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How to Source Furniture from Foshan Market – The Ultimate Guide

I know you need high quality furniture from Foshan Market.

Or, you would like to get competitive prices when sourcing furniture from Foshan Market.

Maybe you just want to learn more about how to source furniture from Foshan Market.

Whichever the case, you will get all information you’re looking for here.

Keep reading to learn more.

Know Location of Foshan Furniture Market

First things first; where is Foshan furniture market located?

Foshan Location

Foshan is situated in central Guangdong province, China.

It is a prefecture-level city town with an urban population of approximately eight million.

It covers an area of about 3,848 km2,and it is on the western part of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone.

Foshan is on the east of Guangzhou, and adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao to the southern part.

Presently, Foshan has over 30 towns specializing in different industries with furniture topping the list.

It is a vibrant city with rich culture, mild climate, and evergreen seasons.

Its location in the central part of Pearl River Delta (PRD) gives it an edge mostly from the economic point of view.

How to Reach Foshan Furniture Market in China

This city is relatively large, about 3,848 km2 hence can be a bit challenging to maneuver.

Ideally, you can choose several options for reaching Foshan furniture market.

Some of the common means include the following;

· By Plane

Foshan furniture market is located near Guangzhou.

This makes it possible for potential and existing customers to access it by using an airplane.

The nearest large international airport in Foshan is New Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

This facility is ideal for both domestic and international customers.

Several local and international flights use this airport daily.

Since this airport is nearer to Foshan market, you can choose to fly into it and connect with a bus.

It takes approximately 50 minutes to drive on an inter-city bus from the New Guangzhou Airport to Foshan furniture market.

Baiyun International Airport

· By Bus

It is one of the popular options for reaching this famous furniture market in China.

The bus connection into and out of Foshan from Guangzhou is deliberately organized.

Direct metro buses ply this route from different parts of the country.

Coaches from Guangzhou arrive into Foshan after every 15 minutes.

The drive is anything between 50 and 60 minutes.

You can also use the inter-city buses passing through Foshan from other cities in Guangdong province.

A handful of long-distance bus services.

However, for convenience and efficiency when using long distance services, you’d rather get to Guangzhou and connect with a metro bus.

· By Train

Foshan has one of the best local train station facilities in China.

It is served by domestic trains in most cases, particularly the ones heading west.

Trains to Guangzhou daily are relatively few, and it also takes about an hour to Foshan.

They run every few minutes from 6 am to 11 pm.

Most weekends, they rarely operate.

It is thus much convenient to take the metro or a bus if you are coming from Guangzhou.

· By Metro

Guangfo Line is making it easy for residents, visitors, and businesspeople to reach Foshan.

It’s the first inter-city rapid transit line in China jointly run by Guangzhou metro and FMetro.

The metro services are quite affordable, highly organized, and takes about an hour from downtown Guangzhou to Foshan.

Guangzhou metro map

· By Taxi

It is the most convenient means of getting into and around Foshan furniture market.

They are available all over any time you need.

But during rush hour or when it’s raining, they are mostly full; thus, you can wait for a while to get one.

Taxis are somewhat costly but highly convenient, especially for moving around the city.

As you can see, these are ideal options you can explore when getting to Foshan seeking furniture items.

In the next section, I’ll let you know the aspects revolving around the most convenient time to import furniture from Foshan market.

Best Time to Source Furniture from Foshan Market

Sourcing furniture products from Foshan market requires strategy.

Whether it is for domestic purpose or importation business.

You must understand the best place and means of obtaining these items from this region.

Take your time and explore the area carefully.

For business persons, it is often ideal for exploring any element, which increases the profit margin, however little.

If you can cut costs related to the aspect of importing these items, the better.

And one way of attaining this is by knowing the best time for sourcing furniture from Foshan market.

Of course, this is fundamental whether you are a first-timer or regular customer.

What aspects make a particular time ideal for sourcing for furniture products from Foshan market?

Evidently, an attractive discount is the bottom line in this case.

In short, you can get some of the top-rated quality items at amazingly discounted rates.

