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Importing Laminate Flooring from China
Acasia Style Laminate Flooring
Importing Acacia Style Laminate Flooring from China

Are you planning to import Acacia Style Laminate Flooring in China? Find a reliable supplier in Jiangsu province. Laminate flooring is one of the most beautiful flooring types that can be installed at an affordable price. Considered by many to be the next big design trend, it imitates wood, tile or even stone flooring.  Import Acacia Style Laminate Flooring now from China! Professional Chinese Laminate Flooring manufacturer provides high-quality Laminate and best service to their customers.

Applewood Style Laminate Flooring
Importing Apple wood Style Laminate Flooring from China

Laminate flooring can give you a realistic looking of wood, tile or stone appearance without the hustle of cleaning soiled grout joints. It is resistant to burns, scratches, and heat, and very easy to maintain. If you are looking for a reliable supplier and manufacturer in China, Zhejiang has the most supplier to choose from. If you find a trusted supplier for your Laminate Flooring orders, it can help you find high-quality Applewood Style Laminate Flooring products.

Beech Style Laminate Flooring
Importing Beech Style Laminate Flooring from China

Laminate flooring can be used anywhere. Because it isn’t affected by humidity and moisture in the same way as true hardwood, making it a popular choice for below, at, or above grade. Available in a large selection of styles, colors, and textures, laminate flooring is based on installation types. Zhejiang and Shandong are most in China who are capable of providing a fast process.

Birch Style Laminate Flooring
Importing Birch Style Laminate Flooring from China

Laminate is a strong, scratch-resistant, and highly durable flooring surface. Protected by a tough external layer and resin coating. Using laminate flooring is much easier to install than other floor types. Also, laminate flooring is less expensive than traditional hardwood but doesn’t fall short when it comes to looking and quality. You can find the best supplier and manufacturer in Jiangsu province.

Cherry Laminate Flooring
Importing Cherry Laminate Flooring from China

If you are planning to import laminate flooring, China is right for you. They provide durable laminate flooring. Laminate flooring’s moisture and stain resistant surface make cleaning spills easy. There are no special cleaners needed to keep a laminate floor in top shape. Daily sweeping is all you need. Since there are no places to trap dust and other particles that can cause allergies for some people, laminate flooring is a great choice.

Chestnut Style Laminate Flooring
Importing Chestnut Style Laminate Flooring from China

Laminate flooring is much less expensive than hardwood, but it doesn’t fall short on quality and appearance. If you’re on a budget, yet you love the look of hardwood, laminate flooring allows you to get the look without the breaking the bank. Finding a trusted supplier and manufacturer is not easy especially when you’re not familiar in Chinese factories. Look for high-class suppliers in China.

Fruitwood Laminate Flooring
Importing Fruit wood Laminate Flooring from China

Unlike hardwood, the stain resistant nature of laminate flooring makes cleaning up spills easy. No special cleaners required. You can find laminate flooring in a variety of styles, from wood to stone and tile finishes. All of these are available in different colors, surface treatments, thickness and plank styles. Zhejiang has a lot of suppliers who can handle all the process like shipping and giving information.

Glued Laminates
Importing Pre-Glued Laminates from China

easy to install laminate flooring is in Shandong and Jiangsu provinces of China. Rather than applying the glue separately, these planks have the glue already applied, so you can just snap the planks into place. You also can not mess with this type of flooring since the glue is already applied to the tongue and grooves. It’s also quick and easy to install. Importing laminate flooring in reliable supplier and manufacturer can save a lot of money.

Glueless Laminate
Importing Glue less Laminate from China

This type of laminate flooring installation uses tiles or planks that do not have glue. You have to get the right method of affixing them to the floor. They are easy to install and are indeed more popular in the market. China has a lot of supplier and manufacturer who can help you to all importing process and will handle your shipping process. Find a supplier who had to meet international standards and can ensure production.

