How To Find A Warehouse In Guangzhou China

How To Find A Warehouse In Guangzhou China

Warehouses have continued to serve and meet different business storage needs.

However, over the years warehouses have continued to revolutionize and they no longer offer storage services but help in the supply chain of merchandise.



Finding a good warehouse takes time, and one has to consider some various factors for you to find China warehouse that meets your needs.

If you are in China, then the best place to store your cargo would be Guangzhou.

Finding the location is the first step.

However, there are times you may need some guidance while locating a suitable warehouse in Guangzhou.

Are you wondering the steps you ought to take while trying to find a warehouse in Guangzhou China?

Keep on reading to find out.

Benefits Of Owning A Warehouse In Guangzhou China

Are you wondering why Guangzhou is the best place to own a warehouse? Here is a list of benefits you will experience.

1. Proximity To Ports

Guangzhou harbours 300 ports, making it the best place to facilitate the movement of shipments in and out of the city.

As ports are surrounding the area, it enhances the efficiency of handling of shipments.

2. Proximity To Factories

The city is best known for its myriad manufacturing plants.

This factor makes it easy for you to access the suppliers anytime you need a warehouse.

Also, with the many factories in the city, it is relatively easy to consolidate smaller shipments from different suppliers around the city.

3. Storage

Let us say that you have shipments that are yet to arrive for you to consolidate them.

Owning a warehouse is the perfect solution as you will store you other shipments as you wait for the others to arrive.

4. Product Assembly

Owning a warehouse in Guangzhou offers you the chance to conduct a simple product assembly.

This comes in handy for companies that do not have the space to do product assembly.

5. Location To Conduct Quality Check

Owning a warehouse in Guangzhou makes it easy to conduct a quality check of different products.

Having a warehouse provides a central location which improves quality control.

Cost Of Renting A Warehouse in Guangzhou China

The rates range between 5-15 USD.

However, it is vital to recognize that the charges tend to differ as many prevailing factors that influence them.

Factors Determining Cost Of Warehouse In Guangzhou China

Size of the warehouse: If you decide to buy a warehouse measuring 140 square meters, you are likely to pay more than those who buy one that measures 2 square meters.

Amenities available: A few warehouses have amenities in them, such as parking or elevators.

If such amenities are available in the warehouse, you are likely to pay more.

Location of the warehouse: Certain locations offer lower prices compared to others. For example, most warehouses in Pangyu district tend to be cheaper compared to other districts.

When To Own A Warehouse In Guangzhou China?

If you have goods in Guangzhou, then it is best to buy a warehouse in the same location.

Ways To Find Warehouse In Guangzhou China

There are various methods you could make use of to help you find a warehouse in Guangzhou China.

Here are some of the practices you can use:

1) Use Guangzhou Freight Forwarder To Find A Warehouse In Guangzhou China

A freight forwarder is a bureau that helps organize the shipments is safely from the manufacturer to the final point of distribution.

Licensed freight forwarders might help you find a warehouse, especially if your goods landed in a foreign country.

Therefore, if you are a foreigner using a freight forwarder is the best option to help you find a warehouse in Guangzhou.

Benefits Of Using A Freight Forwarder 

  1. Freight forwarders are quite knowledgeable in matters to do with the supply chain.

This factor makes them the best to use when trying to find a warehouse in Guangzhou.

Their knowledge will come in handy as they know which warehouse is best for your cargo.

  1. Handle unforeseen issues- It is not easy finding a warehouse by yourself.

There are few unforeseen issues you might come across while locating a suitable warehouse for your cargo.

Instead of handling the issues by yourself, a freight forwarder will come in handy and handle the issues.

  1. Negotiable prices- The astonishing thing about freight forwarders is that you can quickly negotiate their prices.

This element makes it easy for you to find a freight forwarder that suits your budget.

  1. Contract free- By using a freight forwarder, you are confident that you will not be tied down to a contract.

Disadvantages Of Using A Freight Forwarder

  1. Although the freight forwarder’s prices are negotiable, the charges will increase your overall cost of shipment.
  2. Finding a reliable freight forwarder you can trust and rely on tends to take time.

2) Using the Internet To Find A Warehouse In Guangzhou China

Warehouse in Guangzhou

Warehouse in Guangzhou China

The internet is a global network that has made it easier for people to locate different things.

One of them being a warehouse in Guangzhou.

The only thing you need while using the internet to locate a warehouse is a functioning laptop or smartphone and WiFI and you good to go.

Benefits Of Using Internet

  1. You can make it happen at the comfort of your home- The benefit of using the internet to find a warehouse in Guangzhou is that you do not have to leave your house for you to find a warehouse.
  2. It is an inexpensive method to use- Using the internet does not cost you much.

