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Chile is the world’s southernmost country, with boundaries to Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and the Drake Passage. It has a land area of 756,096 square kilometers and a population of around 17.5 million people.

Chile is a major crossroads for worldwide trade due to its strategic location. Thus, helps the world’s top copper exporter, with copper demand at an all-time high. In this article, you will get to know the top 36 largest seaports in Chile. Everything they have to offer includes handling service, TEU, and other matters.

Port of Valparaíso
Port of Valparaíso
Av. Errazuriz # 25 Valparaiso Chile

Located on the central Chile coast, the Port of Valparaiso is protected by a man-made breakwater. Containers and breakbulk are its main handling service.

  • TEUs: 2.2 million
  • Most prominent seaports in the South Pacific
  • Accommodate most types of vessels such as container ships and general cargo
  • Operating nearly full capacity at the moment
  • Six of the port’s berths are open for business
  • Empresa Portuaria Valparaíso manage and operate the port
  • Transports more over 10,000,000t of general cargo annually
Port of San Antonio
Port of San Antonio
Barros Luco 1613, San Antonio, Valparaíso, Chile

The Port of San Antonio is the largest and busiest port on the west coast of South Africa. It is around 115 kilometers west of Santiago’s capital. Over 100,000 people called the port home.

  • TEUs: 1.71 million (2019)
  • Handle most types of vessels including bulk carrier,
  • Possess facilities for containers, reefer, general cargo, etc
  • More than 950 vessels visit the port, 12.1 tonnes of cargo annually
  • Maximum draught – 14m, 154792t DWT
Port of Punta Arenas
Port of Punta Arenas
Casilla 193 Libertador Bernardo 1385 Punta Arenas Chile

The Port of Punta Arenas serves as a vital replenishing point for ships traveling between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It is located in southern Chile, on the Magellan Strait.

  • TEUs: 13,000
  • Handling small amounts of containers and general cargo
  • Number of smaller terminals and sub-ports makes up the port
  • Possesses numerous public and private berths
  • Main exports: wool, methanol, frozen fish, and mutton
  • More than 360,000 tonnes of cargo are handled yearly
Port of Iquique
Port of Iquique
Avenida Jorge Barrera #62. Iquique Chile

The Port of Iquique is an artificial port located at the bay’s southern extremity, between Peninsula Serrano and Punta Negra, 231 n.m. in the north-northwest of Antofagasta.

  • TEUs: N/A
  • Capabilities for handling containers, Ro-Ro, breakbulk cargo
  • Possesses seven berths and two offshore oil terminals
  • Two CBM berths are available for handling petroleum products
  • Principal imports: machinery, oil, iron, paper, explosives, general cargo
  • Nearly 1.35 million tonnes of cargo are handled every year
Port of Arica
Port of Arica
Máximo Lira 389, Arica, Arica y Parinacota, Chile

The Port of Arica is an important open roadstead port protected by a breakwater. It is located at 8 a.m. in the north of Chile from the Peruvian border, on the southern side of Rada de Arica.

  • TEUs: N/A
  • Port Authority: Empresa Portuaria Arica
  • Possesses six berths and two offshore oil terminals
  • Dry bulk, tankers, containers are handled by this port
  • Popular for citrus, produced olives, and seafood exports
  • Maximum size: LOA – 295m, draught – 11m, 72871t DWT
Port of Lirquen
Port of Lirquen
David Quiroga 81, Lirquen, Penco, Concepcion, Bío Bío, Chile

The Port of Lirquen is a small island off the coast of Concepcion Bay, 8 n.m. on the southeast corner of Bahia de Concepcion. There are two privately run facilities in the port.

  • TEUs: N/A
  • Principal imports: containerized, bulk cargoes, and fertilizer
  • Principal exports: lumber, fishmeal, containers, logs, newsprint, wood pulp
  • Handles significant volume of cereal imports
  • Around 2.7 million tonnes of cargo are handled annually
  • Maximum size: 367m LOA, draught – 12.8m, 150893t DWT
Port of San Vicente
Port of San Vicente
Avenida Blanco Encalada 547 Talcahuano Chile

The Port of San Vicente is a handy-size port located on the northeast portion of Bahia San Vicente, approximately 680 kilometers south of Santiago. It possesses a complex for general cargoes, bulk, gas, liquid bulk, and containers.

