Integrated Tariff Of European Union

Integrated Tariff Of European Union: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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What Is The Integrated Tariff of the European Union?

It’s a multilingual database that merges all procedures that concern the European customs tariff, commercial and agricultural legislation.

 EU Members

EU Members

What Are The Importance Of TARIC?

Benefits of TARIC include:

  1. It eases the process of collecting statistics measures in the EU
  2. It clearly states the actions or steps to be taken whenever they import or export goods into or out of EU
  • Digital TARIC data avails accurate information to the national administration of the EU. This information is later used in customs clearance
  1. It ensures all member states are treated the same

What Does The Integrated Tariff Of The European Union Contain?

TARIC consists of:

  1. Nomenclature of territory codes used on different data elements of the custom clearance
  2. The supplementary unit
  • Goods nomenclature and additional codes
  1. The EU codes used in data element as document produces, certificates, and authorization

How Can I Find The Classification Of Products On the TARIC Website?

First thing first you need to log into the TARIC website. On the homepage choose TARIC consultation. There are two main ways you can search the nomenclature code of a given product.

  1. Let’s start with the simpler one- use the textual search in ‘advanced search’ here you can search a code by typing in a clear description of a certain product.
  2. Flip through the different sections of the nomenclature: click on ‘Browse’ then next to  ‘Goods Code’, click then on the specific section of the goods nomenclature for example  Section S: milk products you will see the chapters,

Continue clicking on the suitable section you will see 4 digits heading. Flip through until you find a code that suits your product description

Do You Need TARIC Code Import/Export Goods Within EU?

Not really.

You only need a TARIC code when importing or exporting goods outside the EU.

TARIC code helps the receiving customs body to process and handle your goods correctly.



What Does CN Mean?

Combined Nomenclature is a tool with 8 digits that is used to categorize products in such a way that it meets the common customs Tariff and External trade statistics.

It’s also used in statistics within the EU trade.

The 8 digits are divided into 2: the first 6 digits represent the HS code and the last two represent the CN subheading. Each subdivision is referred to as a ‘CN code.

The CN subheading consists of:

  1. Goods description
  2. preliminary provisions-it includes the rules of goods classification
  • additional section
  1. conventional duty rates
  2. supplementary units
  3. tariff-related annexeslike agriculture chemistry and a special coding system

Can The Integrated Tariff Of The European Union Help You Know Duty Rates?

Yes, it can.

Tariff classification helps determine the rates of customs duties.

You can find duty rates of specific products on the website just click the goods code and key in the country of origin you will see the results together with applicable measures.

However, these duty rates are not applicable if you are exporting goods to a third county.

What Should I Do In Case Of Inconsistency Between Published Legal Acts And TARIC Website?

In case you detect or encounter any difference between the TARIC site and the legal act published in the official journal of the EU, it is an exception.

Legal act is a priority Immediately report to the

How Does CN Code Of A Product Compare To TARIC Code?

As earlier discussed, Combined Nomenclature (CN) is a tool used to categorize products to in meets the common customs Tariff and External trade statistics.

It has 8 digits. The first 6 are HS codes the last 2 represent CN heading.

TARIC code on the other hand is an EU standardized custom identifier.

It has 10 digits the first 6 digits represent the HS code, the other 2 represent CN and the last 2 are stand for the TARIC code. The 10 digits combined to form the TARIC code.

TARIC codes differ from country to country. TARIC codes change on January 1st of every year however the change can happen randomly sometimes without a notification from the EU commission.

TARIC code contains information on the exchange of goods in other markets.

Is There Difference Between HS Code And TARIC Number?

Yes, there is.

Harmonized System is a 6 digit word that is used by the World Customs Organizations to classify their products from customs.

These digits are classified into 3 that is; the first 2 represent a chapter of goods, the other 2 digits represent the heading and the last 2 digits stand for the subheading of a product.

TARIC number has 10 digits as discussed above.

HS code is part of the TARIC code while TARIC code is not part of the HS code.

HS Code

HS Code

What is TARIC Number?

This is a number that categorizes goods internationally. It’s used in customs to declare goods, data collection, and calculate duties.

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