This is the best method to use if you do not have funds to pay a third-party to help you locate a warehouse in Guangzhou.

  1. There is a visual representation on the internet- Most warehouse owners tend to share photos of how the warehouse looks.

This, in turn, gives you an excellent visual representation of what you will be buying.

  1. Filter mode- While using the internet, you do not have to go through all the pages while choosing a warehouse.

This is because you can easily filter out some of the pages that suit your needs. This helps to save time.

Disadvantages Of Using The Internet

  1. There are times when the photos shared on the website do not reflect the actual locality or description of the Guangzhou warehouse.
  2. It is easy to get duped while using the internet. Before buying the internet, ensure that you buy the warehouse from a reputable supplier.

3) Let China Sourcing Agent Help You Find A Warehouse In Guangzhou China

A sourcing agent is a professional or a firm that helps their client locate products or services at a low price.

A sourcing agent can come in handy when trying to find a warehouse in Guangzhou.

A professional sourcing agent acts as a middleman who invests in their time for you to find the best warehouse in Guangzhou China.

Benefits Of Using A China Sourcing Agent

  1. Acts as a local representative- Once you hire a sourcing agent from China, they will represent you in business matters such as finding a warehouse.

Also, the professional will make sure that you obtain the best deal.

  1. It is hard for you to get duped while using a sourcing agent.

It will be of benefit having a sourcing agent close to Guangzhou as it will be easy for them to identify a reputable warehouse supplier.

  1. Value for your money- By using a sourcing agent, you necessarily do not have to travel to Guangzhou while trying to locate a warehouse.
  2. Easy communication- It can be quite challenging trying to cut a deal with a person who does not talk your local language or is not conversant with English.

This is where a sourcing agent comes in and helps ease communication.

Disadvantages Of Using A Sourcing Agent

  1. Lose direct communication with the warehouse owner- While using a sourcing agent, you will not directly communicate with the owner.

Hence if you have any issue with the warehouse, you can only communicate with them through the sourcing agent.

  1. Cost- Sadly, the sourcing agent does not come cheap. Hence you ought to be prepared to spend some few bucks for you to find a reputable one.

4) Visit Guangzhou To Find A Warehouse

The other option you can use while finding a warehouse is by visiting Guangzhou and doing it yourself.



Benefits Of Visiting Guangzhou To Find A Warehouse

  1. By visiting Guangzhou, you have the opportunity to filter out warehouses that do not meet your needs.

You’ll definitely wind up choosing a warehouse that you love.

  1. You will have the opportunity to review the facility and see if it meets your standards.

This will offer you a visual representation of what to expect when you buy the warehouse.

  1. Visiting Guangzhou will help you create a relationship between you and the warehouse owner.

Disadvantages Of Visiting Guangzhou To Find A Warehouse

  1. It is quite expensive. This is particularly true, especially if you are a foreigner. This is because while travelling you will have to consider the travelling cost and the accommodation cost.
  2. Time consuming- You are likely to waste a lot of time visiting Guangzhou to find a warehouse.

For the reason that it is not predictable to foretell when you might find a warehouse.

If you are in a rush to find a warehouse using a third-party might be the best option.

  1. It is strenuous. It is quite tiresome moving from one city to another, trying to find a warehouse.

Language barrier issues- If you are a foreigner, it will be challenging to find the warehouse all by yourself.

This is specifically true if the owner you are dealing with is not conversant with your local language or English.

  • Product Manufacturers Or Suppliers In China To Help You Find A Warehouse In Guangzhou China

A product manufacturer is a registered company or person who produces a finished product.

A supplier is a licensed person or company that provides services or products to other entities.

You can use the product manufacturer or supplier to help them find a warehouse.

Most of these manufacturers and suppliers are often well connected, and they can be of help while finding a warehouse.

This is because there are times the manufacturer or supplier might need a warehouse to store their supplies.

Benefits Of Using A Manufacturer Or Supplier

  1. If you have a good relationship with the manufacturer or supplier, you may end up not paying for the service.

This is because there are suppliers who might willingly help you out without charging you.

  1. It will not take long to find a warehouse.

For the reason that most manufacturers or suppliers have a deep network with other business owners.

It will be easy for them to recommend you a good warehouse.

  1. Having a good relationship with a supplier or a product manufacturer will be of help while they are finding a warehouse.

The relationship will make it easy for them to identify a suitable warehouse for you as they understand your business needs.

