How to Import Toys from China

How to Import Toys from China: The Complete FAQ Guide

I know you want to import toys from China.

Or, you’re looking for more information about the China toy market.

That’s why this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about importing toys from China.

Whether you want to know the various markets, importing documents, requirements, or quality certifications, you will find everything in this guide.

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How Big is China Toys Wholesale Market?

China’s toy market is so big that the factories for toys are located in different geographical areas.

This is mainly according to the different types of toys they produce.

You must research and have a list of the China toy manufacturers and the appropriate market before purchasing the toys.

The toys wholesale market that you will find in China include:

Toys in China

Toys in China

  1. Yiwu toys wholesale market.
  2. Guangzhou toys wholesale market.
  3. Zhengzhou toys wholesale market.
  4. Baigou plush toys wholesale market.
  5. Yunhe wooden toy market.
  6. Yangjiang and Wutinglong are known as international toys and gift city.
  7. Shantou China toy market.
  8. Lingyi Yongxing China toy market.

Is it Safe to Buy Toys from China?

Yes, it is safe to buy toys from China.

However, it’s crucial you know some toy-buying basics.

To ensure that you are buying quality toys, you should avoid toys that contain lead, bisphenol A(BPA), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Look for the following features to be sure you are buying safe baby toys:

  • The toys should contain an ASTM international label to ascertain that they have met the US safety standards.
  • You should ensure that the toys have a 100 percent PVC-free label.

The label is the best way for you to guarantee that the toy does not contain harmful phthalates.

  • It will be a great label if you choose wood or bamboo toys as they do not contain any chemical-filled plastics.
  • You may also avoid toys made from organic cotton or hemp material, as conventional cotton is unsafe due to being heavily sprayed with many chemicals.

How do you Get the Best China Toys Prices?

 Toys prices on Alibaba

Toys prices on Alibaba

To get the best China toys prices, you can use the following three tactics:

  • Bulk buying
  • Buying directly from the manufacturer
  • Market research

Also, remember to use a sourcing agent.

They will help you get the best toy prices in China.

Guess what – China toys suppliers like long term cooperation.

So, if you’re working on a long-term partnership, Chinese toy manufacturers and suppliers will definitely offer the best prices.

More importantly, learn the art of negotiating for the best prices.

What are the Quality Certifications for Electronics Toys from China?

Some of the quality certifications required for electronic toys from China include:

  • CNCA-C22-02:2020
  • GB 19865
  • GB 6675.1
  • GB 6675.2
  • CCC
  • RoHS
  • CE
  • UL
  • REACH Regulations
  • CPSC Requirements

You should buy toys that have passed all the test safety standards.

Remember, different geographical locations may have varying safety toys standards, and requirements.

Which Types of Toys can You Import from China?

You can import virtually all types of toys from China.

Any types of toys you think of; China’s toy market offers the perfect solutions.

Even if you want your new designs, you will get all the toys in China.

Toys that you can import from China are classified into the following categories:

  • Remote control toys: these include RC helicopters, cars, boats, Quadrocopter. These are mainly produced in Chenghai and Shenzhen.
  • Diecasts and toy vehicles: this category comprise cars, trucks, and car models. These are mainly produced in Chenghai.
  • Toy Figures: this category comprises lego toys and animation figures. These are mainly produced in Chenghai.
  • Doll and stuffed toys: this category comprise toy animals, puppets, and mascot costumes. These toys are mainly produced in Yangzhou and Qingdao, Yiwu, Shenzhen, among other cities in China.
  • Classic toys: this category comprises Yoyo, balloon, balls, and Kaleidoscope. These are produced mainly in Chinghai and Yiwu.
  • Learning and educational toys: this category comprises toy musical instruments and is mainly produced in Yunhe (Zheijiang province) for wood toys.
  • Outdoor and playground toys: this category comprises of kids slide and see-saw. These are produced in Yongjia, a small town in Wenzhou.
  • Models and building toys: this category comprise of building blocks. They are mainly produced in Shanghai and Yiwu.
  • Baby toys: this category comprises baby rattles and baby walkers.

