“Largest 50 Ports in China”

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China, officially The People’s Republic of China (PRC), is a significant shipping and manufacturing nation in Eastern Asia. It is the world’s second-largest country by land area and is bordered on the east by water.

China is a vital economic force in the region, with industries that manufacture many goods and send them worldwide. It accounts for 90% of global trade in both imports and exports. Chinese maritime ports have contributed significantly to the country’s development.

If you’re shipping to or from China, the country’s main ports are worth considering. We present a list of major 50 China-based ports based on container throughput and overall cargo traffic. The following ports are the busiest due to this foundation, processing million tons of cargo and TEU’s every year.

Port of Shanghai
Port of Shanghai
500 Dongdaming Rd, Hongkou Qu, Shanghai Shi, China

Shanghai’s port, which includes a deep-sea and a river port, is the world’s busiest by cargo tonnage. It is situated near the Yangtze River’s entrance in Shanghai, China, and covers an area of 3,619.6km2.

  • TEU: 43.5 million
  • Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG) runs and administers the port’s public terminals.
  • More over a quarter of all cargo traffic in China’s exported and imported pass through Shanghai Port
  • Main handled commodities are steel, coal, metal-ore, machinery, equipment, etc.
  • Handles 99 percent of Shanghai’s international trade
  • Manage around 542.46 million tonnes of cargo (2019)
  • Yangtze region’s most important seaport
Port of Shenzhen
Port of Shenzhen
Gang Wan Yi Lu Shekou Industrial Zone, Shekou Shenzhen, Guangdong 518067 China

Shenzhen Port is one of China’s largest ports. Its name is given to a group of ports located along the coast of Shenzhen. These ports together make up one of the world’s busiest and fastest-growing container ports.

  • TEU: 26.55 million
  • Around 130 international container routes have been created from the port
  • Ranked third among the world’s largest container ports in terms of TEU
  • Section into two-point: western and eastern ports
  • Link to over 300 ports in over 100 countries worldwide
  • 60 ships regularly call the port every month
  • Total of 140 berths offered in 2019
Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan
Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan
Port Administration Office 496 Yanjiang Dong Road Ningbo, Zhejiang 315200 China

The Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan is the world’s busiest port by cargo tonnage. It is situated in Ningbo and Zhoushan, on Zhejiang province’s East China Sea coast.

  • TEU: 28.72 million
  • Possess 19 port areas, including Beilun, Zhenhai, and the historic Ningbo harbor
  • Ningbo Zhoushan Port Co., Ltd. (NZP), is a publicly-traded corporation that operates the port.
  • World’s third-largest cargo port
  • Handled 1.17 billion tons in 2020
Port of Hong Kong
Port of Hong Kong
Harbour Building 38 Pier Road Hong Kong Hong Kong

The Kowloon Peninsula, off the South China Sea’s coast, is Hong Kong’s port home. It’s in the Southeast Asian region’s important hub. They operate 400 container liners every week to over 500 destinations throughout the world.

  • TEU: 20.07 million
  •  Hong Kong Special Administrative Region managed it
  • World’s leading port by handling and managing container boat
  • Responsible for 89 percent of Hong Kong’s total cargo traffic
  • Possess mainly of five biggest terminals
  • Capacity to handle 456,000 vessels per year
Port of Guangzhou
Port of Guangzhou
531 Gangqian Road Huangpu District Guangzhou, Guangdong 510000. China

Guangzhou’s main seaport is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China. Guangzhou Port Group Co. manages the port. Ltd, which is a government-owned corporation, while Guangzhou Municipal Government-authorized it.

  • TEU: 23.19 million
  • South China’s largest comprehensive port today
  • Acts as a significant economic and transportation hub
  • Pearl River Delta Region’s main port
  • Maritime trade now covers over 300 ports in over 80 nations and regions worldwide
  • Comprise 4,600 berths, 133 buoys, and 2,359 anchorages, all of which of 1,000-tonne class
  • Port services include loading, unloading, storage, bonded warehousing, and container freight
  • Industrial, agricultural, and manufactured products pass through the port
Port of Qingdao
Port of Qingdao
11 Ganghua Rd, Huangdao Qu, Qingdao Shi, Shandong Sheng, China

The Port of Qingdao is situated on the Yellow Sea near Qingdao, Shandong Province, one of the world’s ten busiest ports. Qianwan port area, Dagang port area, Dongjiakou port area, and Guangdong oil port area are the four sectors that makeup Qingdao Port.

