how to Import Toilet Paper from China?

How to Import Toilet Paper from China: The Ultimate Guide

Toilet papers being an indispensable commodity can be imported from China.

China offers quite a variety of Toilet papers, with the right size and quality at reasonable prices.

For you to import Toilet papers from China you have to contact the manufacturer for a good deal.

Why Import Toilet Paper from China

Toilet paper from China

Toilet papers from China

Toilet papers can be imported from China based on a number of factors and reasons as shown below:

i. Price; the prices of Toilet papers from China are competitively affordable and this makes it possible for importing fromChina.

ii. Right size; the Toilet paper from China comes in the right size and design, attracting more imports.

iii. Quality; in every commodity, quality takes the order of the day.

Toilet papers from China are of the right quality that makes people want to import from China.

iv. Moisturized; Toilet manufacturing companies from China go an extra mile by moisturizing the toilet papers giving it a perfect touch for import.

v. Softness; the materials made up of Toilet papers from China are of the right quality giving the user of the commodity softness with no roughness at all.

vi. Color; Toilet papers from China comes in different colors that personalize the user with the color that they most love.

vii. Decoration; toilet papers from China are decorated in such a way that they are appealing to the client and the architectural drawings are on point.

Types of Toilet Paper made in China

China toilet paper

China toilet paper

China Manufactures Different types of Toilet papers for Different Functions such as:

i. Restaurant Toilet paper; China manufactures Restaurant Toilet papers that are used for different functions within the restaurant.

They manufacture toilet papers designed for restaurant purposes and are placed on the walls or floors of the restaurant.

ii. Kitchen Toilet papers; Toilet papers from China have been designed to address Kitchen matters.

different types of toilet paper made in china

Different types of toilet paper made in china

This is through cleaning the surface of the kitchen table, dusting, and also clearing up spills.

It is designed in the form of sheets and can only be used once.

iii. Serviettes Toilet papers are the kind of toilet paper that are designed to ensure the utmost hygiene.

This is through cleaning of the waters spills on hands and also for touching and lifting foot items.

iv. Bathroom Toilet papers, this is the type of toilet paper that are used to address feces areas or perhaps cleaning the area of a urinal and other bodily fluid releases.

v. Hotel Rooms Toilet papers, this a folded toilet papers used by the hotel as a sign of good hygiene of the hotel

vi. Hotel Napkins, this are the type of toilet papers that are usually placed at the table to help in wiping of the mouth and fingers during a meal.

vii. Facial Toilet papers, Facial Toilet papers are designed to wipe the face either to remove dust or water or perhaps sweat.

viii. Hand Towel Toilet paper, this are hand toilet papers designed at the washroom areas to wipe water from the hands.

ix. Medical Toilet papers, this are sterilized toilet papers use by the hospital to clean up the wound or surfaces.

Where to Find Toilet Paper to Import China

There are quite a number of places you can find toilet papers to import from;

i. Online, Alibaba is the best online shop where you can import your Toilet papers from.

ii. You only need to log in and place your order by choosing, the type of toilet papers with your specification.

iii. Wholesale markets, there are several wholesale markets that offer to import toilet papers from China to your doorstep such as Made in China.

iv. Jumbo rolls which provides a range of toilet papers for shipment.

v. Direct factories, some clients prefer to import directly from the manufacturing company such as Double a Paper Manufacturers, China Paper roll.

vi. You can contact this companies for a good offer and discount on toilet papers.

bulk import toilet paper from china

bulk import toilet paper from china

How to Vet Toilet Paper Suppliers from China?

There is no specific way to vet Toilet paper suppliers from China.

However, the following guideline may be useful when trying to Vet for reliable toilet papers suppliers from China.

i. Referrals, good toilet papers suppliers have referrals from customers across.

Those suppliers with no referrals at all, gives you a big reason to think about doing business with them.

ii. Proven Track record; most supplier may have proven track record on their website or perhaps through ratings on their websites.

If the rating is poor, then it will mean they are not the reliable suppliers and if their rating is good then they are reliable suppliers of toilet papers.

iii. Communication, the level of supplier communication determines if you are going to import toilet papers from them.

iv. Financial stability; determining the financial strength of the supplier is very vital.

