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hotel linen from china
Linen Closet
Linen Closet Importing from China

A closet with deep shelves and drawers for the storage of domestic linens such as towels, tablecloths, and sheets. Are you importing Linen Closet for your hotel? Bansar recommends you to import from professional Chinese Linen closet and other hotel linen manufacturers. These manufacturers offers high quality linen closet at an affordable price.

Sideboard and Pantry
Sideboard and Pantry Importing from China

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Sideboard and Pantry for an affordable price from professional Chinese sideboard and pantry and other hotel linen manufacturers. Bansar will help you find the most reliable and trusted manufacturers.

Table Linens
Table Linens Importing from China

Elevate your table setting with simple and stylish table linens, perfect for any style. Buy Tablecloths from professional Chinese table linen and other hotel linen manufacturers. They offer great prices & discounts on the best table linens. These manufacturers can be found in any area in China. We will provide you more information from these manufacturers.

Bed Linens
Bed Linens Importing from China

China is the leading provider of the finest bed linens to homes and hotels worldwide. Import bed linen from professional Chinese bed linen and other hotel linen manufacturers.  These manufacturers  have been holding dedication, pragmatic, progressive attitude of continuous innovation! They provides high-quality products, they have high-efficiency, credibility and the principle of reciprocity, which aims to customers supremacy with overseas people.

Bath Linens
Bath Linens Importing from China

Shop Bath Linens from Chinese bath linen and other hotel linen manufacturers to match every style and budget.  They provide bath linens that are perfect for easy bathroom updates. Find bath towels, robes, shower curtains and more from these manufacturers. They are mostly found in Nantong, Guangzhou and Guangdong.

Bed Sheets Sets Hotel Linen
Bed Sheets Sets Hotel Linen Importing from China

China manufacturers that are mostly based in Guangdong province provide high quality bed sheet sets with competitive price. They are experienced supplier of hotel linen for years. The most reliable manufacturers for decades and has been trusted by costumers. Be satisfied with the products they made.

Jacquard Luxury Hotel Linen
Jacquard Luxury Hotel Linen Importing from China

Find a high quality jacquard luxury hotel linen products in best price from certified manufacturers in China that are based in Shandong province. There are other suppliers that can be found in Jiangsu and there are some in Zhejiang province. They offer different variety of jacquard luxury hotel linen with multiple selections of colors and designs.

Cotton Satin Hilton Hotel Bedding
Cotton Satin Hilton Hotel Bedding Importing from China

China suppliers have a large selection of the latest hotel bedding in various colors, designs, and styles. They offer best deals for any hotel linen with affordable prices. Manufacturers are commonly based in Guangdong province. Let them provide you an outstanding hotel linen with satisfying performance for your customers.

Fancy Hotel Linen
Fancy Hotel Linen Importing from China

If you are planning to import fancy hotel linen for your growing business, and finding a reliable supplier and manufacturer from China, Guangdong is the best for your Choice. It can save effort and also money. They will handle all the shipping process for your fancy hotel linen and will guide you in your shipping process.

Cotton Bedding Linen
Cotton Bedding Linen Importing from China

Even if it is your first time importing products, China has a lot of supplier and manufacturer of all kinds of hotel linen that will provide all your needs about the importing process and shipping process. Finding better suppliers and manufacturers will help you find cotton bedding linen.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Hotel Linen Shipping?

Sea Freight from China to 2 2
If your orders of hotel linen are very large and not urgent, you can use sea freight.
Air Freight from China to 2
If you want a high value shipping and urgent deliveries of your hotel linen, shipping by air is the best option.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 2
Rail delivery offers secure and reliable delivery to the destination. Cost effective, faster form of land transportation.
Door to Door Service China to 1 2
Door to door delivery has been providing past, effective and economic dispatch and delivery of any postal items or parcel.

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Resource to help You Importing Hotel Linen from China:

Hotel Linen Exporters & Export Data

Choosing The Right Hotel Linen

Best 20 Hotel Linen Manufacturers in China

1 Plucoro Hotel Product Co., Limited

Plucoro Hotel Product Co., Limited was born in China since the year 2006. It was situated mainly in the Central City of Foshan, Guangdong province. The company was specializing in textile products, which used for hotels and homes. Their main products include linens, bedding sets, bed runner, duvet set, pillow set, towel set, curtain, and many others.

2 Huaian Beling Textile Co., Ltd

Huaian Beling Textile Co., Ltd has become China`s top leading supplier and manufacturer of hotel linens and textile products. The professional team made and designed innovative linens, beddings, and duvet set for the worldwide hospitality field. Their products are commonly used at hotels, cruise lines, resorts, restaurants, and spas.

3 Zibo Excel Textile Co., Ltd

Zibo Excel Textile Co., Ltd professionally manufactures home and hotel textiles for more than a decade of history. They usually offer products like linens, table cloth, curtain, placemat, seat pad, table runner, and many other related products. The company combined development, research, manufacture, export, and design together. They also have an incredible management system, advanced machine, and an expert team to handle your orders.

4 Kelson Technology Co., Ltd

Located near to Shenzhen Airport, takes a space of 3, 000 square meters. Kelson Technology Co., Ltd owned 40+ international standard production equipment, plus 400 numbers of staff members.  Due to skillful employees and design team, they could produce 300, 000 sets of hotel lines per month. And since the company was founded, they are committed to developing the quality of every product.