  • TEU: 22.00 million
  • It consists of a vast iron ore facility
  • World’s most comprehensive ports and an important hub for international trade
  • Port of Qingdao is a complete world port governed by the Qingdao Port Group.
  • Offers a full range of services, including loading, unloading, storage, and logistics
  • More than 450 ports in 130 countries and territories trade with the port
  • Handle the world’s largest ships as well as massive cargo volumes
  • World’s seventh busiest port in terms of overall cargo throughput
Port of Tianjin
Port of Tianjin
XPMV+74M, Binhai Xinqu, Tianjin Shi, China

The Port of Tianjin, originally known as the Port of Tanggu, is Northern China’s largest port and Beijing’s principal marine gateway. It is situated on Bohai Bay western bank, near the Haihe River’s estuary.

  • TEU: 18.35 million
  • Largest artificial harbor on mainland China and one of the world’s largest
  • Comprise 151 production berths, handled 500 million tonnes
  • Traded with 600+ ports in over 180 nations (2019)
  • Tianjin Transportation and Port Authority (TTPA) administered the port
  • A full-service port that handles liquid and dry bulk, containers, vehicles
  • Over 115 regular container lines serve the port
Port of Dalian
Port of Dalian
Shugang Rd, Zhongshan Qu, Dalian Shi, Liaoning Sheng, China

Built in 1899, the Port of Dalian in China’s most northern ice-free port. It is located near the southern point of the Liaodong Peninsula in Liaoning province. It’s also Northeast China’s largest multipurpose port, serving North Asia, East Asia, and the Pacific Rim’s seaport.

  • TEU: 8,760,000 (2019)
  • China’s second-largest container transshipment hub
  • It consists of eight-port areas, such as Dalianwan and Xianglujiao
  • State-owned Dalian Port Corporation Limited operate and control the port
  • Established business and shipping ties with over 300 ports in 160 nations worldwide
  • Managed containerized, dry, and liquid bulk, general cargoes, and Ro-Ro
  • Handles at least 100 million tons of cargo per year
Port of Xiamen
Port of Xiamen
127 Dongdu Road Xiamen, Fujian 361012 China

The Port of Xiamen is a major deepwater port in southern Fujian, China, located on Xiamen Island. It is one of the Asia-Pacific region’s main trunk line ports.

  • TEU: 11.41 million (2020)
  • China’s eighth-largest container port and the world’s 17th-largest container port
  • China’s fourth port capable of handling 6th-generation container ships
  • Comprises twelve areas such as Heping and Dongdu
  • Xiamen Port Authority operate and own Port of Xiamen
  • Handled 191 million tons of cargo in 2013
  • Comprise 122 berths, 37 were deepwater
  • Accommodate most types of cargoes
Port of Yingkou
Port of Yingkou
Admin Off, 1 Xingang Rd Bayuquan District Yingkou, Liaoning 115007. China

In Yingkou, Liaoning, the Port of Yingkou is an international seaport and the tenth-largest port in China. It consists of two dockland areas: the Yingkou ancient port and the Bayuquan port.

  • TEU: 5,480,000 (2019)
  • Possess 78 shipping berths, more than 21 million MT annual trade volume
  • Imports: sugar, grain, oil tar, lumber, steel, coal, automobiles, and minerals
  • Container facility can handle container ships of the fifth generation
  • Shipping agreements with over 140 ports in 50 countries and regions worldwide
  • Serves over ten international shipping routes and 40 plus domestic container lines
  • Handles up to 250,000 containers each year
Port of Jinzhou
Port of Jinzhou
Port Administration Office 11-2 Zhongyand Street Jinzhou, Liaoning 121007. China

The Port of Jinzhou is a seaport located at Jinzhou, Liaoning, on the Bohai Sea. It handles millions of tons of coal every year, making up most of its total throughput.

