • Doctors handbag
  • Bucket handbag
  • Quilted handbag
  • Hobo handbag
  • Envelope Clutch handbag
  • Saddle handbag
  • Frame handbag
  • Messenger handbag
  • Baguette handbag

Who are the Best Bag Suppliers in China?

Finding the best bag suppliers might be quite challenging factoring in the presence of many suppliers available to fulfill your needs.

Nevertheless, here are some of the best suppliers you could consider working with.

  • Alibaba
  • Chinabag888
  • China brands
  • DHgate
  • Aliexpress
  • Lox handbag factory
  • JD handbag factory
  • Rosegal
  • Global sources
  • net

Which Documents do you need When Importing Handbags from China?

For any type of importation to be successful, you will be required to have legal documents.

Some of the documents you will need when importing handbags from China include;

Shipping documents

 Shipping documents

  • Import/Export license– Certifies that the products being imported are authorized in the country of origin or delivery.
  • Bill of lading –A documents that gives detailed information about the cargo together with the terms of delivery.
  • Insurance certificate – An insurance certificate covers your goods against loss or damage.
  • Commercial invoice – A document issued by the exporter outlining the trade terms, goods being sold and the payment terms.
  • Bill of entry– A document that accounts for the goods being entered at a custom house giving details about the quantity, type and destination/origin of the goods.
  • Sales contract – Document prepared by both the exporter and the importer stipulating the terms and conditions governing delivery or exchange of the goods as well as the price.
  • Import declaration– A document that provides additional information concerning the goods being imported.

How can Chinese Sourcing Agent Help you Importing Handbags from China?

Sourcing agents help a great deal when doing any type of importation.

Especially if you are new in the field, it’s advisable to make good use of them as they will not only lessen your work but also take care of;

  • Custom Clearance
  • Quality inspection
  • Warehouse storage
  • Sourcing of handbags from China

How do you Import China Ladies Handbags?

Importing ladies handbags from China shouldn’t be quite a difficult task as you might have thought.

With proper planning everything should roll out smoothly.

First, you need to ensure you have a plan.

By this I mean, your budget, documents, transport system and other underlying factors need to be in check.

Looking for your desired supplier has been made much easier with the presence of several online platforms such as Alibaba, Made in China, and DHgate and Global sources among others.

Thereafter you can go ahead and negotiate prices with your manufacturer or supplier.

You can as well request for samples and most suppliers will be willing to send them.

Samples will enable you to know if the handbags are of the same quality you wanted.

Shipping your products from China will be the next step. There are four modes of transportation available for you to use including; air, water, roads and rail.

Depending on urgency you could choose either of them and your freight forwarder will take care of your shipment process.

What Specifications should you Consider when Importing Handbags from China?

There are certain considerations you need to put in mind when importing handbags from China.

Some of them include;

  • Legal documents required –Yu will be requires to have documents such as bill of lading, import license, commercial invoice and insurance certificate just to mention a few,.
  • Custom procedures– You can have this done by a freight forwarder.
  • Mode of Shipping – In our case, handbags can be shipped via all the four modes of transport(air, water, road and rail)anf therefore it’s upto you to decide which one best suites your preferences.
  • Quality of the handbags you are purchasing
  • Where to purchase handbags in China
  • Intercoms applicable – To be on the safer side, choose intercoms that will favor you more than the exporter.
  • Types of handbags to import – Assess your market first then find the types of handbags that are high on demand.

How can you Import Handbags from Alibaba?

The first thing you would want to do is setting up an account with Alibaba.

Having done that, you will be able to commence your search for an appropriate supplier.

Amazon makes it super easy for you to spot a good supplier as you can directly see their rating, location and years of experience and therefore able to make a quick decision.

Next thing would be to contact the supplier.

Remember to keep your enquiry short and precise and let them know you are seriously interested in the handbags.

This enables them to consider you quickly as suppliers are usually bombarded with several emails on a daily basis.

After all details are confirmed, you can now request for a sample product which might either be free or charged.

The reason as to why some suppliers charge for their samples is to ensure that you are genuine.

Once the sample is delivered, keenly analyze it to ensure it meets your preferred quality standards.

With everything in place, you can now proceed to making your first order.

It’s key to note that it is not advisable to order in bulk more so if you are a newbie.

Start small and test the market then afterwards you could consider increasing your handbag inventory.

