Find Your Best Supplier in China

Over 100 Tips to Help You Find Reliable Supplier in China

Finding a reliable supplier for your product is a hard work, and you may often get sucks if you find a “bad” Chinese supplier. So I asked over 50 Chinese suppliers from different industry:

“What Your Top 3 Tips to Help Importers Find Best Chinese Suppliers”

Check their high-value tips to help you find a great supplier and partner in China.

Johnny Yan

BIBI LED is one of the most professional/ Experienced/ Hardworking LED Display suppliers in China.

Tip 1

Arrange a flight ticket to visit China to see by your own eyes — not just beautiful pictures and videos.

Visit China at least four times a year in the first three years if you want to find the real right long-term partners and suppliers. It seems high cost, but actually, it saves a lot in the future for your company – Lower purchasing price, better quality, better communication, more satisfied customers.

During in these three years, you will see almost 50-100 difference products and suppliers and will understand how to compare the price, function, original material, and the way how to talk with the Chinese suppliers.

And most importantly. It is easy to hire a staff to focus on taking the photos and videos in China, and they might be a one-person public office, ten people company or 100 people corporation.

So, you do not know “who they are,” “what quality they offer,” it is dangerous for your company reputation and yourself. You might be a VIP guest to the court if you are choosing the wrong suppliers.

Tip 2

Make a live video call to see the machines, products, workers and the one who you are talking. Work with the real company.

If you do not have time to visit China

If this order is so urgent

If it is hard to get the visa

If you feel comfortable to communicate with this salesman

If this is your new supplier

Make a list of what you want to see by live video call. It is a responsible way you do for your company reputation, your customers, your boss and yourself.

Tip 3

Talk/meet with their old (At least two years) customers face to face or by the call. The case study pictures/videos don’t mean anything. 

When you ask the project references, you might receive the beautiful pictures/videos or the news/blog about that project. It seems a very trusted way and looks comfortable.

But this could be wrong!

The right ways

– See the project in local by yourself.

– Make a call with their old customers – at least work with them for two years.

– Meet their old customers – at least work with them for two years.

Danny Chou

MZW is an auto parts manufacturing company that offers a turnkey solution for diversified auto parts needs. We make it easier for all customers – from start-ups like self-owned repair shop to tire 1&2 automotive companies –to sourcing high-quality auto parts.

Tip 1

Be Expert by Study Product Manufacturing and Production Standard

Most Chinese products have corresponding production standards(Chinese National Standards (GB, GB/T, GB/Z) and Industry Standards) and the standard books are issued by the Chinese government, which means it’s professional and authoritative.
The standard books have a lot of knowledge about product manufacturing, such as product specifications, materials, dimensions, and environmental protection requirements, as well as test methods. If you have just entered the industry, you should try to obtain the product production standards and increase your expertise, which can help you find the good Chinese suppliers

Tip 2

It’s better looking for a trading company if you have low quantity or diversity product needs.

The manufacturers do not like low quantity order, due to their materials/parts supplier also have the MOQ policy for them. It would waste a lot of time if you want to make an order that does not meet the factory MOQ.
So if your quantity is low or you need multiple products, stop wasting time to bargain with the manufacturer directly. Ask for help from a professional trading company.

Tip 3

It’s not a good sign when you get a super low price (Lower average 20%)

Some potential suppliers will offer a price that is much lower than average. That’s because they want to get your first order. And it’s VERY LIKELY, they will use tricks to increase the price after you send the deposit for the first order. You can guess what is going to happen then.

Keep this in mind, there is no free meal in the world, you get what you paid for. The low price means higher profit on your side, but the super low price means super high risk.

MZW is an auto parts manufacturing company that offer turnkey solution for diversified auto parts needs. We make it easier for all customers – from start-ups like self-owned repair shop to tire 1&2 automotive companies –to sourcing high-quality auto parts.

Shanghai Shihang Copper Nickel Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd. is manufacturer & supplier of Copper Nickel CuNi 90/10 & CuNi 70/30 pipes, flanges, fittings.

Shihang funded in Shanghai in 1996. We have 21 years experience on copper nickel items production and 11 years overseas market since we stared export trade from 2007.

We focus on the development and manufacture of copper nickel pipe, flange & pipe fittings. As one of the best leaders in the field of copper nickel products in China, we have a strong ability of cost-control and QC.

Shihang has grown reputably both locally and overseas. We can make sure every need of every client is met and form the win-win strategic partnerships with those we serve.


Require more industry related certificates, at least ISO 9001 management certificate

A company with ISO 9001, at least they pay attention to enterprise management, improve production efficiency, management efficiency and so on. The related industries certificates represents the strength of this company. The institution that issued the certificate is equivalent to helping you to go to the compnay to check whether they are trading companies or factories. The more certificates, the more institutions help you to review. Then you can also trust they are at least a qualified company.

Tip 2

If the supplier can visible chat with you, show you their company. It will be great.

This is a very good way to check whether it is a factory or a trading company. If it is a factory, you can review their production equipment, warehouses, workers, etc;

If it is a trading company, you can see the working environment of their company in a video call, and you can know a lot through observation.

Tip 3

Try to get more suppliers’ case with TOP 500

The requirements of the world’s top 500 products are generally high. If there are many experiences with the world’s top 500, this company has a strong SUPPORT ability and ability to deal with problems. Of course, the products are also very good.

Lunarides amusement rides manufacturer founded in 1998 and located in XingYang China, focus on design and production of amusement equipment with small and medium-size, especially on trackless train rides.

Lunarides has more than 10 years experiences on the supply chain optimization and keeps close relationships with supply systems.

Tip 1

At first, You must understand what kind of supplier you need.

The Chinese government requires most of the supplier to be qualified, especially for the large amusement rides. Most of the suppliers located in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu. (But some suppliers located in Wuhan, Baoding, Henan just not as much as in Beijing Guangzhou, Chengdu). These suppliers have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The supplier located in Beijing and Guangzhou were commended by most of the buyers, The amusement rides provided by these suppliers are high quality but high cost.