  • TEU: 1,879,000 (2019)
  • Three basins serve as a multipurpose port
  • Every Basin handle different cargoes
  • One of China’s most important coal and bulk ore ports
  • Dalian Port Authority owns the port
  • CNPC petrochemical refinery produces around 1 million tonnes of refined product
Port of Qinhuangdao
Port of Qinhuangdao
35 Haibin Road Haigang District Qinhuangdao, Hebei 066002 China

The Port of Qinhuangdao is a port on the Bohai Sea in the Haigang District of Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province. Together with the Port of Huanghua, it is an important coal-transporting port.

  • TEU: 750,000
  • Handle all types of products, such as oil, coal, grain, containers, ore
  • Main exports are steel goods, coal, and grain
  • Primarily functions as a bulk export terminal for coal from Shanxi Province and Mongolia
  • 42/46 berths vessels with a tonnage of 10,000DWT or more
  • More than 200 million tons of cargo handled per year
Port of Yantai
Port of Yantai
155 Beima Road Yantai, Shandong 264000. China

The Port of Yantai is a seaport located along the Bohai Sea in China’s Shandong province. It’s part of a Northeast Asian shipping and logistics center built by a group of Chinese and South Korean ports.

  • TEU: 2.7 million
  • Part of a Northeast Asia shipping and logistics center
  • Features a total of 88 berths, such as 46 deepwater berths
  • Total berth length of nearly 15,000 meters
  • Most common imports include oil, fertilizers, cement, grain
  • Main exports are steel, breakbulk, bulk cement, and frozen freight
Port of Weihai
Port of Weihai
288 Haibu Road Economic Development Zone Weihai, Shandong, 264200 China

The Port of Weihai is a seaport located near Weihai, on the east end of the Shandong Peninsula, on the Yellow Sea. It is together with three other Chinese ports in Shandong province, East China.

  • TEU: 282,000
  • The overall throughput of 45 million tonnes in 2018
  • Important feeder port in Shandon
  • Handled 45 million tonnes of cargo every year
Port of Nantong
Port of Nantong
Administration Office 140 Renming Road (W) Nantong, Jiangsu 226005 China

Nantong Port is a unique combination of a natural river estuary inland port and an artificial deep water coastal port. It’s in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, People’s Republic of China.

  • TEU: 600,500 (2013)
  • Ships over 205,000,000t of cargo in 2013
  • Yangtze River’s north coast hosts a major regional multipurpose port
  • It consists of nine river port regions and three coastal port sites
  • Possesses 88 berths, 65 hectares of yard space, and five-plus hectares of warehouse space
  • Central transshipment hub handling a wide range of cargo and vessels
  • Standard shipments include liquid, general and breakbulk freight
  • Annual traffic figures are around 1,000 vessels and 123 million tons of cargo
Port of Zhenjiang
Port of Zhenjiang
Nanshan Rd, Runzhou Qu, Zhenjiang Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China

As a natural inland river port, Zhenjiang Port is named one of the critical maritime ports for general transit and foreign trade. It is situated in the Yangtze estuary and lowers course.

  • TEU: 384,000(2013)
  • Handled over 140.984 million tonnes of overall cargo in 2013
  • River channel depth: 11 meters, welcome ships up to 50,000 DWT all year
  • Primary commodities include coal, timber, oil products, steel, cement, etc
  • It contains several private facilities as well as Port Authority berths
Port of Taizhou
Port of Taizhou
18 Changjiang Road Gaogang District Taizhou, Jiangsu 225321 China

Taizhou Port is a natural port situated on the coastline of Taizhou, a prefectural-level city in Zhejiang Province. The port is located at Jiaojiang River’s entrance, with port sections facing the East China Sea’s Taizhou Bay, Sanmen Bay, and Yueqing Bay.