Manufacturers for this category are not in specified cities, but mainly you will find them in Zhejiang and Guangdong Province.

  • Puzzles and DIY toys: this category comprises puzzles and magic cube. You will find manufacturers of high-quality puzzles in Chenghai while those for DIY crafts in Yiwu.

Which are the Toy Wholesale Markets in China?

The toys wholesale markets that you will find in china include:

  • Yiwu Toys Wholesale Market
  • Shantou China Toys Market
  • Lingyi Yongxing China Toys Market
  • Yangjiang Wutinglong international Toys & Gift City
  • Baigou Plush Toys wholesale market
  • Yunhe Wooden Toys market
  • Zhengzhou Toys wholesale market
  • Guangzhou Toys Wholesale market
  • YS win-win exhibition hall
  • Hoton Exhibition hall
  • CBH exhibition hall
  • HK exhibition hall
  • T exhibition hall
  • Union exhibition hall
  • K exhibition hall
  • W exhibition hall
  • Lingyi Yongxing Plush toy market
  • Lingyi Yongxing education toy market
  • Yangzhou stuffed toy market
  • Yangzhou toy market
  • Wanling Plaza Guangzhou
  • International Yide stationery and toys plaza Guangzhou
  • Zhonggang Boutique toys wholesale Market Guangzhou
  • Liwan Toys wholesale market
  • Liwan toy wholesale market
  • Sungang stationery toy and gift wholesale market
  • Yide International Exquisite toy and stationery square in Guangzhou
  • Sham Shui Po toy street
  • Yide road wholesale market
  • China Market
  • Yiwu electric toy market
  • R India lamps China led lari
  • Jing exhibition hall
  • Yiwu in flat toys market
  • Yiwu regular toys market
  • Chenghai toys exhibition Centre
  • Dubai business village
  • China Toys and gifts city
  • WuTingLong international toy market
  • Guangzhou Huangpu International
  • Dongguan world toys manufacture town
  • Huile toy market
  • Weili Toy market
  • Shantou Chenghai Guangyi Jinguang toys factoty
  • Shantou Chenghai Plastic toys market

Who are the Leading Toys Suppliers in China?

You will find the top toy suppliers in China, depending on the ‘factory location, manufacturing the types of toys you need.

The top toys suppliers in China will include:

I. Chenghai, Guangdong Province

It is the world’s capital of toys.

Chenghai is the choice location for business people that deal with toys.

Chenghai is known for its specialization in quality toys on a large scale.

Buying toys from manufacturers in Chenghai will help you significantly reduce the cost, save you a lot of time, and guaranteed quality.

Some of the toy categories that you will find in Chenghai include:

  • Chinese baby toys.
  • Plastic toys.
  • China’s electronic toys.
  • High-tech toys.

II. Yiwu

Yiwu is the right place if you need small and low-value toys.

The toy categories that you will find in Yiwu include:

  • Kids DIY crafts: in this category, you will find fad toys, loom bands, and magic sand.
  • In Yiwu, you can also be able to find plastic toys that are a lot cheaper as compared to other suppliers.
  • Besides DIY toys and low-value plastic toys, you will also find many pool rafts and inflatable ride-owns suppliers.

III. Yangzhou/Qingdao

Yangzhou is where you will find many suppliers of plush and stuffed toys.

The toy categories you will find in Qingdao include:

  • Kid’s slide.
  • Toy animals.

IV. Yongjia, Zhejiang Province.

Yongjia is known for outdoor toys.

Qiaoxia is the exact location in Yongjia, where you will find factories specialized in outdoor toys in China.

V. Yunhe, Lushui – Wooden Toy City

If you would like to find wooden toys suppliers, you can go to Yunhe, Zhejiang province.

Yunhe has a lot of wood, which led to the development of the wooden toy industry.

Should you Buy Toys from Online Marketplaces of Directly from the Factory?