  • TEUs: 1,227,000
  • Feature five berthing places with a total length of 1,074 meters
  • Includes road and rail connectivity within the port
  • Comprise commercial dock, steel mill, and CBM oil moorings
  • Possess facilities for handling various goods
  • More than 780 vessels visit the port, 7 million tonnes of cargo per year
Port of Antofagasta
Port of Antofagasta
Avda. Grecia S/N Antofagasta Chile

The Port of Antofagasta is a well-protected harbor and is the main service hub for the major mining district in Chile. It is located about 2 nautical miles south of Ciudad de Antofagasta and 4 nautical miles north of Puerto Taltal.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Handled vessels: bulk carrier, general cargo, and container ship
  • Export production and receive mining-related equipment and supplies
  • Composed seven berths with various sizes
  • More than 1.5 million tonnes of cargo handled per year
  • Water depth ranges from 9 to 27 meter
Port of Ancud
Port of Ancud
Ancud, Chiloé Chile

The Port of Ancud serves as a port and commercial hub for the region’s hinterland. It is located on Chiloé Island’s northern coast, across the Chacao Strait from the mainland.

  • TEUs: N/A
  • Principally export timber
  • Local production include lumber, potatoes, wheat, and livestock
  • Connected to Puerto Montt and Castro by road and ferry
  • Maximum size: LOA – 34 meters
Port of Cabo Negro
Port of Cabo Negro
Cabo Negro Chile

The Port of Cabo Negro is a substitute port of Punta Arenas. It is Chile’s southernmost port, situated in the Magellan-Chile Antarctic region.

  • TEUs: N/A
  • Located in South America West is its main route
  • Common types of vessels: oil/chemical tankers, tug/supply vessels
  • Maximum size: LOA – 205m, Draught – 11.1m, 49999t DWT
Port of Calbuco
Port of Calbuco
Calbuco Chile

The Port of Calbuco is situated in Chile. Its coordinates are 41.7902 South, 73.1946 West.

  • TEUs: N/A
  • ISP’s compliant port
  • Regular vessels include a carrier, fishing vessel, general cargo, oil/chemical tanker
  • Maximum size: LOA – 215m, Draught – 11.7m, 69754t DWT
Port of Caldera
Port of Caldera
Caldera Chile

The Port of Caldera is located on Caldera Bay’s southern shore. It features a breakwater-protected harbor, two piers with a width of 1.75nm at the entrance and 1.6nm internally, and a depth of 15.0-20.0m on a sandy bed.

  • TEUs: N/A
  • Possesses complex for general cargo imports, copper exports
  • Oil/chemical tanker, bulk carrier, pleasure craft visit the port
  • More than 126 vessels are handled every year
  • Maximum size: LOA – 200 meter, draught – 12.0m, 47,000DWT
Port of Castro
Port of Castro
Castro, Llanquihue Chile

The Port of Castro is the main port in the Los Lagos Region, which lies on the east coast of Chiloe Island, in southern Chile. It is positioned in -42.4775° / -73.763°.

  • TEUs: N/A
  • Primary service: fish carrier, Ro-Ro/passenger ship, cargo, oil products tanker
  • Possess oil terminal berth and pier for lighters and small coasters discharge
  • Water depth channel: 36 – 40 ft 11 – 12.2 m, cargo pier: 16 – 20 ft 4.9 – 6.1 m.
  • Nearly 30 vessels call the port per year
  • Maximum size: LOA – 102, draught – 4m, 2310t DWT
Port of Chanaral
Port of Chanaral
Casilla 48. Chanaral Chile

The Port of Chanaral is located in Chanaral Bay, about 5 kilometers north of Barquito’s harbor. It is administered and controlled by the Chanaral Port Authority.