May some buyers will ask, is there any supplier with a good price? Yes. mainly located in Henan, but just a reminder that please visit the factory before you decide to choose the supplier.

Of course, each production base has a leading enterprise in this industry, and the quality is excellent, but it is not necessarily suitable for everyone.

It is worth noting, except large amusement rides

The quality problems we often say are mainly reflected in the exquisite and beautiful appearance of FRP, and the quality of the mechanical structure and parts and materials are basically the same.

Tip 2

Seeing is believing. but now is a multimedia age. We can see things via photo or video.

When you communicate with the supplier who is just blindly boasting about the factory area, please request the evidence to prove this. Such as the photos of the production line or video.

Otherwise, a stable supplier is the most valuable, it is a guarantee of quality and safety.

The most important thing is the skill level of the engineer.

Tip 3

Even if you are willing to bear the consequences, do not follow the lowest prices

If you want to buy a brand new rides, but are worried about buying used one.

It is hard to identify that only see the outlook.

Here are two tips for identification

1)Check the corner of the steel structure

Under normal circumstances, the polishing piece on the sender cannot be polished to the corner. The paint can only be sprayed on the surface of the corner rust. It will shake off if it is slightly vibrated or hitting the rust.

2)FRP can not just look at the appearance, you need to look inside.

The new FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics)  is clear and transparent, and the old one will be turning black as time goes on. It is easy to identify.

And one more thing.

The price of used products can really be very low. Some of the suppliers may assemble the equipment with used accessories to keep the lowest price. So please respect the price if you need the high quality.

If you often purchase on Alibaba, you may understand this situation.

The most effective way to find suppliers of Chinese amusement rides is to find them on China’s Local Amusement Rides Exhibition. In addition,  go to the amusement equipment production zone. See above location

The most popular exhibitions are usually held in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou.

Sharline Shaw

With 10 Years of Experience in China Sourcing Agent Business, Leelinesourcing is committed to Sourcing High-Quality Products with a Best Possible Cost via a Complete Transparent Process!

Tip 1

First of all, you should draw up a Chinese sourcing strategy based on sourcing needs, various regulations, and customs when they plan to source from China. This is to minimize the sourcing risk and cost.

Tip 2

Identify a reliable supplier by personal visiting or visual factory inspection. This is a great way to avoid spams, get to know the supplier’s capacity and stability.

Tip 3

You can entrust professional inspectors to carry out raw material inspection, in-process inspection, and pre-shipping inspection. This is to ensure the quality of products you sourced from China, cut down defective rate, and increase customer satisfaction.

Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited is a leading manufacturer of nickel alloy and stainless steel products, including Super Duplex Stainless Steel Flanges, Stainless Steel Flanges, Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings, Stainless Steel Pipe. Yaang products are widely used in Ship building, Nuclear power, Marine engineering, Petroleum, Chemical, Mining, Sewage treatment, Natural gas and Pressure vessels and other industries.

Tip 1

Search Chinese suppliers through keywords on the Internet, especially on Google.

Tip 2

Ask the best exhibitors for information about Chinese suppliers.

After grasping the information of Chinese suppliers, we can try to communicate by email. If you don’t have time to go to China for a field trip, you should ask someone to help you check and investigate the situation of the manufacturer to make sure it’s all right.

Tip 3

You can go to some large professional exhibitions to find suppliers that can not be found on the B2B website, communicate with the exhibitors on site, establish preliminary cooperation intentions, and maintain good relations.

However, it should be noted that if you do not speak Chinese and have no translator to accompany you, then the exhibition is basically a free ride. You need to understand Chinese and be familiar with the Chinese way of doing things. Obviously, it costs to hire escorts such as translators. If you don’t have money and don’t plan to spend money on it, you have to find ways to get in touch with the vendors you are interested in. You can ask the exhibition organizers for help. You can also ask people around you for information about Chinese suppliers. The more, the better. If necessary, you can also seek the help of professional purchasing agencies.


Imuse Technology, incorporated in 2010 in ShaJing Shenzhen, was first established as a Chinese Suppliers of smartphone accessories of the tripod selfie stick, Bluetooth remote, and Sports phone armband; bicycle phone holder; wake-up light and microphone karaoke.

It has now evolved into a one-stop manufacturer that helps brand dealers navigate the path from a prototype to high-volume factory production.

Tip 1

Search suppliers from a list of influential shows to see how long they exist in the industry and if they are familiar with the armband phone holder, for example, how the material prepared

Tip 2

Verify from the customs data whether the supplier has actually exported Sports phone armband

Tip 3

Factory visiting, see if the factory stock some materials like armband part, or the elastic rubber materials; the production process, whether it is being produced, whether the warehouse has packaged products or samples.

Qingdao Lingchuang E-commerce Co., Ltd is a specialize in eyelash extension from 2016, the products including eyelash extension, eyelash extension glue, false lashes, and related tools, we guarantee the product quality and fast customer service.

Tip 1

The products must be of high quality, this can be tested by samples.

Request 1-3 samples for each type, because of only one sample
may cause some unsure, the 1-3 sample can test a steady level of the quality.

Tip 2

Checking the company management system and work flow.

Because the standard system and work flow mean the company
is serious. This kind of factory often has high standards for products and the business. They treat the customer and business seriously, they hope
to creat long and steady cooperation with the customers.

Tip 3

Have a knowledge of the company boss and leader.

You can get a knowledge of his age, education level, personality and style.
For these may affect your cooperation methods and speeds of the business process. Also in China, the boss’s thoughts and insights
to some extent decide the company’s life and direction.

Officedesk MFG is a premier designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products that improve health and comfort at work. Our office solutions include adjustable standing desks, workstation tables, monitor arms, and office accessories. We offer products that are built to last, ethically manufactured and made using environmentally friendly materials and practices.

Tip 1

Seek a local veteran as your sourcing agent

Even if you don’t know anyone in China, you can reach out to your network and ask for an experienced person in your industry as your sourcing agent. Sometimes, Upwork is a good platform to find a qualified candidate. Visit and type “sourcing china” in the search box then you will find many experienced native Chinese.