A supplier with delayed orders is proof that they have financial constraints, unlike a supplier who delivers toilet papers on time and as agreed upon.

v. Location; the location of the supplier of Toilet paper will determine the risk involved with the supplier.

Since some locations are prone to risk associated with importation as compared to others.

vi. Supplier structure; the supplier can be part of a large group of companies.

It is good to do due diligence on the sister company to ensure they are not at jeopardy with the reputation of the supplier or company.

vii. Compliance; the supplier who has all the prerequisite requirements by law is deemed the best to import from.

This is as compared to the one who has no legal requirements to supplier toilet papers.

viii. Cost; while negotiating for the cost of the toilet papers will determine the kind of supplier you are dealing with.

Most Chinese toilet paper suppliers will offer competitive prices for wholesale purchases.

Using a Sourcing Agent to Find Toilet Paper for Importing from China

China provides an option for the customer to choose a sourcing agent of their choice while importing toilet papers to get a reasonable price.

Benefits of Using China Sourcing Agents

The benefits associated with a sourcing agent comes in handy as they have the following benefits;

i. Negotiation; the sourcing agents ensures that there is good negotiation in case of language barriers and ensure that both parties benefits from the deal.

ii. On site Verification; the sourcing agent can visit the factories to inspect and verify the quality of toilet papers before being imported.

iii. Relationship; the sourcing agent helps build the long term relationship with the client in that the client will be using them for importing toilet papers from time to time.

iv. Assesses supplier; the sourcing agent using his or her experience may be valuable in evaluating your supplier.

If the supplier is not trustworthy they will advise accordingly.

v. Price; the sourcing agent will help in getting you the best price of Toilet papers in the market.

vi. Saves time; they help in directing you to the right company of toilet papers since they are located within China and they know the companies very well.

sourcing activity from sourcing agent

Sourcing activity from a sourcing agent

How to Find Reliable China Sourcing Agents

There is no specific way of finding a reliable sourcing agent from China, However, the following features will help you determine one:

i. Professional work experience; the years the sourcing agent has been in business will help you a great deal in vetting them out.

Those who have huge experience are literally the best as compared to those who just joined the industry.

ii. Financial stability; the sourcing agent who request a big percentage of more than 70% being down payment

This means they have financial problems as compared to those whorequest for a 30% down payment.

iii. Market; the sourcing agent who is well vast with the market of Toilet papers and give you the information at tips of the finger.

This source agent is better than the one who will go do research and get back to you.

This is helpful in making timely decisions.

iv. Legal framework; a good sourcing agent is familiar with the legal requirements of importing toilet papers.

Unlike one who is not aware of any of the legal requirements is a big reason to worry.

v. Referrals; best sourcing agents have quite a number of referrals, bad sourcing agents may experience no referrals.

Quality; best sourcing agent they do not compromise on

buyer and reliable sourcing agent

Buyer and reliable sourcing agent

How China Sourcing Agents Work

Sourcing agents from China work differently depending on the scope of work.

However, the major part of their work involves:

i. Sourcing for products, they source out for the products being requested by the client and give the expected prices.

ii. They signify the interests of the buyer of the toilet papers

iii. They deal with issues of the customs duty during the importation of toilet papers.

Cost of China Sourcing Agents

There is no standard cost of a sourcing agent from China.

The cost varies depending on the service to be delivered

However, they charge a small fee for the services being rendered

There are those who charge a monthly fixed fee less than $50 for the product

There are those who charge nothing at all but they rely on the price fluctuation for them to get the difference

While majority of them charge a percentage of between 5-10% on the toilet papers being imported.

Requirements for Importing Toilet Paper from China

The following are the requirement documents needed while importing toilet papers from China.

i. Clearing Agent; you are required to choose a clearing agent for the importation of Toilet papers.

ii. Legal requirements; you need to be approved by the government to do importation.

If the government does not approve the company, then it will not be involved in importation.

iii. Certificate of Origin; this is a document that shows the country of origin of the Toilet paper.

iv. Commercial invoice; this provides enough information for the custom and border protection officer to determine if the commodities being imported are admissible.

v. Packing list; this list is provided by the freight forwarder and it contains information from the invoice and is checked to verify cargo.

vi. Bill of landing; is a commercial document issued by a carrier to the shipper of good, signed by the owner of the vessel.

vii. Freight invoice for sea cargo

viii. A Certificate of Conformity

ix. Purchase Orders/Contracts

x. Permit/License for restricted goods

xi. Arrival notice, is a communication that is prepared by a carrier to let the recipient know that the shipment has arrived.