For your shipping process, you can choose to make use of freight forwarders or sourcing agents and therefore you will have minimal work to take care of.

Depending on urgency, distance and your budget, shipping can be done through these four main transport modes; air, water, road and rail.

It is without saying that air transport is fastest and most expensive mode while water transport is the direct opposite.

Your freight forwarder should be in a position to give you proper advice regarding shipment and therefore you shouldn’t worry much when working with a good freight forwarder.

Can China Handbag Suppliers Deliver to Amazon FBA?


Amazon offers an opportunity for  China handbag suppliers to deliver to Amazon FBA.

How do you get Best Prices when Importing Handbags from China?

Before embarking on shipping handbags from China, you would want to soak yourself in knowledge on how you can get great deals on quality handbags in order to achieve high-profit margins.

First, purchasing directly from the manufacturer is much cheaper.

This is due to the fact that you will not only get large trade discounts but also get to communicate with your manufacturer on one to one basis for the benefit of your future importations.

Secondly, learn how to bargain.

In as much as the price might seem quite affordable, you might be surprised at how much cheaper you can buy the same handbag after bargaining.

Nevertheless, be cautious when dealing with manufacturers offering too good to be true prices as they might be dealing with low quality handbags.

You could as well land on great deals if you make bulk purchases.

Most if not all manufacturers will be willing to sell to you at relatively affordable prices when you buy in bulk as compared to making small purchases.

On the other hand, making use of freight forwarders and sourcing agents might be of much benefit especially if you are new in this business.

Have you imagined realizing that you purchased low quality handbags and to add salt to the injury you get scammed during shipment processes?

This is the worst ordeal any importer would face.

Freight forwarders have spread networks with different companies and therefore are able to secure best deals for their clients.

Can China Handbag Manufacturers offer Free Samples?


Most if not all Chinese handbag manufacturers are willing to offer free samples upon request.

However, some might require you to pay a small amount of cash just so as to assure them you are a serious buyer.

Best 20 Handbags Manufacturers in China


Specializing in manufacturing handbags, wallets, and backpacks, SLBAG became one of the best manufacturers in China. All of their products are crafted in finest-quality material. The company has more than 300 workers able to make 3,500 handbag styles. SLBAG provides a one-stop solution and quick production times to meet every need.

2 J.D Handbag Factory

J.D Handbag Factory is also one of the leading handbag manufacturers in China. Focusing on manufacturing various fashionable handbags, this company provide the best solution for their customers. Also, they have professional management and development team to do so. Their monthly turnout reached 80,000 units.

3 Versse

Established in 2004, Versee Bags Factory s developing and manufacturing all types of fashionable handbags. Their main products are shoulder bags, tote bags, hobos bags, satchel bags, bowling bags, women purses, and wallets. Versse can do OEM and ODM service. This company produces monthly output of around 60,000 pieces. They are selling products around the world.

4 LOX HANDBAG Co. Limited

LOX Handbag Co. Limited is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. It covers an area of 6,000 sq ft with more than 180 employees. This company is equipped with advanced production equipment and a talented team to manage production. Include in their offers are fashion bags, cosmetic bags, shopping bags, computer bags, sports safety equipment as well.

5 Orient Handbag Manufacture Co., Ltd

Orient Handbag Manufacture Co., Ltd was established in 1983. They are providing excellent workmanship and the best customer service to their customers around the world. Orient factory has been certified by ISO9001 and also passes SA8000. Their production line includes backpacks, tote bags, laptop bags, makeup bags, and promotional items.

6 Boshen Leather Goods

Established in 1993, Guangzhou Boshen Leather Goods Co., Ltd is providing genuine leather products including leather handbags, women’s bags, men’s bags, wallets, and belts. This manufacturer has been one of the top 10 manufacturers of leather goods in Guangdong, China. Over 25 years of focusing on a high-quality leather handbags, they are able to export products countries around the world.

7 Ceso April

Guangzhou Ceso April Handbag Factory was established in 1999. This company is located in Huadu, China. They are one of the leading handbag manufacturers with 220+ workers, wide showrooms, and talented design teams. Specializing in producing all types of handbags, they offer high-quality bags like lady bags, backpacks, men’s bags, fashion bags, and more.