  • TEUs: N/A
  • Oil/chemical tanker and general cargo regularly call the port
  • Consists of the mechanical dock for loading bulk materials
  • More than 85 vessels call the port every year
  • Maximum size: LOA – 184m, Draught – 10.6m, 51747t DWT
Port of Coquimbo
Port of Coquimbo
Melgarejo No 676. Coquimbo Chile

The Port of Coquimbo is an open roadstead port, situated 210 nautical miles off the west coast of Chile, in a secluded bay to the north of Santiago.

  • TEU: 2,548
  • Handled general cargo, bulk, and passenger’s vessels
  • Possesses two berths used for general cargo
  • Burgeoning shipping and industrial hub
  • Accommodate a wide range of commodities
  • Agri-products, cement, fertilizers, concentrates, ores are some of the goods
  • Maximum size: LOA – 200m, Draught – 8.9m, 63525t DWT
Port of Coronel
Port of Coronel
Cousino 49. Coronel Chile

The Port of Coronel lies 20 nautical miles south of Talcahuano on Chile’s central coast. It is located on the northeast corner with coordinates: 37.0389S, 73.1653W.

  • TEUs: N/A
  • Port Authority: Compania Puerto de Coronel SA
  • Container ship, bulk carrier, fishing vessel, general cargo is top service
  • Possesses four piers including coal, timber, and cellulose
  • Maximum size: LOA – 367m, Draught – 14.5m, 154792t DWT
  • More than 2.5 million tonnes of cargo are handled yearly
Port of Easter Island
Port of Easter Island
Vinapu Roads Isla de Pascua Chile

The Port of Easter Island is a drifting and anchorage port administered by the Easter Island Port Authority.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Ship’s tender service transport ship to the shore
Port of San Gregorio
Port of San Gregorio
Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, Chile

The Port of San Gregorio is a local harbor situated 52° 37′ 38″ South, 70° 11′ 40″ West.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Regular vessels include sailing vessel, pleasure craft, yacht, passenger ship
  • Maximum vessel size includes over 500ft in length
  • Administered by the municipality of the Punta Delgada
  • Cargo Pier: 16 – 20 ft 4.9 – 6.1 m, Anchorage: 41 – 45 ft 12.5 – 13.7 m
Port of Guacolda
Port of Guacolda
Guacolda Chile

The Port of Guacolda is a commercial port, at the southeast end of Guacolda Bay, closed to the settlement of Huasco Bajo. It is located west of the bay, near the Guacola peninsula.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Class L-area region de Atacama
  • Coordinates: 28°28’25” S and 71°15’50” W
  • Possesses terminal and transfer facilities for loading and discharging waterborne cargo or passengers
  • Import and export copper ore, copper regulus, alpaca wool
Port of Huasco
Port of Huasco
Calle Concheria 104 Huasco 111 Region Huasco Chile

The Port of Huasco is an open roadstead port, located in the Atacama area of northern Chile. It is approximately 330 nanometers north of Valparaiso, south-southwest of Antofagasta.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Main handling service: bulk coal, breakbulk cargo, tankers, iron ore pellets
  • Possesses two terminals: Guacolda No 1 & Guacolda No 2
  • Chief exports: iron ore pellets
  • Nearly 4 million tonnes of iron ore pellets are loaded annually
  • Over 93 vessels visit the port yearly
  • Maximum size: LOA – 300m, Draught – 13.8m, 209546t DWT
Port of Lota
Port of Lota
Lota Chile

The Port of Lota is located in the northwest corner of Bahia Lota, 32 kilometers south of Concepcion. A mechanical coal loading port, now operated by the National Coal Board.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Fishing vessels and passengers visit the port
  • Communication is via road or rail
  • Maximum size: LOA – 160m, draught – 8.72m
Port of Mejillones
Port of Mejillones
Av. Longitudinal 5500 Puerto Angamos, 2 piso Mejillones Chile