Quality and Safety Requirements

Quality and safety of the toilet is determined by:

i. Softness; Toilet papers should be soft, If the toilet papers are rough then it means they are not of the right quality.

ii. Size; the size of the toilet papers determines its quality as per the usage of the toilet papers.

iii. Chlorine-free; a good quality toilet paper is free from chlorine which makes them white.

iv. Recycled; a good quality toilet paper is decomposable and environmental friendly.

v. Threads; good quality toilets have no threads that irritate on the skin.

vi. Easy of tearing; the quality of the toilet papers is determined by the easiness of tearing it apart, those that are hard to tear part are deemed of poor quality.

Packaging and Labeling Requirements

The toilet papers from China are labeled and packaged based on:

i. Government regulation; the government regulates how the toilet papers are to be packaged and labeled.

ii. Company design; the company may devise ways to package and label its toilet papers depending on the company marketing strategy to attract more customers. Such as Velvet, kitten soft

iii. The preference of the customer; the customer may instruct the company to customize the label.

Should also instructionthe package the toilet papers with their name of choice especially during birthdays.

iv. Some are perfumed; this is a way of marketing their products

v. Different colors; they label and package toilet papers in different colors to appeal to more customer.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Requirements for Toilet Paper from China

The minimum order quantity varies from one China toilet paper supplier to another.

The best part, China toilet paper suppliers offer flexible MOQs

Cost of Importing Toilet Paper from China

The cost of importing Toilet papers from China varies greatly on the quality and number of items being imported and the final destination.

However, the price of toilet papers from China ranges from the US $ 0.1-0.22 per 500 rolls.

While the cost of shipping toilet papers also varies with respect to the number and type of the toilet papers being shipped.

The cost of shipment ranges from US $ 0.09 – 0.15 though much depends on the destination of the toilet papers.

Additionally, the import duty and taxes of toilet papers from China vary with the destination country.

The best import and taxes range from 5-13%.

The port charges are paid to the port for using the port and they vary to a certain percentage.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Importing Toilet Paper from China

The following Factors Influence the Cost of Importing Toilet Papers from China

i. Custom duty, the custom duty of a county may influence the cost of importing toilet papers, higher custom duty means high cost of importing.

ii. Destination of the final country, the final destination of the country will determine the cost of importing, the longer the distance the higher the importation cost.

iii. Mode of transport, importing through air may cost much more as compared through sea.

iv. Quality of the toilet papers, good quality toilets papers attracts high importation cost.

Negotiating Toilet Paper Prices with Chinese Suppliers

Sure, you can negotiate the prices of toilet papers with Chines suppliers.

This can be done through online or sourcing agents. However, low price will mean low quality.

Price is a determining factor on the quality of the toilet papers therefore it should be looked at critically before negotiating for the same.

How to ControlToilet Paper Quality from China

Toilet paper quality from China is of the essence.

quality toilet paper

Quality toilet paper

 The following are ways on how you can Control the Toilet Paper Quality.

i. Material, the material that are used to make toilet papers must be of the right quality in order to produce quality Toilet papers.

ii. Size, the size of the toilet papers as per the design must be of the right size.

iii. Technology, Manufacturing companies has invested in technology that helps them manage control of the quality of the toilet papers during production.

iv. Scanner beam, scanner beams are employed to check for the right measurements and report if a diversion from the measurement is encountered.

Shipping Toilet Paper from China

Toilet Papers can be Shipped from China Through a Range of Options such as:

i. Regular post from China, Regular Post enables you ship for toilet papers from China. You only pay for the charges and indicate the destination country and address.

ii. Courier Services, you can employ the service of the courier company to do the shipment of toilet papers for you.

iii. Air freight, you can ship it by air freight, this is done through air travel and will be picked at the county of destination airport.

And this can be done through air cargo.

This can be used especially when the toilet papers are needed urgently.

iv. Rail freight, this can be through railway that passes though close to towns that the luggage is destined to and this involves bulk shipments at affordable price.

v. Sea freight, this is through sea and it may take a sometimes to reach the destination country.

