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Importing Pajama from China
1 Plain Pajama
Importing Plain Pajama from China

If you are looking for a pajama that can be worn by men, women, and kids, China has a great manufacturer of plain pajamas. By now, you knew already that whatever you’re looking for, China has it all. All their manufacturer were great in producing high quality of plain pajama. Aside from that, all of them are using good quality of linen to make best pajama output perfect for your tastes.

2 Footed Pajama
Importing Footed Pajama from China

Footed pajama can be used for everyone, from newborn, infants, adults, and for plus size. Everybody like footed pajama especially to keep warm for cold weather and it is comfy to use. Manufacturers in China made their pajamas durable and machine washable. If you want to import pajamas especially for the type of business you have, Bansar is a professional freight forwarder. We can help you find a reliable source of pajama and ship directly to you.

3 Silk Pajama
Importing Silk Pajama from China

If you are having a trouble in finding great source of silk pajama, a lot of manufacturers in China are experts in fabricating classic and modern style of silk pajama. All of the pajamas they produce are very comfy to wear and suitable to wear at home. They have wide variety of pajamas that you can from. All sizes are available and even customizing pajama according to customers demand.

4 Cotton Classic Pajama
Importing Cotton Classic Pajama from China

When searching a supplier for pajama, choose those who are expert in manufacturing pajama. China has plenty of manufacturers of pajama, particularly in Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong, and Jiangsu provinces. If you want to purchase like cotton classic pajama that is cool but not cold to wear, that place is the right choice for you.

5 Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajama
Importing Scotch Plaid Flannel Pajama from China

Scotch plaid flannel pajama is one of the nicest sleepwear and loungewear since it gives warm and pleasant at the same time without feeling the overheat. Whenever you look for trusted fabricators of pajama, always consider Bansar. We can recommend thousands of pajama manufacturers in China.

6 Animal Pajama
Importing Animal Pajama from China

Checking out for best and unique animal pajama? Consider the best place and that is China. You can discover a huge selection of different types of pajama perfect fit for your business. Manufacturers of pajama in China offers its products in a very affordable cost but you can rest assured that its high quality and not easy to tear.

7 Pajama Robe
Importing Pajama Robe from China

Finding a reliable manufacturers of pajama is hard, but anymore. Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Nantong, and Fujian provinces in China is the place where great manufacturers of pajama located. You can import large quantity of pajamas in China without minding the quality since they are originated in manufacturing world class pajama products.

8 Short Pajama
Importing Short Pajama from China

Short pajama is one of the trendy type of pajama. Comfortable to wear and also has a beautiful quality an appearance. If you have plan in importing pajama, China is the best place to import goods since all of their products are affordable and many choices.

9 Monogrammed Pajama
Importing Monogrammed Pajama from China

If you are looking for a pajama, then go for China. It is the best place especially for an importer like you. You can find great producers of pajamas like monogrammed. Not just monogrammed but many pajamas that you can choose from. Bansar will glad to help you in finding a good and reliable supplier for pajama and help you in deliver your goods to your place.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Pajama Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China
If you're new importers, shipping pajama by sea is an excellent choice especially if you have large quantities of cargo.
Air Freight Shipping from China 1
If you want a fastest shipping, air freight offers high security and fastest shipping method.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
If you are in a tight budget for shipping, rail freight offers less and cost-effective.
Door to Door Shipping from China to
If you want to arrive your goods in a safest way, door to door shipping is a great choice.

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How to import pajama from China?

Please advise more details about the pajama you want to buy?

There are several types of service/supply type for you, they are OEM pajama, ready make pajama, stock pajamas etc.

If you are professional pajama vendors, you sourcing pajama manufacturer in China, you have to provide the designs files and production files such as the tech packs, artworks etc. if you are repeat order sourcing the new suppliers, the easy way is that send them the original samples for factory.

If you want to buy the ready made pajamas, the advantage is that you can order small quantity each color, each design each styles, it’s can make your order included various styles products, it’s better work with the China pajama wholesalers, most them are not factories, they are pajama wholesale companies.

If you want to buy stocks, it’s better work with the professional garment stock companies, if you are lucking you can get the factories who have stocks for you.

What’s the quantity you want to buy?

For factory OEM service, they all have the MOQ, the more quantity with better prices.

If you want buy small quantities, it’s better by ready made or stock.

If you know more about the pajamas you want to buy it’s better you negotiated with factory about the right MOQ with them.

The payment terms about import pajama from China?

Most sellers accept different kinds of payment terms T/T(Letter of Credit), L/C(Letter of Credit), D/P(Letter of Credit), D/A(Documents against Acceptance) etc. base on the order quantity and price and how long we have do business etc.The normal payment terms are workable for pajama factories such as T/T, LC, D/P, D/A etc. The big quantity order need proceed with advance payment 20%, 30%, 50%(negotiable) and the balance payment most against B/L copy, or 1-2 months after shipment and so on.

The PayPal, wester union etc. main work for the ready-made or stock small quantities.

If I need come to China sourcing the pajama?

It’s better finds the suppliers online first no need come, and contact with them, after few communications and then selected few of them, if you have big quantity order, you can come to China visit each of them and then finalize one work for your orders. If you order small quantity, just work with pajama wholesale companies, get sample or pictures for the details are okay.

The pajama you buy for which season, style, type etc.

This is important for you to selected the suppliers, because there are to many types of pajamas, most sellers have their strong styles. Such as you want to buy fleece robe pajama, it’s better buy from Jiangsu and Zhejiang, because these fleece pajamas main produced these area such as the coral fleece, flannel fleece mainly produced in these areas the you can get good quality professional service. If you buy the cotton pajama, it’s better buy from Qingdao, Anhui, Hubei, Henan etc. these areas strong for the cotton styles and price very competitive.

If I need order fabric and accessories separately?

If you have reliable supplier for these material, you can order or nominate order form them, but normally you don’t need to order them because if you find the correct suppliers, they all have the long term supplier they have good relation ship with them, all the problems during the production they can handle well, if you get new one any problems maybe a big problem for you.

What’s the price I have to buy?

Buy the reasonable price, suitable price, correct price; don’t always buy the cheap prices, because there are always have cheaper prices in China, but any cheaper price may give you more problems or defect.

What’s the delivery time?

Normal order under 10000pieces for the factory have 50 people can finish within 30months all times, for big quantity you have to work with the big factories. There are also some buyers give factory 6 months or more, but actually production time is 1-2 months, sewing should be 2 weeks.

If I need inspection the goods before shipment?

You can arrange inspection any time during the production, online inspection, final inspection, all these are acceptable for all factories, for big quantity order it’s better arrange inspection.

Which samples I can get approval?

Regular approval samples included fabric quality, strike offs, fit sample, pp sample etc. you can ask the special sample as you want for approval.

The order process for the pajama production?

They are costing, developing, sampling, place order, advance payment, sample approvals, inspection, balance payment shipping etc. All these processes are negotiable and changeable as long as you want, or your company need.

What I have to take care import pajama from China?

You have to take care the production schedule this is important for all buyers, because the approval status and times is not under factory control factory also not responable for the delay for some case, most garment are sea shipment and have the strict time sale on the market, any delay may cause the air shipment, the air freight is much high and make the order loss money.

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