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Importing Knife Blade Blanks from China
Carbon Steel Knife Blade Blanks
Importing Carbon Steel Knife Blade Blanks from China

carbon steel stays sharper longer than stainless. Second, and this is really important, carbon steel, despite being harder than stainless steel, is way easier to sharpen than stainless. This is critical because, in my experience, knives that are used frequently simply don’t stay very sharp for long. If you are looking for a cost-effective knife blade blanks supplier and manufacturer, Zhejiang province has a lot of factory in China.

Double Edge Knife Blade Blanks
Importing Double Edge Knife Blade Blanks from China

A double-edged knife is sharpened on both sides, either partially or fully. A single-edged knife is sharpened on one side. Some double-edged knives have different grinds, allowing the blade to be used for two different purposes. Importing for the first time is not easy especially when you’re not familiar in any supplier and manufacturer. You should find the best knife blade blanks factory so you can find durable products you need to import.

Drop Point Knife Blade Blanks
Importing Drop Point Knife Blade Blanks from China

The drop point is a style of the knife blade that slopes on the spine of the blade from the handle of the knife to the tip of the blade. This allows the spine of the blade where the blade is thicker and thus stronger to continue forward to the tip of the blade. If you are looking for the best supplier and manufacturer in China, Jiangsu and Shandong province has the most in China.

Hunting Knife Blade Blanks
Importing Hunting Knife Blade Blanks from China

A hunting knife is a knife used during hunting for preparing the game to be used as food: skinning the animal and cutting up the meat. It is different from the Hunting dagger which was traditionally used to kill wild game. Finding a reliable supplier and manufacturer in China can help you a lot of money and effort.

Laminated Steel Knife Blade Blanks
Importing Laminated Steel Knife Blade Blanks from China

The core of laminated steel is a high carbon surrounded by a softer alloyed steel layer. High hardness can be achieved through hardening, resulting in a knife blade with superior toughness, cutting edge retention and thereby maximum sharpness and longevity. If you are planning to import in China, you have made the best choice. Jiangsu province has a lot of knife blade blanks factory in China.

Skinner Knife Blade Blanks
Importing Skinner Knife Blade Blanks from China

China can recommend a reliable supplier for your growing business to guide the whole importing process. The skinner knife or skinning knife is a professional tool for a skinner. Typically a skinner knife has wide, short blade. The edge is strong and does not have much flexibility or spring. Skinning knives are more a hunting tool than a weapon. In China, you can find most knife blade blanks manufacturers in Shandong, Guangdong, and Zhejiang provinces.

Stainless Steel Knife Blade Blanks
Importing Stainless Steel Knife Blade Blanks from China

We have found that most stainless steel blades are as sharp as other material blades and hold the edge longer. Low chromium stainless steel that has proven, over time, to be a very good compromise between toughness, strength, edge holding and resistance to corrosion. Even if you don’t know any Chinese factories in China, Zhejiang province has a lot of supplier and manufacturer who can help the whole process like shipping your knife blade blank orders.

Tracker Knife Blade Blanks
Importing Tracker Knife Blade Blanks from China

The Tracker Knife is a tool that performs multiple functions. Each area of the knife is made to execute several functions with ease. There is a chopping blade, a carving blade, a saw blade, and a pounding area. Tracker Knife Blade Blanks suppliers in China mostly in Guangdong and Shandong provinces. These manufacturers provide a wide range of Tracker Knife Blade Blanks at a very affordable price.

Trailing Point Knife Blade Blanks
Importing Trailing Point Knife Blade Blanks from China

A trailing point knife is a lightweight knife that has a back edge that curves upward. Trailing point blades provide a large curved cutting area and are optimized for slicing or skinning. You should find the best knife blade blanks in the Zhejiang province of China. Providing fast shipping process for your urgent orders. Its help you save money and effort.

Wood Carving Knife Blade Blanks
Importing Wood Carving Knife Blade Blanks from China

The normal carving or paring knife is designed to cut through wood, coming out at the other side, so it needs a long flat bevel. The detail knife used for cutting into the surface of the wood needs a slight curve to the bevel which acts as a depth stop. Finding a trusted supplier and manufacturer can help you find a durable high-quality knife blade blanks for your business.

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If you need your Knife Blade Blanks urgent, then Air Freight transportation is your best choice. Find a good supplier and make a better packaging of your Knife Blade Blanks.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 10
Ship by rail is much affordable than Air. Ship by rail can be beneficial for your larger volume Knife Blade Blanks orders over long distances.
Door to Door Shipping from China to 1
It may look expensive because of additional charges, But additional charges you pay for Door to Door service isn't costly as compared to the combined expenses you'll spend commuting.

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Best 20 Knife Blade Blanks Manufacturer in China

1. Zhuzhou Mingri Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd.

Your business partner Mingri Cemented Carbide is located in Hunan province in China. They have advanced equipment, an up-to-date production line, experts, and a professional technician with national awards as the full-time consultants.

