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Coaxial Wire Importing from China

Coaxial cables are used to carry television signals and connect video equipment. They are metallic cables that consist of a central wire conductor and a non-conducting insulator surrounded by mesh or a metal sheath. The coaxial cable is covered in a thin layer of plastic for extra protection. In China, Zhejiang has an extensive collection of coaxial wire. You can buy a wide selection of coaxial wire at the best prices.

Duplex Wire Importing from China

A duplex wire consists of two strands of glass or plastic fiber. Typically found in a “zipcord” construction format, this cable is most often used for duplex communication between devices where a separate transmit and receive are required. Wide selection of duplex wire are available in China market. If you are importing duplex wire from China, you can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality duplex wire.

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Low Voltage Wire Importing from China

Low-voltage wiring is used for circuits typically requiring 50 volts or less. Three common types are landscape lighting wire, bell wire (for doorbells), and thermostat wire. Do you need a low voltage wire to make long working life? China has a lot of low voltage wire manufacturers who supplies the cost- saving low voltage wire. These manufacturers have professional wire knowledge and have more years’ exporting experience.

Non Metallic Or NM Cable Importing from China

NM cable is designed for interior use in dry locations. Almost all of the wiring in a modern home is NM cable. Whether you need to import NM wire for your business or home, importing from China is the right place for you. There are wide selection of NM wire in Chinese market that suit your needs.

phone and data
Phone and Data Cable Importing from China

Thinking about getting a phone and data cable? Select the right option for your needs, on your budget, from Chinese leading supplier and manufactures of phone and data cable. Wide selection of phone and data cables are available, you can choose the right one for you.

THHN/ THWN Wire Importing from China

The leading THHN/ THWN Wire manufacturer and suppliers in China specializing and providing a full range a high quality wire products. Whether you need to buy in a large volume, the suppliers have enough supply to meet your needs. When importing THHN/ THWN Wire in China, choose the professional and have experience in manufacturing THHN/ THWN Wire for many years.

uf cable
Underground Feeder (UF) Cable Importing from China

Underground Feeder (UF) is a type of nonmetallic designed for wet locations and direct burial in the ground. It is commonly used for supplying outdoor fixtures, such as lampposts. Looking for Underground Feeder (UF) Cable to connect for your home or business? In Chinese market, there are lot of Underground Feeder (UF) Cable options to meet your needs. Get your Underground Feeder (UF) Cable with high quality at competitive price.

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Rail Freight Shipping from China 28
Ship by rail is much affordable than Air. Ship by rail can be beneficial for your larger volume Electrical Wire orders over long distances.
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It may look expensive because of additional charges, But additional charges you pay for Door to Door service isn't costly as compared to the combined expenses you'll spend commuting.

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Importing Electrical Wire from China: The Definitive Guide

If your starting or already started an importing electrical wire business from China, this guide fits for you.

Finding the best electrical wire manufacturer from China can guarantee you to be successful in your business.

This guide will help you to be professional in Chinese electrical wire market.

Mostly, this helps you find a reliable China electrical wire manufacturer.

Best 30 Electrical Wire Manufacturers in China

1 Jiaxing Jinghong Cable Co., Ltd.

In 2019, Jiaxing Jinghong Cable Co., Ltd. was founded. It is a first-class innovative technology company in China that manufactures high-temperature wire, shield wire, and so on. This company provides you first-class solutions and the most valuable products. They obtain ISO/TS16949 certified. Send them your inquiry now.

2 Henan Jinshui Cable Group Co., Ltd,

Since 1984, Henan Jinshui Cable Group Co., Ltd. is one of the prime manufacturers of wire and cable in China. They have 683 staff members, 52 lab assistance, 18 experienced engineers, and 568 workers. Through their latest production equipment and lines, they assure to perfectly meet customer’s requirements. They are glad to visit their company.

3 Henan Ali-Cable Group Co., Ltd.

Henan Ali-Cable Group Co., Ltd. is one of the non-regional enterprise integrating manufacturing of different wires and cables in China since 2012. Through their first-class local and imported test equipment and manufacture, they can produce for over 6000 specifications. This company gained ISO14001, OHAS18001, 3C, and ISO9001 certificates.

