“Largest Five Ports in Bahrain”

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Bahrain is a small Arab state on the Persian Gulf’s southern coast, located in a bay. Fifty natural islands and another 33 man-built islands make up the archipelago, accounting for roughly 83% of the country’s landmass.

Bahrain is one of the world’s most important oil-producing regions. It has only minor petroleum reserves. The seaport is managed by Bahrain’s ports authority and is run by the Bahraini government. Through the major shipping lines, Bahrain ports have substantial shipping connections with other nations.

Here’s a list of the top 5 ports in Bahrain. Let’s take a closer look at each port’s vital details.

Port of Khalifa Bin Salman
Port of Khalifa Bin Salman
Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Causeway, Al Hidd, Bahrain

The Port of Khalifa Bin Salman is currently the primary maritime port of Bahrain. It compromises a 1,800m quay with a 900m2 container terminal. The port is well-positioned to become a major transshipment center in Northern Arabian Gulf.

  • TEU: 2.5 million total capacity
  • Possess passenger facilities, general cargo, and Ro-ro complex
  • Container terminal equipped with four post Panamax cranes
  • Capable of accepting largest ocean liner container vessels
  • Has direct overland connections to mainland Saudi Arabia via the King Fahad Causeway
  • APM Terminals manage the port, Ports & Maritime Affairs supervises and regulates the port’s functions
Port of Sitra
Port of Sitra

Port of Sitra is located on the northeastern shore of Bahrain Island, at the mouth of Khor Qhaliya and Mina Sulman. Sitra Port Authority governs and administers the port activities and operations.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Own a variety of private jetties handling different cargoes
  • Leading handling service: dry and liquid bulk cargo, e.g., LPG, chemicals
  • Sitra Marine Area consists of marine facilities offered by several companies
  • It contains six berths for sea-going ships and one berth for small ships
  • Annual vessel traffic is estimated to be around 750
  • Over 110 thousand tons of cargo handled per year
Port of Mina Salman
Port of Mina Salman
Manama, Bahrain

Port of Mina Salman is a prominent seaport in Manama. Before its creation in 1962, the port was a natural harbor. Before its completion in 1962, the port was a natural harbor occupying 80ha.

  • TEU: 238,700
  • Nearly 4.6 tons of cargo handled per year
  • Over 3,000 ships call the port annually
  • Bahrain’s major cargo port and customs point
  • Own 15 container berths and can handle 2,500,000 tonnes of cargo annually
  • Depth of all berths has been dredged to 10.9 meters
Port of Muharraq
Port of Muharraq
Muharraq, Bahrain

Muharraq Port is one of Bahrain’s deep-sea ports, located in Muharraq at 26.1899 North, 50.6971 East.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Regular ships call the port include pleasure craft, fishing, passenger
  • Maximum size: 79 meters, current draught: 4.0 m
Al Manamah Harbor
Al Manamah Harbor
Manama, Bahrain

Al Manamah Harbor is commonly known as Bahrain Harbour, Manāma Harbour, Mina’ al Manamah. It is a hydrographic harbor located in Capital; coordinates are 50°34’4″ E and 26°14’14” N.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Estimated terrain elevation: 3 meters above sea level
  • Anchorage water depth ranges 7.1 – 9.1 meter
  • Current draught: 11.7 meter
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