Underlayment Attached Laminate Flooring
Importing Underlay Attached Laminate Flooring from China

These glueless planks come with an included underlayment, so all you need to do is snap them into place. Several types of tongue and grooved locking systems are available. The attached underlayment reduces noise levels. Guangdong suppliers provide the best Underlay Attached Laminate Flooring whether you need to buy for hotels, apartments or any types of buildings. You can rely on China suppliers of Laminate Flooring.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Laminate Flooring Shipping from China?

Picture Frames Sea Freight Shipping from China
If you're Laminate Flooring order not urgent, shipping by sea is your best choice. Competitive and cheaper rates is also offered.
air Freight Shipping from China to 1
If you need your Laminate Flooring orders urgent, then you can use air freight with high cost. It also provides high level of security for your shipments.
Rail Freight Shipping from China 24
Ship by rail is much affordable than Air. Ship by rail can be beneficial for your larger volume Laminate Flooring orders over long distances.
Picture Frames Door to Door Shipping from China 1
If unfamiliar with all the shipping process, Door to door shipping is good for your Laminate Flooring order. You can save time and inconveniences.

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Best 20 Laminate Flooring Manufacturers in China

1 Shanghai 3C Industrial Co., Ltd

Shanghai 3C Industrial Co., Ltd has incorporated in 2003 along with 2 productions based operating in Zhejiang and Shanghai. Definitely one of the authorized laminate flooring manufacturers in China. Technically owns 6 manufacturing lines such as 1 LVP, 3 SPC Click Vinyl Flooring, and 2 Flooring roll. They sold most of their products to over 30 regions including South Africa, Europe, North America, etc. Monthly production capacity can meet up to 180, 000 sqm, 200, 000 sqm, production areas.

2 Changzhou Dongjia Decorative Materials Co., Ltd

Incorporated in 1999, Changzhou Dongjia Decorative Materials Co., Ltd is centered in the production of laminate flooring. Situated at Jiangsu City, China with a very convenient transportation ingress. After years of development, their products are being spread to foreign countries like Chile, Canada, Turkey, Australia, the U.S, and so forth. It is certified by CQC, ISO9001, and ISO14001 certifications.

3 Shandong Tianxi New Material Co., Ltd

Shandong Tianxi New Material Co., Ltd is an expert laminate flooring and other related accessories manufacturer founded in 2011. A comprehensive factory and began HDF and MDF sales and manufacturing until today. They could supply the highest quality laminate flooring products for reasonable prices. It can assist customers with the help of wide exportation personnel.

4 Changzhou Richwood Decorative Material Co., Ltd

The Changzhou Richwood Decorative Material Co., Ltd ensured users receive the highest quality laminate flooring to suit every requirement and setting. The company has 1000 decors and 30 collections of laminate flooring. With more than a decade of development services and determined research. Richwood`s laminate flooring is fashion, healthy, beautiful, classic, and has natural looks perfect for any applications.

5 Liaocheng Queen Trade Industrial Corporation Limited

Started in the trading industry since July 2013, Liaocheng Queen Trade Industrial Corporation Limited currently has 100+ mature engineering teams which allows to a faster production. The company only devoted to providing high-end and first-class laminate flooring and its accessories for worldwide customers. Also has the ability to produce new product designs to suit your preferences.

6 Zhengfeng Company

Zhengfeng Company has more than 20 years of experience in the laminate flooring field. Supported by lots of trusted and well-trained employees, which can provide continuous differentiated floor products. Sincerely serves users and customers from other countries nationwide. A manufacturer of unique environmental and health products, prioritizing each need of customers.


As the biggest company of laminate flooring in China, LUCKYFOREST adopts German`s accurate technology and its flooring strategies. The team of LUCKYFOREST is concentrated on the innovation and the design of flooring. All the products before the delivery are strictly inspected and 100% tested completely. They only used materials that meet the international standards, for customers’ additional assurance.

8 RisingSun

RisingSun is one of the largest flooring enterprises based in China. Was established in 2000, paid attention in design and manufacturing of laminate flooring, engineered flooring, and even vinyl flooring. The company also owns quality and advanced production machinery and secured the quality of its products. Holds more than 15 years of manufacturing experience, surely creates laminate flooring that meets your approval.