If you are buying in bulk, it is recommendable to buy directly from the factory.

You can buy directly from the manufacturer or place your orders through China’s online buying platform Alibaba.

China has an excellent logistics infrastructure and can ship products to all corners of the world.

It is also easy to make payment for your goods and tracking your order shipment.

The toy industry in China is big and modernized, capable of meeting any MOQ from customers worldwide.

The above factors make it easy and favorable to purchase toys from the Chinese market.

Which are the Leading Toys Fair in China?

The top toys fair in China will include:

· China Toy Expo (CTE)

This event is held annually since 2020.

It is the largest B2B toy trade show in Asia that brings together:

  • China’s manufacturers.
  • Innovative new products.
  • They are leading international brands.
  • Industry development trends.
  • Informative forums and activities.
  • Business professionals of all functions throughout the toy industry attend CTE.

CTE is a significant foreign brand to tap into the Chinese market and a one-stop sourcing hub for international buyers.

If you are looking for a wide range of toys from different manufacturers, you should visit CTE.

It is one of the most recognizable trade fairs that bring all toy manufacturers under one roof.

In the China Toy Expo, you will have a chance to see exhibitors showcase their latest product portfolio.

Some of the products that you will encounter in the CTE include:

  • Non-electronic plastic toys.
  • Toy figures
  • . Educational toys.
  • Wooden toys.
  • Mechanical toys.
  • Plush toys
  • Electronic toys.
  • Outdoor toys
  • Electrical toys.

· Toy and Edu China (Shenzhen International Toy and Education Fair)

It is among the main toy events organized in South China.

Toy and Edu China is a fair where you will find global insiders demonstrating and promoting new products and innovations.

The first edition fair was launched in 1989, and it has expanded almost ten times over the past quarter-century.

And Edu China has attracted many corporations’ attention, both multinational and commercial, and the exhibit space has reached 100,000 square meters.

· Canton Fair

Canton fair started in 1957 and involved showcasing of items like:

  • Cloth toys.
  • Action toys
  • Baby toys.

How do you Find the Right Toys Suppliers in China?

Toys in China

Toys in China

Finding a supplier is the first and most important step for importing from China.

Different regions in China manufacture other toys.

Most toy suppliers do not have their personal sales team, and their English level is not right.

So, most China suppliers will send you samples to choose from.

From here, you can determine the right supplier of the toys that you need.

As a trading company, you should ensure that product’s uploads are affected on the Alibaba page.

Next, put your orders to the suppliers under an international order.

As a customer, you can visit showrooms, choose the toys you want, and then place orders.

You must note that most toy suppliers do not have good English-speaking people; thus, you should have a translator to assist.

In fact, using a sourcing agent is an effective way of finding the right toy suppliers in China.

Problems will you Encounter when Importing Toys from China?

Toys are one of China’s most important exports.

Importing from China might be a hustle because you will not know how to choose the toys.

Some of the problems that you may encounter when importing toys from China include:

  • Compliance and safety issues: different countries require different standards for imported toys.
  • Commodity inspection required by China customs: when importing from China, you will need to do commodity inspection.
  • The problem of design infringement: you may encounter design infringement where manufacturers like to print some famous animation characters on the toys.
  • Shipping: the most popular and economical way to import goods from China is through sea shipping.
  • Language barrier – so you need a translator or sourcing agent
  • Identifying the right toys’ supplier in China

How do you check the Quality of Toys from China?

 China toys market

 China Toys Market

You should check the toys to ascertain that they comply with the standards like ASTM F963 4.6, EN71-1998 8.2, GB6675-2003 A.5.2,16 CFR 1501, UL, RoHS and CE, just to mention a few.

Physically check on:

  • You should always check for the safety and certification marks, which will help you ascertain that the manufacturer ensured the toys met the regulatory requirements.

Products without this mark may not be safe for children to play.

Remember, the safety and certification marks will vary depending on the geographical location.