Loading Ports When Importing Toilet Paper from China

There are several seaports and airports in China that importers can use to ship Toilet papers from China.

China has established more than 34 main sea ports with above 2000 minor ports that are surrounded by the major and minor rivers of China.

This ports have enabled free movement of goods in and outside China.

The following are among the main seaports and airports inChina that importer can use to Ship Toilet papers from China.

i. Dalian

ii. Yingkou

iii. Jinzhou

iv. Quinhuangdao

v. Tianjin

vi. Yantai

vii. Weihai

viii. Qingdao

ix. Rizhao

x. Lianyungang

xi. Nantong

xii. Zhenjiang

xiii. Jiangyin

xiv. Nanjing

xv. Shanghai

xvi. Ningbo

However, the cost of port fee varies depending on the number of Toilet papers being imported and the destination country.

The following are the main airports in China that importer can use to Ship Toilet papers from China.

i. Beijing Capital International Airport

ii. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

iii. Shanghai Pudong International Airport

iv. Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport

v. Hangzhou International Airport

vi. Beijing Daxing International Airport

vii. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport

viii. Hong Kong International Airport

ix. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

x. Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport

xi. Nanjing Lukou International Airport

xii. Wenzhou Longwan International Airport

xiii. Haikou Meilan International Airport

xiv. Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport

xv. Liuzhou Bailian Airport (LZH)

Briefly talk about the train route from China to serving destinations.

China has developed an alternative route to sea and air, being train transport to transport bulk imports to the destination countries.

High speed electric trains have been established to help in the navigation of imports in the long distance countries.

All the railway operations are handled by China State Railway Group Company, Limited.

There are various categories of railway transport in China ranging from National railway, local and designated railways.

These railway routes are as follows:

i. Beijing–Harbin Railway

ii. East Coast Corridor

iii. Beijing–Shanghai Railway

iv. Beijing–Kowloon Railway

v. Beijing–Guangzhou Railway

vi. Datong–Zhanjiang Corridor

vii. Baotou–Liuzhou Corridor

viii. Lanzhou–Kunming Corridor

ix. Beijing–Tibet Northern Coal Transport Corridor

x. Southern Coal Transport Corridor

xi. Trans-Eurasia Corridor

xii. Nanjing–Xi’an Railway

xiii. Yangtze River Corridor

xiv. Shanghai–Kunming Railway

xv. Southwest Coastal Access Corridor


Loading at the port

Procedure for Importing Toilet Paper from China

Importing Toilet papers from China undergoes a process due restriction by different countries.

The following are guideline that may help you in importing Toilet papers fromChina.

  1. Check out the legal requirements for importing Toilet papers from china, start by looking at the legality around importing Toilet papers to your country.
  2. Check out for License legal brokers, this brokers can help you import toilet papers from China, you only need to contact them, however their services are not free.
  3. Sourcing agents, you can seek the services of the sourcing agent who will do all the process on your behalf.
  4. Choose on which method you want to use to import toilet papers.
  5. Give the exporter details of the toilet papers you want to import from china.
  6. The exporter will identify the toilet papers you want that meets your expectation and do necessary formalities and package your toilet papers.
  7. Exporter will package of toilet papers and send your toilet papers to your destination.
  8. You can use toilet papers shipping service online;

There are several toilet papers shipping services online that you can hire to make the importation of toilet papers from china easy.

  1. Decide mode of shipment, if it is by air or ground, since shipping of bicycle can be done if only you are also flying from china and you want to fly with your toilet papers.

However, shipping by ground is more common, much easier and less expensive.

  1. Get a shipping box for your toilet papers, this requires you to package the toilet papers before it can be shipped to your destination.
  2. Pay the importation cost, and tax for the shipment, since you cannot bring the toilet papers to your country without incurring the cost of importation.
  3. You can pick your box of toilet papers from your picking point as you indicated.

How to Reduce the cost of Importing Toilet Paper from China

Saving on the cost of importing toilet papers from China is the ultimate goal of every importer.

The following are ways in which you can maneuver around and reduce the cost of importation.

i. Understand the tariffs, understand the tariffs of the country you want to import from and make a budget for the same.