The Port of Mejillones is located on the southern coast of Bahia Mejillones del Sur, east of Punta Angamos, and 40 nautical miles north of Antofagasta.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Vessels call the port are a bulk carrier, oil/chemical tanker, container ship
  • Possesses fishing vessel berths, fish terminal, and passenger landing jetty
  • Consists of four privately-owned berths, a small private-run terminal
  • Main commodities: chemical products, coal, ammonia, and explosives
  • More than 360 vessels handled per year
Port of Patillos Cove
Port of Patillos Cove
c/o Empresa Portuaria de Chile Recinto Portuaria Iquique Chile

The Port of Patillo’s Cove is managed and controlled by the Patillos Cove Port Authority. It is about 750 nautical miles north of Valparaiso.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Only utilized to ship salt from the Conveyor Pier
  • Bulk carrier is the most vessels call the port
  • Nearly 90 vessels pass through the harbor each year
  • Maximum size: LOA – 250m, draught – 14.3m, 100,000DWT
Port of Port Williams
Port of Port Williams
Empressa Portuaria de Chile B O'Higgins 1385 Punta Arenas Chile

Port of Puerto Williams is 2.5 nautical miles west of Paso Mackinlay, on the north coast of Isla Navarino. Port Williams Port Authority is the transshipment center.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Home of a naval base with small ships stationed
  • Almost all movements are naval
  • Among the commercial vessels arrives in port
  • Cruise ships and gasoline or gas tankers from Punta Arenas
  • Maximum size: LOA – 123.0 meter, draught – 9.5meter
Port of Porvenir
Port of Porvenir
Porvenir Chile

The Port of Porvenir is a medium-sized port, a subport of Punta Arenas located at -53.3000° / -70.3666°.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Main handling service: cargo, Ro-Ro/passenger ship, and heavy load carrier
  • Maximum vessels size: 96 meters, draught – 2.7m, 457 tonnes DWT
Port of Chacabuco
Port of Chacabuco
Recinto Portuario S/N Puerto Chacabuco XI Region Chile

The Port of Chacabuca, a port town in Chile’s Aisen province and the region’s primary seaport. It is located south of Puerto Montt at the mouth of the Aisen Fjord.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Supplies cruise ships bound for Laguna San Rafael National Park
  • The estimated population of the town is around 1,300 people
  • Empresa Portuaria Chacabuco is the port authority
  • A well-known entry point into Northwest Patagonia
  • Act as a ferry terminal for the Chiloe and Puerto Montt island
  • Accommodate most types of vessels (fish carrier, container ship, etc)
  • Maximum vessel length – 190m, draught – 8m
Port of Montt
Port of Montt
Avenida Angelmo 1673. Puerto Montt Chile

Port Montt is a port and city in southern Chile, located 1,055 kilometers south of Santiago, at the northern end of the Reloncav Sound.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Port Authority: Empresa Portuaria Puerto Montt
  • Consists of the big market sell local products
  • Around 13,000 estimated population
  • Handle vast types of vessels including fish carrier, general cargo, etc
  • Maximum size: LOA – 210m, draught – 11.3m, 64522t DWT
Port of Puerto Natales
Port of Puerto Natales
Puerto Natales Chile

The Port of Puerto Natales is located in Chile’s southern region, approximately 247 kilometers northwest of Puerto Natales.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Regular vessel calls: Ro-Ro/passenger ship and general cargo
  • Serves as a hub for exporting wool and mutton
  • Maximum size: LOA – 150m, draught – 6.3m
Puerto Ventanas
Puerto Ventanas
Camino Costero s/n. Ventanas - Communa de. Puchuncavi, Valparaiso Chile

Puerto Ventanas is based in Quintero Bay, Puchuncavi. It has established itself as one of Chile’s most major bulk terminal operators with over 27 years of experience and excellent service.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Port Authority: Puerto Ventanas S.A.
  • Specializes in solid and liquid bulk cargo
  • Provide integrated berthing service and other facilities
  • Composed with a team of professionals, technicians, and laborers
  • Offer industry-leading efficiency, timeliness, and quality services
Punta Patache Terminal
Punta Patache Terminal
Andrés Bello 2687, Piso 11 Las Condes Santiago 7550611 Chile

