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How To Ship Your Motorcycle From China: Complete Guide

China is among the few countries that harbor reliable motorcycle manufacturers.

If you need a quality motorcycle, then shipping it from China ought to be your first choice.

If you need guidance on how to send your bike from China, then continue reading this piece.

Types Of Motorcycle You Can Ship From China

Here is a list of motorcycles you can ship from China.

Note that the list is not limited to:

Standard motorcycles– This type of motorcycles is quite common on the road.

One element that makes them preferred by most users is their easy-going ergonomics.

It gets better as you can ship this type of motorcycle from China.

Motorcycle from China

Standards Motorcycle

Cafe racer and scrambler motorcycles– Keep in mind that cafe racer motorcycles tend to be more aggressive.

The bike has a forward-leaning sitting position.

At the same time, a scrambler motorcycle resembles a dirt bike.

Cafer Racer motor cycle

Cafer racer motor cycle

 However, both cafe racers and scrambler motorcycles are specialized standard bikes.

Sportbike- Most people often go for sportbikes as they have great speed and agility while on the road.

If you need such a bike, it is best to check from Guangzhou, Changzhou, and Chongqing.

Sports bike from China

Sports bike from China

Touring Motorcycles– Touring motorcycles are quite large.

This kind of motorcycle is ideal for long-distance trips. This is because a touring bike is quite comfortable to ride.

The motorcycle has features like; front fairings, which help break up the wind, forward set footpegs, and combined rear set handlebars.

China has reliable manufacturers that can efficiently deliver a quality touring motorcycle.

Touring motorcycle

Touring motorcycle

Sport Touring Motorcycle– A sports touring motorcycle is a type of bike with features of a sports bike and a touring bike.

Therefore the bike has a more aggressive engine, and it also has better tolerance over long-distance trips.

Sports touring bike

Sports touring bike

Cruiser Motorcycle- Cruiser motorcycle offers a laid-back riding position and a more relaxed feel while riding it.

The cruiser motorcycle has low seats, which requires the rider to lean back slightly while riding.

You can find a variety of cruiser motorcycles from China that you can ship.

Adventure Bikes– These types of bikes are best for roads that are rutted or rough.

In most cases, if you wish to have better control when riding, most riders stand up in the saddle.

This kind of motorcycle is ideal for this kind of feature.

This is because it has a high seat height and a high handlebar position.

You can ship adventure bikes from Chinese motorcycle manufacturers.

Adventure bike

Adventure bike

Enduro motorcycle– This is a type of motorcycle is best for cross country competitions. This is because the bike is deemed as an off-road racing bike.

Enduro motorcycle

Enduro motorcycle

Popular Motorcycle Shipping Destination From China

Note that most of these popular shipping destinations are where some of the motorcycle manufacturers are situated.

The destinations include:

  1. Guangzhou
  2. Hangzhou
  3. Shantou
  4. Wuhan
  5. Jinan
  6. Shanghai
  7. Xi’an
  8. Zhengzhou
  9. Qingdao
  10. Chengdu
  11. Dongguan
  12. Shenyang
  13. Hong Kong
  14. Chongqing
  15. Shenzhen
  16. Hangzhou

Procedure For Moving Your Motorcycle From China

First and foremost, before moving your motorcycle from China, it is imperative for you to get acquainted with the laws.

Note that you need to be eligible to import your bike from China. Diplomats, legal residents, and people with ‘Z’ visas are allowed to ship from China.

Understanding the laws will help ensure that you do not encounter any hassle while moving the motorcycle from China.

It is imperative to ensure that the bike is secure.

You can choose to make use of a transport service to reduce the hassle of moving your motorcycle.

The good thing about using a transport service is that they will help lessen the risk involved while moving your motorcycle from China.

In most cases, wood crates are used while moving a motorcycle from China.

These wood crates help to strap down the motorcycle.

If you intend to move a couple of motorcycles from China, it is best to stack them in one container.

This approach is quite affordable.

