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Hydrographic Film from China
Carbon Fiber Film
Importing Carbon Fiber Film from China

If you are looking forward to importing carbon fiber hydrographic films wholesale or smaller orders from China, Guangdong province is right for you. They offer high-quality hydrographic films at a very competitive cost. Finding reliable carbon fiber hydrographic films supplier and manufacturer can help you save a lot of money and also helps you get high quality and durable products.

Flower Water Transfer Film
Importing Flower Water Transfer Film from China

Hydrographic films which have been gravure-printed with the graphics image to be transferred is carefully placed on the water’s surface in the dipping tank. The clear film is water-soluble, and dissolves after applying an activator solution. If you are looking for a high-quality hydrographic film for your business, Jiangsu province suppliers and manufacturer can meet your needs.

Hydro Dipping Film
Importing Hydro Dipping Film from China

If you have a business such as owning of dipping hydrographic films, better to have a permanent supplier so you can avoid any problems about ship your orders warehouse to warehouse. Hydrographic fils are most in Shandong and Zhejiang provinces in China. They have the capability to provide an easy and fast process if you import from them. Find a better supplier and make a better relationship with them.

Printable Water Transfer Film
Importing Printable Water Transfer Film from China

Be wise about selecting hydrographic films. Select your ideal printable water transfer films from a certified manufacturer in Jiangsu and Shanghai provinces. China is a great producer of all kinds of hydrographic films and many others so you don’t have to worry where to find high-quality hydrographic films for your business.

Printing Film
Importing Printing Film from China

If you are looking for cheap printing hydrographic films yet high quality, China manufacturers are supplying the best one. Manufacturers are based in Guangdong province. If you are planning to import in China, you have made the best choice. Bansar can recommend a reliable supplier for your growing business to guide the whole importing process.

PVA Film
Importing PVA Film from China

Looking for the best satin wristbands manufacturer in China? Guangdong province has the most verified suppliers. These suppliers guaranteed you a high-quality PVA hydrographic film products. But don’t forget to double check the certifications for safety. Finding the right manufacturer will help you save time and effort.

Skull Hydrographic Film
Importing Skull Hydrographic Film from China

People in business who own hydrographic film can find a lot of options to explore in China. To be successful, you need to identify the best products that will bring you profit and help you develop your business in the long run. If you have a problem with finding a sustainable supplier, let Bansar help you find the most reliable one.

Wood Transfer Film
Importing Wood Transfer Film from China

importing is not an easy task, especially for the newbies. The importing process can be extremely complex, confusing and costly. Expected gains can often be erased by long transit time, rising or fluctuating delivery costs, regulatory fees, and unexpected delays. Look for a supplier from Zhejiang province who can make your process smoothly and efficiently.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Hydro Graphics Film Shipping from China?

sea freight shipping from China to 4
Sea freight is best for your huge masses of Hydro Graphics Film orders. Less in-transit cost is also an advantage of sea freight.
Air Freight from China
For your urgent Hydro Graphics Film shipments, air freight is your best choice.It also provides high level of security for your orders.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
Choosing rail freight is perfect for your large volume Hydro Graphics Film orders that traveled in long distances.
Door to Door Shipping from China
If you're unfamiliar with the required stages of importing, door-to-door shipping of your Hydro Graphics Film shipments is extremely helpful for you.

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Resource To Help You Import Hydro Graphics Film From China:

Supplier and manufacturer of hydrographic films

Best 20 Hydro Graphics Film Manufacturer in China

1 Tsautop           

Specializing in the hydro dipping field, Tsautop Hydrographics can provide one-stop solutions. As a professional manufacturer and supplier, the company has 3 production facilities that covered an area of hydrographic film, hydro dipping equipment, hydro dipping service, and hydro dipping kits. This company is exporting products to the United States and other countries and regions. Tsautop is located in Jianggan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang, China.

2 Dongguan Ivip Industry Co., Ltd.

DongGuan IVIP Industry Co. Ltd had 20+ years of experience in the water transfer printing process and technology training. They are a professional manufacturers engaged in research, production, and sales of different types of water transfer printing film patterns. Offered films have constant quality, high strength, strong weather ability, rich level sense, clear pattern, and good adhesion. The company has thousands of patterns available for you to choose from. IVIP passed ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System standard.

3 Liquid Image Inc.

Liquid Image, Inc. is recognized as a leading water transfer printing equipment manufacturer in China. Their main products are WTP film, speed shape, and WTP machine. The company has a total annual revenue of approx. US$1 Million – US$2.5 million. They are exporting most of their products to North America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions.

4 Qingdao Ying Cai Printing Technology Co., Ltd.

Specializing in development, production, and sales of different types of water transfer printing film, water transfer supplies, and all set of water transfer equipment, the company become a popular company for these products. Qingdao Ying Cai Printing Technology Co., Ltd offers thousands of hydro graphics film patterns such as marble, crystal, etc. Additionally, the company can produce a unique products as per customer design.

5 Yiwu Hydrographic Printing EC Firm

Yiwu Hydrographic Printing EC Firm is a company belongs to Greater Wind Holdings Co., Ltd is a leading pioneer in water transfer printing technology. Their primary products are hydrographic printing films, water transfer printing films, camouflage films, and automatic dipping tanks. Focusing on the innovation of water transfer printing technology, the company has a comprehensive line to offer top-quality service. They are exporting products across the world.