  • You should look for bad grammar or misspellings on the packaging, as this may indicate that the toy is fake.

If you doubt, you should refer to the manufacturer’s official website and compare the packaging and description with authentic toys.

  • To avoid fake toys, you should buy from suppliers who have a good reputation for reliable and safe toys.
  • Ensure the toys have been labelled properly
  • Use a third party company or your team to inspect the toys
  • For custom orders, try to be involved in the manufacturing process to follow up on various quality control measures
  • If possible, buy toys directly from the manufacturer
  • If a toy manufacturer in China offers warranty, then will be an indication of quality products.

This will imply that the manufacturer has confidence in the toys they manufacture.

How do you Ship Toys from China?

Toys that you buy from China can either be shipped through the air or as sea cargo.

Through the ocean freight, cargo is carried by huge containers of about 20 by 40 feet.

 COSCO Shipping line

COSCO Shipping Line

A full cargo container holds about 2400 cubic feet. A forty-foot box carries approximately 61000 lbs. which is a lot of room for toys.

If you want to save costs, it is recommendable to choose bulk shipping.

If your toy cargo is at least five pallets, it is better to transport it utilizing a full container load (FCL).

For smaller toy cargo volumes, you should choose less than container load (LCL) shipping.

This method will mean that your toy cargo will be with other kinds of shipments.

It is essential to have your cargo insurance.

Many international shipping companies have limited liability insurance for any damage that your cargo may encounter.

The insurance by the carriers will cover just a small percentage of your cargo.

For insurance assistance, you may reach out to custom brokers.

Once the toys you have imported from China reach the seaport, they might be transported to avail location near you.

The toys are then shipped through rail or road to your final location, your final destination.

Alternatively, if you want your toys from China to arrive faster, then you can choose air freight.

Although it’s faster, you will pay more for the entire shipping process.

Moreover, you can also opt for rail freight as long as there is existing infrastructure.

How do you Identify Fake Toys from China?

You can buy fake toys online or from dubious retailers.

Despite looking like genuine toys, these Chinese toys are often of low quality, have missing parts, or do not work.

These toys might even cause significant injuries and accidents.

To identify fake toys, you should use the following tips:

i. Compare prices – most fake toys are extraordinarily cheap because manufacturers use low-quality materials.

ii. Request for test and quality standard certification documents

iii. Check if quality marks exist

iv. Inspect labeling requirements – improper labeling implies the toy could be fake

v. Check if there are spelling errors in the labeling

vi. Evaluate the China toys manufacturer or supplier

vii. Check whether the manufacturer offers a warranty and has a product return policy

Why should you Work with Freight Forwarder when Importing Toys from China?

When importing from China, it is crucial to work with a freight forwarder because of the following reasons:

  • Freight forwarders will help you move the shipment from China to your location in the most effective method.
  • Freight forwarders will smoothen your toys’ passage through the series of processes and regulations required by different countries.
  • Freight forwarders are experts in the logistics process and will contract the airlines, shipping lines, or haulers on your behalf.
  • Freight forwarders will ensure that your toy shipment is insured from loss or damage as they supply insurance.
  • You must use a freight forwarder as they can leverage their buying power to reduce transport costs.
  • Freight forwarders will also provide you with confidence to import from new markets as they will help you ship your toys effectively.
  • The use of freight forwarders will also grant you the ability to focus on your business and not on the complex transport and customs procedures.
  • You can also benefit from warehousing and free shipping containers

In short, a freight forwarder will help you save time and cost when importing toys from China.

What Are The Documents do you need to Import Toys from China?

Before importing from China, some formalities are required.

As an importer, you should prepare and have the necessary documents and present them to the appropriate authorities.

The following are some of the essential documents used in importing toys from China:

 Import documents

 Import documents

1. Commercial Invoice

It is a formal note for payment and is used in customs as a declaration that the toys are exported across international borders.

The exporter prepares this invoice.

Some sellers might want to pay fewer taxes to escape some formalities.

