How to import from China to Pakistan

How to Import from China to Pakistan: The Complete Guide in 2020

How to import from China to Pakistan

If you are interested to know how to import products from China to Pakistan, then you are in the right place.

Do you know what importing good is?

Importing goods means buying goods from vendors.

Which Product is Suitable for You to Import from China to Pakistan?

1.1 Kids Products to Import
1.2 Tools and Hardware
1.3 Sports Equipment
1.4 Apparel and Garments

How to Find a Profitable Product Import to Pakistan?

You are completing all the process carefully like
1. You may find your supplier
2. You may find a good price
3. Get a high quality product

Find reliable Amazon shipping agent
Boosted listing

How to pay Import Products from China to Pakistan?

Different methods you can follow

7.1 Bank Transfer
7.2 Western Union
7.3  PayPal
7.4 Secure Payment or Escrow Payment

What Are The Shipping Terms Mostly Used in Importing from China?

International standard shortcodes help you to decide when freight will be shifted from provider to importer.

Have a look at this outline to get an idea of this article:

1-What Products to Import from China to Pakistan

Importing business isn’t a bad idea, you can earn far better as compared to other businesses.

You can get different types of products from China at economical rates.

China manufactured everything you need.

Pakistan is used to import from China, almost everything.

You can check the list of items here

1.1 Kids Products to Import

If you want to get quality products for your kids, China has the best collection ever.

Check out this list for kids’ products

  • Kids outfits
  • Dolls, puppets, and stuff toys
  • Remote control cars for kids
  • Baby carts
  • Swings, slides, and all playground equipment
  • Colorful bouncy castles

1.2 Tools and Hardware

Every industry needs problem fix tools and equipment. Go through from the list of tools import from China to Pakistan

  •   Wielding tools, plastic & steel pipe wielding machines
  •  Complete hydraulic unit
  •  High quality power tools
  •  Agriculture machinery
  •  Modern furniture hardware
  •  Casting products
  •  Poultry equipment
  •  Forged items like Different flange
  • Industry Motor products like starter motor and starter solenoids

1.3 Sports Equipment

Demand for sports equipment is high. Everyone like sports and most of them play specific sports.

You can import the best quality sports equipment from China have a look on the list:

  • Tennis Balls& rackets
  • Jim equipment to weight loss
  • Treadmills
  • Cricket kits, bats and balls
  • Sports Bikes& scooters
  • Helmet and Defensive Gear

1.4 Apparel and Garments

Most stylish and modern wears import from China to Pakistan with cheap price

  •  Kids and toddler wear
  •  Stylish nightwear
  •  Comfortable footwear
  •  Body Shapers
  •  Glasses and watches
  •  Sports kits
  •  Undergarments
  •  Bags and purses

2- What Products Avoid to Import from China to Pakistan

2.1 Do you know which product is suitable for you to import?

products to import from china to Pakistan

You must keep one thing in your mind, never import fake products.

If you want to deal with some brand name like Samsung or apple, then you need to focus, such product is original or fake.

® And signs on product show this product is trademarked.

2.2 How to Validate your Products

Don’t waste your time, your money on any product which has no scope.

A platform which analyses for you to authenticate your product.

Go for Google Trends and tracks are people search for your product.

Google trends help you to find a high search volume product.

This provides detail insights about gradually increasing or decreasing trends of

A specific product.

You can get data on hours, days and months.

You can use Google Trends to validate your product by using the following methods:

2.3 How much popular your Product in the world?

How much popular your Product in the world

 Check out the above analysis report:

If you search for plastic furniture in the search bar, you can see how many people searching for this product.

And you have a clear image in your mind, this product trend is increasing or declining.

You can search according to your requirement, like search volume for a specific country or worldwide.

You can have 12 months data, 5 years data or data from the past hour.

2.4 Where Your Product Has Maximum Search Volume

Where your product have maximum search volume

 Have a look at the above analysis report:

You can also get information, on which place your targeted product is trending.

In a way, you can find an exact idea of your sale in the future.

2.5 What Time is Suitable for Your Product in the Year?

What time is suitable for your product in the year

You can determine which time period of the year is appropriate for your business.

Like summer clothing helps to make more income in the months of June, July, and August.

You can observe in the above image search volume is gradually increasing in June.

Or in the same case of winter clothing.

2.6 Always Analyze Your Competitor Activities

Have a deep look on competitor’s strategies, and find what they are doing to get their business developed.

Investigate, how they stand in market, by choosing which product on which time.

3- Popular Products to Sell in Pakistan

Do you want to start importing from China to Pakistan?

Don’t worry!

Just keep one thing in your mind choose the right product to import.

Now the question is how you can decide which products are suitable to sell in Pakistan.

Have a look at some steps to choose profitable products.

  • Find Your Niche
  • Niche with low competition
  • Choose Low-risk products
  • Choose products with suitable size

3.1 Find Your Niche

Do you know about your niche?


Pay attention!

You need to know about your niche to decide which product is suitable to import from China to Pakistan.

Newbies don’t know how to start.