Disadvantages Of Using A Product Manufacturer Or A Supplier

  1. In a case where there is no contract involved and you are not paying the product manufacturer or supplier to find you a warehouse, the professional might not hastily look for the warehouse.
  2. It is not easy to foretell when the product manufacturer or supplier will find you the warehouse in Guangzhou.

List Of Warehouse For Lease In Guangzhou

At BanSar, we offer warehouse in Guangzhou.

The best part – our Guangzhou warehouse services are free.

However, in case you don’t want to use our warehouses, BanSar team will help you find alternative warehouses in Guangzhou.

The list contains a list of warehouses available for lease in Guangzhou.

They include but are not limited to:

  1. Warehouse available for lease in Guangzhou Shenzhen Shanghai
  2. ESS Storage service available for lease in Ningbo Guangzhou
  3. Storage warehouse and e-commerce fulfillment consolidate service in Shenzhen Guangzhou Foshan
  4. Prefabricated warehouse In Guangzhou
  5. Bonded warehouse in Guangzhou

Necessary Requirements To Own Or Rent A Warehouse In Guangzhou

There is a checklist you can make use of before you decide to own or rent a warehouse in Guangzhou.

The list includes:

  1. One requirement you ought to know before owning a warehouse in Guangzhou is assessing how long your rental agreement will be.

Always ensure that you ask if the agreement has any break options.

  1. Ensure that you know if your lease agreement will be outside or inside the Tenant Act.
  2. Know the rent and do not forget to ask if the amount changes in future.
  3. The other requirement is to have a good understanding of the space you are renting.
  4. Inquire if the warehouse has any amenities, you could take advantage such as parking lots.

How Warehouse In Guangzhou Compares To China Fulfillment Center Location Of Guangzhou Warehouse

The term warehouse and fulfilment centre are often interchangeably used while talking about supply chain and logistics.

A fulfillment centre is a physical location from which a fulfillment provider completes their orders for e-commerce retailers.

A warehouse, on the flip side, is a building used to store goods.

This is how the two compare – the products in the warehouse are simply stored as they are intended to be used later.

Whereas fulfillment centres tend to house or store the products briefly, pack them, and deliver them to clients in a timely manner.

Therefore, warehouses in Guangzhou are simply used to store inventory whereas China’s fulfillment centre helps improve the customer experience during the ordering and delivery process.

In Guangzhou, Warehouses are best known to serve B2B customers.

Whereas Guangzhou China’s fulfillment centre tends to serve e-commerce businesses and B2C.

In Guangzhou, Warehouses can store inventory for several months or up to a year.

However, fulfillment centres in China can only store the inventory for not more than two months.

Safety And Security Measures In Guangzhou Warehouses

It may appear oblivious to some employees about safety and security measures set in warehouses in Guangzhou.

This is why it is imperative to nudge employees about the safety and security measures to avoid injuries or fatality cases.

This parallel logic ought to apply to the warehouse’s security measures.

The warehouses’ security systems ought to be updated to ensure the goods in the warehouse are safe.

Safety Measures In Guangzhou Warehouses

Given the nature of warehouses in Guangzhou, various activities could put the employees in harm’s way.

The common hazards in a warehouse include docks, forklifts, material storage, and hazardous chemicals.

Inside Guangzhou warehouse

Inside Guangzhou warehouse

· Forklifts

In case the employees are using forklifts to lift heavy materials, the employee must have undergone training before they use the forklift.

· Docks

When using forklifts on the docks, the employee is required to be careful.

For the reason that many accidents happen such as forklifts falling from docks.

If this happens, it may injure the driver, damage the forklift, and injure anyone around the area.

Therefore, to ensure that everyone is safe, the employees should drive the forklifts at a slow speed and never go in reverse.

· Material Storage

If materials are incorrectly stored, they could easily fall and injure anyone who is nearby.

Therefore, the employees are required to store the materials evenly and position the bulky goods in lower distances.

· Hazardous Chemicals

Warehouses that deal with hazardous chemicals need to have a Safety Data Sheet.

This document contains information about the hazardous chemicals, how to handle the chemicals, and first-aid guidelines.

· Security Measures 

Warehouses in Guangzhou ought to have secure security systems.

Warehouses tend to store materials, and the client entrusts the warehouse owner that their shipments are safe.

Here are some of the security measures warehouses in Guangzhou look out for:

· Security System

A good warehouse ought to have surveilling cameras that help warehouse operators view the warehouse from all possible angles.

Also having 24/7 surveillance will keep the clients at ease.

· Fencing

Fencing is considered the simplest form of protection; however, this does not mean that this form is of no importance.

This is because this method provides an extra layer of protection.

Fences, however, need to be continuously inspected as fences can be easily compromised.

