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Hydraulic Hose Manufacturer
1 Hydraulic Rubber Brake Hose
Hydraulic Rubber Brake Hose

Hydraulic Rubber Brake Hose can apply for different fields like cars, trucks, passenger cars, Jeeps, motorcycles, classic cars, and even vintage cars.  It’s for all types of vehicles that have a hydraulic brake. If you want a durable and long-lasting Hydraulic Rubber Brake Hose for your business, a lot of manufacturers that you can find it in Shandong, Jiangsu, and Tianjin Province.  

2 high pressure hydraulic hose
High pressure hydraulic hose

Are you looking for different kinds of high-pressure hydraulic hoses that are good in delivering under pressure water and gas supply? In Bansar, we can recommend a lot of leading manufacturers and suppliers from China.

3 Spiraled Hydraulic Rubber Hose
Spiraled Hydraulic Rubber Hose

This hydraulic hose is perfect for high-pressure applications which are also oil-resistant-free. In China, Zhejiang, Shandong, and Hebei provinces have the most suppliers and manufacturers with good quality products for Spiraled Hydraulic Hose.

4 Flexible High Pressure Rubber Hydraulic Hose
Flexible High Pressure Rubber Hydraulic Hose

When it comes to flexibility, this hydraulic hose is what you need. This Flexible Hydraulic Hose truly will meet your satisfaction. Bansar, will help you find the right manufacturers who will provide a fine and good quality product that brings extra benefits.

5 Steel Wire Braid Hydraulic Hose
Steel Wire Braid Hydraulic Hose

Steel  Wire Braid Hydraulic Hose has remarkable high-pressure resistance. Have outstanding performance, such as delivering oils and oil resistance. You can find it in well-known suppliers in China with the help of Bansar, which gives you a perfect recommendation for each product you want to purchase.

6 Hydraulic rubber hose for heavy equipment
Hydraulic rubber hose for heavy equipment

Suppose you need a Hydraulic Hose for your machinery or any heavy types of equipment that require this product. Bansar will be glad to help you find these products with many alternative selections from various suppliers and manufacturers in China.

7 500mm Galvanized Steel Wire Hydraulic Hose Assembly
500mm Galvanized Steel Wire Hydraulic Hose Assembly

This Hydraulic hose is excellent in its medium pressure assistance. Galvanized Steel Wire Hydraulic Hose is unique by its galvanized wire outer cover, good at fitting and matching hoses. Jiangsu, Chongqing, and Zhejiang, Provinces in China, have many well-known providers that you can count on.

8 Thermoplastic hydraulic hose
Thermoplastic hydraulic hose

The thermoplastic hydraulic hose can be used in both medium to high-pressure applications, usually seen in industrial and mobile equipment. If you are searching for a reliable Chinese supplier for your business, Bansar will recommend you the best supplier with good customer service.

9 1158mm Synthetic Rubber Hydraulic Hose
1158mm Synthetic Rubber Hydraulic Hose

Need a hydraulic hose of great quality at an affordable price? Some Provinces in China such as Anhui, Shanxi, Zhejiang, Hebei, and Shandong are famous for having many manufacturers and suppliers of this product with high quality and a customer-friendly budget.

10 Hydraulic Hose Assembly
Hydraulic Hose Assembly

Hydraulic Hose Assembly is applicable in many applications; they can carry fluids under extreme pressure to provide power to run the equipment. Many manufacturers based in different provinces and Bansar can help you find the best for you in China.

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Rail Freight Shipping from China
Rail shipping is a cost-effective choice with a high speed over distance and dependable mode when it comes to weather conditions.
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A less hassle and less paperwork to do. Door to door shipping is the best choice to select.

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Best 20 Hydraulic Hose Manufacturers in China


A manufacturing company that specializes in exporting hydraulic products. QINGDAO TECHOSES INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is located at Lehuan Road, Qingdao, Shandong in China. They have a professional engineers team who keep each of their product’s quality. Their product meets international standards, meets DIN, SAE, EN guidelines, and is even an ISO-certified manufacturing company.

2 Hebei Wanlitai Olive Pipe Co., Ltd.

This company has an expert team that has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing, sales, and service. Their mission is to produce rubber hoses as they specialize by being the leader of the pipes and hoses in China.

3 Qingdao Somax Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2013, known as SomaxFlex. Within 10 years, it has established its global imprint operations worldwide with more than 300 employees today and makes it the most preferred brand today in the international market. ISO 9001-2015 certified, CE, and SGS Certified operations value their customer’s safety by providing high-quality products.

4 Qingdao Kingdaflex Industrial Co., Ltd.

 Kingdaflex Industrial is a professional exporter and manufacturer of hydraulic hoses in China for more than 15 years. ISO 9001: 2000 certified, since they started, they have controlled over their materials to make sure it’s product quality. For more than 30 countries, they establish business relations with their customers.

