“Largest Nine Ports in Bulgaria”

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Bulgaria, a country in Southeast Europe, strategically located in the southeastern part of the Balkans, lies at the intersection of Europe and Asia. As an industrial economy, the country possesses generating-revenue sectors like steel, food processing, tobacco, and petroleum refineries.

In this entry lists of major ports in Bulgaria, you can read vital information about each port including the number of containers handled, ship visits, and more. The listing will help you find the next Bulgarian port to rely on your shipping needs.

Port of Varna
Port of Varna
Varna, Sq. Slaveykov 1, Bulgaria

This is the biggest Bulgarian seaport complex situated on the western coast of the Black Sea, the Varna Bay. The port has an outlying port of Balchik. It can be accessed easily by road and railroad.

  • TEU: more than 160,000 (2018)
  • Capable of 40 berths; two anchorages
  • Operate about 400 pieces of ships, warehouse port facilities, and more
  • Handle vessels with capacity of 50,000 gross tons
  • Services include storage, freight forwarding, stevedoring, and intermodal services
  • Capacity to handle all kinds of containerized, solid bulk, break-bulk, and liquid-bulk cargoes
Port of Balchik
Port of Balchik
Balchik, Bulgaria

A gateway of Dobrudzha, Port of Balchik, a multipurpose port, become one of the largest production regions for grain in the country. They are located in the bay of Balchik, around 40kilometers from Varna(north).

  • TEU: 155 thousand
  • Total territory – 13 514 m²
  • Comprise modern facilities e.g specialized terminal
  • Handle all types of goods, like liquid bulk and dry bulk
  • Operating 24/7, throughout the year
  • Major turnover – grain
  • “Port Balchik” Plc operates the port terminal
  • First port certificated ISO 9001:2000 standard
  • Draught – 8.0 meter
Port of Pomorie
Port of Pomorie
Pomorie, Bulgaria

Port of Pomorie is a subsidiary port of Bourgas. It is an important tourist spot.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Project: construct 350-meter long breakwater
  • Primary handles: marine cargo
  • Water depth: -6m
Port of Tzarevo
Port of Tzarevo
Tzarevo, Bulgaria

Port of Tzarevo provides sea-borne traffic. They mainly serve tourists cruises.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Handle commercial cargo (small)
  • Preferred port of entry when sailing
Port of Bourgas
Port of Bourgas
ul. "Knyaz Alexander Batenberg" 1, 8000 Harbour complex, Burgas, Bulgaria

Strategically located on the western part of the Black Sea, the Port of Bourgas is the second largest port in Bulgaria.

  • TEU: estimated at 200,000
  • Comprise 23 berths
  • Consists of four terminals
  • Handles more than 1000 vessels/year
  • Over 6.77 million tons of cargo are handled annually
  • Handle bulk commodities (import-export)
Port of Sozopol
Port of Sozopol
Яхтено пристанище за Марина порт, 8130 Sozopol, Bulgaria

Port of Sozopol is a substitutional port of Bourgas. They principally handle non-commercial yacht traffic and other repairs.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Comprise 243 anchored places
  • Vessels up to 25 meters
Port of Nessebar (Nesebur)
Port of Nessebar (Nesebur)
Nessebar, Bulgaria

This is a Black Sea cruise port. Port of Nessebar aka Nesebur is among the most well-known seaside resorts in Bulgaria; an ancient town occupying a total area of 32kilometer squared.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Handle medium-sized passenger vessels
  • Offer cruise service
  • Operated by JSC Vodstroi AD
Stara Zagora Port
Stara Zagora Port
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Stara Zagora Port is strategically located for trading, well connected with Sofia.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Principally handle the industrial and agricultural shipment
  • Accommodate medium and small-sized ships
Port of Ruse
Port of Ruse
7000 Zapad, Ruse, Bulgaria

This is one of the significant river ports situated on the Danube River.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Comprise two cargo terminals
  • Handle general and bulk cargo
  • Used by river cruise vessels for bus tours
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