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Algeria is a North African country located in the Maghreb area. It is the largest country in Africa and the Arab world in total space. Surrounding countries include Libya, Tunisia, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Algeria is a major trade center. Its international commerce is primarily reliant on energy goods such as petroleum and hydrocarbon reserves, which account for more than 90% of its overall exports.

Algerian ports act as primary storage and forwarding hubs for Libya, Egypt, Iraq, and Turkey. If you plan to ship your goods to or from Algeria, you must check these top 15 ports.

Port of Alger
Port of Alger
02 Rue d'Angkor BP 259. Algiers, Gare 259. Algeria

Port of Alger is Algeria’s primary seaport in northern Africa. This port reaches for 10 kilometers along the Bay of Algiers, constructed on the foothills of the Sahel Hills.

  • TEU: 444, 621
  • One of Algeria’s most major deep-water ports
  • Enterprise Portuaire d’ALGER (EPAL) manages and operates the port
  • Main Storage Terminal is 282,000 square meters in size and can store 120,000MT of goods
  • Accommodates a wide range of commodities
Port of Skikda
Port of Skikda
Skikda, Algeria

The port of Skida is one of the country’s most major oil-exporting ports. This port is located 400 kilometers on Algiers east.

  • TEU: 13,000
  • Oil from the Hassi Messaoud oil fields is transported to the port and shipped worldwide.
  • It consists of a multipurpose area known as the old port
  • Mainly handles: liquefied gas, breakbulk cargoes, passengers and containers, dry and liquid bulk
  • Constructed by a 1,615-meter-long breakwater with a 100-meter-wide entrance
Port of Arzew
Port of Arzew
Arzew, Algeria

The port of Arzew is 30 kilometers east of Oran, on the west side of the Golfe d’Arzew. It has a 17-hectare water area with a total quayage of 4,500 meters.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Enterprise Portuaire d’Arzew authorized the port
  • Principal exports: LNG, LPG, crude oil, ammonia, salt, and fertilizer
  • Annually, Approximately 3,000 vessels and 67,000,000t of cargo handled
  • Maximum dimensions: LOA 280m, draught 14.9m, 170,000DWT
Port of Oran
Port of Oran
Rue du Port, Oran, Algeria

Port of Oran is an Algerian port located in the country’s west, namely in the city of Oran, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the country’s most important ports in trade and maritime transportation.

  • TEU: 278,342 (2019)
  • Separated into four basins with a total water area of 120 hectares
  • Covered by breakwaters
  • Major commercial port with extensive facilities for handling containers, ro-ro and passenger traffic,
  • Possesses 19 quays with a maximum draft of 11 meters
Port of Bejaia
Port of Bejaia
Béjaïa, Algeria

Port of Bejaia is Algeria’s second-busiest seaport. This port is separated into three basins, with 24 berths well-sheltered by breakwaters.

  • TEU: 116,400
  • Mainly handles containers, passengers, ro-ro, dry and liquid bulk, and break-bulk cargo.
  • Topped exports: Crude oil
  • Led imports: agricultural items, foodstuffs, grains, wheat, refined hydrocarbons, ferrous metals, etc.
  • Services a vast hinterland to the south
Port of Annaba
Port of Annaba
Mole Cigogne Quai Nord Annaba 1232 - 23000 Algeria

The Port of Annaba is one of Algeria’s leading ten commercial ports. Its impact spans twelve ways across the country, including industrial sites with solid economic prospects and environmental assets, including iron and phosphate mines and oil deposits.

  • TEU: 19,300
  • 3RD largest port in Algeria
  • Well-protected by two breakwaters with twenty-three berths
  • Main export – asphalt
  • Significant imports – potash, sulfur, brown sugar, and plants oil
  • Port handles: general cargo, containers, grain, and urea
Port of Beni Saf
Port of Beni Saf
Unnamed Road, Beni Saf, Algeria

Port of Beni Saf is a marina in Algeria. It is located to the west of Oran on a bay.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Entreprise Portuaire de Beni Saf authorized the port
  • Artificial harbor surrounded by two breakwaters with a water area of 17 hectares
  • A most busy fishing port on the Algerian coast
  • Anchorage – 51 – 55 feet 15.5 – 16 meters
Port of Cherchell
Port of Cherchell
Cherchell Algeria

Algeria’s Port de Cherchell is a port. It is positioned close to the Cape Cherchel Lighthouse and the Fort Joinville Lighthouse.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Port Type – Harbor
  • Latitude – 36° 36′ 39″ N
  • Longitude – 2° 11′ 23″ E
Port of Dellys
Port of Dellys
rue du port, Dellys, Algeria

The Port of Dellys is mid-sized in Algeria. It is a well-protected port by a breakwater.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Operates as a fishing and commercial port
  • Annually, about 23 vessels handled
  • Max size – LOA 100m, draught 5.5m for cargo vessels, and LOA 105m for Ro-Ro vessels
Port of Djen Djen
Port of Djen Djen
18200, Algeria

Port of Djen Djen is positioned on the Mediterranean 360 kilometers east of Algeria. This port is newly inaugurated operating by the DP World.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Port handles timber, fertilizers, mineral, general cargo, containers, grain, and sugar.
  • Significant imports – iron ore
  • Main exports – completed steel products
  • Available 3 ro-ro berths and three quays
  • Annually manages about 100 vessels and 1,326,763 tons of cargo.
Port of Ghazaouet
Port of Ghazaouet
442P+FWV, Ghazaouet, Algeria

The Port of Ghazaouet is a mid-sized commercial harbor. It is positioned in an area that has strong economic potential.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Ports activity spread outside the western ends of the country
  • Well-protected by breakwaters
  • Available ro-ro berths
  • Handles general cargo, passengers, chemicals, edible oils, bulk minerals, and grain
Port of Mostaganem
Port of Mostaganem
BP 131. Mostaganem 27000. Algeria

The Port of Mostaganem is historically known as Mestghanem. This port is authorized by the Entreprise Portuaire de Mostaganem.

  • TEU: 1,725
  • Small-sized general cargo port
  • Mainly handles: wine, asphalt, sugar, and cereals
  • Yearly, about 2 million tons manages
  • Maximum size – LOA 182 meters, draught 8.0 meters
Port of Tenes
Port of Tenes
Ténès, Algeria

Tenes Port is a seaport in Algeria. It is located around 1.9 kilometers northeast of the town of Tenes.

  • TEU: 143
  • Multi-purpose harbor for vessels over 120 meters in length
  • The small commercial port includes a single basin
  • Primary cargo handles: containers, solid, liquid, general, and bulk
  • Each year, around 149 vessels and 427,901 tons of freight managed
Port of Collo
Port of Collo
Collo Algeria

The Port of Collo is a small and open fishing port. It is positioned around 20 nautical miles North West of Skikda.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Rarely export cork from Collo
  • Built a small fishing fleet
  • Anchorage – 23.2 meters
  • Maximum size – over 500 feet in length
Port Methanier
Port Methanier
Unnamed Road, Algeria

Port Methanier is a commercial port lying 1.0 nautical miles east of Skikda. This port solely operates for oil, LPG, LNG, and petroleum products.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Possess two SBM buoys, general cargo wharf, and offshore
  • Presently accommodate around 150 LNG carriers
  • Alongside Tankers size – LOA 270 meters, max draught 14.8 meters, 130,000DWT
  • LNG size – LOA 260 meters, draught 12.2 meters, 45,000DWT
  • Oil terminal depth – 12.5 meters to 13.7 meters
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