9 SENLI Group

SENLI group is a consolidated company, owning the best modern & concentrated machines for producing high-density laminate flooring, balance paper, decor paper, fiber-boards, and many others. The company is supported by more than 260 skillful staff, ready to help for fast laminate flooring productions. Each of product`s quality is guaranteed and authentic, strictly in accordance with EN13329 and SGS international certifications.

10 JianKai Wood Company

Headquartered in Changzhou Town, P. R. China, and a subsidiary of Changzhou Kaisheng New Material Corporation. A professional provider of flooring solutions such as laminate, WPC, SPC, and LVT floor. Their goal is to meet the demands of customers from around the world. Per month, they can produce up to 400 containers of laminate flooring productions. Sold well to the Middle East, North America, Europe, and so forth.

11 Xiamen Yung De Ornament

Founded in 1999, Xiamen Yung De Ornament Co., Ltd is a reputable Taiwanese joint venture, and a professional manufacturer and exporter of laminated flooring, hardwood flooring, finger-jointed wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, and more. ISO 9001 and JAS certified with 600,000 USD registered capital. Customers from Russia, Canada, Australia, Japan, USA satisfied and appreciates the quality of Yung De Ornament products.

12 Beixin Resilient Flooring

Recognized as one of the World′s Top 500 companies that manufactures the largest productivity and multi-level complete product series of PVC flooring products. Possess the most advanced production line in the world, that can provide solutions for various application ranges. ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified you can trust!

13 Foshan Hanse Industrial
Specialized in the production and sales of different kinds of flooring product series. For many years of effort and experience, Foshan Hanse Industrial Co., Ltd maintains the zero defect, zero complaints objective. All products are supplied with beautiful, high-class features at favorable prices.

14 Chiping Jingda Commerce and Trade 

Established in 2003, Chiping Jingda Wood Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Liaocheng City, China that occupies a 26,400 square meters factory area with an annual sale of 3.5 million square meters. The company has a strong management team, advanced concepts floor design engineers, and advanced floor production equipment.

15 Kangton Industry Inc.

Since 2004, Kangton Industry manufactures and export many types of building material and doors to various countries and regions with ISO14001, ISO9001, CE certificate approval. Declared an annual sales of USD10,000,000 to 20,000,000. Own a well-trained team that will serve you with professional information and excellent customer service.

16 Beijing Forever Strong Construction Decoration Material

ISO 14001 authenticated company headquartered in the capital city of China in Daxing Industrial Zone, Beijing. Covering an area of 1092.7 acres, and the factory area takes about 80,000 sqm. All product supply have enjoyed the best reputation and popularity in markets in over 20 countries and regions, such as South America, Middle East, Europe, South East Asia, etc.

17 Changzhou Kangnuo Ornamental Material

Established in 1987, Kangnuo Ornamental Material is well-known and one of the largest laminate flooring and other accessories manufacturers in China. They produced full sets of laminated flooring that varies in colors and sizes to exceed the different needs of customers from Europe, Iran, Canada, USA, etc. ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified you can count on!

18 Changzhou Zetai Decoration Materials 

Expert in the manufacturing of all ranges of flooring products including laminated floorings, SPC Rigid Vinyl Flooring, LVT Vinyl Flooring, and WPC Flooring. For almost 26 years, the company focuses on producing and exporting reliable and high-quality floorings with ISO9001, ISO14001, FSC approval.

19 Lanmeco Flooring

Lanmeco Flooring is a professional manufacturer of Laminate Flooring founded in 2010. ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO9000, ISO14000, and IATF16949 certificated company and fabricated under strict quality control. With over 10 years of focusing on designing, developing, and improving quality products, Lanmeco Flooring becomes one of the best manufacturers trusted by various clients around the world such as in South Africa, Australia, Europe, etc.

20 Shandong HengJie New Materials

Established in 2014, HengJie is professional in manufacturing laminated flooring, wood flooring, wood mobile homes, steel strong plastic building panels, and so on. Located in China, occupying an area of 94,000 square meters. Owns a high-tech and advanced machine which are imported from Germany that ensures fast and precise solutions.

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