  • TEU: 166,571 (2013)
  • Yangtze Delta’s economic area’s southernmost port
  • Achieved 56.28 million metric tons throughput in 2013
  • Principal commodities include coal, steel, grain, ore, lumber, etc
  • It consists of six primary port areas
Port of Zhoushan
Port of Zhoushan
Zhoushan, Zhejiang 316000. China

Zhoushan Port is in the North China Sea, southeast of Hangzhou Bay, and close to Ningbo. Recently, the port combined with Ningbo, then Ningbo-Zhoushan Port Authority, is the new port authority.

  • TEU: 28.72 million (2020)
  • Specializes in ocean-going shipments of oil and dry bulk cargoes
  • Possess several shipbuilding and repair yards in the area
  • Divided into eight districts, each with its deepwater harbor
  • More than 576 million tons of cargo handled per year
Port of Jiangyin
Port of Jiangyin
Binjiang W Rd, Jiangyin Shi, Wuxi Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China

Jiangyin Port is a natural inland port positioned in the plain between the river and Lake Tai. It stretches across 35 kilometers along the Yangtze River’s southern shore.

  • TEU: 1,001,000 (2013)
  • Features seven deepwater berths handle a wide range of goods
  • Principal commodities handled include ore, timber, steel
  • Accommodate ships up to 100,000 DWT
  • More than 8.892 million tonnes of cargo handled per year
Port of Nanjing
Port of Nanjing
18 Jiangbian Road Nanjing, Jiangsu 210011 China

The Nanjing is the world’s largest inland port, located in the Yangtze River’s lower sections, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. It is responsible for a total of 208 kilometers of the Yangtze River shoreline.

  • TEU: 3,310,000 (2019)
  • Managed six public terminals and three industrial ports
  • Capable of handling all types of shipments
  • Possess new container terminals in Xinshengwei Port & Longtan Port
  • Handles an estimated 60,000,000t of cargo every year
  • 35/230 berths can drive ships over 10,000 tons
Port of Changle
Port of Changle
China, Fujian, Fuzhou, Changle District, 航猴线

Port of Changle is one of Fuzhou’s six urban districts. It is the capital of Fujian Province, covering 61,327 square kilometers of sea areas, and has 680,000 people.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Min River linked Changle to Mawei
  • China’s wealthiest province as a result of its expansion
Port of Quanzhou
Port of Quanzhou
Port Administration Office Harbour Building Quanzhou, Fujian 362000 China

Quanzhou, also known as Chinchew, sizeable commercial port and the third most important in Fujian Province, China. It is positioned on the Jin River north bank, adjacent to the Taiwan Strait.

  • TEU: 839,000
  • Huzhou and Shihu port districts make up a multipurpose port
  • Serves as a transshipment hub for the Taiwan Straits and its environs
  • Import commodities include construction materials, salt, coal, grain, oil
  • Ore, stone, and general freight are among the items exported
  • Approximately 52.35 million tons of cargo and 15,300 people are handled annually
  • Mainly handles breakbulk, bulk, and containers
  • Possess four central port regions
Port of Xiamen
Port of Xiamen
127 Dongdu Road Xiamen, Fujian 361012 China

The Port of Xiamen is a major deepwater port in southern Fujian, China. It is located on Xiamen Island, the neighboring mainland shore, and along the Jiulongjiang River’s estuary.

  • TEU: some 10 million TEUs (2018)
  • Asia-Pacific region’s main trunk line port
  • China’s eighth-largest container port and 17th-largest in the world
  • Fourth port capable of handling 6th-generation big container boats in China
  • Twenty major shipping corporations established substantial shipping routes and businesses in Xiamen
  • Dealt with all types and sizes of commodities such as coal, chemicals, steel
  • Contains 122 working berths in the Port of Xiamen
Port of Shantou
Port of Shantou
1 Shang Ping Road Guangdong Shantou 515011 China

A natural river port on the Shantou coast, Guangdong Province is the Port of Shantou. It is Shantou SEZ’s gateway and the only big port in the region.

