Need Help on Jersey Importing from China? Bansar Recommend You the Best Chinese Jersey Manufacturers

  • Bansar helps most jersey manufacturers and suppliers in China to ship their containers
  • Bansar has good business relation with highly reputable jersey manufacturers in China
  • Bansar can recommend the professional jersey supplier that will meet your project need
  • Bansar ensure your jersey orders transported safety to your warehouse
Basketball Jersey
Basketball Jersey Import from China

Are you planning to start your own sportswear store? Do you have a basketball sports event? Well, then you need the best quality basketball jersey from a reputable manufacturer and supplier. China has a top-leading supplier that can provide you the best service. Most basketball jersey manufacturer is based in Fujian and Guangdong Province.

Baseball Jersey
Baseball Jersey Import from China

Get a wide range of baseball jerseys from one of the trusted Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. We can recommend the ideal partner for your business. With good relations with most sportswear manufacturers and familiar with the sportswear market in China, you can rely on it.

Softball Jersey
Softball Jersey Import from China

Source huge selection of softball jersey in China. There are a large number of reliable and professional manufacturers and suppliers you can choose from. The provinces that has numerous suppliers are Fujian and Guandong. However, there are some based on different areas.

Ice Hockey Jersey
Ice Hockey Jersey Import from China

Are you looking for an ideal business partner for your next project? Explore a comprehensive selection of manufacturers and suppliers in China. You will find broad options for an ice hockey jersey. We can give assistance as well.

American Football Jersey
American Football Jersey Import from China

In China, there is a reliable and professional manufacturer of the American football jersey. Some offer custom solutions. Get a chance to work with the best suppliers offering excellent service for you. Find great options such as jersey colors, printing, design, style, and other requirements.

Rugby Jersey
Rugby Jersey Import from China

China’s leading manufacturer of rugby jersey is based in Guandong and Fujian province. They are providing a wide range of high-quality jerseys.

Soccer Jersey
Soccer Jersey Imports from China

If you want to import soccer jersey in China, you should find a better manufacturer and supplier to connect with. Bansar can help you find that one to give you the best service.

Cycling Jerseys
Cycling Jerseys Imports from China

Cycling jersey is a must for all bikers. There are a lot of bikers nowadays. If you want to start a sportswear shop, China is your best partner. There are a lot of manufacturer and supplier

Football Jerseys
Football Jerseys Import from China

When there are sports, there is a need for sportswear. Get high-quality football jersey products from professional and well-experienced manufacturer in China. Bansar, as a freight forwarder, we are very much familiar in the Chinese market.

Custom Jersey
Custom Jerseys Import from China

Are you looking for a manufacturer that offers customer service? Fujian, Guandong, and Zhejiang are top 3 provinces with a large selection of reliable OEM manufacturers and suppliers. Get the best jersey according to your specifications and requirements.

Women Jersey
Women Jersey Import from China

There are different types of jerseys that perfect for women’s sports clothing. There are basketball, volleyball, tines, and many more sports clothing. If you look for a trusted jersey producer worldwide, the best place to rely on is Bansar. We have known a lot of reliable producers and able to provide surely as you requested.

Full Sleeve Jersey
Full Sleeve Jersey Import from China

Provide the best for your full sleeve jersey purposes. Whether you need to supply, wholesale, retail, or any other purposes, let Bansar support your project. You don’t have to worry about the shipping of your order since we truly handled smooth and well-secured deliveries. We can make your needs ahead of time. Bansar will help you find the best price for you to save cash.

Colored Jersey
Colored Jersey Import from China

There are many colors that you can choose for your jersey needs. Thousands of colors, styles, designs, and many more are offered for your orders. We can help you find your colored jersey ideal manufacturer. We are willing to support all your processes if you choose to build a great relationship with us.

Dart Jersey
Dart Jersey Import from China

You can always demand your ideal dart shirts. It is perfect for different purposes since it attractively catches the customer’s attention. We can help with faster shipping yet offered it the best advantages. We can ship your dart shirts faster and friendly cost offer. Be vigilant for your projects and for your success.

Hockey Jersey
Hockey Jersey Import from China

The hockey jersey is perfect and used by ice players. This is a one-piece clothes that able to protect the upper body part. Bansar is a known jersey manufacturer everywhere in China like Shanghai province, Jiangsu, Hunan, and many more. You can always demand your ideal sizes, colors, designs, and etc.