Tip 2

Schedule a telephone meeting with your potential supplier

A telephone meeting is necessary and helpful to select the right supplier. You can check whether communication with each other is smooth during the telephone meeting. You can also feel their sincerity and professional level from your questions and their answers.

Tip 3

Ask for their address and business name in Chinese

Each Chinese company has a business license issued by their local bureau for industry and commerce. You can check their company registration status and business scope online and translate Chinese in English with Google translate.

Cassie Wang

21 years injection mold manufacture experience, 500 sets mold per year exported, ISO certificated & European USA standard, 30 minutes reach Shenzhen China airport, this is how we keep superior quality and competitive offers for global valued customers.

Our main injection mold industry cover:  Automotive /Medical &transparent /Household appliance /Optical & packaging

Tip 1

Avoid choosing a trading company as a supplier

In China, factory site will be normally at industry area, 1-5th floors, it is not possible at 30th when you choose a Chinese supplier, pls note this.

Tip 2

Call them directly

When you find one suitable Chinese supplier website, then just call them directly. Which can check whether their sales can speak English or whether they have good communication skill. Let them send their company profile to your mailbox.if possible, add them be friends on Wechat or skype or LinkedIn, let them show their factory video & facility for your reference. Use this way to choose 1-10 supplier as additional, then pay a visit to China to make the final decision.

Tip 3

Ways to find suppliers

  A: find a supplier through your network

  B: Visit Chinese local fair, In China, the most famous fair to start is CANTON FAIR in Guangzhou (2 times a year). Or Yiwu fair for cheap commodities (in Yiwu town).

  C: Visit your country local fair to find Chinese suppliers

Shangqi Zhu

Our group shoe factories have 18 assemble line for cemented construction, 2 assemble line for goodyear welt construction, 4 assemble line for injection construction, for a large capacity with any of our customer’s needs and well-controlled quality system.

Tip 1

Randomly pick the bulk goods for testing to check if the test result are comply with the standard marked onto the products or as the supplier declared?

Tip 2

Does the supplier have a skilled and experienced commercialization team to have the design delivery to mass production smoothly?

Tip 3

Does the supplier have a well-operating and well-controlling supply chain of raw materials, production program, cooperative internal team?

Export 350 Sets Of High-Quality Mold Every Year. 20 Years Of Industry Experience. Best Design & Technical Teams, fast delivery, direct factory price.

Tip 1

Don’t just believe in low prices

Tip 2

Do not blindly choose large factories, integrate their own situation and characteristics to find out.

Tip 3

Specify Steel for supplier

Simon Zhang

Panda Ltd focuses on the catering disposables wholesale and export for many years. Our products include bamboo skewers, toothpicks, chopsticks, paper straws, aluminum foil containers, and more biodegradable foodservice supplies. We have a good relationship with over 60 factories from China and Southeast Asia. Work with Panda, you will get the most cost-effective products, professional suggestions, and response.

Tip 1

Don’t believe the suppliers’ business type on B2B platform. Paid enough money, trading companies has many ways to show manufacturer. And all suppliers can upload any products they want sale.

Tip 2

Have a face to face talk with the suppliers. You can know more about the products and even judge whether reliable through his words and deeds. If you have no time, check their official website.

Tip 3

Catering disposables industry include too many products. Work with a trading company is a better choice. Just leave them small profit, that can save your precious time to do more valuable things.


XG focus on delivering 1-stop solutions for your PCB or EMS project. Our service supports from prototypes building throughout to bulk PCBA turnkey projects.
Our Mission is to help you build project faster, better and easier to control by one window contact. Whether you are a freelancer planning to build a prototype, or a company needs optimize the cost, XG has got you covered.

Tip 1

Profile your ideal vendor in size and major products:
Got prices with huge differences? Many times we were asked, why your offers are so much different from the others? The reason is that you look for the wrong size company and you are not matched with them in size and major product types. The most factory only have one or couples of the major product as key advantage. If you are looking for some particular products, then try to ask the best advantage product of their own.

Tip 2

Focus on the process as well as the results
Those who update you their making process have the best chance to be an outstanding and reliable factory merchandiser. Since they can follow up and notify every detail of your order. Ask them about the real status and they will respond you quickly with some real proof that the order is under control.

Tip 3

Audition is a beginning, not the end.
On-site visting is not as safe as it seems, what you saw may still cheat you somehow. Find someone you can trust. Make thee be your eyes and ears, that would be more cost effective and the overall control is much easier.

Justin Zhang

Huifeng Umbrella Co., Ltd, the professional umbrella manufacturer with thousands of customers worldwide,

offering high-quality umbrellas to help you maximize profit for your business.

Tip 1

Choose a supplier who has rich experience in the related market

Tip 2

Investigate the reputation of the supplier on the internet.

Tip 3

Get more information from suppliers

REACHING is a leading Chinese Hydro Flask manufacturer, also produce Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Coffee Tumblers, Beer Growlers.

With Over 20 years experiences, REACHING supports both ODM and OEM clients from USA and worldwide.

REACHING Flask and Bottle are FDA /LFGB compliant, Safe with BPA Free, Phthalate Free, and Lead-Free.

Tip 1

Easy Communicating

The contact must be very strong in using your language to catch

Your real requests. Trade Company is option 1.

Tip 2

Full of Experiences in Your Products Field.

Professional products partner will help to less lots troubles and create incredible values.  3Years+ Trade Company in same line is option 2.

Tip 3

Be Faithful and Responsible

Some Chinese prefer sharing good news to bad news.

This maybe the biggest business destroyer.

Fortunately Today you could find Others which is also Dynamic.

We – Jiangsu Yuye Food Co., Ltd., are the fruit and vegetable cannery engaged in canned peaches, canned strawberries, canned apricots, canned grapes, canned fruit cocktail, and preserved mushroom. We are in the cannery industry for nearly twenty years. 

Tip 1

Choose a supplier who has professional product knowledge.

Tip 2

Choose a supplier who has a good ability to execute orders.

Tip 3

Choose a supplier who has good quality assurance ability.

Vastmax is a car audio factory, mainly manufactures car mp3/car mp5/DVD/GPS/Car android stereos……and customized car multimedia systems products.