If the commercial invoice is checked carefully, and this is established, your toys might be withheld, and you may suffer losses.

2. Bill of Lading (B/L, BOL)

The Bill of landing is a document that will give you details of a shipment of merchandise.

It states the goods’ title and requires the carrier to release the payload in a specified port.

The Bill of landing is issued to you by the shipping company, and you can use it as proof of shipment for insurance companies and customs.

You can also deliver it to the bank as proof so that the seller can execute the letter of credit.

This document mailed to you as the buyer to pay off the contract.

3. Packing List

A packing list is issued by the cargo company that will show you all toys shipped and the packing information.

It informs all the parties involved in the importation process about the contents of the baggage.

4. Pro Forma Invoice

Proforma invoice gives you all the critical information about the shipment: how many toys are shipped, the features and dimensions of the toys.

This invoice also contains the final pricing of the toys’, which helps you make the final purchasing decision.

A Proforma invoice is not a valid invoice but is viewed as a legally binding agreement. The exporter of the toys prepares it.

5. Certificate of Origin

It is a document that will help you prove that the products on transit or waiting to be transported.

A certificate of origin indicates that the cargo is wholly obtained, produced, manufactured, or processed in the place of birth.

The exporter has the prerogative to provide this document to you.

Certificates of origin have two components, namely:

  • A non-preferential certificate of origin specifies where the toys were produced, but the toys do not qualify for exceptional treatment.
  • Preferential certificate of origin: this will state that the goods were manufactured in the country with some trade agreement with your government.

For example, when you are trading within the Commonwealth of Nations.

6. Import/Export Declaration

Import/ Export declaration is a document prepared by either you or the exporter, and you will be required to submit it to the customs office.

The form of this declaration will be different depending on the requirements of a particular customs office.

You may find the samples online for your perusal.

7. Quality Inspection Certificate

It will ensure that all toys from China conform to all safety requirements and standards.

These include conforming with the CE, RoHS, ASTM, and UL quality requirements.

Remember, there are countries that insist toys from China must have quality inspection certificates.

Why should you Import Toys from China?

China’s toy industry has risen over the past years, making it among the top manufacturers in the market worldwide.

The industry has significantly invested in manufacturing technology and pieces of training.

The workforce has perfected skills in the production of durable and high-quality toys.

Some of the reasons why you should import toys from China are:

a. Uniqueness: Manufacturers in China produce toys that are of their kind and, in most cases, not like any other toy in the world.

b. Price: most toys manufactured in China are relatively affordable.

c. Quality: manufacturers in China have highly skilled personnel and make high-quality toys that last for long periods.

d. Quantity: most of the manufacturers in China sell in bulk. That is, you can purchase as many toys as.

The toy manufacturers industry in China is massive and modernized, capable of meeting any MOQ from customers worldwide.

e. Variety to choose from: they provide an extensive range of toys where one can choose from and select that design that suits their preferences.

f. Infrastructure: China manufacturers have excellent logistics infrastructure and can ship products to all corners of the world.

g. Payment: It is easy to pay for your goods using online banking systems established, and you are also able to track your order shipment.

What are the Requirements for Toys Imports from China?

When importing from China, you should make sure all the toys comply with the federal requirements.

Some of the requirements for toy imports from China that you should include:

  • You should ensure that all the toys you import from China are compliant with all the safety regulations.
  • You should also ascertain that all the toys are tested at a CPSC-approved laboratory.
  • It is vital to ensure that a tracking label is attached to all the toys to facilitate easier tracking of the shipment.
  • Information from CPSC highlights that some materials such as phthalates are harmful to toys and can harm when large amounts are ingested.

Therefore, when importing from China, you should avoid toys that contain such materials.

  • Lead is also limited for use in toys as it is carcinogenic material; thus, you should avoid toys containing it when importing from China.
  • You should also be keen on the mechanical regulations when importing from China to ensure the toys are safe for children.