If you need your motorcycle shipped by air, ensure that you make use of crates.

Sea Freight Motorcycle Shipping From China

Sea freight is a type of transporting method used when hauling large cargo using carrier ships.

How it works is that the shipping service picks up the motorcycle from the manufacturer.

The bike is then moved to the port. During this process, the motorcycle passes through customs.

The motorcycle is later loaded into a container.

The container could be an FCL where the client has their container or an LCL where they share the container with other users.

Once it is packaged, the container is later on put onto the cargo ship for shipment.

Motorcycle on pellet ready for shipping

Motorcycle on pellet ready for shipping

Advantages Of Sea Freight Shipping

  1. It is economical- Shipping rates are relatively inexpensive. Hands down, sea freight shipping, is less affordable compared to air.
  2. It is environmentally friendly- Shipping goods by sea is better for the environment than air. In most cases, cargo airliners tend to let out a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Too much of this type of pollution can cause global warming.

It is best to consider using sea freight shipping as it is eco-friendly.

Note that most states offer a tax write-off for businesses that deliver eco-friendly services.

  1. It is convenient- In some cases, a client may need to ship one motorcycle from China. As a result, you may not need a lot of space to transport your bike.

If you use sea freight shipping, you have the option of sharing your container with another client.

  1. Sea freight shipping is an ideal method if you need to ship heavy products- Let’s say that you need to ship a couple of motorcycle from China, using sea freight shipping is the best method to use.
  2. It is safer- If you are transporting hazardous materials, it is best to make use of sea freight shipping. This is because maritime employees are trained on how to handle hazardous products.

Sea Freight Motorcycle Shipping Options

Some of the main options you should consider include:

Roll on/Roll Off

This kind of shipping is used to ship wheeled vehicles such as a motorcycle.

Most individuals prefer this method as it is relatively cost-effective.

This shipping option makes use of rollers; there is also the use of forklift trucks.

The machinery comes in handy when loading and unloading the motorcycle.

The downside of using this method is that you cannot stack the motorcycle over each other.

This makes it less convenient since the vessel cannot accommodate many products.

Also, this method is not secure.

While using this method, it is imperative to understand that you cannot include your personal belongings while shipping.

Container Shipping

The beauty of using this method is because you can use it anywhere you want.

One disadvantage of using roll-on/roll-off is that it is limited to global routes.

Container shipping is secure.

If you have any spare tires or any other personal belonging, you can quickly ship them along with your motorcycle while using container shipping.

The downside of using this method is that it is relatively expensive compared to using RORO shipping.

But, the charge depends on the type of container you choose.

Disadvantages Of Sea Freight Motorcycle Shipping From China

  1. One significant disadvantage of using sea freight is that it takes a lot of time to ship your motorcycle from China. In most cases, sea freight tends to take long because it ships items in bulk.
  2. There are various risks involved while using sea freight motorcycle. You may encounter delays while using sea freight shipping. Also, there may be weather obstructions, which may result in losing your shipment.
  3. Shipments are more prone to get damaged while in transit.
  4. Keep in mind that there are few states that do not have ports; therefore, they cannot receive ships carrying large containers.

Motorcycle Loading Ports From China

  • Port of Guangzhou – This is one of the busiest ports in China. It trades with over eighty nations and 300 ports.
  • Port of Shanghai- The port is the largest port in China and the world. One factor that has contributed to its popularity is its closeness to different manufacturers in China.
  • Port of Shenzhen
  • Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan
  • Port of Hong Kong
  • Port of Yingkou

Airfreight Shipping From China

Airfreight shipping involves the transport of shipment via air.