You will not only get products, but also caring services, quick response to service and industry trends and suggestions.

Tip 1

 The supplier should be Reliable

This is the most important thing because you are doing business with real people. Although others such as PRICE, QUALITY, DELIVERY, PAYMENT TERMS….. are also the main factors. Without this, you will see how many headaches the Chinese may bring you. Some even can play many games and fool you in many ways.

They may attract you at the beginning with super lowest prices then set up with a lot of traps so that you will go deeper and deeper. Many clients complained to me afterward: “That guy kept grabbing my feet and I feel quite passive……”
I am not saying that low prices are not good always, but just you need more time to judge whether the person who deal with is reliable or not.

Tip 2

Responsible and react at once

In case there is any problem, the supplier should be responsible for the after-sales services instead of kicking the ball to another.

Speed of reacting when problems happen should be taken into considerations too. There are so many, not only many, can say above 90% people, when they asking order and money response is fast. However, when problems caused, they pretend to disappear or ignore and lots of delay.
Of course, this is not unilateral but also depends on the cooperation between you and the manufacturer. How much support you give to the suppliers. Business always pays attention to a win-win situation. Anyone who just wants a single benefit will not last long.

Tip 3


To help you solve the problems instead of creating lots of headache and trouble for you. Could give you useful suggestions even good business ideas, bring you extra value.

I believe that you must have met a lot of toothpaste squeezed type salesmen. The pain is naturally self-evident. If you can meet the proactive problem suppliers, please cherish them. They can save you too much time plus bring you a good mood.

Lite-lighting is focused on LED Flashlight and Work light more than 10years. More than 150 types of hot selling items for choose. We are honest, hard-working and simple solutions.

Tip 1

Work With Easy Communicate:

Because of human’s inertia, so they always willing to do the familiar and simple thins.  When you have some customized requirement and meet a hard communicate supplier, then they will find many excuse delay and reject carry out. Actually, it is a easy thing and just made litttle change.

Tip 2

Try to avoid work with huge company

Because of huge company management is too complex. Once you meet problem. The solve procedure will become time-consuming and complex.

Tip 3

Work With Strategic-conscious Supplier

If a supplier with strategic-consicious, then we will only consider about their own profit. But a strategic-conscious supplier will help you do a better market planning. And you will get a support from them on technology, development, production and after-sales service.

COVNA, an automatic valve manufacturer with 20 years experience. We specialized in electric actuator valves, pneumatic actuator valves and solenoid valves which are exported to more than 100 countries globally. All COVNA products go through design, engineering, and manufacturing process led by highly skilled. Certificated by ISO9001:2008.

Tip 1

Visit the factory or video to check, to ensure the supplier really has a workshop.

Tip 2

Ask about the quality control process and whether there is a warranty service, as well as check their inspection pictures or video.

Tip 3

Work with a business partner who will talk to you on the phone. You can contact him anytime, anywhere to speed up the progress of your project.

We – Zhangzhou Minjia Trade Co., Ltd., are the trade company engaged in the metal package, like: Electrolytic Tinplate, Can Lids, Easy Open End, Lug Cap, Tin Cans and Drink Cans. We served a can-making factory and cannery for nearly twenty years.

Tip 1

Choose a supplier who has professional knowledge. 

Tip 2

Choose a supplier who covers upstream and downstream products.

Tip 3

Choose a supplier who has good coordination skill and good execution ability.

Kate XU

Richarms metal accessories is a down-to-earth metal factory, devoting itself to manufacturing quality metal hardware for fashion. We supply magnetic snaps, magnets, alloy accessories, brass buckle, jeans button and other metal hardware for purses, bags, notebook cover, stationery, packaging, promotion items, and instrument.

Tip 1

Quickly get your demand, and supply a corresponding product solution taken into consideration.

Tip 2

Good quality guarantee, favorable price, delivery on time 

Tip 3

Analyze problems quickly and solve the effectively

Melissa Gao

Shanghai Afan Industrial CO., LTD is one of the leading company in the field of turbocharger &accessories in China. The main products including the complete turbocharger, cartridge, shaft, compressor wheel, thrust bearing, housing, etc . they are mainly used to Agricultural, truck, passenger cars, off way, marine engines.

Tip 1

Quick response

You shouldn’t need to wait for two weeks to get your emails replied. Manufacturers that lack interest in your order are not worth your time.

Tip 2

Main export markets

Most would assume that the definition of a “good manufacturer” is one spitting out high quality items. That’s not always the case. There are reliable and highly sophisticated manufacturers specializing the low market segment. It all depend to company positioning .

Tip 3

Quality Management System

It’s not a matter of “if” there will be defective items, but how many. In order to minimize the number of defective units, the manufacturer must monitor quality before, during and after production.

Yanie Chen

K-Care Medical Technology Co., Ltd is a team which each member has at least 6 years of experience and core R&D team has an average of 11.5 years’ experience in the physiotherapy industry, dedicated to providing portable home rehabilitation and physical therapy products for chronic diseases all over the world. Each of our products has passed ISO13485 quality certification system, US FDA and EU CE MDD certification.

Tip 1

You should ask for their product regarding certification, for example if you want to import a medical product, the supplier should have ISO13485 system certification and their product should have CE MDD or FDA medical certificationso that you can make sure it’s a very safe and good quality product.

Tip 2

Choose a professional supplier that the sales person can match you very well and solve problem very quickly and professional for you, that is not only can save communication time but also they can give advice to each other basic on different roles.

Tip 3

Choose a supplier who can provide reasonable after-sales time, for example one year or even two years, good after sale guarantee can support you to develop the market and keep you have a good market reputation, if there is some product problem during sales, the supplier can support you and solve the problem with you together.

Duman Medical located in Guangzhou concentrates on R&D, manufacture, and market. The R&D team has been working in the field of medical ultrasound and probe for more than ten years. Dedicated in clinical specialist ultrasound, including portable ultrasound guided system, wireless handheld color ultrasound scanner. Widely used in hemodialysis, anesthesiology, PICC, oncology, ICU for vascular puncture guidance.