Punta Patache Terminal is located in Tarapacá, near Guaneras Punta Patache. The harbor has is 7 meters above sea level.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Port Authority: Collahuasi
  • Handle most types of bulk carrier and towing vessel
  • Maximum size: LOA – 229m, draught – 11.8m
Port of Quellon
Port of Quellon
Comp Maritima de Punta-Arenas Avda Independencia 830. Punta Arenas Chile

The Port of Quellon is a port city and municipality in Chilé Province, Los Lagos Region, on the southern tip of Chiloé Island. It serves as the southern terminus of both the Panamerican and Pacific Coastal Highways.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Port Authority: Quellon Port Authority
  • Currently, a bustling Ro-Ro ferry station serving Chacabuco
  • Handle fishing carrier, general cargo, fishing vessel, passenger ship
  • Maximum size: LOA – 102m, draught – 5.8m
Port of Quintero
Port of Quintero
Fernandez Mella 87 Quintero Chile

Port of Quintero is situated at the mouth of Quintero Bay, about 16 nautical miles north of Valparaiso. It’s a medium-sized port with several private facilities.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Accommodate oil, bulk, gas, and breakbulk cargo
  • Possesses oil terminal with CBM’s, SBM, and liquefied chemical gas terminals
  • Consists of the single 1,300-meter-long multipurpose pier with five berths
  • More than 1,000 vessels call the port per year
  • Over 4 million tonnes of cargo are handled annually
  • Maximum size: LOA – 300m, draught – 13.5m
Port of Talcahuano
Port of Talcahuano
Avenida Blanco Encalada 547. Talcahuano Chile

The Port of Talcahuano is a naturally sheltered port and main naval station located on a peninsula on Concepcion Bay’s southwest corner, not far from the Concepcion.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Major manufacturing, commercial, and fishing hub
  • Mainly handles fish, containers, and reefer cargo
  • Port facilities handle Ro-Ro traffic, ore, bulk, and general cargo
  • Quiriquina Island divides the port’s entrance into two channels
  • Maximum size: LOA – 229m, draught – 9m
Port of Taltal
Port of Taltal
Capitania de Puerto Taltal Chile

The Port of Taltal is located in a deep bay approximately 40 nautical miles south of Antofagasta. It possesses three berths, one of which is an offshore CBM.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Load line zone: Tropical
  • Port Authority: Taltal Port Authority
  • Maximum size: Over 500 feet in length
  • Anchorage depth ranging 20.1m – 21.3m
  • Cargo pier depth from 17.1m to 18.2m
Port of Tocopilla
Port of Tocopilla
Casilla 2098 Soc Quimica, Minera de Chile SA Tocopilla Chile

The Port of Tocopilla is located in a nautical mile wide harbor between Point Algodonales to the south and Point Ana to the north, halfway between Iquique and Antofagasta.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Significant port in terms of imports and exports
  • Bulk carrier regularly calling the port
  • Maximum size: LOA – 230m, Draught – 14.1m
  • Port Authority: Tocopilla Port Authority
  • 4,000 tons of merchandise are delivered to the port every day
  • Exports: copper cathode, fishmeal, sulphuric acid, and nitrate
  • Imports: bulk coal and oil
  • Approximately 150 vessels pass through the harbor each year
  • Almost 2,000,000t of freight is handled yearly
Port of Valdivia
Port of Valdivia
Calle Luis Pasteur 5280. P3 Santiago Chile

The Port of Valdivia is located 380 kilometers south of Talcahuano. Valdivia Port Authority manages and administers the port.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Vessels carrying cargo bound for Valdivia dock at Puerto Corral
  • Fishing vessel and pleasure craft regularly calls the port
  • Main cargo handled are general cargo, containers, lumber, and woodchips
  • More than 700,000 tonnes of cargo handled per year
  • Maximum size: LOA – 86m, Draught – 2m
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