Advantages Of Airfreight Shipping

  1. Air freight is a fast mode of transport- There is no doubt that air freight is the quickest shipping method. If you wish to receive your motorcycle in a short time, using air freight shipping is the way to go.
  2. Air freight is a reliable mode to use- Air freight shipment is considered a reliable form of shipping. This is because airlines tend to have strict schedules that need to be met.
  3. You can ship your motorcycle almost anywhere you want- In most cases, sea, rail, and road may be inaccessible in remote towns. This, however, does not apply to using air freight shipping. This is because most airlines have several networks of destinations all over the world.
  4. Air freight shipment are secure- In most cases, using sea freight is quite insecure. It will be of benefit to make use of air freight as it is safe to use.
  5. Less need for a warehouse and fewer products in stock- Air freight is relatively quick. Hence there is less need to look for a local warehouse. This, as a result, will not require you to have more products in stock.

Also, while using air freight, the customs clearance is quicker since most of the cargo is cleared quickly.

  1. It is easy to track your cargo- The benefit of using air freight is that few companies allow you to track your shipment while in transit.
  2. Lesser packaging- Air freight does not require a lot of packing. You will end up saving money and time that you may have used in packaging.

Disadvantages Of Air Freight Shipping

  1. It is costly- Air freight shipping is an expensive mode of shipping.
  2. Air freight shipping is dependent on weather – There are few situations where the flights wind up getting canceled due to weather. This could have adverse effects, mainly if you needed the cargo at a specified time.
  3. There is the size and weight limitation while using air freight shipping- Planes are as not big as ships. So there is a restriction to how much weight a plane can carry.

Airports For Motorcycle Shipping From China

  1. Beijing International Airport- Beijing is well connected with major cities. The airport is relatively modern. Using this airport is an ideal choice when shipping your motorcycle from China.
  2. Guangzhou International Airport – Guangzhou being the largest city in China, makes it an ideal choice of air freight shipping from China.
  3. Shanghai Pudong International Airport- Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the primary airport in China. The benefit is that you can go away here from Shanghai.
  4. ShenzenBaonan International Airport- The airport is the 5th largest airport in China.
  5. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport- It is among the oldest airports in China.
  6. Xi’an Xianyang International Airport

Documents You Need To Ship Your Motorcycle From China

Some of the documents you will need include the following:

Bill of lading

Bill of lading

Bill of lading– It is imperative that you have this document as it has information about the goods being shipped.

The paper also contains a contract between the exporter, carrier, and carriage.

Therefore it ought to have the name of the ship, the destination and origin, the title of the consignee, and the name of the consignor.

Import License– An import license showcases the government’s authorization order to allow a particular product in its territory.

Packaging List– This is a document detailing out what is in the shipment.

Certificate of origin– This is a document that outlines which country the motorcycle was manufactured.

The certificate contains information about the product, the stipulated destination, and the country of export.

Commercial Invoice– This document details the agreement between the seller and the buyer.

The document details the price value and quantity of the goods.

Packing Your Motorcycle For Shipping From China

While packing the motorcycle for shipping from China.

In most cases, a purpose-built wooden shipping case is used to ship the bike.

The good thing about using this strategy is that it does not leave room for wear and tear.

Hence you are confident that your motorcycle will get to you in perfect condition.

The other benefit of using a purpose-built wooden shipping case is because it offers extra space.

You can use the extra space to store personal items such as helmets or leathers.

Crating Motorcycles From China

Crating motorcycle for shipping

Crating motorcycle for shipping

Note that all crates used to ship the motorcycle are carefully crafted to fit the motorbike perfectly.

While crating, you need to start with positioning the bike on a heavy-duty base.

This step ought to be done prior to when you secure the stand and the wheels with chocks.

While strap banding, it is essential to ensure that the straps protect the area in contact with the foam padding.

With this always strap band through the wheels as it will also help protect the paintwork when tension is introduced.

When the crate’s sides are in perfect position and the crate base is well secured, the shipping company uses timber lengths to hold the bike to the crate.

This also helps ensure that the paintwork of the motorcycle remains protected.

Before the crate is externally strapped, the top crate is safely secured and then uniquely numbered for shipping.

Motorcycle Shipping Cost From China

The average cost of shipping your motorcycle from China is $1000 to $2000.