Tip 1

Timely Feedback

   Timeliness is very important.

Tip 2

Enough knowledge of products and industries

   The most suitable products and suggestions can be provided according to the application requirements.

Tip 3

High cost performance ratio

Find the most cost-effective and stable solution to meet your own needs.

Frank Sheng

Sunbright Tools Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer and trading company, specializing in automotive tools .which including Radiator Pressure Testers, Compression Testers, Timing Tools, Pliers, Puller & Bearing Tools since 2016. We continually develop various kinds of new products according to the market trend and have established our own brand as Sunbright”. So far,  more than 1,000 kinds of automotive Tools in our product range with excellent quality and competitive price.

We aim at establishing a company image of “reliable quality and excellent service!”

Till now we build strategic partnerships with our customer like YATO, GBS, SEALEY, JBM, NEILSEN, MASTERCOOL.

Hope you will be our next new customer. Choose Sunbright Tools, Choose a reliable supplier!

Tip 1

Firstly, you should choose a supplier who has rich experience in Automotive tools, no matter he is a trading company or small factory, as there is no factory could produce all of these automotive tools. As he has rich experience in this field, he knows which small factory quality have a cheap price but poor quality, and choose the right supplier who could provide ETD on time and good support for your sourcing new items.

Tip 2

Choose the supplier that he already cooperated with famous brand in automotive tools field, then you will get good profit in the future and don’t worry about the quality matter.

Tip 3

Choose a supplier who could provide a sample for approval quality and accept small quantity order. Once you get a sample to have no problem and s trial order are all order, then you can go ahead to start to a bigger order.

As a one-stop-solution pest control product supplier, our story begins with the absence of PEST on Earth.  More than 10 years of experience in manufacturing pest control products, we dedicate to research and develop to fulfill most end-users underlying and quest for Effective, Stylish, Versatile pest control products.

 Good products speak for itself that it’s always the idea that values.

Tip 1

Quick response and Good service—-You certainly don’t want an email reply that takes three or four daysand the answer is always not your need.

Tip 2

Trustworthy—-Character first, ability second

Tip 3

A partner that can help you sell and sell for you.

Worldand Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2010, is specialized in manufacturing lighting. With our professional technicians, experienced staff, well-equipped production, and testing facilities, we provide products with good quality to meet your different requirements. Our three major energy-efficient lighting series are LED Flood lights, LED High bay lights, LED low bay lights, LED Street lights, and LED Ceiling lights, and any other Fixtures, etc.

Tip 1


Google to learn what you need

First step to learn more what your need by google searching or YouTube, etc.  To study what the products be made of, especially such as what mainly materials about this product, as you know the product could be used a different material with a similar performance or shape, you can not easy to judge what the real cost. So most of the products will be influence by the materials of the cost.

Then by following when you chat or communication with the China supplier you will know the supplier is professional or not. If not professional, then you know that supplier does not suit for you.

Tip 2


Secondly when you find a supplier from above first step as you thought it may be reliable suppliers, to search further more to check do this supplier have some bad experience from other clients, as you know SNS more and more usefully you will get more information about this supplier. Then if this supplier has some bad and cheat the customer or supplied poor quality, etc. I am sure there will be many compliant for this supplier.

Tip 3


Supply Chain

The supply Chain is the most important for your products, if you want to get a reasonable price. If your suppliers have full supply chain, congratulation you find a good supplier.

HOMEASYPRO is a Chinese company specialized in manufacturing and design of garment bags, storage bins and hanging organizers etc. With nearly 8 years of development, HOMEASYPRO quickly rose to be one of top manufacturer in China due to its dedication to innovative styles quality and excellent service.

Tip 1

Identify what types of suppliers you are looking for.

Before you choose the Chinese suppliers in China, first you have to know what types of supplier you are looking for. If you are a small company and starting to do online business. It is wise for you to source small or medium-sized suppliers instead of larger ones.

The right suppliers could be easier to meet your product requirements and deadlines because, to the small suppliers, the existing customers are very important for their company growing.

Tip 2

Ask a Chinese people to your supplier

2.Ask your Chinese friends if you have to negotiate the price, delivery date and even quality standards with suppliers. Sign a business contract with them. Because Chinese people has advantage to motivate the suppliers to come closer to your target price and offer flexibility in payment terms, MOQ and packaging etc.

Tip 3

Let supplier know more about you person, your company and even your business.

3. Tell the Chinese supplier about your company background, your purchase volumes and even your sales channels, let them trust you are a right fit for them. It will be much helpful for them to offer you good service and pay more attention on your orders.

Kelly Yan

Our factory manufacture instrumentation tube fittings and valves for nearly 20 years experience.

The city which factory locate in has the most mature supply chain in the whole China, which means that we can offer you competitive price and good quality.

Tip 1

Ask questions

If he can answer your question swiftly, and give you better suggestion. Which show that he is experience in business.

Tip 2

Choose suitable factory for you, not only big factory.

Big factory means big cost in it, for example, more rent cost, more labor and manager cost.

So most big factory have no advantage in price.

As there are bigger cost in it, some small order will not be accepted.

Maybe you will be VIP customer in small factory, but not be valued in big factory.

Tip 3

The good service and working responsibility of sales is more important than price

If you are communicating with a sales who has good service and working responsibility, even their price is a little higher than others.

Kindly do not hesitate to cooperate with him. As this sales will help you much in future.

WalkingPad-Our goal is to help office workers improve and maintain their health through light exercise with beautifully engineered minimalist designed product like our IF & Red Dot Award-winning folable walkingpad treadmill.

Tip 1

Working with factory or trading company does not matter, choose the one suitable for you and offer you the best services.

Tip 2

Pay special attention to their official website. You will never count on a company whose site is a mess.

Tip 3

You can consider paying RMB if possible when you are doing business with Chinese.

We, Dongguan iDemalo Bags Co., Ltd. produce custom bags and backpacks for global customers from 2005, same quality, better price

Tip 1

Verify the authenticity of the company

Use a search engine such as Google or Linkedin to search the company information to see if there are some relevant company information.

