“Largest 32 Ports in Canada”

Find the Largest Canada Ports

Canada is the first destination for trade and shippers in the world. From grains, cereal, consumer goods, to machinery, and heavy-lift equipment, billions of dollars worth of goods are imported and exported annually through these large ports.

If you are looking for the best list of top Canadian ports, then this place is right for you. We’ve collected the largest ports in the country and write some detailed information.

Below is the list of 30+ largest ports in Canada.

Port of Vancouver
Port of Vancouver
100 The Pointe, 999 Canada Place Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 3T4

This port is the largest in the country, ranked as 4th-largest by tonnes of cargo in North America. The Port of Vancouver facilitates trade connecting Canada to 170+ world economies.

  • Occupies more than 16 thousand hectares of water and over 1,500 hectares of land
  • Port of Vancouver home 29 major terminals
  • Handle a diversified range of cargo, including breakbulk, bulk, containers, cruise, and more
Port of Montreal
Port of Montreal
3400 Notre-Dame St. East, Montreal, Quebec H1W 2J2, Canada

As a cruise and transshipment point, The Port of Montreal provides a range of services to Central Canada and the U. S.

  • Operating as an international container port
  • Handling around 40 million metric tonnes of most types of cargo (2019)
  • Principal loads: consumer goods, cereal, machinery, petroleum products, etc
Port of Prince Rupert
Port of Prince Rupert
215 Cow Bay Rd #200, Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1A2, Canada

Under the management of the Prince Rupert Port Authority, the port covers around 1.65 million acres of land and water. The Port of Prince Rupert is equipped with nine terminals.

  • 3rd-busiest seaport in terms of container volume and cargo tonnage in Canada
  • Services include cruise, bulk, and intermodal
  • Handling export-bound barley, canola, wheat, etc
Port of Halifax
Port of Halifax
1215 Marginal Rd, Halifax, NS B3H 4P8, Canada

The Port of Halifax occupies around 10 km2 of land and 150 km2 of water. They are compromising various port facilities.

  • Over $3.6 billion total impacts in economic output (2020)
  • The port connects to over 150 countries around the world
  • Handling over 1,500 vessels per year
Port of St. John
Port of St. John
111 Water St. Saint John, NB E2L 0B1

The Port of Saint John operates as a port complex providing the most flexible offshore energy supplies and services. This is one of the largest ports in terms of volume and diverse cargo base.

  • Equipped with a diverse range of facilities
  • Handling around 28 million metric tonnes of cargo annually
  • Main cargoes are liquid bulks, dry bulks, breakbulk, and containers
Toronto Port
Toronto Port
60 Harbour Street Toronto, Ontario M5J 1B7 Canada

The Port of Toronto is a leading inland port in Canada. It is positioned on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. They are serving marine ports across the globe.

  • Composed of 4.8 km of deepwater wharfage
  • Primary serves bulk cargo, cruise ships, and passengers
  • Handling 1.7 million tonnes of cargo (2015)
Port of Quebec
Port of Quebec
150 Dalhousie Street PO Box 2268 Quebec, Quebec G1K 7P7 Canada

As an inland port, The Port of Quebec plays a significant role in the development of Quebec City and Canada.

  • Ships more than 1,600 cargoes (1863)
  • Transport over 25,000 sailors in the same year
  • Compromises five sectors, including North Shore and South Shore
  • Capability to handling and store general cargo
Port of Nanaimo
Port of Nanaimo
100 Newport Dr, Nanaimo, BC V9R 0C7, Canada

The Nanaimo Port Authority manages the Port of Nanaimo. It is equipped with two deep-sea terminal facilities: (1) Nanaimo Assembly Wharf (NAW) (2) Duke Point Terminal.

  • The commercial port facilities include Pure Car Transport Carrier, Helijet Passenger Terminal.
  • Transport cargoes from and to the port
  • Plays a significant role in the growth and economy in the community
Port of Sydney
Port of Sydney
PO Box 25 Millers Point Sydney, NSW 2000. Australia

This port comprises five main parts: Sydney Cove and Darling Harbour, White Bay, Glebe Bay, and Gore Cove. It also has a series of berths and pontoons.