Please note that the total amount is influenced by various factors such as destination or transport mode.

Shipping Motorcycle From China Taxes, Duties And Laws

You need to have a good understanding of taxes and duties while shipping your motorcycle from China.

Note that each state tends to have different rates when it comes to taxes and duties.

What happens is that the customs official assesses the value of the motorbike in order to determine the duties and taxes.

While importing your motorcycle from China, the state will subject you to pay import duty tax.

Import duty tax is a tax collected on imports by the state’s customs authority.

Ensure that you have a customs bond while shipping your motorcycle from China.

A customs bond is a contract that acts as a surety of payments of import duties and taxes.

Like all other countries, China has laws that need to be followed while shipping your motorcycle from China.

One crucial law that you ought not to overlook is to ensure that you have paid all taxes and duties for your cargo to be cleared.

Also, you need to have all the required documents for your cargo to be released.

Factors Influencing The Cost Of Shipping Motorcycle From China

  1. Location of origin and destination of the cargo– If the distance between the origin and the destination of the cargo is far.

The charges might be higher in comparison to when the point of origin and the destination is close.

What makes the charges accelerate is due to factors like the loading and unloading of the cargo, fueling of the ship, and the length of the voyage operation time.

  1. The season– There are particular holidays, such as the Christmas holidays, where the prices are usually high.

In China, celebrations, such as the new year Eve and the China Spring Festival, tend to have higher shipping rates.

During these seasons, shipping companies tend to increase the rates in order to stand in for the losses incurred during the off-seasons.

  1. The size and type of vessel used– Note that most ships tend to have different suitability and airworthiness in them.

These factors influence the rate of using the vessel. Also, ships tend to have dissimilar security and technical conditions.

Hence the type of vessel you use to ship your motorcycle from China will also influence your shipping cost.

  1. Exchange Rates– In most cases, most shipping companies tend to put into consideration the exchange rate or currency for them not to incur any economic losses while setting the rates.

Today, the common currency used worldwide is the US dollar.

Hence the shipping cost may be levied according to the dominant currency.

  1. Government intervention and protection– Nowadays, while shipping internationally, you will automatically notice that most states have strict intervention and protection.

Case in example, while shipping your motorcycle from China to North America.

You will realize that the government has intervened and protections.

This kind of intervention and protection tends to increase the shipping rates.

  1. Trade policies between different countries– Note that other countries tend to have dissimilar trade policies.

A trade policy is defined as a policy that affects the flow of goods between different countries.

There are particular countries with high trade policies while trading with China, whereas there are those with favorable policies.

This kind of trade policy ultimately affects the total cost of shipping.

  1. Oil prices– Oil prices tend to fluctuate continually.

Therefore, the oil prices greatly influence the total amount you will pay while shipping your motorcycle from China.

Motorcycle Freight Insurance When Shipping From China

It is imperative to have motorcycle freight insurance while shipping it from China.

The insurance policy will come in handy in case the motorcycle gets damaged or lost.

Note that your typical motorcycle insurance policy will not be liable while your bike is being moved.

Hence it will be of help to purchase a comprehensive policy that will cater for any damages while the bike is being moved.

To help ensure that your motorcycle has full coverage, it will be of help to make use of your shipper’s liability.

Keep in mind that the shipper’s liability will not cover damages caused by unforeseen elements like a flash flood.

Also, the liability policy will not cover any damages that your actions might have caused.

How Long It Takes To Ship Your Motorcycle From China

The time it takes to ship a motorcycle from China is influenced by various factors.

One main aspect that influences the period it will take for you to ship the motorcycle is the distance.

If you end up shipping your motorcycle from state to state it will take approximately fourteen days.

However, if you intend to ship your motorcycle internationally, it may take four weeks.

Also, the other factor that influences how long it takes to ship your bike from China is the mode of transport.

If you choose to ship your motorcycle via air, it might take a shorter time compared to using the sea.