Tip 2

Compare the speed of response between sales

 Ask some questions or request a quote from different companies, response quickly will save time for you, also may strive for more business opportunities for you from your customers.

Tip 3

Professionalism of sales

 Ask for a quote from some company, the sales who offer you a more completed quote will means he is more professional and trustworthy.

Jingyoung is the leading manufacturer of pole line hardware, ADSS cable accessoriesADSS/OPGW/OPPC accessories industrial fastener, overhead line fittings, steel cross arm, street light arms, power fittings, and transmission line fittings in China. Jingyoung has been manufacturing pole line hardware for 12 years and has opened the market up in many countries. The creative Jingyoung team has used the automatic machine to keep the sizing accurate and to keep your delivery on time. 

Tip 1

First of all, the pole line hardware supplier should know the standard it required on different market.

Most of the pole hardware fittings, the surface treatment is hot-dip galvanized. If you would like the power fittings used on Africa market, the hot dip galvanized should be according to the BS729.

If you would like the line fititngs used on South America, the hot dip galvanized should be according to ASTM A153-09, If you are Asian customer, the hot dip galvanized is as per ISO1461.

Tip 2

Secondly, the pole line hardware supplier has a wide range of pole line hardware fittings.

If you would like to complete a tender or a project, it always asked all kinds of overhead line fittings. You’d better to find a supplier which can supply one stop solution. For a special line like 11kv power transmission lines or 33kv overhead power lines, it askes power fittings, insulators, fasteners, cable accessories and so on.

Tip 3

Thirdly,The pole line hardware should pay much attention on the quality.

For a pole line construction, the safety is the most important thing, and the government control the test very strictly, If you find a pole line supplier which don’t pay much attention on the quality, you will loss a lot.

Eyecatchmedia is a Professional LED Display Manufacturer Of 10 Years LED Display Factory Experience, Which focus on the niche market of taxi top LED display and three-sided taxi screen.

Tip 1

to find one sale who is responsible and is able to contact most of the time, the irresponsible sales would be really upset and hard to cooperate.

Tip 2

to find the supplier whose delivery is on time and can follow up with latest industrial news and price changes

Tip 3

to choose the suitable supplier who has the similar scale with yourself, the big scale supplier may not be the best choice, their focus will also on the big scale customers.

Ryan Huang

Established in 2013, linzir is a reliable supplier of smart fitness trackers. Include smart body scales, smart kitchen scale, smart watches and so on.

We have a professional R&D team to meet your various needs such as product design, mold making, Plastic injection, Assembly, APP development, etc.

Tip 1

May wish to choose a trader

Sometimes a trader is more reliable than a factory.

Tip 2

Self-owned technical team is very important

Many factories are just an assembly plant. So if you choose a factory, be sure the factory has his own technical team.

Tip 3

Do a sufficient supplier background survey

If the supplier has very little information on internet, be cautious.

Earnest Zhang

Inovatec machinery is a leading surface finishing solution provider for metals and plastics parts. We manufacturer a full line of mass finishing equipment, tumbling media as well as polishing liquid.

The applications include automotive parts deburring, machined parts deburring, vibratory rust removal, polishing, cleaning, and drying. 

Tip 1

Choose an experienced company in your field.

A good supplier work in the same industry for more than 10 years. He/she has a good knowledge of this industry and extensive industry connection.

Quality control is the same importance to the manufacturer goods itself. He/she work with you as if you have your own production in China.

Tip 2

Choose a solution provider, not just the product.

They can offer hands-on tips to help you to sales in your own country.

Especially for the technical question, he/she can give you suggestions to avoid misunderstanding.

Tip 3

Choose a company that is rich knowledge about international business.

A good supplier should also familiar with international trading. Based on buyer request, they accept most payment, for example, LC, CAD, T/T, PayPal.

Also, they are competent to deal with aftersales service, for example, spare parts, return of unqualified products. The good aftersales service helps the business grow together for both buyers and sellers.

Over 10years Produce &Sourcing &Export experience to USA&Euro market

Mainly products: Own to Produce invisible liner socks, help customers sourcing other Socks/Tights, Seamless underwears, Hats&Gloves, and other hosiery products.

Tip 1

If you need many different items which need spend long time to source, better to find a trading company as sourcing agent. a good agent can save a lot time and money. remember choose a big (or not too small) trading company-they have strong srorcing ability and more suppliers.)

Tip 2

Choose a company that reply you very quick. you can get fast feedback from them.

Tip 3

Choose q company that familiar or ever supply to your country market, will make less mistakes.

Martin Zhao

Martin Zhao from DEHN breaker & attachment, working on hydraulic breakers and excavator attachments manufacturing and sales. One-stop solutions to hydraulic attachments.

With over 20 years of industrial experience, we are dedicated to offering customer-oriented hydraulic hammers with best cost performance.

Tip 1

Ask for English version product materials

like maintenance guide, operation manual, parts lists, and test report…

Only professional companies spend time and budget on producing high-quality English documentation.

It means they have a high level of experience working with foreign companies and are well aware of their needs.

Tip 2

Ask technical questions

You are always willing to work with someone who knows their product quite well and can solve your after-sales issues.

Tip 3

Ask for client cases

Screenshots of emails and chat history, copies of bills of lading are often used to prove the credibility of the case study.

Tina Liu

Our company was established in 2016, Yes, we are a young and energetic team, each person with more than 5 years of work experience.

We mainly supply all the iPhone spare parts, including iPhone screen, battery, cable, and case. please visit our website to find out.

Tip 1

The Chinese supplier must understand the different quality screens in repair aftermarket, and can explain the differences to you.

Tip 2

The supplier need understand the various delivery channels, and have a complete after-sales system.

Tip 3

You’d better choose a trading company to cooperate not only can save time cost ,but can purchase a variety of products at once.

GYC laser, founded in 2010, we offer laser cutting machine for steel fabrication. Original Manufacturer of  Industry laser cutting machine for cutting stainless steel and carbon steel.

Tip 1

Find the right person! no matter it is factory or trading company, you have to find out the right person, no matter you are running one company or you are a small team leader, to find out the right person is the most job you have to do. how to find it out? You will get your answers when you sending Email, make the phone call etc.

