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Benin, officially the Republic of Benin bordering Burkina Faso, Nigeria, and Togo. Although Porto-Novo is the legal capital, Cotonou is Benin’s largest city, its main port, and its de facto administrative capital.

The improvement has been gradual but consistent over the years, intending to make the port competitive. With the overall trade growth in West Africa, the 300-hectare transit port is in a highly competitive sector and region. More of Cotonou is elaborated below.

Port of Cotonou
Port of Cotonou
Cotonou Benin

The Port of Cotonou is the Republic of Benin’s main port. It is a massive artificial port protected by two breakwaters.

  • TEU: N/A
  • One of West Africa’s largest port
  • Major exports: kapok and cotton
  • Essential imports: cereals and gypsum
  • Port handled: ro-ro cargoes and containers
  • Around 1,320 vessels and 5,150,000 tonnes of cargo are moved per year
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