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importing kitchens from china
Importing Kitchen Cabinets from China
Importing Kitchen Cabinets from China

Kitchen cabinets are valued for their practical use such as storage for kitchen tools, they are also appreciated for aesthetic reasons. In China, you can find the best kitchen cabinet manufacturers in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, and Shanghai provinces. With its edge in product quality and operations management, you can guarantee their good services.

Importing Kitchen Countertops from China
Importing Kitchen Countertops from China

China has more than 500 verified kitchens countertops supplier. You can find them in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, and Fujian provinces. These manufacturers offer a wide selection of latest, high-quality kitchens countertops with a competitive price.

Importing Kitchen Storage from China 1
Importing Kitchen Storage from China

Shop from the world’s largest selection and best deals for Collectible Kitchen Storage Jars and Containers. Founding more than 2000 kitchen storage trusted manufacturers in China. You can select your best choice of kitchen storage from these manufacturers for your business, kitchen needs, and etc.

Importing Kitchen Table from China 1
Importing Kitchen Table from China

Looking for a large selection of kitchen tables for your new business? Guangdong province in China has more than 1000 supplier of kitchen tables. Provides a wide range of high-quality kitchen tables in best prices. You can guarantee outstanding services of these suppliers because most of them are in the manufacturing industry for many years.

Importing Kitchen Chair from China
Importing Kitchen Chair from China

Get a better deal of your kitchen chairs needs from certified Chinese manufacturers. They are based on different provinces in China including Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Fujian and more. Providing a wide selection of kitchen chair designs, types, materials, sizes and etc. You can get the best kitchen chair you want.

Importing Kitchenware from China
Importing Kitchenware from China

Most kitchenware manufacturers are based in the eastern provinces of Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu. Offering various high-quality kitchenware tools. Perfect for the kitchenware needs of your business, and other uses of these products. Buy at best prices from verified Chinese kitchenware manufacturers.

Importing Kitchen Chandelier from China
Importing Kitchen Chandelier from China

Kitchen chandelier most manufacturers in China is based in Guangdong province. They manufactured any styles of chandelier according to your desired designs. Kitchen chandeliers are made by high-quality types of materials and offer at best price. Thus suppliers has years of experience in the manufacturing industry.

Importing Outdoor Kitchen from China
Importing Outdoor Kitchen from China

Outdoor kitchen ideas where you can both prepare and enjoy your food under the warm sun or glittering stars. It creates the perfect ambiance for entertaining guests with backyard tailgates in the fall months or grilling out in the summer months. You can find wide outdoor kitchen suppliers in China. More than 2000 certified suppliers had supply outdoor kitchen products.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Kitchens Shipping from China?

Kitchens Sea Freight Shipping from China
For your greater quantity of kitchen orders, shipping by sea is your best choice. Competitive and cheaper rates is also offered.
Kitchens Air Freight Shipping from China
For your kitchen orders high level of security, air freight shipping must your choice. Efficient and quick transportation is also provided.
Kitchens Rail Freight Shipping from China
Railway shipping cost is in the mid of sea and air freight. For your larger volume of kitchen orders, you can consider shipping railway.
Kitchens Door to Door Shipping from China
Door to door shipping is your best choice when unfamiliar with all the shipping process. You can save time, efforts and can deliver your cargo without inconveniences.

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Best 20 Kitchen Manufacturers in China

1 PA Kitchen and Furniture

PA Kitchen started in the kitchen cabinet, wardrobes, and bath vanities production in 2008. Headquartered company is located in Foshan, Guangdong Province. Besides, they have other manufacturing factories in Jakarta, Indonesia. This company is one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers in China. They are focusing on bulk and wholesale kitchen cabinet orders.

2 Rebon

Hangzhou Rebon Cabinets Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of DE&E Holdings Group Co., Ltd. They are situated in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. As a large-scale high-tech enterprise, they are able to offer European style kitchen cabinets and various door products. Rebon Cabinets are an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified company providing excellent service at competitive prices.


Established in 1995, Baineng is recognized as one of the premier manufacturers of stainless steel kitchen cabinets. They are fully engaged in the Research and Development, Production and Sales of cabinets. Aside from stainless steel kitchen cabinets, they are also offering bathroom cabinets, bookcase, and other relevant products. Baineng can also produce unique and luxurious design home furniture.


Founded in 2001, Yalig is located in Hefei occupying an area of over 100,000 sq m. Their product series includes cabinet combinations, modular cabinets, kitchen accessories, wardrobe, closets, and other furniture. The company is providing a modern kitchen design home and abroad. They had the capability to meet every company’s needs.


OPPEIN was founded in 1994 in Guangzhou Province, recognized as a top kitchen and total home-furnishing brand in China. They are manufacturing high-end kitchens, bathroom products, wardrobes, home furnishing, and a total of a whole-house solution. OPPEIN is presenting 118 countries and regions all over the world.

6 Heyond Cabinet

Heyond Cabinet is located in Hubei, China. They are one of the leading manufacturers for wood kitchen cabinets, frameless cabinets, and vanities specializing in American-style cabinets for over 10 years. Possessing an advanced production line, 200 workers and 170,000 sq ft production plant, Heyond becomes one of the finest cabinet manufacturers in China.