4 CB (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd.

CB(XIAMEN) industrial Co., Ltd is a wire and cable manufacturer in China. They focused on VDE and UL certified and customize electrical wire. This company assures to meet your wire demand that will suit your requirement. For your custom size wire orders, kindly message them.

5 Henan Tong-Da Cable Co., Ltd.

Henan Tong-da Cable Co., Ltd. is a production of electric wire in China. Their products comply with IEC, ASTM, DIN, BS, and so on. It is also exported to over 60 countries and regions which obtain unanimous praise by most customers. Visit their company for more info.

6 Shanghai Shenyuan High-Temp Wire Co., Ltd.

In 1998, Shanghai Shenyuan High-Temp Wire Co., Ltd. was founded. It manufactures high-temperature-resistant wires, hook-up wires, and so on. This company has lots of clients including Siemens, Philips, ABB, Haier, and more. They have testing equipment and the latest production equipment.

7 Guangdong Sanshe Cable Co., Ltd.

Since 2014, Guangdong Sanshe Cable Co., Ltd. is a professional wire and cable manufacturer in China. They produced aluminum alloy wire, network wire, and other wire products. This company has over 60% invest plenty of manpower and material resources in development, research, and so on. Please visit their company for your inquiries.

8 Changzhou DLX Alloy Co., Ltd.          

In 2016, Changzhou DLX Alloy Co., Ltd. was founded. It is a professional manufacturer of heating resistance wire, thermocouple wire, nickel welding wire, and many more. They have the manufacturing procedure including drawing, heat treatment, and so on. Expect high-quality and competitive price products from them.

9 Ningbo Holden Cable Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Holden Cable Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise focused on selling electronic wires in China. They obtain ISO, CCC, VDE, and CE certificates. This company assures you to meet your various needs. Due to their high-quality, competitive cost, and advanced techniques, they obtain a good reputation among customers.

10 Ruitian Cable Co., Ltd.

In 2008, Ruitian Cable Co., Ltd. was founded. It is dedicated to manufacturing different types of electric wire, house wires, and more. This company obtained ISO14001, CCC, ISO9001, and more. Their products are guaranteed safety, quality, and reliability. This company has lots of regular customers and has been big suppliers worldwide.

11 Shenzhen Jianzhenda Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jianzhenda Wire And Cable Co., Ltd. is focused on manufacturing different types of wire in China. Through their modern production equipment, skilled professional team, and sophisticated detection instruments, they ensure the remarkable quality of products. For more information, kindly message them.

12 Jiangsu Boan Cable Co., Ltd.

In 1996, Jiangsu Boan Cable Co., Ltd. was founded. It manufactures electric wire, overhead cable, and many more. They gained ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 certificates. They will provide you a high-quality and competitive price. Send them your inquiries now.

13 Jiangsu Zhongchao Holding Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Zhongchao Holding Co., Ltd. is the core business enterprise that manufactures electric wires and cables in China. Their products won different awards including Famous Brand n Jiangsu Province, High-Quality Well-Know Product in Jiangsu Province, and more. They are capable of design and manufacture products according to international standards.

14 Fujian TY Cable Co., Ltd.

In 2009, Fujian Tongyu Cable Co, Ltd. was established. It manufactures electric wire, power cable, and more. They have 50 acres of area, with 153 million RMB of investment, sophisticated equipment, and more. This company ensures the stability of the product. Message them now.

15 Huzhou Shangfu Wire & Cable High Technology Co., Ltd.

Huzhou Shangfu Wire & Cable High Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the Chinese’s prime e-beam and solar cable manufacturers. Through their experience and skill, they assure to provide the most cost-effective producers of high-quality wires in China. This company gained ISO 9001, OHSAS18001, ISO14001 certificates. Contact them now.