· Employees

Employees who can quickly sense when something is wrong.

This benefit warehouses as they can help prevent security bridge.

Also, make sure that you do a thorough background on the new employees.

Features To Look For When Renting Warehouse In Guangzhou China

There are a few features you ought to look for before renting a warehouse in Guangzhou China. Here are some of them:

  1. Ceiling height

Before renting a warehouse in Guangzhou China, it is ideal that you check on the ceiling height.

This will be of benefit, specifically if you need to stack your products or that your products are large or tall.

  1. Floor load limitations

In case your goods are bulky, it is best to inquire about the kind of weight the floor can handle without being damaged.

  1. Accessibility

It must be simple for you to access your goods once you rent a warehouse in Guangzhou.

  1. Climate

Check to see if heat or cold can affect your goods.

It can be quite frustrating if you end up to lose your product due to the warehouse’s climate.

If the warehouse’s humidity will affect your product, ensure that you use a warehouse with a functioning HVAC system.

  1. Size Of The Warehouse

The one element you ought not to assume is the size of the warehouse.

You need to rent out a room that fits your product.

It can be annoying if the room you rent out does not fit your product or one that fits your products but leaves out space.

It is best to rent a space that you only need.

How Warehouses In Guangzhou China Handle Goods Damaged during Storage

Suppose the goods get damaged in the warehouse.

The liability is usually dependent on the lease agreement between the Guangzhou warehouse owner and the client.

In some instances, the liability falls on the owner, whereas there are times it falls on the client or both parties.

If the evaluation suggests that the warehouse owner is liable, the owner will cover every damage as we have insurance on every warehouse product.

Limitation Of Having Warehouse In Guangzhou

The only limitation of having a warehouse in Guangzhou is that it is not at the centre of China.

Nonetheless, the good thing is that you can easily access anything from the city.

So, it’s location is not a big limitation.

How To Find Cheapest Warehouse In Guangzhou

BanSar can easily help you find an affordable warehouse.

Besides, we offer free warehousing services.

One strategy you can use to help you find a cheap warehouse in Guangzhou is by searching online on the available directories.

It is actually an easy and reliable strategy to use because you can go through the price listings.

The other method you can use to help you find cheap warehouses in Guangzhou is through referrals.

You could ask your friends or traders to refer you to a cheap warehouse in Guangzhou.

Trade partners know cheap options in the market; it will be of help asking for contacts from them.

Attending trade affairs within Guangzhou can also help you find a cheap warehouse.

During the trade affairs, the owners advertise their warehouse.

This allows you to compare the rates and pick one that seems suitable for your financial status.

The last method you could use is making use of export or import agents.

This kind of agent tends to have a good rapport with various warehouse owners in Guangzhou.

You could contact the agent and ask them to direct you to a cheap warehouse in Guangzhou.

Ways Of Tracking Goods Or Cargo In Guangzhou China

There are several methods warehouse owners tend to make use to track the cargo in Guangzhou China.

They include the following:

1. Making use of Movable and Fixed Tracking Alternatives

Using a fixed option involves making use of software that track activities going on in the warehouse.

This option allows you to manage destinations with utmost proficiency.

While using movable options makes it easy for you to see where the goods are positioned.

This option helps identify if the product is ready for shipping and how you will access it.

Furthermore, if you want more optimum results, you can mix both movable and fixed tracking methods.

2. Cloud Integration

As a warehouse owner, you have the option to integrate the cloud to your warehouse.

This option helps to tie all operational areas of Guangzhou warehouse while it progressively expands.

Cloud integration helps streamline the warehouse shipping tracking without having to come to the warehouse physically.

3. Bar Coding Scanning

This tracking option involves making use of radio frequency software.

Also, this option also helps the owner monitor the activities in the warehouse without remotely being there.

Bar code scanning will help you know the number of goods leaving and coming in the warehouse, the storage space available and the storage duration.

It also comes in handy when you need to track deliveries for clients without necessarily going to the warehouse.

Best Warehouse Management System To Use In Guangzhou China

A warehouse management system is a software that helps improve visibility of the warehouse’s entire inventory.

The software also helps manage supply chain operations.

Warehouse management system

Warehouse management system

Most warehouses in Guangzhou China tend to use warehouse management software because they help boost employee morale.

WMS helps in providing structure in the warehouse.

The best warehouse management system is Logiwa WMS which helps manage the operations.

Benefits Of E-commerce Consolidation Warehouse In Guangzhou China

The main reason why the e-commerce consolidation warehouse in Guangzhou China is used is that the e-commerce dealers use warehouses to fulfill customer’s orders.