  • TEU: 1,250,000 (2012)
  • Annual throughput of 45.6 million tons of cargo
  • 18/86 berths are deepwater can handle ships over 10,000 DWT
  • Main cargo service: petroleum, steel, LPG, LNG, cement, fertilizer, containers, coal, and bulk cargo
  • Possess eight ports regions with shipping connections to more than 250 ports in over 50 nations
Port of Jieyang
Port of Jieyang
Huilai County, Jieyang, Guangdong Province, China

The Port of Jieyang is a large-sized port situated in Huilai County, the city of Jieyang in Guangdong Province.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Project lines include LNG station, LNG terminal, and transmission trunk line.
  • Leading cargo handling service: tanker, LPG tanker, general cargo, cargo, and fishing
  • Maximum size: LOA – 242m, draft – 7.5m with 75426t DWT
Port of Zhuhai
Port of Zhuhai
Administration Office Nanshui Yongshu Wan Zhuhai, Guangdong 519000. China

The Port of Zhuhai is the port of Zhuhai, a regional capital city on the west bank of the Pearl River basin in Guangdong, China. This port consists of 7 major port zones like Doumen, Tangjia, Hongwan, Gaolan, Wanshan, Jiuzhou, Xiangzhou.

  • TEU: 528,000
  • Possessed 131 berths, 126 production berths, and 17 deepwater berths
  • Handled 71,870,000 metric tons of cargo in total
  • Port’s full cargoes: chemical products, oil products, LPG, steel, containers, etc.
  • Serving 5,210,000 passengers annually
Port of Zhanjiang
Port of Zhanjiang
Port Administration Office 1 You Yi Rd, Xiashan Zhanjiang, Guangdong 524027 China

In Southeast China, the Port of Zhanjiang is a natural deepwater harbor. The Zhanjiang Port Group authorizes this port.

  • TEU: 240,000
  • Comprises of four areas with 32 berths
  • The overall length of the operational quay is 4,500 meters
  • Accessible at the port 74 kilometers of particular purpose railway and 33 kilometers of pipelines
  • Mainly handles hazardous products, liquid chemicals, bulk minerals, etc.
Port of Beihai
Port of Beihai
Administration Office 75 Haijiao Road Beihai, Guangxi 536000 China

In Southeast China, the Port of Zhanjiang is a natural deepwater harbor. The Zhanjiang Port Group authorizes this port.

  • TEU: 240,000
  • Comprises of four areas with 32 berths
  • The overall length of the operational quay is 4,500 meters
  • Accessible at the port 74 kilometers of particular purpose railway and 33 kilometers of pipelines
  • Mainly handles hazardous products, liquid chemicals, bulk minerals, etc.
Port of Fangchenggang
Port of Fangchenggang
Port Administration Office 22 Youyi Road Fangcheng, Guangxi 538001. China

Port of Fangcheng is situated in Fangchenggang, which is China’s southern port. It typically serves bulk tankers with a deadweight tonnage of up to 180,000.

  • TEU: 130,000
  • Port already contains 28 berths and a 3-kilometer wharf shoreline
  • China’s furthest hub port on the southwest coast
  • Major imports: vegetable oil, raw sugar, grain, steel products, coal, and iron ore
  • Main exports: general cargo, cement, ore, timber, barytes, and zinc
  • Annually handled: over 440 vessels and 45 million tons of cargo
Port of Haikou
Port of Haikou
Macun Chengmai County, Hainan 571923. China

Port of Haikou is located on Hainan Island’s north coast, overlooking the Hainan Straits. By its strategic location, this port is the most vital of the island’s ports.

  • TEU: 245,000
  • Port handled: containers, general and bulk cargoes
  • Accessible passenger services to the mainland and Hongkong
  • Principal exports: general cargo
  • Primary imports: LPG, steel products, cement, chemicals, fertilizers, and coal
  • Yearly handled: 12.4 million passengers, 23,918,000 tons of cargo, and about 451 international vessels
Port of Basuo
Port of Basuo
Basuo Port Admin Office Haigang Road Basuo, Hainan 572600. China