Lacrosse Jersey
Lacrosse Jersey Import from China

Get the best customizations for your lacrosse jersey needs. Bansar is an expert one-stop-solution provider for many years that you can always trust. Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, and many others are part of the provinces with plenty of jersey manufacturers. There you can find the ideal designs and colors for lacrosse jerseys which surely gain an amazing profit.

Plain Jersey
Plain Jersey Import from China

Plain jersey can be used in any sports clothing. You can import from many certified manufacturers based in Shandong province, Zhejiang, and Henan. In China, it is known for lots of affordable products to purchase. Bansar is a freight forwarder based in China who knows where to find your needs. We are perfect for you to be your partner.

Rash Guard
Rash Guard Import from China

Rash guards are used to providing the best skin protection from the heat of the sun. It has UV protection that prevents sunburns. In China, you can find rash guards in Zhejiang province. This province has many professional jersey manufacturers and factory which able to offer you a long term connection. Bansar will help choose what your business deserves.

Sublimated Football Jersey
Sublimated Football Jersey Import from China

A sublimated football jersey is very popular around the world and known as one of the most popular clothing. This is a negotiable jersey and profitable for the business. In China, there are provinces that only manufactured these products perfect for urgent needs. Bansar will support a quick shipping jersey shipping anytime.

Sublimated Wristling Singlet
Sublimated Wrestling Singlet Import from China

If you are looking for a brighter and jersey appearance, let Bansar help you find the best of best. We have known the entire professional producer worldwide which able to custom your orders. Sublimated wrestling singlet is accessible with many colors, designs, and prints. You can find manufacturers at Shanghai, Guangzhou, Henan, and Zhejiang province in China.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Jersey Shipping from China?

Sea Freight Shipping from China
If you want cost-effective way to ship your orders to your place, sea freight shipping is your better option.
Air Freight Shipping from China 2
For faster and safest way to ship your orders, air freight shipping is recommended.
Rail Freight Shipping from China
This is the a better way to ship your jersey orders, if you are more farther away in China. Its shipping cost is between sea freight and air freight,
Door Sea Freight Shipping from China
Save money, time and inconvenience with door-to-door shipping. Your goods will be delivered right in front of your door.

Save Bansar as Your Next Freight Forwarder for Your Jersey Shipping from China

  • More competitive shipping rate for your jersey import from China
  • Professional on handling paperwork and customs clearance of any countries
  • Free warehouse of your jersey orders
  • Deep knowledge and excellent team give freight service

Best 20 Jersey Manufacturers in China

1 Goaluniform

Located in Pinghu, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Goal sportswear is dedicated to the production of sublimation sportswear. They had 10+ years of experience to provide high-quality sportswear, fast turnaround time, and excellent service. Their main products include basketball jerseys, baseball jerseys, football jerseys, and lacrosse uniforms.

custom jersey manufacturer in china

2 Fujian Throwback Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Fujian Throwback Industry and Trade Co., Ltd specialize in all different kinds of products. You can visit them in Gongchen Street, Licheng District, Putian City, Fujian Province. This company has capabilities to provide perfect OEM and ODM service, good quality products at a reasonable price.

3 TonTon Sportswear Co., Ltd

Established in 2003, TonTon Sportswear Co., Ltd became one of professional and reliable sportswear manufacturer. The company covers all kinds of sports in their production. It includes basketball, baseball, running, cycling, etc. TonTon Sportswear Co., Ltd has meet WRAP certifications.

4 Akilex

Since 2009, Akilex Sport provides high-quality team sports apparel. After 10 years, the company has grown to be a premium brand supplier. They position themselves in the market by their professionalism, quality service, and innovation. Akilex primary products are basketball uniform, rugby jersey, training jersey, soccer jersey, and so on. They also make custom-made sportswear.

5 Monton Sports

Located in Shenzhen, Monton Sports is engaged in research and development, designing and manufacturing bicycle clothing. They are selling products to the European and American markets, including famous brands and bike teams. The company introduces the most advanced production technology into a wide range of channels.