Should you Label Toys from China?`

 Labeling toys from China

 Labeling toys from China

Yes, all toys from China have a certified tracking label on the toy or the toy’s packaging.

The labels provide essential information about toys such as:

  • The manufacturer’s name.
  • The location and date of manufacture of the toy.
  • The specific information on the manufacturing process of the toy.
  • Any other additional information about the toy that may be of importance.

How do you Pay Toy Manufacturers and Suppliers in China?

There are many ways you can pay toy manufacturers and suppliers in China.

Chinese manufacturers accept a wide range of payment methods.

Also, note that many manufacturers demand you to pay a deposit before they commence production.

Then, you pay the rest after they complete output.

So, you need to be prepared to make two transactions to the manufacturers.

Some of the payment methods include:

i. Wiring money straight to the manufacturer through an international transfer.

ii. You can open an account in China and make a local transaction.

iii. There is also ALIPAY or Alibaba Trade Assurance.

iv. You can use a broker.

v. Transfer funds via western union.

vi. You can also use PayPal.

Are there Special Requirements for Importing Wooden Toys from China?

 Wooden toys

Wooden toys

Yes, wooden toys like the wooden playground and building blocks are controlled by the same regulatory standards for importing woods.

When importing wooden toys from China, you have to follow the laid down rules and regulations to prevent illegal logging and pests.

The requirements to be observed when importing wooden toys from China include:

  • Imported wooden toys must always undergo sanitization procedures to eliminate pests.
  • You should ensure sanitization is done by either heat or electrical treatment.
  • You must note that heat treatment will entail treating the wooden toys in a unique microwave energy dryer.
  • Chemical treatment of the wooden toys will involve fumigation of the wooden toys on the surface with a pesticide.
  • Ensure that you get the necessary permits required for importation of timber products,

PPQ Form 585 is available to apply the various permits required for the importation of timber products.

You should be aware the form takes about a month to be ready; therefore, file in advance to avoid delays in your toys’ shipment.

  • Another essential document that you will need to import wooden toys from China is the phytosanitary permit.

Wooden toys from China

Wooden toy from China

Why is Market Research Important Before you Import Toys from China?

When you use market research correctly, it will minimize the risks involved in making critical business decisions.

Importance of market research before you import toys from China include:

  • Market research will significantly help your marketing strategy of the toys, as it will provide you with crucial insights and information about the business.
  • Market research will provide you with a deeper understanding of your customers and competitors.
  • Market research will also help you understand who will buy your toys, who will not accept them, what motivates them, and their loyalty to your brand.
  • Market research will, over time, provide you with increased sales over time.

How do you Import Toys from China Online?

To import toys from China online, you may use online trading companies like to purchase the toys wholesale.

Alibaba will ensure that you can access the millions of products available directly from the manufacturer or the source.

Online global trade is a current trend that you should adopt as an importer and work with online vendors for wholesale toys in China.

Here are some guides that will help you buy toys from China online marketplaces:

  • How to Buy from AliExpress
  • How to Buy from Alibaba
  • How to Buy from 1688

Where can you Find Toys Manufacturers in China?

You will find toys manufacturers in China in the following locations:

I. Chenghai, Guangdong Province

It is the world’s capital of toys.

Chenghai is preferable for businesses that buy toys in bulk.

It is because of the availability of a large number of toy manufacturers.

Buying toys from manufacturers in Chenghai will help you significantly reduce the cost, save you a lot of time, and guaranteed quality.

The toy categories that you will find in Chenghai include:

  • High-tech toys.
  • Plastic toys.
  • Chinese baby toys.
  • China’s electronic toys

II. Yiwu

Yiwu is the right place if you need small and low-value toys.

The toy categories that you will find in Yiwu include:

  • Kids DIY crafts: in this category, you will find fad toys, loom bands, and magic sand.
  • In Yiwu, you can also find plastic toys that are a lot cheaper than other suppliers.
  • Besides DIY toys and low-value plastic toys, you will also find many pool rafts and inflatable ride-on suppliers.