Port of Basco is a commercial and fishing port. It is situated on the east side of Beibu Gulf, on the west coast of Hainan Island in the South China Sea.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Most significant sea trade portal in Hainan Province
  • Several berths capable of accessing boats with a capacity of about 10,000 DWT
  • Chief imports: sugar, grain, steel products, coal, cement, and fertilizers
  • Primary exports: general cargo, local products, ore, minerals, and silica sand
Port of Sanya
Port of Sanya
Sanya Port Admin Office Jiangang Road Sanya, Hainan 572100. China

The Port of Sanya is a seaport in China. It is located on Hainan Island’s southern coast.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Major cargoes: rubber, coal, sugar, chemical fertilizers, grain, and many more
  • Around 451,000 tons of cargo are yearly managed.
  • Maximum size – LOA 260 meters, beam 18 meters draught 6.4 meters
Port of Wenzhou
Port of Wenzhou
Nanyang Ave, Longwan Qu, Wenzhou Shi, Zhejiang Sheng, China

On the coast of Wenzhou, Zhejiang, the People’s Republic of China, the Port of Wenzhou is a naturally coastal deepwater global seaport.

  • TEU: 570,200
  • Total cargo volume in 2013 was 25.16 million tonnes
  • Possessed 16 production berths, four of which were deepwater terminals with a 100,000DWT capacity
  • Separated into seven zones, three main zones, and four auxiliary zones
  • Major cargoes: bulk salt, general cargo, containers, granite, fishery products, etc.
  • Accessible facilities in handling: passenger vessels breakbulk, ro-ro, and containers
Port of Huangpu
Port of Huangpu
Huangpu, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

The Port of Huangpu is a medium-size seaport in China. It is situated in China’s southern Guangdong province.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Guangzhou Port Group, a state-owned company, operates the port
  • Once a trading port was known as the “Silk Road on the Sea.”
  • South China’s largest comprehensive port, with a global maritime commerce
Port of Lianyungang
Port of Lianyungang
Administration Bureau 99 Zhongshan Dong Road Lianyungang, Jiangsu 222046. China

Port of Lianyungang is located on the Yellow Sea coast in northern Jiangsu Province. It is protected by Dong Xi Lian Island and the seawall that connects Beijing Point to the island.

  • TEU: 4,780,000 throughputs (2019)
  • One of China’s ten most significant ports and one of the world’s 30 largest ports
  • Port possess over 50 facilities that handle commodities, container, ro-ro passenger.
  • Major exports: phosphate rocks, general cargo, seed extract, etc.
  • Primary imports: chemical fertilizers, alumina, wheat, coal, etc.
Port of Shekou
Port of Shekou
Gang Wan Yi Lu Shekou Industrial Zone, Shekou Shenzhen, Guangdong 518067 China

The Port of Shekou is one of the Shenzhen port complexes located on the north bank of Hau Hoi Bay, east of the Zhujiang (Pearl) River inlet.

  • TEU: 5,000,000
  • One of the essential fruit-importing cities in China’s south
  • Ports major cargo: oil, ore, cement, passengers, steel, general cargo, chemical fertilizers
  • Annually managed: around 16,197,000 tons of bulk cargoes
Port of Xingang
Port of Xingang
35 Xingang Road No 2. Tanggu Tianjin, Heibei 300456. China

In Tianjin Province, the port of Xingang is the largest artificial port in mainland China. The Port of Tianjin Authority authorizes it.

  • TEU: 20,000,000 cargo and container throughputs (2017)
  • Comprises of 159 berths
  • Operates over 500 ports in over 180 nations and territories
  • Support of Tianjin
Port of Yantian
Port of Yantian
Yantian China

Port of Yantian is situated in Da Peng Bay, on the eastern edge of the Shenzhen Commercial Center.

  • TEU: 10,000,000 container volume (2013)
  • China’s first artificial deepwater port with 16.5 meters quayside depth
  • Handle the largest cargo ships
  • Features modern port facilities and is served by a well-developed rail and road network
  • Annually, around 2,100 vessels were handled.
Port of Chiwan
Port of Chiwan
c/o China Ocean Shpg Agency Gangwan Yi Road, Shekou Shenzhen, Guangdong 518067 China

Port of Chiwan is one of the Shenzhen ports in Guangdong Province, China, one of the world’s fastest-growing container ports. This port is primarily used to exchange marine crews, primarily by container ships and bulk carriers.