Some of the ideal times for buying these materials from Foshan market include the following;

· China International Furniture Fair

It is arguably the most established and largest furniture fair in China and possibly in the world.

It is an event, which entails exhibition of different furniture products from various Chinese manufacturers.

It allows buyers to see and order some of the appealing designs at amazingly discounted rates.

During the China international furniture fair, the manufacturers also take the advantage to display some of their new products.

They offer discounted rates as a way of attracting potential buyers, both local and international.

The CIFF usually happens in different schedules.

For instance, the CIFF Guangzhou 2020, which is the 45th edition, is scheduled from 27th July to 30th July.

During this trade fair, you can always find a variety of furniture products.

You can find home décor and furniture machinery, components as well as raw materials, among others.

In a nutshell, this is one of the best times to source furniture from Foshan market in China.

· Chinese New Year

It is also another ideal time to import furniture components from Foshan.

Ideally, it should be just about or immediately after the CNY.

What happens is during this period,manufacturers always rush to clear the stock.

The rush often results in low pricing as a way of attracting the customers.

The holiday often lasts between three to four weeks, depending on various prevailing factors.

It becomes feasible for suppliers to dispose of the stock in readiness for the new stock after the event.

Therefore, you can do due diligence to establish the specific stores more likely to offer substantive discounts during this period.

In essence, you have to window shop thoroughly and establish a good rapport with top suppliers and sourcing agents.

Benefits of Sourcing Furniture from Foshan Market

Sourcing furniture from Foshan furniture market presents a wide range of advantages.

Some of these benefits include the following;

· High-quality Furniture

This is no brainer.

The type of furniture quality you find in Foshan is impeccable.

This is important irrespective of the use of the furniture you are buying.

Manufacturers here embrace advanced technology in making sure they deliver top quality designs.

Raw materials are also abundant hence leading to uncompromised quality.

· Affordability

Most of the furniture designs available in Foshan market are pocket-friendly.

There is always something for everyone.

Your budget does not matter.

You can be certain of obtaining something, which suits your needs.

Moreover, the overall cost of sourcing these items is also relatively low.

· Superior Infrastructure

China’s economy has been surging upwards in recent years.

This leads to unprecedented innovation and infrastructural development.

In Foshan, for instance, there has been an increase in the number of domestic trains, freeways, metro bus services, among others.

These help in faster movement in and out of the town.

It also increases efficiency in transportation of the items and also lowering the cost of doing business.

· Low Taxes

Most of the furniture products you buy from Foshan furniture market are subjected to reduced taxes.

It is a deliberate move by the Chinese government as a way of attracting international businesspeople.

In the long run, it helps you to cut on operational costs.

And this is fundamental since it allows you to increase your profit margin.

· Variety to Pick From

In Foshan, the number of furniture manufacturers and suppliers is uncountable.

You can never get enough of what you are looking for.

And the significance of wide variety is it enables you to pick the specific types and designs, which suit your needs.

The availability of numerous options to pick from eliminates any attempt of compromising your furniture irrespective of prevailing factors.

At the end of it, you’ll be gratified with your particular choice of furniture design or type.

The benefits of sourcing these items from Foshan market are countless.

Even so, these advantages only make sense if you know the specific types of furniture to source.

In the next section, I want to take you through different elements of understanding the types of furniture in Foshan market.

Know the Types of Furniture in Foshan Market

When shopping for furniture, it is imperative to know the precise type and design you need.

This goes a long way to determine the aspects which the furniture should have depending on your requirements.

Of course, Foshan is a general market for all types of furniture in China.

It is the reason it is fundamental to be specific as a way of attaining the best results in this venture.

One of the best ways of determining the ideal types of furniture in this market is by using a reliable sourcing agent.

This type of agent knows all the aspects revolving around the market.

They can easily direct you to the specific mall, which deals with particular items.

Additionally, a sourcing agent will also take you to the best places, which offer great discounts on purchase.

Some of the type of furniture you are likely to get in Foshan market include the following;

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