“Largest Five Ports in Albania”

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Albania is in southeastern Europe, located in the Balkan Peninsula. The country shares borders with Montenegro, Greece, Kosovo, and North Macedonia.

Albania possesses major seaports plays a vital role in the import and export trade of the country. The Government of Albania operates these ports, while the port authority manages them.

If you want to ship to and from Albania, this is the best place to rely on. We’ve enlisted the top 5 Albanian busiest ports and review information about each port. Help to update statistics here.

Durrës Port
Durrës Port
Kapitenerija e Portit L Nr 1 Rruga Tregtare Durres Albania

Durrës Port is the main port of Albania and among the largest and busiest port in the Adriatic Sea. It is strategically located at the northern tip of Durrës Bay, 30 kilometers west of Tirana.

  • TEU: 180,000 TEU/year
  • Approx. 1.5 million passengers volume visit the port every year
  • Annual cargo tonnage reach 1.6 million
  • Durres Port Authority manages the port
  • Handle cargo of all types and sizes
  • Ten facilities are available to handle a variety of cargo
  • Comprise shipyard and military facilities, as well as fishing vessels
  • Capacity to handle 80% of total international maritime traffic in Albania
  • Quay – 2,2 km; 11 berths
Vlorë Port
Vlorë Port
Lagjja.”Pavarësia” Skelë, Vlorë, Albania

The second-largest port in Albania is the Vlorë Port. They have a dry cargo port, a fishing harbor, and the Vlore 1 petroleum port. It also has two principal quays; (1) building materials (2) passengers.

  • TEU: handle 3m per year
  • Comprise tanker Sea Island berth for refinery
  • Handle 293 thousand tons of cargo per year
  • Approx. 670 vessels and 59,700 passengers visit the port annually
  • Draught – 7.5 meter; 6,000DWT
Shëngjin Port
Shëngjin Port
Rruga e Portit, Shëngjin, Albania

Shëngjin Port is located in the city of Shëngjin, positioned in a small bay, east of Kepi.

  • TEU: 1000 containers
  • Main export: agricultural produce
  • Comprise ferry terminal for passenger transportation
  • Available Ro-Ro for passenger vehicle
  • Accommodate over 20 vessels every year
  • Main Quay: draught -7.0 meter
Sarandë Port
Sarandë Port
V2C3+H76, Sarandë, Albania

Sarandë Port, a port that serves as the gateway to the Southern part of Albania, fronting Corfu Island.

  • TEU: N/A
  • 13,620t cargo handled in 2017
  • 442,119 passenger traffic in the same year
  • Comprise cruise line terminal
  • Larger vessels dock outside the port zone
Port of Romano
Port of Romano
Rruga Shen Pali, Albania

Romano Port, located in Albania, is around 7kilometer north of Durres.

  • TEU: N/A
  • The main hub for fuel, gasoline, and LPG imports
  • Maximum vessel size: approx. 1,000-20,000DWT
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