Motorcycle Shipping With China Freight Forwarder

A freight forwarder is a group that helps with the arrangement of your import and export.

One famous freight forwarder company that most people use while shipping from China is Bansar.

What Bansar does for its clients is to act as an intermediary between carriers and shippers.

Therefore while using Bansar, you are confident that you will not experience any frustrations while shipping your motorcycle from China.

Here is how Bansar will benefit you:

  1. Manageability- In most cases, you may end up not experiencing the right amount of transparency while using a third-party logistics company.

Most logistic companies may not offer you that personal touch, particularly if you are shipping your motorcycle internationally.

If your motorcycle gets lost, it might take an eternity for you to get your answers.

Therefore, to avoid having any back-and-forth with anyone, it is best to use Bansar.

Bansar will help manage your cargo. They will also help you easily trace your motorcycle in case it gets lost.

  1. Versatility- If you have a tight deadline that needs to be met while shipping your motorcycle it is best to make use of Bansar.

There are periods when unforeseen circumstances might crop up when shipping your motorcycle from China.

To avoid going through the hassle of dealing with the circumstances, it is best that you use Bansar.

Some of the unforeseen circumstances that Bansar can help you with are like re-routing of your vessel.

It might be hard for an individual to react well when they are informed their vessel has diverted due to poor weather.

However, while using a freight forwarder, they will ensure that they handle the issue adequately to ensure that your shipment is safe.

  1. Saves on cost- By using Bansar, you are sure that you will save up on cost. This is because Bansar can easily come up with a deal with the carriers.
  2. Freedom from contracts- By using Bansar as your freight forwarder, you are certain that you can count on them not to be tied to any contracts. Simply you have the freedom to change firms.
  3. Simplicity- There are so many processes involved while shipping goods. Bansar can offer some simplicity to these processes.

The good thing about using a freight forwarder is that the firm allows you to have control still.

The benefit is that you will not go through tiresome processes of vetting carriers or assessing prices.

By using Bansar you allow yourself to have some peace of mind while waiting for your shipment.

How To Save Money When Shipping A Motorcycle From China

You can do a few things to help you save money when shipping your motorcycle from China.

Here are some of them:

Packing motorcyle for shipping

Packaging motorcycle for shipping

  1. Make use of a reliable freight forwarder- By using a freight forwarder, you are certain that your shipping cost is lower. Making use of a reliable freight forwarder could help you get a couple of shipping discounts.
  2. Pick an ideal shipping mode- Air and sea are among the most popular mode of shipping.

Both air and sea have their own advantage and disadvantages.

Hence it is imperative to understand them both, as choosing the right mode will help you save money.

  1. Use courier and air freight only when necessary- If your motorcycle is urgently needed, then using air freight seems as the logical option to use. However, if your goods are not time-sensitive, it is best to make use of sea freight.

Moreover, using a courier service helps ensure that your goods are delivered faster.

However, by using a courier service, you will end up incurring an extra cost.

If you necessarily do not need your motorcycle delivered quickly, it is best to use the normal logistics.

  1. Measure and weigh your motorcycle- having accurate information about your packaging will make it easier to find the right shipping company.

By having actual measurements of your shipment, you can easily take advantage of online calculators.

The online calculators may help you have an estimate of what you will incur from shipping your motorcycle from China.

  1. Compare shipping cost- As obvious as it may sound, it will be of help to compare different shipping companies.

This is because more shipping companies tend to have dissimilar shipping costs.

  1. Buying larger quantities to help lower shipping cost- If you wish to save on cost, ideally, you buy goods in large quantities.

At a glance, it may appear challenging shipping a motorcycle from China.

But in reality, it is relatively easy to ship a bike.

It would be best if you were wary with the suppliers you use to ensure that you obtain a quality motorcycle from a Chinese Manufacturer.

So what are you waiting for?

Why not ship your bike from China and enjoy the many benefits of shipping from China.

Contact us now for any assistance when shipping motorcycles from China.

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