Tip 2

Professional! the supplier should be one person, also can be one company, they have to be professional, professional of the product, professional of the industry.

Tip 3

Visit them! if you are buying an industrial machine, definitely I will recommend you visit their factory, even they are trading company, they will have a reliable partner factory to show you. if you think too expensive and you don’t have too much time to visit China? Ask the supplier to send you real photos and video, not the one post on the website. another option is hiring someone to visit them. And the easiest thing is you can video talk with the supplier, English speaking, trading company or factory, how big the factory, how is the office, how many staff, all questions will be clear and NATURE.

Packry is a leading manufacturer in Packaging Machinery Systems and we focus on developing superior and reliable equipment for packaging problems, including filling machine, capping machine, form-fill-seal systems, sealing machines, labeling machines, etc. We thrive on the idea that our machine makes a difference.

Tip 1

Do Business With Real Factory

You won’t get the best price if your equipment supplier is a trading company, You could also source the factory information from public Customs and Border Protection (CBP) declarations documents, by the way, a factory addresses are NEVER on 30th floor of a building, they are often locate in lower buildings on industrial areas.

Tip 2

Factory Inspection

How can you know the machine can meet your requirement, the answer is “factory and product inspection” , hire a third-party inspector is hired to audit the factory may be the best choice for you. it won’t charge you too much money (nearly 200 dollars per day) and they will find the details and issues you may miss yourself and the supplier did’t tell.

Tip 3

Protect Your Pocket

“You get what you pay”, the price difference in China for one equipment will not vary by 30%-50%. If your new supplier gives you a particularly “attractive” price, this can be a dangerous sign. Maybe this machine is problematic, or it uses a worse accessory, worst of all the supplier will disappeared after the money is transferred to their bank account.

AXFlex specialized in R&D, manufacturing Flexible LED mats with accessories, Unique LED video light for video and Photo.

Tip 1


Must check sample before buy in bulk from a factory. Sample is not good then there will be many troubles on the next cooperation.

Tip 2

Visit the factory

“We noticed a few issues with the product — things that would have been hard to catch if we weren’t there in person. Had we not been there, it would have taken a few weeks to catch them. The process normally is to wait for the sample to be shipped to our office in Saint Louis. This alone made it worthwhile for us to fly out there. The entire trip was all worth it just to catch this one mistake”

Tip 3

Offer support after the purchase

Complaints are a fact of life. We all need suppliers with excellent post-sale support, when we just need advices on how to extend the product’s life.

Topwio is an integrated engineering and machining solution supplier focusing on precision machining, rapid prototypes, CNC milling, die casting. 

With the state-of-the-art equipment, we have the ability to serve clients in the automotive, medical, aerospace, electrical industry. 

Welcome to get in touch with us for an impressive story.

Tip 1


What services can the machining shop offer?

(finishing service ,assembly service, quality inspection)  

Do they work with your parts materials?

What level of tolerances can a CNC machining supplier machines?

Tip 2


Ask if machining shop have ISO/TS quality system certification which can explain factory ability directly.

Tip 3


Higher quality material or more precise tools or different machining processes will increase cost. It should be based on the requirement of your project.

Julianna Chang

We AME diamond tools is a professional diamond tools factory for nearly 20 years, has been supplying stone tools for wholesalers or directly stone factory to the domestic and overseas market. The main products including CNC profile wheels, Finger bit, Saw blade, polishing pads, core bit, air stone polisher tools and so on.

Tip 1

Check this company’s background, Through his company name, you can check on the Chinese government’s website 

 to see if he is a legitimate company.

Tip 2

Base on discussion with the salesperson to see whether his professional enough or not and understanding: How long the factory has been operating? How many machines or advance machine they have?

Tip 3

If you are interested in this factory, please take samples for testing first.

We AME diamond tools is a professional diamond tools factory for nearly 20 years, has been suppling stone tools for wholesalers or directly stone factory to domestic and overseas market. The main products including CNC profile wheels, Finger bit, Saw blade, polishing pads, core bit, air stone polisher tools and so on.


ZBTECH is a manufacturer of RFID tags and cards in China. Our experienced team focuses on what you care about and provides advice to help you find the most suitable RFID tag or print service. And keep your project confidential totally.

Tip 1

The salesman must be experienced, can save much time when communicating with each other. They know clearly what you want and need, and give you some suggestion or solution. Not only send a quotation but also help to avoid problems before production.

Tip 2

Honesty. Do not trust “we are the lowest price with the best quality and fastest delivery time”. Quality always related to price. Honesty supplier will update the real situation before & during the production, even there are some unexpected problems, they think in your shoes and solve the problems together instead of delay or lie to you.

Tip 3

Careful. People must pay attention to the details, such as the design file. If there one letter missing, all products are useless, that’s would be a disaster, especially for printing service.

Equipped with professional Military Camouflage Uniform factory since 1999, located in Xiaogan Industrial Area, we specially produce Battle Dress BDU Uniform,Army Combat ACU Uniform, M65 Field Combat Jacket, Wool Great Coat,Aramid Fire-retardent Flight Overall Working Uniform,etc. We had shipped our Military Clothing to many countrie’s Armed Forces, Ministry of National Defense and Police Security Departments from Asian,African,Middle East, South American, and Europe with good feedback.

Tip 1
Firstly:  Anyway, quality is the most important thing, but how to recognize the quality? As a buyer, you must have a skilled Or professional Procurement staff, not only negotiation skill but also product knowledge, technics, etc. which can help you to decrease the chance of receiving bad quality goods.

Tip 2

Secondly, price is important for the order, but the service is also very very important. “Service” is not only for “Passionate, courteous“ during calling, e-mail and meeting,  Most important, service is in the full process, sample period, contract terms confirmation period, production period,after-sales period, all the process needs carefulness,responsibility to confirm all the details, like how to pack before shipment, which will not break the goods, after shipment, how and when send documents for Customs Clearance,inform ETA,ETD,etc. Good service can help you save much time, avoid many problems, maybe bring big profit which is more than price.

