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LED Emergency Light
Importing LED Emergency Light Batteries from China

Emergency Lighting batteries are used to power signs and lights that help guide people to the nearest building exit in the case of a power cut or emergency. You can find and choose durable, high quality LED Emergency Light Batteries in Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong and Zhejiang provinces in China.

import Electric Bike batteries from china
Importing Electric Bike Batteries from China

Add more power, to save your energy and enjoy you cycling. Save your cost, don’t need to invest in a new vehicle if you already have a bicycle. If you’re importing from China you can choose Zhejiang and Guangdong.

import Rechargeable Batteries from china
Importing Rechargeable Batteries from China

You can save money and have less impact on the planet by reducing the number of disposed batteries, creating less waste. You can experience the convenience and value of innovative, industry-leading rechargeable battery technology.

import Mobile Phone Batteries from China
Importing Mobile Phone Batteries from China

If your cell phone doesn’t hold a charge, it’s most likely the battery. And, we’ve got your battery. If you’re importing from China choose those trusted name manufacturers and made from original and 100% new.

import Laptop Batteries from China
Importing Laptop Batteries from China

Laptop batteries are high energy density, high stability, quality and security guaranteed,with CE,ROHS approval.  You can find it all in Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong and Zhejiang provinces in China.

import Vehicle Batteries from China 2
Importing Vehicle Batteries from China

For a new battery, it is no need to charge, to add liquid, you can use it after fitting on the car, during the usage, liquid is never needed. In China, there are thousands of great car battery with strong polypropylene container, advanced lead calcium alloy and special diachylum method, anti-acid mist filter plate, anti-shake, prevent coldness, low discharge, less water losing, well cold starting capacity.

import Solar batteries from China
Importing Solar Batteries from China

Solar batteries are really deep cycle batteries that provide energy storage for solar, wind and other renewable energy systems. Buying in professional Chinese solar batteries manufacturers can help with your needs.

import Bluetooth Headset Batteries from china
Importing Headset Batteries from China

Headset Batteries have excellent security, no fire, no explore of short-circuit, over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, Shock, vibration, crush, acupuncture. You can find reliable and high quality headset batteries suppliers from certified Chinese manufacturers.

import Watch Batteries from China
Importing Watch Batteries from China

If you are importing in China, you can be rest assured that you will always get fresh watch batteries. Your watch cells should last for more than a year in an average wrist watch.

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Sea Freight from China to 2 1
Shipping batteries by sea is a first choice for most importers for low prices and large volume options. Perfect for sending small quantities of personal effects such as your batteries.
Air Freight from China to 2
Shipping battery by air is one of the reliable access to space in a capacity constrained. Can resolve all your emergencies, reduce inventory.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 3
Rail delivery offers secure and reliable delivery to the destination. Cost effective, faster form of land transportation.
Door to Door Service China to 1 1
It may look expensive, serves you nothing but convenient way of shipment. Fast, reliable and affordable delivery services.

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Best 20 Batteries Manufacturer in China

1 Wanxiang A123 System Co., Ltd.

Founded in the year 2011, Wanxiang A123 System Co., Ltd is a Sino-domestic joint-venture company financed by Ener1 Inc. and Wanxiang Group. A committed manufacturer to service, design, and technical improvement for lithium-ion batteries. It also provides a range of services and battery products to any trade. Wanxiang A123 System Co., Ltd is one of the popular batteries manufacturers in China.

2 Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd is working in Tianjin, China. Their power battery productions cover cylindrical lithium iron phosphate, cylinder, ternary cube, and square, etc. Its present production capacity is 1Gwh. And their common costumers are Nanjing Jinlong, Jianghuai, Dongfeng Motor, Xiamen Jinlong, etc. Established in the year 1997.


BYD`s battery company was deal out in Shenzhen and Huizhou. They are more focused on manufacturing lithium iron phosphate power batteries. As of today, general production capacity reaches 6Gwh and can be extended up to 10Gwh. They only produce long-lasting batteries, makes them one of the top manufacturers worldwide.


Since 2011, CATL begins to commit the designing of high-quality batteries. They are mainly based on Ningde, Fujian, China. Grown as the best manufacturer with customers coming from Xiamen Jinlong, Beiqi, Geely, CSR Times, Zhongtong Bus, FAW, and Brilliance BMW. Their battery products are certified by ISO9001.

5 Guoxuan

Guoxuan was established in 2005 and has the main headquarter based in Anhui Hefei, China. They only produced durable, long-lasting, and great quality power batteries. Guoxuan is dedicated to deep research, designing, and manufacturing batteries to be delivered to any region. In China, Guoxuan is one of the largest manufacturers you can rely upon.