2. Zhuzhou Apple Carbide Tools Co., Ltd.

Located in Zhuozhuo City, Apple Carbide Tools Company specialize in marketing and producing cemented carbide products. Along with their years of experience in ongoing research & development, tungsten carbide, and professional quality control and production, this company ensures competitively offers the best quality in a short lead-time.

3. Zhuzhou Old Craftsman Precision Alloy Co., Ltd.

Old Craftsman Precision Alloy is an ISO9001 certified company in China. They are a professional tungsten carbide manufacturer combined with production, sales, R & D, and technical service. They also adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship.

4. Zhuzhou Eastern Carbide Co., Ltd.

They will provide you with the most effective solution for you on tungsten carbide parts. Their main market is North America, Europe, South America, South Asia, and Australia. They exported their products to more than 50 countries and they expect a long term relationship with you.

5. Zhuzhou Good Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd.

Established in 2002, Zhuzhou Good Cemented Carbide Company is a private technology enterprise specializing in hard alloy product development, mold, sales, and design. Their products include all kinds of hard-shaped alloy bars, top hammers, plates, pipes, blades, sheets, stamping dies, mining geological tools, powder metallurgy molds, and so on.

6. Zhuzhou Lihua Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd.

If you are looking for a reliable knife blade blank for your business necessities, Zhuzhou Lihua Cemented Carbide will be your best partner. They provide a one-stop solution for your needs.

7. Zhuzhou Better Tungsten Carbide Co., Ltd

This company is the largest tungsten carbide producing area in China. Their products include carbide strips, tungsten carbide rods, carbide dies and bushes, carbide stud and pins, carbide end mill cutters, tungsten water jet cutters, tungsten carbide grits and powder, welding rods, precision tools, cermet inserts, and more.

8. Zhuzhou Huijin Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd.

They owned advanced production equipment, Lab for inspection, and an excellent R & D, team. We have a production line from mold workshop, design, production, and deep processing.

9. Zhuzhou Sintec New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhuzhou Sintec New Material Technology has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. Equipped with the center-less grinder, EDM machines, WEDM, cylindrical and internal grinder, surface grinding machine, high precision universal grinder, CNC lathe, and CNC milling machine.


KERUI CEMENTED CARBIDE NEW MATERIAL from Zhuzhou is your best tungsten carbide manufacturer in China. For 10 years in this industry, they have been adopted the latest production and research base of tungsten carbide.

11. Shijiazhuang Huatao Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd.

They involve in the paper and the Pulp industry, Geosynthetic material, corrugated paper board industry, industrial felt for aluminum extruded, and transfer printing.


They can supply different kinds of products such as knife blade blank throughout the world. They adhere to the quality first, customer first, and credit-based policy.

13. Beijing Amazing Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Adhering to the concept of innovative, realistic, focused, and efficient. They mainly serve the waste gas treatment and metallurgical equipment industry. They have rice experience and advanced technology for the VOC waste gas treatment project.

14. Zhuzhou M & J Import and Export Co., Ltd.

They are a professional in the field of international business as well as professional knowledge. They are not only having good workshops in Zhuzhou by working with the joint-stock method but also have a very talented workshop in Shanghai to work for them by joint-stock.


They are equipped with a wide range of advanced equipment such as spray drying towels, sinter-HIP furnaces, TPA automatic presses, and many more. They are in a position to produce a series of quality Cemented Carbides for various industries and applications.

16. Fujian Wanlong Diamond Tool Co., Ltd.

Established in 1998, Wanlong Diamond Tool has imported cutting grinding machines and advanced technology. This company has a Stone Panel of 50,000 square meters. They have successfully reduced the cost and promoted their products to the international market.

17. Zhuzhou Grewin Tungsten Carbide Tools Co., Ltd.

This company has more than 20 years’ experience in the sale and design of various kinds of carbide products. Their products range from carbide end mills, brazed inserts, wire drawing dies, woodworking tools, forging dies, saw tips, and many more. Their products are full of certifications.

18. Shenyang New Densen Casting and Forging Co., Ltd.

Their manufacturing processes could be forging, casting, machining, stamping, fabrication. The material is made up of steel, iron, and non-ferrous metals. This company supplies the needs of different industries around the world: mining, cover oil & gas, agriculture, transportation, food machinery, aerospace, military, and universal industries.


Established in 2006, Seed technologies is a high-tech developer, distributor, and manufacturer of tool assembly and equipment for the gas and oil, valve, aerospace, and pumps industry.

20. Zhuzhou Sunshine Cemented Carbide Tools Co., Ltd.

Sunshine Cemented Carbide tools were established in 2003 and located in Zhengzhou City, Hunan. Specialize in research, design, marketing, and production of tillage parts, plants & stones crusher parts, wear parts, tungsten carbide tools, and stump cutter teeth for mining and construction.

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