Tip 3
Thirdly, find a strong and experienced, long-history company, not surely factory, because sometimes, an experienced trading company, knows the rule of this industry well, he knows all factories’ real situation, products’ advantages, deficiencies, price, etc. In another word, maybe this trading company can get an even lower price than some factories, and with its rich experience, he can provide better service than factories, like how to ship some special products? For example, for military and police products, there are many different strict rules and restrict, only experienced suppliers know how to manage, that is why, our regular buyers of military uniform, asked us to provide the solutions of other army surplus and police equipment.

Sunday Yang

Bonelinks is a fiber optical cable, patch cord and high-density MTP/MPO patch cable manufacturer years. We focus on FTTH, data center, and smart city cabling system providing full series of fiber optics products and network construction solutions.

Tip 1

We may search the supplier at Google to check their website, social promotion methods judging if the supplier is reliable.

Tip 2

Send them email to check how fast they reply and how professional they act towards the products. Or make cold call to them to check if supplier has experience at International business.

Tip 3

It will be better to review factory pictures about productions, devices and certifications.

Hey future partners, are you afraid of being caught up by your competitors?
Are you also afraid that your competitors released new products and take up more market share?
If so, then we just meet at the right time. EYTON GROUP, with 10 years led lighting experience, tending to help customers to expand the brand through market strategy, marketing and right products. Benefiting for you is our top priority.

Tip 1

Matching the right suppliers.
It is essential to find the just right suppliers who share a similar marketing strategy like yours. Not too big, neither too small. In this way, it could help each other obtain win-win in the battle.

Tip 2

Reasonable price.
Always comparing and updating the latest suppliers price to control the situation. Never believe the incredible price. Good business is not one short. The long run could be the better way to stand well in the market.

Tip 3

Choosing professional partners.

Watching the new suppliers by how they contact you, what action they have done, how long they can keep offering valuable info to you. Gradually choosing the professional one, who can avoid a lot of problem and saving your time. So you can spend the most time in thinking about how to grab more chance in the local market.

Keats Kou

BAHOTO, a professional manufacturer of seamless underwear, like seamless bra, seamless briefs, seamless boxers,

seamless shorts, seamless panties, seamless thong, seamless tops, seamless leggings, products widely used in North America, European, more than 30 countries.

Tip 1

Quality factor

The supplier should be attach great importance to quality, Quality is the root of everything.

Supplier’s sample could be representative for their strength.

Tip 2

Integrity factor

Integrity is the best factor for a long terms of business.

Tip 3

Inspection for goods

Once goods is ready, must have own QC or third party for final inspection.

Sally Dong

SRN TECH is a superior wide range supplier of hotel lock, fingerprint keypad door lock, Bluetooth APP lock, RFID cabinet lock, keypad cabinet lock, etc. We provide 3 years warranty, 2 days fast delivery, 1% free spare parts, 1-stop system solution, 7Dx24H online support for all the customers.

Tip 1

You need a better understanding of your products supplying situation in China. In a certain area, you have more choices and could find the best supplier easier. Such as dealing with digital locks, there is 2 main production area in China: Zhejiang and Guangdong province. While the different area has its own strengths and focus, for Guangdong area, it has better quality and innovation in the lock; as a result, the price is a little higher than Zhejiang area as well.

Tip 2

You’d better to visit the supplier, no matter it is a trading company or a factory. Sometimes, trading company can provide much better service and price. In China, there is also a large scale of factories only work with trading company to develop worldwide market.

Tip 3

You need to find the right sales for contacting, which could save you more time and make business communication more efficient.

Hope Wish is a manufacturer for all kind of long-range surveillance cameras, such as thermal camera, laser camera and day cameras, are mainly used in border defense, oil field, sea farms, etc.

Tip 1

Easy to communicate 

No need to be an native English speaker, but easy to understand the client’s needs. 

Tip 2

Fast reply

When you send requirements, he/she can reply quickly, if not, he can give you an short reply, telling you when he/she reply. 

Tip 3


Know the product very well. 

TopChiller specialized in air chiller, water chiller, industrial chiller, oil chiller, glycol chiller, process chiller, screw chiller, mold temperature controller, cold room project for over 20 years experience. Topchiller promise offer the best water cooling solution with competitive price to clients worldwide.

Tip 1

The most important factor is Professional. A professional supplier is an expert on their product and technology, Buyers will get some useful advice when you meet a professional supplier, this will save your money and time.

Tip 2

Full-time service. A full-time service supplier can give 7*24 hours service. no matter if there is any urgent thing happens, the supplier will give a quick response as soon as possible.

Tip 3

Timely delivery: A good supplier can make sure timely delivery as their promise in the Proforma Invoice or Sales Contract. This will take cost or lose market to buyers if any delay.

Jerry Hu

Lightstec is a Chinese led linear light factory. We offer strip light, aluminum profile, and accessories in China. Our led products are using for office lighting, cabinet lighting, show room lighting, etc.

Tip 1

You need to search for suppliers from Google first.

Choose a supplier is an important thing when we importing from China. So we need to know about your supplier. Google is a good way to know more about your supplier.

Tip 2

The supplier can offer you products files.

You need to find a professional supplier. Not a supplier who only have that product you need. They need to have an official catalog, data sheet, price list, and some certification.

Tip 3

The supplier can reply to your questions in key point.

Some suppliers cannot give you a good answer you want. That is not only from the beginning. But during the buying process. A professional salesman can always help you solve the problem and as your partner in China factory.

Charles Yang

TOOLSMFG, is a cordless power tools manufacturer based in Eastern China;

Some of our engineers are from Japan, with more than 40 years of solid experience;

 We have our own PCB produce line and battery core production plant, So we may offer the quality power tool with competitive price as you want.

Tip 1

For power tools, It’s hard to test samples, especially cordless tools, so you’d better choose trusted partners

Tip 2

The quality of the battery and PCB are the most important of the cordless power tools

Tip 3

Understand product parameters; For cordless power tools, the same appearance of products, different parameters, different prices; The same 12V drill, the same battery, if battery core is 3C, it will much more cheaper than 10C;

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