III. Yangzhou/Qingdao.

Yangzhou is where you will find many manufacturers of plush and stuffed toys.

The toy categories you will find in Qingdao include:

  • Kid’s slide.
  • Toy animals.

IV. Yongjia, Zhejiang Province

Yongjia is China’s capital of outdoor and educational toys. Qiaoxia is the central place for finding outdoor and educational toys in China.

If you are searching for factories online, you should be keen on where they are located in China and ascertain that they are from Wenzhou city.

V. Yunhe, Lushui

If you would like to find wooden toy manufacturers, you can go to Yunhe, Zhejiang province.

Yunhe has a lot of wood, which led to the development of the wooden toy industry.

Who Are the Leading Toy Manufacturers in China?

Some of the leading toys manufacturers in China Include:

  • Quanzhou Hoosam manufacturing limited.
  • Woodfield toys limited
  • Jupin Group Co. limited
  • Maxevis Technology Limited
  • Gogo Forms Product Limited
  • Xiamen Evergreen Technology Co. Limited
  • Shenzen Gathe Printing Factory
  • Zhongshan PhQH metal and plastic MAf co. LTD
  • Spec-Tech (Xiamen) Co. Ltd
  • Ningbo Beilun Haofen Art & Craft Co. Ltd
  • Hangzhou Hican Biotechnology Co. Ltd
  • Yunhe Mellgo Wooden Toys Factory
  • Sunjoy Win (Xiamen) Industry
  • Advance Label Ltd
  • Sun Lung Hing Company
  • Gift House Co Ltd
  • Jinson Digital (Shenzhen)
  • Yangzhou Dixin Toys Co. Ltd
  • Shangai Got Gift Co. Ltd
  • Yanchen Joy Foundation Cultural Creativity Co. Ltd
  • Yanchen SSYQ E-Commerce Co. Ltd
  • Yiwu Jialing Import and Export Co. Ltd
  • Yangzhou Beyman Toys Co. Ltd
  • Yahnzough Haiton Textile Production Co. Ltd
  • Dongguan Woodfield Baby Products Co. Ltd
  • Anhui Fu Lu Ding Toy Trade Co. Ltd
  • Yangzhou I. Phenix Art & Gifts Co. Ltd
  • Yangzhou Babyjoy Arts & Craft Co. Ltd
  • East (Europe) Limited
  • Yiwu Chaoqite Toy Co, Ltd
  • Maxam 2 Trading Co. Ltd
  • Yangzhou Mova Toys Trade Co. Ltd
  • Donguan Shengyuan Toys Industrial Co. Ltd
  • Yangzhou Ruifen Toys & Gifts Co. Ltd
  • Maxam 2 Trading Co. Ltd
  • Beijing Minjin International Trading co. ltd
  • Shenzen Livoti Electronic Technology Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Jden International Co. Ltd
  • Hangzhou Tochan Industry Industry Co. Ltd
  • Yiwu Yahghang Toy Firm
  • Dongguang Fashion Electronics Toys Co. Ltd
  • Ningbo Giant Tiger Co. Ltd
  • Guandong Jingang Children’s Product Industrial Ltd
  • Ningbo Peak & Lead Industry Co. Ltd
  • Lujiang Yunze e-commerce Co. Ltd
  • Qingdao Honeyway Artwork Co. Ltd
  • Qingdao Du Toy & Electronics Co. Ltd
  • Yangzhou Aixini International Trade Import and Export Ltd
  • Shangai Tianyuan Toys Co. Ltd
  • Yangzhou Gaote Toys & Gifts Co Ltd
  • Yangzhou Mige Toy co. Ltd
  • Wuxi Kairan Co Ltd
  • Yiwu City Shuangling Line Belt Firm
  • Yiwu Ke Huan Trading Co, Ltd
  • Nanjing Ying Ming Textile Co. Ltd
  • Shenzhen Huashunchang Toys Co Ltd
  • Yanchen SSYQ E-commerce co, ltd

What Quality Marks Do You Find on Toys from China?