Making use of E-commerce consolidation warehouse helps improve quality control of various products.

Also making use of E-commerce consolidation warehouse helps in cut cost.

How To Ship From Guangzhou Warehouse To Amazon FBA

It is relatively easy to ship from Guangzhou warehouse to Amazon FBA. All you have to do is follow the following steps.

1. Create an Amazon FBA Account

Create an Amazon account as it will help you have the chance to access it anytime you want.

While creating the account ensure that you provide the vital details needed to create the account.

2. Set the Quantity

During this step, you ought to specify the amount of quantity in the inventory you wish to send from your Guangzhou warehouse to Amazon FBA.

3. Prepare the Commodities

Before shipping out the products to Amazon FBA, it is best to ensure that the goods fit the set standards set by Amazon.

You could make use of Amazon to label your goods although at a fee.

4. Label The Products

Amazon requires all its FBA products to have a label on them and that their labels ought to meet the Amazon standards.

The labels ought to have bar codes in them as it will make it easy to track the products.

5. Review and Prepare the Shipment

Ensure that the shipment details are accurate.

Once this is done, prepare the shipment by scheduling the shipment, picking the right carrier, and printing the box labels.

Once you send in the shipment, you will get a notification and Amazon will cater the rest.

Extra Services Warehouse In Guangzhou China Offer

There is a few extra services warehouse in Guangzhou offer.

They include

  • Labeling of the products
  • Packing
  • Quality inspection of the products
  • Repackaging of the products
  • Tracking of service
  • Sorting service

Size Of Warehouses In Guangzhou China

There are a variety of warehouse sizes in Guangzhou.

The size range from two square meters to 132 meters.

While choosing the warehouse’s size, all you need to do is assess the size of the product as it will help you know the kind of space you need.

Working Hours For Warehouse In Guangzhou China

The warehouse is usually open during all business days.

However, during holidays the warehouse is often closed.

Although upon prior request, the warehouse could remain open during holidays.

Storage Options In Guangzhou Warehouse

Here are some of the storage options available in Guangzhou warehouse:

  • Static shelving- this storage mechanism is designed to ensure that everything stays in place.
  • Mobile shelving- this kind of storage option offers a more flexible solution.
  • Pallet racking- this kind of storage option is usually used for the busiest and largest warehouses.
  • Multi-tier racking- this kind of storage option is best suited for vertical space.
  • Mezzanine flooring- This kind of storage option is best if you wish to save some space and that you are working on a budget.
  • Wire partitions- this kind of storage is easy to tear down. It offers flexibility.

How To Consolidate Goods From Alibaba Supplier In Guangzhou Warehouse

In most cases, most consumers buy small quantities of products from Alibaba.

It is relatively easy to consolidate goods from Alibaba Supplier in Guangzhou warehouse; all you need is the consignee details.

Anytime a supplier brings in different products, it only makes sense if they are consolidated for each client.

Consolidation of goods from Alibaba is essential because it guarantees the reliability and quality of the order.

Determine In-house Loading And Off Loading Capability In Guangzhou Warehouse

It is essential to understand that the in-house loading and offloading capabilities often depend on the Guangzhou warehouse you are with.

There are a few small warehouses that tend to hire offloading and loading resources.

This is because such services are only available when a project is going on.

However, there are warehouses in Guangzhou that have an established offloading and in-house loading resources.

This kind of service includes having personnel do this kind of work and having offloading and loading machinery.

This kind of resources is often available in major warehouses in Guangzhou.

Size Of Cargo To Store In Guangzhou Warehouse

There is no specific size of cargo to store in Guangzhou warehouse.

This is because different sizes of warehouses can harbour different sizes of cargo.

The floor’s strength will also influence the kind of cargo it can hold without damaging.

Documents You Need To Rent Warehouse In Guangzhou China

You need to have a few documents when you wish to rent or own a warehouse in Guangzhou.

Here are some of them:



Packaging List

This document contains information about your cargo.

The information includes the quantity and weight of the cargo.

It is vital to have a packaging list because it proves that the Guangzhou warehouse received the cargo.

Commercial Invoice

The document outlines goods sold and the price at which you sold them.

This document is essential as it helps you identify the value of the goods in the warehouse.

Inspection Report

This is a report prepared by an inspecting agency for a particular product.

This report is vital as it summarises the product’s status as far as safety is concerned.

Lease Agreement

This contract outlines the agreement between the client and the property owner regarding storing cargo in Guangzhou warehouse.

With the information you have from reading the article, we hope it will be easy for you to find a warehouse in Guangzhou China.

For any inquiries, contact BanSar team right now.

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