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Canal Style Houseboat
Canal Style Houseboat Importing from China

A lovely house boat with large sliding glass doors and a spacious open air covered deck. When importing Canal Style Houseboat from China, choose the professional and have rich experiences in manufacturing houseboat. These manufacturer are mostly based in Shandong, Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu.

Pontoon Houseboat
Pontoon Houseboat Importing from China

This particular houseboat type is very popular for its practicality, stability and reasonable price. Furthermore, pontoon boats are safe, very easy to operate and require little maintenance. Importing from China is the best choice for your houseboat. China’s leading houseboat manufacturer and suppliers can supply 100% new houseboat to meet your needs.

Floating Home
Floating Home Importing from China

A floating home permanently moored off the coast of an island. The modern style home is wrapped in glass so that the view of the water and horizon is constant. The leading houseboat manufacturer in China use High-grade component to deliver you long service life and high quality houseboat. You can get a durable houseboat from professional manufacturer in China.

Leisure Boat
Leisure Boat Importing from China

This is a large craft that almost entirely cabins, with a perimeter of balustrade around the exterior and a large covered deck on top. China’s leading leisure boat manufacturer and suppliers can supply 100% new to meet your needs.

Yacht Importing from China

The leading houseboat manufacturer in China produces all kinds of yacht that suits your needs. When importing yacht from China, choose the professional and have rich experiences in manufacturing. These manufacturer are mostly based in Yuhuan, Tianjin, Ningbo, and Shenyang.

Full Hull Houseboat
Full Hull Houseboat Importing from China

This type of boat is another extremely popular model among houseboaters. Its shape makes it very stable and practical. The full hull design provide increased buoyancy and higher drier ride when you’re out in rough water. Bansar referring supplier and manufacturer to anyone who has the capability to provide fast shipping process for your urgent orders.

Catamaran Importing from China

Because of their narrow hulls, catamarans have a lower level of displacement and higher fuel efficiency. Their width and twin engines also provide stable and comfortable cruising with extra maneuverability and easy handling. Whether you need to import catamaran for business, importing from China is the best choice. Chinese houseboat market will be your best partner on your business.

River Houseboats
River Houseboats Importing from China

They are made from fiberglass and are available in wide range of models, from economy to luxury types in many different shapes and sizes. They are very stable and provides great accommodation or living space with lots of amazing features. If you are planning to import river houseboat, you should wisely choose a reliable supplier and manufacturer who has the capability to provide all your need about importing and shipping process.

Barge Importing from China

A lot of people live on barge boats which can either be permanently moored or can move about. Dutch barges are wider than usual narrow boats and provide better accommodation. In China, there are wide selection of different kinds of barge you choose for. Importing for the first time is not easy, so find a trusted supplier and manufacturer in China. Zhejiang supplier and manufacturer provide durable supplies for your barge.

Trailerable Houseboat
Trailerable Houseboat Importing from China

Whether you’re planning on living permanently on water or simply taking a vacation, you may want to consider using river houseboats. They are made from fiberglass and are available in wide range of models, from economy to luxury types in many different shapes and sizes. Find a supplier supplies durable trailerable houseboat in China area.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Houseboat Shipping?

Sea Freight from China to 2 5
If your orders are very large and not urgent, you can use sea freight.
Air Freight from China to 5
Air Freight can send your cargo almost anywhere. Many airlines have a large network of destinations that covers almost the entire world. This means that you can send the shipment to nearly every destination.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 5
Using rail as a means of transportation for your houseboat shipments is much affordable and organized as you get it in your expected schedules.
Door to Door Service China to 1 5
It may look expensive, serves you nothing but convenient way of shipment. Fast, reliable and affordable delivery services.

Save Bansar as Your Next Freight Forwarder for Your Next Houseboat Shipping

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Best 20 Houseboat Manufacturers in China

  1. Qingdao Bestyear Hardware & Machinery Co., Ltd.

Bestyear Hardware is located in Qingdao, the famous tourist city in China. They are renowned as one of the best exporters and manufacturer companies in China that specializes in valves and boat exportation. They have been in this business for more than 15 years.


Hebei Lonchon is a leading manufacturer and exporter of assault boats, kayaking, sports boats, inflatable boats, business boats, and more than 30 kinds of leisure products and water entertainment. This company can meet every demand of their customer. They also adhere to the management policy of the customer first and quality first.

