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Welding Robot from China
3D Welding Robot
Importing 3D Welding Robot from China

6 Axis Welding Robot
Importing 6 Axis Welding Robot from China

Advanced Automated Welding Robot
Importing Advanced Automated Welding Robot from China

ARC Welding Robot
Importing ARC Welding Robot from China

Automotive Welding Robot
Importing Automotive Welding Robot from China

Cyber weld Robotics
Importing Cyber-weld Robotics from China

DIY Welding Robot
Importing DIY Welding Robot from China

Industrial Welding Robot
Importing Industrial Welding Robot from China

Mobile Welding Robot scaled
Importing Mobile Welding Robot from China

Spot Welding Robot
Importing Spot Welding Robot from China

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Importing Welding Robot from China

If you are planning on importing welding robot from China, then this guide is right for you.

It contains all the exact details that you all need to know when comes to importing a welding robot from China.

So keep reading.

Resource To Help You Import Welding Robot From China:

Import data of welding robot

Supplier and manufacturer of welding robot

Best Welding Robot Manufacturers in China

 Sugimoto Automation
Sugimoto Automation is a China-based technology enterprise that is fully devoted in supplying automated, intelligent robotic production lines ideal for production purposes. For more than a decade of experience, Sugimoto Automation has gathered rich and wide experience in injection molding, stamping, painting, gluing, material packing palletizing, and strict inspection of welding robot equipment.


Tang Cheng is a company located in China that highly offers various welding robot products which can meet your needs and assorted requirements. The company and its professional staff do their best in order to satisfy customers with quality products and services. With many years industry experience, Tang Cheng is capable to fulfil each customer`s product desires.

JZJ Robot Co. Ltd

As one of the leading high-tech companies, JZJ Robot Co. Ltd is integrating sales, R&D, and production of welding robots and industrial robots. These robot solutions are perfect for a variety of industrial production applications. Not for welding, these robots are also covering applications on lathe unloading and loading, stamping, painting, palletizing, and polishing. A very flexible robot that now serves lots of companies in the world.

Guangdong Topstar Technology Co., Ltd

Topstar Technology is the earliest recorded robot expert company located in Guangdong province, China. The company more focuses on the sale, manufacturing, and R&D of industrial robots. Also, they are solely devoted to product manufacturing, system integration, industrial internet, and software development.

Shanghai STEP Electric Corporation

STEP Electric Corporation was founded in Shanghai in 1995. This is a national high-tech company, a Shanghai IPR model company, Shanghai Technology Center, and a national innovative company. STEP Electric is well-known because of its community benefits, employee pride, and provides customer satisfaction. After many years has passed, STEP Electric now gaining 29 software copyrights and 74 patents.

Jiangsu Yaoqiang Technical Group

This Yaoqiang Technical Group in Jiangsu is a high-tech company and professional dealer of industrial robots major in welding applications. Not just that, they also offer complete lines of electrical automation equipment at a fair price. However, the company is holding the idea of customer first and always contributes to optimizing its customer service system and modern management.

Dongguan Xinteng Robot Technology Co., Ltd

Located in the City of Dongguan, China, Xinteng Robot Technology Corporation started in the business since May 2014, with wide knowledge in non-standard automation industries and industrial robots, mainly for welding applications. This modern high-tech company is integrated with manufacturing, sales, and R&D. Since established, they are dedicated to the development of industrial welding robots and other related equipment.

LISHILE Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd

LISHILE Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd is an expert, very professional for sales, service, and production of industrial robot business. Their products include welding robot, fast removing manipulator, glass machine, high-speed machine, servo manipulator, and more. The company`s permanent mission in the field is “continuous improvement, technological innovation, customer satisfaction”.

Shenzhen Guanhong Automation Co., Ltd

The Guanhong Automation Company was built last November 19, 2010. This is one of the most famous automation and CNC enterprises in China. The company is specialized in designing projects, foreign trading, marketing, and provider of CNC packaging solutions. Since founded, its focus is on providing the best industrial robot arm such as welding series, painting series, handling series, grinding series, etc.

Guangzhou XiRui

Born in the year 2013, Guangzhou XiRui owns an integrated base of 10160m2 which situated in Guangzhou. The company also manages several local branches in China. And now as an identified national high-tech company, Guangzhou XiRui focuses on supplying intelligent production solutions and equipment. Different welding robots from XiRui are also distributed all over the world.

Sanhe Laser Technology Limited Company

Sanhe Laser Technology Limited Company is a professional laser and welding robot equipment manufacturer in China. This is considered as one of the high-tech companies, with around 8 years of experience in the industry. Sanhe professional team has been dedicated to the practice and study of designing different standard robots for business purposes.

Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd

Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd was founded in 1994 with headquarter in Wuhan, China. This company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial robots, welding robots, CNC systems, new energy vehicles, and many more. This is also the first listed enterprise in China`s CNC system field. They are capable to manufacture the robot equipment that can help your business improve.

Suzhou Hulk Robot Co., Ltd

This operates as a high-tech company focusing on artificial intelligence and robot manufacturing. And today, Suzhou Hulk Robot Company have implemented ISO9001 and CE standards in the production of industrial robots, including welding robots equipment. After strictly testing the quality of every product, they safely export them to Germany and other foreign countries.

China SME Group Co., Ltd

The company is backed up by some 20 dealers and staff in the world. SME is always closed to its clients for the supply of both services and products. Gained more than 10 years of industry experience, they continuously provide end-to-end and complete packaging solution at very affordable pricing. On the other hand, their professional performance is based on the long experience they gained.

 China Zhouxiang Group

Established in the year 1991, China Zhouxiang Group covers an area of more than 100, 000m2. With over 400 professional staff including a total of 100 researchers, several foreign and domestic industry professionals and 20 Masters/Doctors.  This is one of an excellent high-tech company which integrates technology and science, trade, and industrial production into one.

Zaoyu Lixun Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Zaoyu Lixun Intelligent Technology Company sincerely welcomes old and new customers. The sales center, robot exhibition, and manufacturing headquarter of Zaoyu Lixun is located in Xiagang Section, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. The company`s main products are industrial robots, welding robots, etc. The intelligent robots manufactured by the company are distributed or exported worldwide.

Zhongshan Baijia Dagu Electronic Technoloty Co., Ltd

This company is completely dedicated in operation and production of industrial robots, catering robots, sales robots, hotel robots, household robots, and many more. Also engaged in the robot development, sales, and production in one.  They offer the best product design services for intelligent and robot products. Dagu is a reliable partner you can rely on your robot needs. Founded in 2004.


Began in the business since 2000, YONGYITONGFENG INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY Company is a reliable and professional manufacturer of concrete equipment, welding robots, industrial robots, and so on. Being situated in Change City, China, the company now recently enjoying a high reputation from customers from all over the world. With over 10 years of rich industry experience and owning a professional technology.

 Ningbo Lisong Injection Molding Technology Co., Ltd

Located in Yuyao City, China, Ningbo Lisong Injection Molding Technology Co., Ltd has a production plant that occupying an area of 26, 000 square meters. The company is devoted to manufacture and design artificial intelligence, industrial robots, and more. They depend on Canada`s pioneering companies to be able to supply intelligent automation solutions and professional system solutions in one.

Suzhou Beston Industrial Technology Co., Ltd

Beston is holding many years of rich experience in automation system integration. This was established in Suzhou, China, integrating design, R&D, service, and production. The company and its professional engineers are committed to producing automated welding, welding robots, machine vision system integration, packaging equipment, etc. Additionally, they can provide full production service for your satisfaction.


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