A good budget ensures that you are within the limits of tariffs and this will help you from going extra mile to incur extra cost.

ii. Reduce Intermediaries, many intermediaries along the way increases the cost since each intermediary charges a fee;

It is a good to deal with the company direct to save on such importation cost.

iii. Understand the Toilet papers, this helps you in avoiding the penalties involved when you had not paid for a certain certification.

iv. Tax free, sometimes the government may issue a tax free on importing toilet papers, that is the best way to import and save on the cost.

v. Refunds of duty, some counties have provision for refund of duties paid, you can request for such to get your money back.

Best Time to Import Toilet Paper from China

There is no best time to import Toilet papers from China, though the following may be key on getting the best deal.

i. Free custom duty, during free custom duties, it is the best time you import since toilet papers will be free from tax.

ii. Discount, during discount offered by the manufacturing company, at such times you may save some money while importing Toilet papers.

iii. Free negotiation, owing to free negotiation by the brokerage, such time you may save on brokerage fee.

iv. Import early, importing toilet papers early enough makes you know the price before it shoots up.

v. Use coupons, importing from well-known companies, at times they give out coupons on any products you import from them.

such coupons when offered may determine as the best time to import.

How to Clear Toilet Paper from China?

Toilet papers can be cleared from China through contacting a clearing agent to help in the process of clearing.

The agent makes custom declaration entry in accordance with the applicable tax framework.

Some companies have in-house clearance services that you can contact them for assistance.

Original file of the importation of toilet papers is presented at the custom authority for verification.

At times toilet papers may be cleared at the point of entry by signing on the relevant clearance form for having been within the legal framework.

Upon verification the toilet papers are cleared for release.

Documents you Need to Import from China

The following are the major documents needed to import Toilet papers from China

i. Certificate of Origin, this is a document that shows the country of origin of the Toilet paper.

ii. Commercial invoice, this provides enough information for the custom and border protection officer to determine if the commodities being imported are admissible.

iii. Packing list, this list is provided by the freight forwarder and it contains information from the invoice and is checked to verify cargo.

iv. Bill of landing, is a commercial document issued by a carrier to the shipper of goods, signed by the owner of the vessel.

v. Arrival notice, is a communication that is prepared by a carrier to let the recipient know that the shipment has arrived.

 Procedure for Customs Clearance

The following are procedures for custom clearance

i. Lodgment& Processing, the shipper contacts the licensed clearing agent to lodge declaration form for the imports.

Upon assessment sends it to supplier for pre-shipment inspections.

ii. Entry Declaration, Payment of Taxes and Processing, upon verification of the pre-inspection.

The agent makes declaration for customs and clears with the relevant authority by paying the applicable taxes and in return issue a bank slip.

iii. Verification, the clearance file is presented at the customs authority for verification.

iv. Clearance and Release, the toilet papers will be released upon verification and be cleared.

Working with a Customs Broker to Import and Clear Toilet Paper from China

Custom brokers are helpful when it comes to clearing of the imported toilet papers.

There are several custom brokers around that you can choose from.

They help in submitting all the necessary documentation needed for importation.

Importing Toilet Paper from China using a China Freight Forwarder

BanSar is one of the leading freight forward companies that helps in importation of toilet papers.

They have operationalized their operation 24/7 to tackle customer’s issues by offering affordable prices.

They possess vast experience in the freight industry making them the most reliable company to do your shipment.

They are well known globally, to deliver goods to your door step.

You should contact us now to choose your preferred toilet papers

Sit back and let the company do the rest of the documentation and clearance for you.

They are able to ship through air, sea, train, on whatever method you will choose they will deliver.

They are able to handle any of the shipment, however, special it might be.

bansar freight forwarder company

BanSar freight forwarding experts

Time it Takes to Import Toilet Paper from China

There is no specific time it takes to import toilet papers from China.

However, the mode of shipment will determine the time it will take to ship toilet papers.

Air shipment ensures that the toilet papers arrives on time, however, the charges is pegged on the weight of the shipment and may take up to 10days.

While sea shipment will also deliver as per the stipulated time frame of between 30-45days.

In case you want to import toilet papers from China faster, BanSar is here to make the entire process simple and straight forward.

Contact our offices for fast freight forwarding solution.

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