Some of the quality marks you can find in toys from China include:

  • CE Mark
  • BTHA Lion Marks
  • CCC- China Compulsory Certificate
  • GS mark
  • Trade Mark
  • BSI Kitemark
  • Toyograph
  • RoHs Compliant Mark
  • N2390 Mark
  • TUV Rheinland Mark
  • SGS GS Mark
  • FSC Mark
  • Der Grune Punkt (EU Recycle symbol)
  • Crossed-out Waste Bin Symbol
  • IP Mark

What safety marks do you find in toys from China?

Some of the safety marks and information that you can find on toys from China include;

  • Chocking Hazard
  • Flammability Warning
  • Age warning labels
  • Chemical component warning
  • Do not swallow warning
  • Recycle mark
  • Food safety label
  • Toxic symbol
  • Danger symbol
  • Corrosion
  • Harmful/ irritant symbol
  • Sharp edge
  • Parental guidance

Which are the Most Popular Toys in China?

There are many toys currently available in China’s toy market, where you will find each category with both its inexpensive and high-end versions.

The most popular toys in China include:

  • Board games
  • Electronic toys
  • Construction and building toys
  • Puzzles Educational toys
  • Up-market plush toys
  • Dolls
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Why is Yiwu Toys Market Popular?

Yiwu is among the largest markets for wholesale commodities.

You can find many Chinese toys in Yiwu.

It is most suitable if you wish to purchase toys at affordable prices.

Yiwu toy market is efficient and updated if you would like to get an assorted variety of toys.

The beautiful environment of the call will also serve you with a childhood experience.

In the Yiwu market, you can find many different suppliers in one place, making it easier for you to access the whole market in a single day.

Yiwu market is also updated according to the current trends in the market; thus, you are sure of obtaining the latest toys available in the market.

How much Duty will you Pay to Import Toys from China?

The taxes and import duties in China are manageable, thus encouraging people to import more from China.

VAT on imported goods in China varies from 9% to 13%.

Do you need a Sourcing Agent to Import Toys from China?

Yes, sourcing agents are essential when import toys.

Sourcing agents come in handy when the buyer needs a go-between and has no time to visit China to meet with the toy’s suppliers.

Sourcing agents will reach various manufacturers and suppliers on your behalf and find the toys you need.

After finding the toys you need, the sourcing agent will make a commission on the sale.

Also, with sourcing agents, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier.

They will be your translators when importing toys from China.

Also, they can help you in the quality inspection process, packaging, and other logistics.

In fact, with sourcing agents, you will save a lot of time and money when importing toys from China.

Is there MOQ when Importing Toys from China?

The minimum order quantity will depend on the manufacturers’ analysis, and there is no maximum MOQ.

When determining MOQ for your toys, you should consider the following:

i. Transportation costs: consider the cost of transporting your order from the manufacturer before meeting the manufacturer’s MOQ.

ii. Margins and breakeven point: what are your profit margins? It should be considered before placing the order for your toys.

iii. Manufacturer’s profit: you should put the manufacturer’s profit into consideration; the higher the manufacturer’s gains, the higher the toys’ price.

iv. Turnover time: Determining how many deliveries will be made per hour.

v. Finally, the manufacturer will then calculate and set the MOQ.

Do Toys Suppliers in China have a Product Return Policy?



Yes, toy suppliers in China have a product return policy, but it will depend on your arrangement with the supplier.

Most of the toy suppliers in china have product return policies.

It is prudent that you check with your supplier before shipment and ask for samples before the start of production.

You can also offer to pay for a product guarantee or additional packages that allow for return policies.

All in all, your type of financial arrangement will influence if you have a return policy.

At BanSar China, we help you explore wholesale toys from China.

We will help you get the best toy suppliers in China, arrange for shipping, provide China warehousing, offer shipping containers, and handle customs clearance.

Contact us today to save time and money when importing toys from China.

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