  1. Qingdao Yamane Ryu Yacht Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Yamane Ryu is a joint venture and manufacturer of Sino-Japan in fiberglass boats, yachts, aluminum alloy boats, fishing boats, and pontoon boats. They incorporate the manufacturing and development of in-house, employ experienced management and technical personnel, and introduces advanced technology.

  1. Qingdao Osic International Co., Ltd.

Osic is a leading company representing some yachts and boat builders in China. The also represents some customers from America and Europe for purchasing and sourcing goods from China. This company covers an area of 120.0 sq meters.

  1. Qingdao Audac Outdoor Sports Co., Ltd.

Audac Outdoors has rich experience in the production of inflatable boats with excellent knowledge of boating and rafting. Their employees have also rich experience in the high heat-sealing, hand-gluing craft, and high-frequency equipment.

  1. Fujian Yihong Yacht Corp.

Founded in 1998, Yihong is a large conglomerate in Xiamen, China. They are a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of yacht and boat. They had exported their products to different countries and regions.

  1. Qingdao Gospel Boat Co., Ltd.

Established in 2012, Qingdao Gospel is a professional fabricator to build high-value aluminum boats. They also an expert supplier of different boat accessories to fit a customer’s boating needs. Their products are highly appreciable in the leading market around the world.

  1. Qingdao Allheart Marine Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2012, Allheart Marine is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, Shandong Province. Their company covers an area of 10,000 sq meters of offices and workshops for over 60 employees working.

  1. Qingdao Shangyuan Sail Yacht Co., Ltd.

Shangyuan is the top boat manufacturing company in China. They specialize in design, R&D, and production of luxury yachts, hull motors, recreational fishing boats, boat trailers, and fiberglass molds, international sales and integrating domestics, and after-sale service all in one.

  1. Hefei Xinghai Yuan Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Xinghai Yuan was founded in 2007, a professional and leading fiberglass composite products manufacturer and designer for over 13 years. This company is located in Beijing Zhenghaiyuan with 7,500 sq meters area and 10 advanced production lines such as hand layup, molding, RTM vacuum system, spraying & injection system, CNC machining, pultrusion, and many more.

  1. Qingdao Taike Offshore Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.

Located in Qingdao City, Taike is an international comprehensive enterprise. Taike is committed to development, manufacture, and design petroleum production equipment, aluminum alloy boat, and suction dredgers.

  1. Orientex Engineering Co., Ltd.

Orientex manufacturing company integrates four branches together. Each subsidiary and branch support each other side of the field. They are a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of a jet ski, luxury yacht, die casting machine, and many more.

  1. Qingdao Yonghexing Houseboat Propeller Factory

Yonghexing is specializing in developing and technique researching, manufacturing, sales, style designing, and professional after-sale service. As a leading manufacturer in China, they built on a strategy o best quality, high-tech, innovation spirits, and perfect credibility.

  1. Qingdao Donrex Co., Ltd.

Established in 2005, Donrex is a multi-facet, professional manufacturer with its remarkable expertise in production, design, and export services. They are committed to being the leader of ODM&OEM fabrication and metal parts services with professional skills, customer satisfaction, and employee happiness.

  1. Guangzhou Stark Yacht Marina Engineering Co., Ltd.

Guangzhuo Stark is officially registered to the company of yacht marina engineering. They specialized in project design, development, and construction of yacht marina and marine engineering product export. In fact, they are the top Marina enterprise in China.


Founded in 2007, Da Lian Mesco headquarter is located in Dalian City with 32 employees. They are a famous manufacturer and supplier of coated steel series products. They are experts in manufacturing ZAM steel, aluminum steel, powder pre-painting steel, and many more.


Jinan Lit is a professional manufacturing company in China that specializes in producing and researching different processing products and submerge Arc Welding Consumables. All products of Jinan Lit had passed all approval of the China Classification Society and ISO9001.

  1. Jiangyin Duomeida New Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Duomeida Building is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of the Vinyl Spc floor. They are committed to providing an excellent product to meet the demands of their customers. All of their products have the approval of Management System Certification such as ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSMS/OHSAS 18001.

  1. Qingdao Aqualand Marine Industries Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2009, Aqualand Marine professionalized manufacturer and exporter of wide boating products in the inflatable boat including foldable inflatable, RIB boat, and fiberglass boat in different sizes.

  1. Jiangmen Yuefa Lighting Factory

Yuefa is specialized in manufacturing, developing, and selling LED boat light products. This company has a professional design department and an R&D team. They have strict management in quality professional production and development experience, and a perfect service system.

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