A good starting point is based on your area of interest and your hobby, if you don’t have a suitable hobby then work in your interest area.

3.2 Niche with low competition

If you want to be successful in the import business, never target to the main niche.

Get started from a relatively small niche.

If you want to find the concerns of people, search for online magazines or print media.

If you find a product in a magazine, go ahead and choose to work on.

It will be profitable for you to work on it because the market has the thirst for this product.

3.3 Choose low risk products

If you want to import products from any country.

Be careful!

Never choose harmful things.

Your business totally depends on the quality of products, so get products with minimum risk.

If you choose in hassle, there is a possibility of the wrong decision so decide intelligently.

3.4 Choose products with suitable size

If you start your business with a low budget, then import your products wisely.

Decide to import products in small size.

This will help you to reduce your expenditures and expand your Return on investment.

But all the products never help you to increase your income, this depends upon the value of the product.

4- How to Find a Profitable Product To Sell On Amazon

4.1 Choose a suitable product to get success in your Business

Just imagine a scenario.

You are completing all the process carefully like

  • You may find your supplier
  • You may find a good price
  • Get a high quality product
  • Find reliable Amazon shipping agent
  • Boosted listing

Oops! Your decision of selecting a product is not according to the requirement of a profitable product.

Then what happened?

There are 100% chances to flop your business and lose your investment.

An important tip is “invest more time to find your required product. Hopefully this guide “how to import from china to Pakistan” will help you to increase your profit.

4.2 Quick Checklists for product requirements

  • Price of the product must be under 50$
  • The preferable weight of the product is between 2 to 3 pounds
  • Avoid using brand name in niche name
  • 2 or 3 items with positive reviews on the first page
  • Monthly Search volume of top 3 keywords must be 100,000
  • Expand your business with relevant products
  • Product support multiple keywords

4.3 Find right Products to Sell on Amazon with JungleScout

Do you want to get a deep analysis of products for sale in Amazon?

Give a try to jungleScout for finding best opportunities.

Find right Products to Sell on Amazon

5- How to Ship from China to Pakistan

 Is Shipping from China to Pakistan is a cup of tea?

China Freight forwarder provide maximum services not only on the national level as well as internationally.

Charges applied for shipping service of cargoes according to the competitors shipping rates.

If you’re looking for a reliable shipping forwarder and partner in China, Bansar will be your best choice, we’ll provide you best shipping rate from China to Pakistan.

Bansar provide very competitive ocean friehgt and lower destination charge for lcl shipment.

Ask for the Best Shipping Rate China to Pakistan

5.1 Ocean Freight service from China to Pakistan

Are you thinking to ship voluminous freight?

No worries!

Choose slow but secure way of shipping Ocean Freight.

Sea freight shipping

Low cost but bear heavy weight.

5.2 Ocean Freight from China to Pakistan

You can avail service of ocean fright, shipping from china to Guwadur port, Karachi and Qasim port.

5.3 Gawadur port

Guwadur port Pakistan
Guwadur port Pakistan

Guwadur port located in Baluchistan, Pakistan.

This port is working on the plan of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

You can import your products by the link of Silk Road.

Pakistan’s largest city Karachi is just away 533 km from this port.

5.4  Karachi Port

 Karachi Port Pakistan

Karachi Port Pakistan

Do you know which is the busiest deep water sea port in the world?


Let me tell you: Karachi port, Sindh Pakistan

The interesting thing is Karachi port is handeling approximately 60% freight of country.

25 million ton per annum is not a small thing to deal with.

You have some other options to import by ocean like

  • Guangzhou
  • Shenzhen
  • Shanghai
  • Tianjin

Whatever option you are using for importing your products FCL or LCL, keep one thing in your mind make functional arrangements.

5.5 Pakistan to Port of Shanghai, China

Do you know how much distance you need to cover to import things from china to Pakistan?

Have a look to the sea route to import your cargo.

And also I want to show you, how much time it takes to ship.

Sea route from China to Pakistan

Sea route from China to Pakistan – Source:

5.6 Pakistan to Mawei Port, China

You can’t imagine 23 days spend to arrive any shipment from china to Pakistan.

This is the approximate time duration, but you must keep natural disasters in your mind.

Sea route from China to Pakistan

Sea route from China to Pakistan – Source:

5.7 Port of Qingdao, China to Port of Karachi, Pakistan

Another sea port helps to import products.

Distance from china to Pakistan by this route is 6234 nm and it takes 26 days approximately to arrive on the destination.

Sea route from China to Pakistan

Sea route from China to Pakistan – Source:

5.8 Port of Keti, Pakistan to Mawei Port, China: 

22.8 days means approximately 23 days to reach on the destination by this route.

You have to cover the distance of about 5472 nautical miles.

Sea route from China to Pakistan

Sea route from China to Pakistan – Source:

5.9 Port of Shenzhen, China to Port of Karachi

Shenzhen is 5040 nm away from the Pakistani, Karachi port.

Need 21 days to complete the journey to transfer products.

Sea routes to import products is suitable way, especially for the heavy freight.