5 Qingdao Hyrotech Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

They were formed in the year 2000 and are a leading manufacturing company and an exporter of rubber hoses and varieties of hose accessories in China. All of the products are manufactured to meet SAE, DIN, EN, GOST, and ISO certification. They also establish a business relationship with their customer for over 50 different countries.

6 Hebei Hengyu rubber product Co., Ltd.

Hebei Hengyu Rubber Product Co., Ltd. is ISO certified. Founded in 2003 and located in Jingzhou City, Province Hebei. This manufacturer is known for its unique product design and guaranteed high-quality products. They belong as one of the “The best top 10 enterprises’ ‘ in China.

7 Happy (Tianjin) Technology and Development Co., Ltd.

Located in Zhujiang Road, Hexi District, Tianjin, China. This manufacturing company has markets in different countries, and their workshop covers about 128900 meters with 23 advanced production lines. It Is ISO certified and has more than 400 workers and 22 authoritative engineers.

8 Nantong May lead Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2001 and started manufacturing hydraulic hose in 2006. Located in Zhuhai Road, Haimen City, Nantong, Jiangsu, China, and is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 certified. The products they produce have been sold worldwide and gained satisfaction ratings from the customers locally and globally.

9 Qingdao Hyrubbers Co., Ltd.

Professional manufacturer and exporter company in China that produces varieties of hydraulic hose and industrial hose. An ISO 9001: 2008 standard certified, and their product is also sold to the international markets, including North and South America, Europe, and many more. Also, they’re striving to make good quality products and timely delivery for their clients.

10 Hebei Youlu Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.

A technology-driven enterprise located in Lippo Plaza, 222 Huaihai Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China. They have a good reputation and are top quality manufacturers in China due to their advanced machinery. Their product has been sold to over 30 countries worldwide and continues to ensure the quality of its products.

11 Yinchuan Tiger Rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd.

Yinchuan Tiger Rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd. is an experienced and highly professional manufacturer of rubber hoses in China. ISO 9001, ISO 9000, ISO 14001 certified and even advanced to international technical standards. Also, their products passed the USA standard(SAE), Europe standard (DIN) quality products which allowed them to produce domestic products.

12 Hengshui Xinliyuan Technology Co., Ltd.

It starts in 2017, located in Hengshui City, China. Producer and exporter of hydraulic hose, rubber hose, and a variety of hose. They are a professional manufacturer and have sold their products for more than 30 countries worldwide. This manufacturing company is located in Industrial Street, Industrial Zone, Taocheng District, Hengshui, China, and their workshop area covers 26000 square kilometers.

13 Shijiazhuang Standards Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

This company has more than 15 years of high-quality products and is a highly professional exporter of various hose and automotive fluid transfer products in China. Shijiazhuang Standards Rubber Products Co., Ltd. also accepts auto hoses and fitting orders and even made a new mold for you to print your logo on the product.

14 Ningbo Lutong Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Lutong Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing company of hydraulic pipe fittings. Their three factory rooms are about 12000-meter square in Daao Industrial Hengxi Town Yinzhou, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. They Are ISO 9001:2015 certified and have a strict monitoring procedure of their products to ensure good quality.

15 Qingdao Coralsea Rubber Co., Ltd.

Since 2001, Qingdao Coralsea Rubber Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic hoses in China. They inspect each raw material to ensure that the outcome product can achieve customers’ satisfaction and trust.


CANGZHOU QC HYDRAULICS CO., LTD. is one of the authentic manufacturers founded in 1999. An ISO 9001: 2015 certified company, a trusted manufacturer of stainless hydraulic hose and fittings. One of the largest manufacturers in Northern America and Europe helps many distributors and wholesalers grow their business worldwide.

17 Hangzhou Paishun Rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd 

They were established in 2007. They are in Hangzhou Smart Industrial Park, No.857 Wenyixi Road, China. Their factory covers over 3 hectares of land, and the workshop also covers a surface of 25000 square meters. They have many testing machines to ensure the quality of their product and to satisfy their customers.

18 Hangzhou Haikuo Rubber And Plastic Products Co., Ltd

One reliable Chinese manufacturing company located in Zhenhua Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, produces a high-quality Chinese hydraulic hose for 8 years. They also manufacture hoses, adapters, and many more application accessories and respond to you immediately for your inquiries.


One of the most significant trading companies in China that produce all kinds of rubber products. They have 15 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting products worldwide with an excellent high-quality product and very reliable service to their customers at a competitive price—an ISO-certified company.

20 Comflex Industrial Co., Ltd.

Comflex Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of China’s leading manufacturers specializing in manufacturing different hydraulic hose and fittings for more than 3o years. They exported their products to many other countries around the globe.

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