5 Yiroufang

Yiroufang enjoys a good reputation in the hotel linen business since the 1997 year. Set up in Pearl River Delta, which is known as a well-developed and beautiful place in China. However, the company integrates development, research, sales, and production, and is armed with technically advanced production machines. They can offer a wide range of services, which can support leading hotels worldwide.

6 Far East GROUP

Since 2000, Far East GROUP was doing its best and as a result of hard work, they now recognized as professional large-scale company groups. They spent more than 10 years in the industry and now employed more than 1000 skilled workers. Since then, they continuously provide the best services to attained customers` satisfaction.

7 Yangzhou Jivea Textile Decoration Co., Ltd

Yangzhou Jivea Textile Decoration Co., Ltd was located at Hangji town, Yangzhou city, China- known as the largest factory town in entire China. Its factory occupies more than 1000 square meters, cooperating with customers at domestic and abroad. They serve customers with good faith and sincerity, and after long years, they now get satisfaction from several customers.

8 Hangzhou Yintex Co., Ltd

Hangzhou Yintex Co., Ltd is a Chinese trader, possessing a textile factory. They are experts in terms of producing woven fabrics, textile fabrics, knitted fabrics, etc. They also offer a complete variety of hotel linens for lower prices yet high in quality. Also, the company is dedicated to creating new fabrics, and improve the quality of every product.

9 Baosiyi Textile Co., Ltd

The Baosiyi Textile Co., Ltd is a factory specializing exporting and manufacturing home textiles, hotel linens, and beddings. It was headquartered in Hangzhou, China, which is very famous for its top-quality products and services. The company has very convenient transportation, plus a complete set of workshops for the entire productions. Their products are exported to America, South America, Europe, Australia, and so on.

10 ShenOne

ShenOne started in the business since 2014. They offered comprehensive hospitality solutions and is working as a trusted supplier of all products for the hospitality sectors. The hotel`s world-class products are available in the factory for very affordable prices. The company also has the capacity to do custom packages, assisting customers to manufacture based on their own layout.

11 Easton Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd

Easton Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd is devoted to innovate, manufacture or even supply complete hotel accessories. They have been in the industry for many years so that they know well the hotel concerns and requirements. Plus, to ensure customers` satisfaction, they only provide good services, unique designs, and high-quality products.

12 Shining Hotel Articles Co., Ltd

When it comes to manufacturing hotel lines, and other hotel accessories, Shining Hotel Articles Co., Ltd is the best manufacturer in China. They are professionals in marketing, design, and are great service providers. The factory has a powerful production capacity, rigorous product testing system, and superb product development capability. Reliable to offer better products for valued clients.

13 XinYiMei Hotel Furniture

This company started its long journey since 2007. Throughout several years of experience, XinYiMei Hotel Furniture has become a powerful supplier in the industry today. It holds more than a decade years` of industry experience and exporting as well. The XinYiMei have advanced production machines, helpful to produce tailored products for all customers.


Based in Shaoxing town, Zhejiang province, with a very accessible transportation area. GOLD SUN TEXTILE CO., LTD is an authorized Chinese manufacturer, provides high-star hotels with excellent & flame retardant linens. However, the company is contained with well-educated staff members that paid full attention to product and service quality.

15 Eliya Hotel Linen Company Ltd

Eliya Hotel Linen Company Ltd is the top leading manufacturer, also supplying first-class quality hotel linens to the international market. Situated in Panyu district, Guangzhou, China, started all along since the year 2006. The team is mainly committed to wholesaling and producing hotel and restaurant linen. With customers from Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

16 Nantong Bolt Industry Co., Ltd

Nantong Bolt Industry Co., Ltd is trusted by many customers due to high-class linen, towel, duvet cover, bedsheet, and other related products. The factory has full sets of advanced production lines for entire processing. What`s more, the team is capable of customized hotel linen products as per customers` requests.

17 Tongxiang tenghui textile Co., Ltd

Tongxiang tenghui textile Co., Ltd is located in China`s textile center- Tongxiang, Zhejiang China. Spent more than a decade in the industry, specialize in manufacturing and designing polyester linen, chenille upholstery fabric, and many others. It has more than 200 equipment and a perfect control system, make your orders delivered on time.

18 Foshan Yichuang Furniture Factory

Foshan Yichuang Furniture Factory was set up in the year of 2004. It was lying in the Foshan, Province of Guangdong, Mainland China, the best choice for high star hotels. With its advanced production equipment and technique and satisfying service offers, the company now gained a great reputation in the market. The team can manufacture based on customers` specifications and desires.

19 Taitang International Furniture Factory

Begun operating in the field since 2008, Taitang International Furniture Factory is a professional hotel furniture provider in China. After how many years of development, Taitang now become popular as one-stop hospitality sourcing and solution provider. All the products they offer are environmentally friendly, professional, and all in one, perfect for restaurants, hotels, and resorts.

20 Huilyee Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd

Started ever since the 2000 year, Huilyee Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd was operating at Shenzhen City, part of a high-quality city in China. From the start, the company was devoted to hotel linen sales and production. Aside from hotel linen, they also produced products like a bathrobe, hotel bedding set, chair cover, laundry bag, hotel slippers, and so forth.

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