Established in 1994, JRD is a family-owned cycling clothing manufacturer. Its head office is based in Beijing. Since founded, the company specializes in creating highest-quality garments to customers around the world. They are establishing long-term relationships with their customers.

7 Dongguan Qeoksport CO., Ltd

Dongguan Qeoksport Co., Ltd was established in 2005. They are a manufacturer and exporter integrated into R&D and production of sportswear. This company is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province with convenient transportation access.  Their primary products are football uniforms, basketball uniforms, rugby shirts, hockey wear, and other team wear.

8 Dreamfox Sportswear Co., Ltd

Founded in 2012, Dreamfox Sportswear Co., Ltd focused on designing and manufacturing all kinds of sportswear. That includes baseball jersey, basketball uniform, motorcycle jersey, soccer jersey, cycling jersey, ice hockey, and other team wear for all kinds of sports. They obtain WRAP certification and become a gold supplier of Made-In-China and Alibaba.

9 Cyclingbox

This one is based in Panyu District, Guangzhou, China. Cyclingbox is offering a white label sportswear service since 2009. They are cooperating with big brands from different countries and regions such as WINDTEX, PLASTOTEX, Elastic Interface, French ESF, Italian MITI, Swiss Schoeller, M.AR.C., CARVICO, and so on.


Specializing in manufacturing and exporting sportswear, outdoor wear covering knitting, woven clothing, and related product, Crownway Apparel became a top leading manufacturer in China. They have a total of 20 million pieces annual output. They had 500+ experienced and skilled workers and advanced production lines to create the best products.

11 Vimost sport

This is one of the reliable E-sports jersey suppliers in China. Vimost Sports manufacture team uniforms made of high-quality fabrics according to requirements. Their head office is sited in Chengdu City, China. They are working with different wholesale distributors, players, managers, coaches, and more. They are offering all sporting clothes.

12 Pujiang DQL Sports

Located in Pujiang County, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China, DQL Sports provide all kinds of sportswear including basketball jersey, soccer jersey, baseball jersey, baby romper jersey, and customized jersey and other items for a sports team.

13 Guangzhou Dulin Sportswear Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Dulin Sportswear Co., Ltd is an ISO9001 and BSCI certified. Their main products are t-shirt, hoodies, basketball wear, yoga wear, and soccer wear.

14 Achieve Sportswear

Established in 2008, Achieve Sportswear specializes in R&D, production, manufacturing, and exporting of sportswear. It occupies a 3,000 sq m production area with 200+ employees. All their products fully comply with international quality standards. For more info about their service, you can visit their site or their head office at Longhua New District, Shenzhen City.

15 Wholesale Cheap Ltd

Wholesale Cheap Ltd is situated in Hong Kong. They are specializing in supplying quality MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL jerseys. All their jersey are direct from their factory therefore you can ensure a series of reliable style. Wholesale customers can get products at a cheaper prices.

16 Daxiangqu Sports Jersey Store

Specializing in producing different jerseys, Daxiangqu Sports became a reputable leading manufacturer in China. Their main products include baseball jersey, football jerseys, soccer jersey, basketball jersey, and more. They can be found in Shaoyang, Province in Hunan, China.

17 Born Sports Product Business Dept.

The company is specializing in basketball jerseys, football jerseys, hockey jerseys, and baseball jerseys. They are providing good quality products at the best services. They don’t have limited quantity, also accept OEM and ODM orders and shipping products by air or sea, depending on the situation. This company is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.

18 Racing Goden Sports

This is a professional manufacturer of soccer jersey, soccer training jersey, and related products. Racing Goden Sports sell high-quality jersey to all customers. But they win North American especially, the USA and European countries. They are based in Hong Kong.

19 Jinjiang Laynos Garment Sports Co., Ltd.

Located in Jinjiang, Fujian, Jinjiang Laynos Garment Sports Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing football clothes. The company has a team of experienced and professional personnel providing products to different countries and regions mostly in South America, Europe, and Middle East countries. You can contact them at Jinjiang Xintang.

20 Yotex Apparel

Yotex Apparel is a fast-growing Chinese clothing manufacturer. They are providing OEM and ODM full services. Since 2015, they are working on its service to Europe, CA, and the US market. Among their products are a swimsuit, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, and more. They have the most advanced technical fabric to print all kinds of shirts.

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