8 Guangzhou Zhong Ding Company

Based in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, Zhong Ding has been in this field for over 5 years. Specializing in manufacturing high-quality handbags, they offer a wide variety of bags including crossbody bags, shopping bags, tote bags, gift bags, and more. Guangzhou Zhong Ding Company became one of the leading handbag manufacturers not just in China but also in overseas countries.

9 Xiamen Benshine

Specializing in manufacturing custom bags, Xiamen Benshine turns to be one of the leading factories in China. Since 2013, Xiamen Benshine got the Import and Export License issued by PRC. Their main products are medical bags, crossbody bags, drawstring bags, guitar bags, diaper bags, and more. They are exporting products to American and European markets.

10 BagGo BinGo

BagGo BinGo is a manufacturing expert in China. They offer custom-made bags, bespoke leather purse, and other handbags effectively. They are providing the best solutions in terms of bag projects. BagGo BinGo is offering the product at a reasonable price. Also, they provide fast turn-around and professional services.

11 Yun Qing Leatherware Co., Ltd

Yun Qing Leatherware Co., Ltd is located in Huadu, Guangzhou, China. They are one of the expert suppliers, retailers, distributors, and importers in fashionable bags. Yun Qing fashion bags include handbags, backpacks, crossbody bags, shoulder bags, clutch bags, and more. The company main businesses are OEM and ODM.

12 Dreamway Tote Bag Factory

As a professional handbag factory in China, Dreamway is making bags that can be custom-made and offer wholesale bags with a custom logo. This factory has 15+ years of experience in the industry. They are manufacturing and exporting all kinds of fashion bags in the world. Dreamway has provides a one-stop solution for their customers.

13 Guangzhou Gionar Leather Co., Ltd

More than 18 years in the service, Guangzhou Gionar Leather Co., Ltd has been leading manufacturer and trader in China. This company provides wholesale service – OEM and ODM all over the world. Their main products are leather handbags, clutch bags, wallets, backpacks, belts, and other cases. They have two production factories and 10 cooperative factories. With highly trained professionals, the company offers professional design products.

14 Autron Leather Industry Co., Ltd

Autron manufacturing facilities are located in Huadu, Guangdong Province. They are providing products all over the world. Autron produces fashionable bags utilizing recycled and renewable materials. They provide a one-stop solution for their valued customers, from designing to finished the process of manufacturing.

15 Brenton Asia

Driven by creative and advanced manufacturing technology, Brenton Asia became a leading specialist in handbags in China. With its rich experience in the fashion handbag industry, they work together to create, develop, and produce handbags providing a high impact on the market. This company can also tailored-made products as request.

16 ABC Handbags Manufacturing Co. Ltd

ABC Handbags is a manufacturer of lady bags and leather purses with 10+ year factory experience. With strong knowledge and expertise, they are offering superior quality bags considering their own specifications. Their factory covers an area of 3000 sq m plus they have independent designing and making divisions. ABC Handbags Manufacturing Co. Ltd offers a vast range of bags with different patterns.

17 Badi Industry Co., Ltd

Badi Industry Co., Ltd was established in 1995. They are a professional manufacturer for all kinds of bags and wallets in China. They are exporting their products all over the world plus they are cooperating with several brands. Incorporating skillful workers and design teams, their offered bags have been popular in the world market.

18 Guangzhou New Leather Bags., Ltd

Guangzhou New Leather Bags., Ltd specializing in producing and designing handbags for coupled of years. Included in their products are real leather bags, straw bags, luxury evening bags, PU leather bags, cosmetic bags, and a lot more. This company is located in Guangzhou, China. They have an excellent production team, production equipment, and eco-friendly bags. Their products are exported in the US, Canada, Italy, South Korea, and 30+ countries around the world.

19 Evergreen Leather Goods., Ltd

Established in 2003, Evergreen Leather Goods., Ltd is a professional manufacturer in lady bags. With many years of development, this company has now 80+ employees and a wide factory workshop. Their main products include leather handbags, clutch bags, evening bags, travel sets, wallets, purse, and more. They are exporting products over 50,000 pieces monthly. Evergreen Leather Goods., Ltd is exporting products to the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Russia, and other markets.

20 Kelvin Corp

Kelvin Corp was founded in the year 2007. They are one of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers in China. They stand out providing OEM and ODM service with rich expertise. Kelvin is producing a wide variety of bags including storage bags, organizer and kid’s bags, cooler bags, diaper bags, and more. Over the years, they are providing quality bags with 100% fully inspected.

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