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Inside Delivery Fee: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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What Is Inside Delivery Fee?

This is a fee which is assessed and calculated by truckers to cater for making the extra effort to deliver cargo at delivery sites.

It applies where a trucker goes inside the warehouse or in the designated location to deliver the cargo. Thus the trucker goes beyond the loading dock or front door of a warehouse or wherever the cargo is in order to make a delivery.

Truckers have a cost that covers this service and it is what is referred to as the Inside delivery fee.

Inside Delivery For Freight Is A Convenient Way When Cargo Delivery Destinations Are Unfavorable

Inside Delivery For Freight Is A Convenient Way When Cargo Delivery Destinations Are Unfavorable

What Are the Benefits of Inside Delivery?

Inside delivery creates convenience that is beneficial to clients in the following ways:

It is beneficial to clients as goods are assured to safely arrive to designated destination.

To business owners, inside delivery attracts and helps to retain customers.

Nowadays people are looking for convenience while shipping for cargo. As a result, agencies which offer inside delivery services to clients experience a high client turn over.

A successful inside delivery service further attracts more clients since the one client makes referrals to other clients. Increased sales of the service are thus experienced which later translates to more profits and success to the business.

Inside delivery is thus beneficial to both the service provider and client sorting for the service.

 Inside Delivery Ensures That Goods Arrive Safely At Your Designation Of Choice

Inside Delivery Ensures That Goods Arrive Safely To Your Designation Of Choice

What Is the Difference Between Inside Delivery Fee and Threshold Fee?

Threshold delivery is a type of delivery that allows carriers to make deliveries up to your doorstep. The carriers do not mind the staircases and steep pathways.

Threshold fee thus caters for deliveries to the door stop of the residential places of clients. Inside delivery fee does not cater for deliveries up to the door step of clients.

Residential Delivery Fee Makes Delivery Of Shipments To Homes Of Clients

Residential Delivery Fee Makes Delivery Of Shipments To Homes Of Clients

Moreover, inside delivery fee does not account for delivery of cargo to destinations with staircases or steep pathways. Threshold fee does not mind these factors.

Fig 4- Commercial Inside Delivery Is Suitable For Businesses

Commercial Inside Delivery Is Suitable For Businesses

Fig 5-Threshold Delivery Fee Is Applied To Homes WIth Steep Pathways or Staircases

Threshold Delivery Fee Is Applied To Homes With Steep Pathways or Staircases

What Equipment Do Truckers Use for Inside Delivery?


They are help full in lifting heavy shipments into the desired location. This is majorly for cargo that is in pallets.

Fig 6- A Forklift Is For Lifting Cargo That Is In Pallets

 A Forklift Is For Lifting Cargo That Are In Pallets

Lift Gates

It is a hydraulic or sometimes electric machine. It is usually embarked at the rear of trucks to help load or unload cargo from the ground or vice versa for heavy cargo.

Fig 7- A Truck With Liftgate Capabilities Fitted At The Back

A Truck with Lift Gate Capabilities Fitted At The Back

Pallet Jacks

They are most suitable to transport cargo over short distances. A function that is highly practiced when making inside deliveries.

Fig 8- Yes You Can Avoid Inside Delivery Fee

A Driver Using A Pallet Jack

How Much Is Inside Delivery Fee?

Inside delivery fee is dependent on the location and in some cases circumstances that carriers have to face when making the delivery.

Less than Load (LTL Shipping) adds inside delivery services to the shipment services to facilitate delivery of cargo to designated destination for clients.

Therefore, inside delivery fee varies depending on the freight carrier rates. To accurately acquire these prices, consider making inquiries to the freight carrier you choose to work with.

If there are constraints to be expected at the delivery site, the freight carrier explains the additional charges applicable.

To avoid price disagreements that can emerge due to state of location, make sure to avail all the necessary information regarding the location.

Can I Avoid Inside Delivery Fee Charges?

Yes, inside delivery charges are avoidable.

The only way to evade inside delivery charges is to make inside delivery ventures yourself. For pick-ups at designated areas, ensure to avail the freight at end of the dork for loading.

This way you get to evade charges imposed on getting the cargo from inside the dork or the destination for pick up.

You can also decide to load up the freight on the truck. If you need help you can request family and friends to assist.

The same applies for delivery. With the help of freight carriers to point out your cargo, you can use friends and family to help unload and transport to the designated site.

Charges imposed on loading and transporting are avoided.

Fig 9- You Can Avoid Inside Delivery Fee By Doing The Necessary By Yourself

You Can Avoid Inside Delivery Fee By Doing The Necessary By Yourself

Is Inside Delivery Fee Standard?

No, Rates differ based on various factors. I.e. type of shipment, volume and weight of shipment, insider delivery distance, need to climb stairs, elevators etc., trucking company used among others.

As a result, it is key to make inquiries with your service provider to ascertain on the price to pay.

Can I Negotiate Inside Delivery Fee?

Yes, they are negotiable.

However, it depends with your service provider and the destination you want your cargo picked up or delivered.

However, some policies for service providers are rigid hence are non-negotiable. Nonetheless, it is good to make inquiries and settle for profitable negotiations.

Fig 10- WHite Glove Service Specilaizes In Shipping Heavy Fragile Cargo

White Glove Service Specializes In Shipping Heavy Fragile Cargo

What Added Fees Can I Incur On Top of the Inside Delivery Fee and Why?

  • Re-delivery fees

This is the fee charged upon making another delivery attempt due to failure of the previous arranged delivery.

Failure to make successful delivery is associated with an unavoidable circumstance that blocks delivery to designated sites. These circumstances include, finding the delivery destination closed, lack of a needed delivery appointment or the need for a lift gate service that lacked in quotation.

These scenarios prompt freight carriers to go back with the cargo. The client now experiences extra costs in ordering for another delivery to be conducted.

  • Delivery labor

This is the extra fee charged by trackers for providing unloading services at the client destination. The truckers assess the need for extra labour depending on the type of cargo.

If there needs help to unload, the truck drivers provide the labor. However, the help comes at a cost that is attached to the invoice as delivery labor.

  • Lift gate service fee

This is a service that is made available by inside delivery providers. The service thus allows truck drivers and freight carriers to use a tool known as lift gate in unloading cargo at delivery sites.

The need to use this lift gate service to unload cargo attracts extra costs to the client. This extra costs are what are referred to as lift gate service fee.

  • Deluxe Delivery fee

This is the fee charged by carriers that allows the driver to deliver the cargo at the place of your choice. Deluxe delivery incorporates professional couriers to specifically handle your cargo.

This assures your cargo of safety and timely delivery of your cargo. The cost is different and a little higher than other associated inside delivery fees.

Is There a Difference Between Inside Delivery Fee and Delivery Labor Fee?

Yes, inside delivery fee is the agreed upon fee that allows truckers and freight carriers to deliver your cargo at the agreed location. However, when a need arises at the location for extra help in unloading, there is extra fee charged.

Delivery labor fee is the extra fee charged by truckers and freight carriers for helping the client to unload cargo.

Can Freight Forwarder Help Cut Inside Delivery Fee?

Freight forwarders help to make freight shipment convenient and stress free especially for clients who have no knowledge on certain shipping logistics.

Freight forwarders can only help negotiate for fair prices. However, for inside delivery costs most of the services are standardized depending on the service provider.

Freight forwarders can help you choose the most price friendly inside delivery service provider.

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