6 Cheng Feng Chih Hui Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1988, Cheng Feng Chih Hui Co., Ltd. is located in Taichung, Taiwan. It has one office in Bangkok, Thailand, and another branch in Dongguan, China. The company has over 30+ years of experience in the technology and marketing aspect. Cheng Feng is supplying more than 3,000 patterns such as marble, wooden, leather, carbon fiber, camouflage pattern, and design. With years of expertise, they gain a good reputation in this industry and all their customers around the world.

7 Guangzhou Hangding Digital Trading Company Ltd.

Specializing in producing and distributing water transfer hydrographic film, Guangzhou Hangding Digital Trading Co., Ltd is one of the leading specialists in this field.  They are providing water transfer hydrographic film utilizing specialize film with a touch of natural and abstract patterns. They are able to provide thousands of patterns for reference. Their main products are water transfer film, hydrographic film, and water printing film.

8 HuanYuan Plastic Film

HuanYuan Plastic Film is committed to providing finest-quality plastic films since 2008. The company is serving constant high products to all customers. They are delivering thousand plastic films such as BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, POF, and PP Synthetic Paper. HuanYuan Plastic Film Co., Ltd is located in Gaolin Zhong Lu, Huli District, Xiamen, China.

9 Topcoat Solution (Chengdu) Inc.

Topcoat Solution, Inc. is a professional company for surface treatment technology. Their main products are WTP film, WTP machine, hydrographic film, chrome spray plating machine, and speed shape. Through specializing in research and development, design, and sales of surface treatment equipment, the company won customer satisfaction. Topcoat Solutions, Inc. is able to develop new and innovative designs to adapt to market standards. This company is exporting products to international markets.

10 Shenzhen RI-SHINE Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2005, RI-SHINE (HK) INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. is committed to water transfer printing machines, printing materials, printing design, and development. With in-house printing technology, advanced equipment, and a comprehensive management system, the company is able to offered products to domestic and overseas markets. Their product line includes heat transfer film, water transfer film, water transfer printing machine, and printing process.

11 Liquid Image Machinery, LLC (Chengdu)

Liquid Image machinery is a leader in surface treatment equipment. This company is able to provide a wide range of products including water transfer printing film, hydro graphics, water transfer printing film, 3D printing, and water transfer printing, and more. Liquid Image Machinery, LLC (Chengdu) is providing the most suitable products and quality service.

12 Jiangmen Xinhui Daze Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Daze Chem. Inc. is a top leader of water transfer printing film in China. Their water transfer printing line includes water transfer film, UV transfer film, heat transfer film, Foam transfer film, and PVC stone line. The company’s mission is providing a reliable processes to all global customers. Their products are ready to ship.

13 Hunnan Xinsheng Surface Coating Material Co., Ltd

Founded in 2005, Hunnan Xinsheng Surface Coating Material Co., Ltd became one of the largest water transfer printing manufacturing and trading companies. With 15 years in the business, they are committed to providing hydrographic film ideal for many years. Their range of products includes water transfer film, water transfer machine, black printable water transfer film, and more. The company is committed to providing perfect solutions.

14 Chengdu Koue Technology Inc.

Chengdu Koue Technology Inc. is a manufacturer and exporter certified to ISO9001 certifications. The company is providing sophisticated replicable solutions. It has a strong ability to design and develop productive water transfer printing equipment and water cleaning equipment. Their production widely used in different fields. This firm is already exporting products to the Middle East, Europe, South America, Australia, Africa, and many other countries.

15 Dongguan Veition Industrial Co., Limited

Located in Dongguan City, VEITION Industrial Co., Limited became the most professional manufacturer and designer in China. The company has strictest quality control and excellent customer service. It has constant development and continuously expanded its range of products. VEITION is a fast-growing company in the packaging and printing industry.


BD Imeris Coating Co., Ltd is situated in Dongguan City, Chiling Industrial Zone, China. They are among the largest and top factories focusing on water transfer printing films, water transfer printing processes, water transfer printing machines, PU painting, and more. With more than 20 years in the field and as ISO9001 companies, BD Imeris Coating Co., Ltd achieved a win-win situation.

17 Greater Wind Holding Co., Ltd.

Established in 1995, GREATER WIND HOLDING GROUP Co., Ltd is a pioneer in water transfer printing technology. This company is a manufacturer and distributor. As of today, they are able to supply 1,500+ film grains including camouflage grains, wooden grains, marble and stone grains, camouflage grains, and more. Greater Wind production line provides top quality and efficient service.

18 Quanzhou Yingcai Transfer Printing Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2006, Yingcai Water Transfer Printing Co., Ltd is specializing in manufacturing and exporting water transfer printing and heat transform printing films. They are involved in designing and development of new patterns. Also, they are providing WTP equipment. The company has 50+ engineers and technical staff. Occupying 100,000 sq meters of offices, factories, and storage they are able to develop innovative products.

19 Wenzhou Huabiao Hydrographics Films

Wenzhou Huabiao Hydrographics has been in the business for more than 10 years. As a manufacturer in hydrographic films, they provide the best quality products with the best prices. Included in their products are hydrographic films and WTP machine. You can visit their factory in No. 8, Nanjiang Road, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China.

20 Bst Enterprise Co., Limited

Founded in 2008, BST Enterprise Co., Limited is a technology company that specializes in hydro graphics researching, manufacturing, and marketing.  Included in their products are water transfer film, hydrographic film, hydro dipping film, water transfer printing film, hydrographic printing, and many more. They are dedicated to give you complete support and make your business grow.

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