  • Handling cruise and local passengers, cruise passengers, breakbulk cargo, etc.
  • Additional cargoes include dry bulk, liquid bulk, military vessels, barges, and so on.
  • Dedicated to expanding in-depth coverage of ports around the world
Port Sidney Marina
Port Sidney Marina
9835 Seaport Pl, Sidney, BC V8L 4X3, Canada

The Port Sidney Marina is a full-service port positioned in Greater Victoria. They are providing moorage to boats in size up to 138 ft.

  • The Mill Bay Marine Group privately owns them.
  • Equipped with over 300 slips floating concrete docks
  • Provide a full complement of the entire service
Port of Sept-Îles
Port of Sept-Îles
1 Rue Mgr Blanche, Sept-Îles, QC G4R 5P3, Canada

The Port of Sept-Îles is a port operating company. They are one of the largest ports handling ore products.

  • Characterized by its deep waters and 10-km wide rough semi-circular bay
  • Accommodate the largest dry-bulk ships around the world
  • Owns fourteen docks
Port de Trois-Rivieres
Port de Trois-Rivieres
1545 Rue du Fleuve, Trois-Rivières, QC G9A 6K4, Canada

Trois-Rivieres Port plays a vital role from regional, national up to international economic development, especially for major industrial sectors like agri-food, aluminum industry, and forestry.

  • Conforms with the highest environmental standards and harmony with the community
  • Accommodate 55 thousand trucks, 11 thousand railcars, and 250+ merchant and cruise ships per year
  • Handling over 3,500,000 metric tonnes of traffic
Port of Belledune
Port of Belledune
112 Shannon Dr, Belledune, NB E8G 2W2, Canada

The Port of Belledune is a deepwater port specializing in transportation services. It has a year-round cargo handling capacity.

  • Main cargoes: breakbulk, bulk, project cargo, Ro-Ro, barge, liquid bulk
  • Provide property management and short sea shipping
  • Own world-class, state-of-the-art facilities
Port Alberni
Port Alberni
2750 Harbour Rd. Port Alberni, British Columbia V9Y 7X2 Canada

The Port Alberni is a deep seaport situated on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

  • One of the best areas for kayaking around the world
  • Serves as a gateway for kayaking trips into Barkley Sound
Port Hawkesbury
Port Hawkesbury
Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Port Hawkesbury is a town positioned on the southwestern end of Cape Breton Island.

  • The Port Hawkesbury is a major commercial and recreations center
  • A transportation hub serves rail and highway ferries
Port of Argentia
Port of Argentia
Marquis Ave, Placentia, NL A0B 1W0, Canada

This port is a marine transportation hub that connects both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Heavy industrial seaport, provide port services and other solutions
  • Provide modern, well-maintained infrastructure
  • Equipped with strong local workforce and cost advantages
Port of Saguenay
Port of Saguenay
240, Rue Bosse, Chicoutimi, Saguenay, Quebec G7J 1L9, Canada.

This port connects Saguenay to Lac to Saint-Jean and the rest of the world. They own deepwater port facilities.

  • Accommodate numbers of cruise ships per year
  • Offer transshipment service with Lo-Lo and Ro-Ro type vessels
  • The leading service includes maritime service, cruises, rail service, and industrial port zone
Port of Thunder Bay
Port of Thunder Bay
100 Main St, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6R9, Canada

This port is the Western Canadian terminus of the St. Lawrence Seaway System. It is one of the most significant inland waterways around the world.

  • Enable Western Canadian grain producers to access European markets
  • Facilitates the movement of dimensional cargo to international markets
  • Handled project cargo, general cargo efficiently
Port of Stewart
Port of Stewart
Main St, Stewart, BC, Canada

The Port of Stewart is a port operating company handling cargoes to all possible destinations.

  • Committed to develop, manage, and operate the port responsibly
  • Support various range of industries like mining and logging
  • Export ore and logs to major ports
  • Handling 50 thousand dwt ships
Port of Windsor
Port of Windsor
3190 Sandwich St., Windsor, ON N9C 1A6, Canada

The Port Windsor is the most efficient deep-draft waterway in the world. This is positioned on the Gret Lakes/ St. Lawrence Seaway System.

  • Own industrial and marine facilities
  • 3rd-largest port in terms of shipment in Canada
  • Principal cargoes include steel, petroleum, heavy-lift equipment, grain, etc.
  • Handling 5.8 tonnes of cargoes
Port of Victoria
Port of Victoria
202 – 468 Belleville Street Victoria, BC V8V 1W9 Canada.