16 Hangzhou Hongfeng Cable Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Hongfeng Cable Co., Ltd. can produce different electric wires in China. OEM and ODM orders are welcome. The company gained an ISO9001 certificate. This company assures you to provide you a competitive cost and high-quality. For your inquiries, kindly contact them.

17 Jiaxing Huahao Cable Co., Ltd.

Jiaxing Huahao Cable Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of different electric wire and cables in China. Their products are subjected to the most latest testing equipment. This company assures to have excellent services and quality. They are willing to be your business relationships.

18 Henan Jiapu Cable Co., Ltd.

For over 15 years of development and effort, Henan Jiapu Cable Co., Ltd. becomes an influential manufacturer of wires in China. This company complies with GB, JB, BS, DIN, JIS, NF, and more standards. They accept OEM and ODM orders.

19 Hebei Huatong Wires & Cables Group Co., Ltd.

In 1993, Hebei Huatong Wires and Cables Group Co., Ltd was founded. It manufactures electric wires in China. There are over 220,000 square meters, with over 420 sets of manufacturing equipment, and over 250 sets of testing equipment. For your inquiry, kindly message them.

20 Henan Jinshui Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.

Henan Jinshui Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of electric wire in China. Their products meet DIN, BS, ASTM, JIS, and more standards. This company provides you a world-class brand with better products and better services to customers worldwide.

21 ILED Lighting Technology Ltd.

ILED Lighting Technology Ltd has mainly manufactured lighting products and accessories including electrical wires. They are BSCI certified manufacturers in China located in Guangdong province in China offering 24/7 quick response. Their electrical wires passed the standards of CE certifications and always satisfied your needs.

22 Haiyan Kennects Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

Haiyan Kennects Electrical Technology Co., Ltd has occupied about 100 square meter plant areas in China at Shiquan Industry Park of Zhejiang Province. They have 3 production lines and 1 R&D staff and 1 foreign trading staff. They support the payment through LC, T/T, and so on.


This company was established in the year 2002 offer a wide variety of electrical wire option, durability, quality, and cost-effective. Nissei Electric(Shen Zhen)Co., Ltd manufactured products and electrical wires have passed all the test and received certifications of UL, RoHS, CE, and many more including REACH standards.


Henan Baofeng Cable Co., Ltd is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer in China and also ISO 14001. They passed the quality through their skilled staff supporting all the processes. They have over 300 staff from high positions and workers. The quality first is prioritizing and ensuring customers need will be provided.

25 Haiyan ADS Special Cable Co., Ltd.

In 2004, Haiyan ADS Special Cable Co., Ltd. was established located in Zhejiang province in China near Shanghai port. This company location is also located near the Ningbo port. They have about 2000 square meters of factory convenient area. Their products have passed the quality of UL, RoHS, REACH, and so on.

26 Henan Hongda Cable Co., Ltd.

In 2015, Henan Hongda Cable Co., Ltd have passed the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality since they were established in 2004 March. They have a building area of about 50000 square meters and provide a variety of products you may needs. They can export electrical wires overseas.

27 Henan Jinshui Cable Group Co., Ltd.

Henan Jinshui Cable Group Co., Ltd is one of the professional electrical wire manufacturers in China since 1984 and export overseas. This company has plenty of workers and a team in manufacturing. They keep developing to meet your electrical wire demands.

28 B&T (Zhangzhou) Cable Co., Ltd.

This company was established in 2009 mainly manufactured electrical wires. They have halogen-free, high temperature, and environmentally electrical wires They Passed an ISO 9001 quality in 2008 since they ensure the best quality and qualified raw materials. Get the best for your business.


CB(Xiamen)Industrial Co., Ltd has 10 years of experience in manufacturing electrical parts like wire and motorcycle parts. This company assures the best quality services and products that produce overseas. They export in the Middle East, Europe, America, and many countries with their export license.


Zhejiang Zheshang Cables and Cords Co., Ltd is ISO, CCC, and CE certified. They provide based on the standards and able to meet customer’s demands. They are certified through their excellence and provide the best quality and functional electrical wires. Ensure your business safety through the searching reliable manufacturer.

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