6 OptimumNano

At Guangdong Shenzhen, China, you`ll definitely find OptimumNano`s headquarter. Their group can regularly create 220,000 cores of 32650 5Ah power batteries that will be distributed to different regions. Their battery products are primarily used for vehicles. Since 2002, OptimumNano has full control in power battery productions. And today, they are recognized as the first company to fulfill the scale production of lithium iron phosphate batteries.


Expert in manufacturing long-lasting batteries, LARGE POWER gained popularity in the field. They are engaged in independent research, sales, and battery production. Their company has been providing the world`s superior power supply, industrial power supply, and power storage power supply. And after long years in the industry, the company is developed into the world`s leading battery product provider.

8 Microvast

Microvast`s production-based is in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. This big enterprise in China focuses on fast-charging lithium titanate power batteries. Continuously dedicated to improving the ability of special customized development & research for users on a special performance. They offer a long-term partnership to any interested clients.

9 Shandong WINA

This company is owned by the Shandong WINA Environmental Protection Power Group. Officially founded since 2006 and has been in-line in the power battery industry in both China and in a foreign land. They operate together with expert techniques, complete machinery, and trained management staff.

10 China Aviation Lithium-ion Battery Co. Ltd

China Aviation Lithium-ion Battery Co. Ltd is working in Henan Luoyang, with a general productive capacity of 2Gwh. They are active battery manufacturers in China, with over millions of stocks to be delivered to different countries, domestic or local. They continue to design specific patterns according to the customer`s requirements.

11 Shenzhen BAK Technology

As a well-known power battery supplier and manufacturer in China, Shenzhen BAK Technology is popular for its lifepo4, Li-polymer, and lithium-ion batteries. They export and manufacture any variety of fast-charging power batteries. Globally, around 75% of its battery products are delivered overseas while the remaining 25% is sold in local China.

12 Chinabrands

Officially established in 2004, Chinabrands is now expanding as the best, dependable manufacturer in China. They can cover you up with exceptional wholesale service. At Chinabrands, one-stop power battery solutions are highly offered with factory prices. Considered as one of professional manufacturer in China specializes in producing high-quality batteries.

13 Shenzhen Herewin Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Herewin Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company founded in 2004 and located in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China. They specialize in manufacturing polymer lithium-ion battery to be distributed within or outside China. Also, they produce batteries in different series including power battery series, high-capacity series, and high-rate discharge series. However, Herewin is certified by PSE, UL, CE, and more.

14 Zhejiang Geya Electrical Co., Ltd

Launched in February 2007, Zhejiang Geya Electrical Co., Ltd is one of the private-owned enterprises, located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. With more than a decade of experience in the battery business, they are more concentrated in solar energy system production, development, and research. Some of their best seller products are solar pump inverter, solar charge controllers, etc. The company obtained certifications like SAA, CCC, CB, and CE.

15 Guangdong Andian Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Andian Energy Technology Co., Ltd, or AET for short, is one of the high-tech manufacturing company that devoted to the development, production, marketing, and research of batteries. This company has 15+ years in the business and takes delight in its technical power. And also, they manufacture battery products with high standard equipment, ideal inspection system, and high improved formula. Moreover, AET received ISO9001:2015, ISO14000, and more certifications.

16 Beijing Anhua United Energy Technology

Beijing Anhua United Energy Technology is a manufacturing institution that particularizes in power battery and energy solutions. Their company essentially manufactures, sells, and develops the latest lithium-iron fast-charging batteries. To provide easy to use, innovative, reliable, and safe battery products are their goals for their customers in the business. Anhua company pursues to be recognized as the world`s leader in providing power battery solutions.

17 Allgrand New Energy Company

The ultimate mission of Allgrand New Energy Company is to provide solar power for a better world. And to fulfill that mission, they need to manufacture clean energy products. This company manufactures batteries in all kinds such as gel batteries, lead-acid batteries, and lithium-ion batteries. As of today, Allgrand has an enlarging global network to support the demand for high-quality solar batteries.

18 AlphaESS

The team AlphaESS has 8 years of experience in battery industries. They are manufacturing companies, an expert in creating advanced battery products. They both served commercial, residential, and even domestic customers. AlphaESS is known to help many trade and families to reduce their electricity charges and attain energy independence through their own power generation.

19 Yingde Aokly Power

Founded in 1996, Yingde Aokly Power is a high-tech company that is deeply devoted to the development, research, sales production of lead-acid power batteries. Lead-acid batteries may include a motive-power battery, solar battery, storage battery, gel battery, and many others. The batteries that Yingde Aokly Power offers are sold well both overseas and domestic markets.

20 B.B. Battery, Global Inc 

B.B. Battery, Global Inc is an expert manufacturing enterprise that leads in producing lead-acid batteries. With 2 decades of constant dedication, that`s the reason their company gained a global reputation and wide knowledge or experience in the field. Every month, they are capable of producing 2.5 million 7Ah-12V batteries, enough to supply other trades in overseas or within China.

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