Victoria Harbour is a harbor, seaport, and seaplane airport serves as a cruise ship for tourists and visitors to the city and island.

  • Owns and operate the marina, deep water, and upland holdings
  • A shipbuilding and commercial fishing center
  • Capable of handling Panamax-size vessels
Port of Dalhousie
Port of Dalhousie
370 William St, Dalhousie, NB E8C 2X1, Canada

The Port of Dalhousie is a privately-owned state-of-the-art port, one of the largest ports in Canada that conveniently access any other country.

  • Own deepwater facilities
  • Can serve large ocean-going carriers such as bulk and breakbulk
  • Provide top of the line security
  • Around 110,000 ft2 storage shed
Port of Becancour
Port of Becancour
St Lawrence River, Canada

The Port of Becancour is the largest fresh-water port in Canada, covers around 7,000 hectares.

  • Own five berths and a roll-on/ roll-off ramp
  • Equipped with liquid bulk terminal linked to the quay through pipelines
  • The port facilities are managed and maintained by Societe du Parc Industrial et Portuaire de Becancou
Port of Churchill
Port of Churchill
P.O. Box 217 1 Axworthy Way Churchill, Manitoba R0B 0E0 Canada

Port of Churchill., a privately-owned port situated on the Hudson Bay in Churchill.

  • It consists of four deep-sea berths handle Panamax-size vessels
  • Load and unload general cargo, grain, bulk commodities, and tanker vessel
  • Started supplying cargo to ships in 2019
Port of Springdale
Port of Springdale
PO Box 96. Springdale, NF A0J 1T0 Canada

The Port of Springdale is a seaport positioned on the N coast of Newfoundland located in Lower Cove.

  • Own public wharf for trim and general oil cargoes
  • Navigation season starts from April to January
  • Draught 10.0m is its maximum size
Port of Kitimat
Port of Kitimat
270 City Centre Kitimat, BC V8C-2H7 Canada

The Port of Kitimat ranked as the 3rd-largest port situated on the head of Douglas Channel. This is a privately-owned port founded in 1954.

  • Mainly involved in exporting petrochemicals, aluminum, and paper
  • Handled more than one million cargo per year
  • Load line zone: Summer; Max size: Max draught 11.28m.
Port of Squamish
Port of Squamish
37500 3 Ave, Squamish, BC V8B 0B1, Canada

Squamish Terminal is situated at the north end of Howe Sound. They are operating as a deepwater breakbulk terminal.

  • Own intermodal transportation infrastructure, two berths, and three warehouses
  • Specializes in handling equipment and cargo bound any areas
Port of Bamberton
Port of Bamberton
British Columbia V0R 2P4, Canada

The Port of Bamberton is a tiny size seaport, covers an area of 28 hectares.

  • The port type is a pier, jetty, or wharf.
  • Caro pier depth and oil terminal depth: 7.1m – 9.1m
Port of Crofton
Port of Crofton
Crofton Canada

Crofton Port, a seaport with over 500 ft in the length of max. Vessel size. Its cargo pier measures 36-40 feet, 11- 12.2 meters.

  • A small size harbor
  • Serving passenger, cargo, vessels, and more
Port of Cowichan Bay
Port of Cowichan Bay
Cowichan Valley Reg District 175 Ingram Street Duncan, BC V9L 1N8 Canada

The Port of Cowichan Bay is situated 60kms north of Victoria, British Columbia.

  • Specializing in terminal and stevedoring service
  • Offer the highest efficiency and forest-related products handling service
  • Over 70 years of experience in moving forestry products
Comox Harbor
Comox Harbor
British Columbia, Canada

The Comox Harbor is positioned on the East Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. They are providing shelter for ships.

  • Home sizeable commercial fishing fleet and number of pleasure craft
  • Popular as Comox Fisherman’s Wharf
Port of Marathon
Port of Marathon
PO Bag JR 1 Mill Road Marathon, ON P0T 200 Canada

The Port of Marathon is sited on the north shore of Lake Superior, in Thunder Bay District.

  • A small-type port comes with a pier, jetty, or wharf.
  • Owns excellent indoor recreation facilities
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