Sea route from China to Pakistan

Do you have to face challenges shipping from China to Pakistan?

Shipping from China to Pakistan smoothly needs the quality services of a trustworthy company.

And, no doubt BanSar is the only reliable freight forwarder in China

5.10 Air Freight service from China to Pakistan

Do you want to get quick service to import your products?

No issues just try a reliable importer of air freighter and avail service in all seasons in reasonable price.

6- Things Consider When Shipping from China

6.1 Air Freight or Sea?

We are always missing something important in our decisions.

Just think, you can make more money by determining the right method.

Always choose a cost effective option.

 6.1.1 Air Freight

Shipping from China Airport

Have you ever import weight larger than 500kg?

If yes, which service suits you better?

I recommend you air shipment service is cost effective and convenient service.

If you want to deliver your cargo within 2 to 10 days BanSar Air Freight is not a bad option.

Always take care of airline schedule, to complete the documentation&custom clearance after arriving the products to the destinations.

6.1.2 Sea Freight

Slow and steady wins the race is a well-known quotation.

Sea shipping is a real slow process but quite safe and secure.

Importing by sea freight service takes long time but provide service of transferring heavy goods safely.

This option is valid if you have enough time to wait for your order, a wait of 3 to 60 days is an approximation, sometimes natural disasters in sea make it longer.

As like Air Freight you have to prepare mentally to handle all documentation and clearance of custom.

Shipping by sea freight is a cost-effective option to import products.

6.2 Handle by Yourself or Your Agent?

6.2.1 Work with a freight forwarder in your country

Get connected with your freight forwarder to import your products quickly.

Most of the agents have no personal office, they always charged a large amount of fee.

This type of work is not suitable and cost-effective.

6.2.2 Work with a freight forwarder in China

In this way, you are connected with agent of China.

Agent try to contact suppliers and remind your requirements, inform about updates.

And, if the supplier face any type of trouble, local person resolve the problem as soon as possible.

6.2.3 Work with a forwarder on each side

Directly contact with the suppliers of China and Pakistan resolve all the problems quickly.

This is the right choice for you to save your money and time.

6.2.4 Shipping from China Airport

Here is a suggestion to make your import experience far better, you should always require to find a solution from a third party.

Your agent belongs to China or belongs to Pakistan, if you find himself creative to you, just follow him and stick to him.

You need to take a decision to choose freight forwarder to make your import

7- What is The Payment Method to Import Products from China to Pakistan?

How can you pay to your suppliers?

Different methods you can follow

7.1 Bank Transfer

If your supplier is reliable and trustworthy, then you can choose this option.

30% of payment deposits before the start of production.

Another thing is quite risky, the pending amount will be paid after completion process and delivery of the order.

7.2 Western Union

Do you know what is Escrow?

Payment transfer is not recommended by the Western Union if it is not secure by escrow.

Well known persons should have to take the risk to transfer by Western Union.

7.3  PayPal

Get Maximum protection with PayPal payment method.

But suppliers don’t like to avail of this service due to difficulties in withdrawal process & high taxes.

Paypal transfer in Pakistan is not allowed, but there are some ways to transfer money from Paypal account in Pakistan.

7.4 Secure Payment or Escrow Payment

The safest method for buyers.

Buyers money remain under the protection of 3rd party, infact it secures both parties buyer and seller.

You can use this option for wholesale deals, and if you want to use this option other than wholesale you need to follow a process.

First ask your seller to draft escrow payment order

8- Duty Taxes to Import from China

When you think to import something from China, keep duties and taxes in your mind.

8.1 Import Duty Calculation

Custom value always varies from country to country and also depends on the kind of products.

Normally you are calculating your duty by this simple formula

Duty = duty%* Product Price

Customs value depends on CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) value

Duty = duty % x(product price + cost of shipping + cost of insurance)

8.2 Tax calculation

Calculation of tax is actually the percentage of customs value plus duty.

You can check sales tax from different platforms on the web.

Sales tax = sales tax % x (CIF value + duty)

You can also calculate your sales tax by the above formula.

Pakistan offers zero duty on 6,000 items from China 2018

9- What Are The Shipping Terms Mostly Used in Importing from China

International standard shortcodes help you to decide when freight will be shifted from provider to importer.


Free on Board ensures you that all cargo legitimately exported.

All things included, transfer from production place to final destination.


Delivered at place, you can try this booking, shipping of freight from production place China and delivery to a specific address in foreign.


Less Container Load, you will find this option best in rank because it is cost effective.

Different buyers share the same freight container in LCL.


full container load, you can import by this service measured per unit and per weight.

You have two more options like DAT (Delivered At Terminal) or DAP (Delivered At Place).

Keep one thing in your mind confirm to your shipping company about your selected deal.

Wrap up

Importing products from China to Pakistan is not an easy task, but this not impossible.

If you are well aware from all process of importing products, then it’s adoring.

In other cases, it will be tension full for you

Hope you guys got all important information about importing products from China to Pakistan.

If you have some confusion feel free to contact BanSar, and find whatever you want.

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