7 Foshan Sammy’s Kitchen Co., Ltd.

Since 1991, Foshan Sammy’s Kitchen Co., Ltd is specializing in kitchen, vanity, wardrobe, and interior door. They are a joint venture of Cauval Sammy possessing a modern factory of over 1 million square feet. Utilizing fine material and strict quality control during production, they are able to produce high-quality standard goods. Sammy is exporting products to 100+ countries.

8 Zhihua Group

Founded in 1997, Zhihua Group has a group of subsidiaries including Foshan Xinchuang Decorative Material Co., Ltd, Foshan Zhihua Houseware Co., Ltd, and Zhihua Kitchen Cabinets Accessories Factory. The company is devoted to R&D and production of wardrobe cabinets, customized kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, and other accessories. All products are used in decorative areas and other fields.

9 Fadior

Fadior was established in 1999 in Foshan creating custom-made stainless steel kitchen cabinets. Possessing advanced machinery and well-trained workers, they are able to provide excellent quality products with elegant designs and styles. Throughout the years, they are able to bring products to domestic and overseas markets, especially customers like distributors, contractors, builders, and individuals.

10 Higold Group

Higold Group is a comprehensive enterprise established in 1989. In 2000, they entered the kitchen hardware industry and successfully registered its brand to 100+ countries around the world. Higold Kitchen Hardware Co.’s main products are kitchen functional hardware, kitchen sinks, and faucets, wardrobe functional hardware, and soft-stop drawing and hinges. The company established a good relationship with international customers.

11 Foshan Dachin Home Decor Co., Ltd

For over 15 years, Foshan Dachin Home Decor Co., Ltd. is dedicated to custom kitchen cabinet production. Besides, they are designing and manufacturing bathroom cabinets, wardrobes, and laundry cabinets. This company is providing a one-stop solution to its customers from any area in the world. Dachin Home Décor is situated in Shunde District, Foshan City, Guandong Province.

13 TwoThousand

TWOTHOUSAND is focused on manufacturing and supplying restaurant kitchen equipment. They are able to provide one-stop service support in your kitchen equipment needs. Since 2000, they are providing a wide selection of best-class kitchen equipment. The company has a monthly production capacity of 100-5,000 pieces to satisfy different customers.

14 Foshan ZHIHUA Household Furniture

Located in Eastern Industrial Park, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, ZHIHUA Household Furniture is dedicated to R&D and production of acrylic kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinet, wardrobe cabinet, and more. This company has two subordinate branches. Possessing an area of 30 thousand square meters and 500 staff, they create great and amazing products appreciated by 10+ countries and regions.

15 Queenswood Kitchen & Bathroom Industrial Co., Ltd

Foshan Queenswood Kitchen & Bathroom Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 2012. They are focusing on manufacturing kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet, wardrobe, ceramic sanitary, and other kitchen and bathroom accessories. The company is providing a one-stop service to all customers. Their kitchen and bathroom material are non-toxic, waterproof, eco-friendly and no paint, hence pass CE, SASO, IQTCT, and other certifications.

16 GoldenHome

In 1999, GoldenHome started in kitchen and bath cabinetry manufacturing in Xiamen. To date, they had 1,500+ dealers and franchises located in different countries and regions. This company is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Market and recognize as one of the leading cabinet manufacturers in the world. Possessing two manufacturing bases, the company is producing 13 thousand plus cabinets daily.

17 Starwood MFG (China) Co., LTD.

Since 1986, Starwood MFG (China) Co., Ltd is dedicated to manufacturing and exporting kitchenware business. In more than 30 years in the field, they are selling products to different areas around the world. Their main product offers are gifts, premiums, and kitchenware. With top of the line in-house production, they are able to collaborate with expert suppliers in any part of the country.

18 Elaboratex Kitchen Equipment’s CO., LTD

Located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Elaboratex Kitchen Equipment’s CO., LTD specialize in the commercial kitchen design and food service equipment as well. Elaboratex is offering an extensive line of products, highly appreciated by thousands of customers from 80+ countries around the world. Most of their products are approved by CE, ROHS, UL, and other relevant certifications.

19 Prodeco Group Co., Ltd

Established in 2005, Prodeco Group Co., Ltd is situated in Guangzhou City manufacturing and exporting kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, wardrobes, and customized furniture. They are dedicated to developing, designing, and sales of those products. Occupying an area of 25 thousand square meters, 100 teams of staff, modern production system, they become the leading manufacturers in China. The company has a monthly production capacity of 8,000 sets of cabinets

20 Hangzhou Aisen Furniture Co., LTD

Hangzhou Aisen Furniture Co., LTD is located in Hangzhou covering an area of 25,000 square meters. Their primary products are kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, bathrobe cabinets, and more. The company is exporting around 10 thousand cabinets every year to different countries and regions such as the USA, Canada, Italy, Australia, and more others. Aisen Furniture, possess strong R&D, rigorous QC system, and strong workforce to meet your project.

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