  • TEU: 5,000,000
  • Full cargoes imported: containerized goods, fertilizers, cement, steel products, etc.
  • Primary exports: containers, acid oil, coal, sugar, and minerals
  • Yearly, 58 million tons of cargo handled
Port of Beilun
Port of Beilun
8 Yingbin Road Beilun District Ningbo, 315800 China

Port of Beilun is a subport of Ningbo. This port is guarded against storms by the mountain ranges tiny islands of Zhoushan just off the coast of Beilun.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Coordinates at 29°55′17.00″N 121°51′11.00″E
  • It contains a tiny free trade zone with a concentration of vacuum-formed packaging makers.
Port of Changsha
Port of Changsha
82 Wuyi Xi Road Changsha, Hunan 410005. China.

The Port of Changsha is a river port in China. This port occupied the Xiangjiang River’s East and West sides.

  • TEU: 83,000
  • Changsha Harbour Administration Bureau generally operates the port
  • Biggest Inland River providing a port for the port of Shanghai
  • Full cargoes handled: agricultural chemical, grain, ore material, coal, chemical fertilizers, etc.
  • Annually, about 28,000 passengers and 9.667 million tons of cargo managed
Port of Changshu
Port of Changshu
88 Jinsha Jiang Road Changshu, Jiangsu 215513 China

Port of Changshu is situated on the south bank of the Changjiang River, around 54 nautical miles from the river’s entrance. This port covers 120-hectare port assets allows for a wide range of port and port-related operations.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Primary cargoes handled: cotton, containers, coal, iron, steel products, timber, sand, etc.
  • Naturally deep silt free waters with a depth of 13.0 meters
  • Maximum size – max LOA 205 meters, draught 9.5 meters
Port of Chenglingji
Port of Chenglingji
Port Administration Office 2 Changjiang Road Chenglingji, Hunan 414002 China

Port of Chenglingji is a medium-sized river port in China. It is situated on the Changjiang (Yangtze River), 1,120 kilometers from Wusong.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Chenglingji Port Authority authorized the port
  • The natural shoreline length of the port area is 22 kilometers, and the size of 2,690,000 square meters.
  • Commonly used by small international vessels
  • Annually, about 7,266,000 tons of cargo handled
Port of Fengjie
Port of Fengjie
38 Dananmen Fengjie, Sichuan 634600. China

Port of Fengjie is China’s farthest inland class I port open to direct international trade. It is an important port in Sichuan Province’s eastern region and a transshipment terminal for cruise ships visiting the Changjiang Gorges.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Port has a 14-kilometer natural coastline, 1,800,000 m2 of water, and 100,000m2 of land.
  • Major cargoes handled are local products and coal.
  • Possess of 181 manufacture berths with four main all-around transfer stations
  • In 2012, the port handled 124,000,000 tons of cargo throughputs.
Port of Fuqing
Port of Fuqing
Fuqing China

Port of Fuqing is a mid-sized seaport in China. It is situated in South China, the East China Sea in China.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Latitude – 26° 0′ 41″ N
  • Longitude – 119° 29′ 4″ E
Port of Fuzhou
Port of Fuzhou
Port Administration Office Gangkou Road Mawei Fuzhou, Fujian 350015 China

The Port of Fuzhou is an artificial deep-water foreign seaport on Fuzhou, Fujian, People’s Republic of China.

  • TEU: 3, 200,000 container volumes (2019)
  • One of the Maritime Silk Road
  • Port possess seven major wharf areas and three coastal port
  • Annually handled: 45,872 passengers and 88,478,200 tons of cargo
  • Maximum draught – 9.5 meters FW, LOA 180 meters
Port of Guigang
Port of Guigang
Nanping Road Guigang, Guangxi 537100. China

Port of Guigang is a medium-sized river port in China. The Guigang Stevedores Co authorizes it.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Latitude – 23° 4′ 40″ N
  • Longitude – 109° 36′ 50″ E
  • Transit over 10 000,000 tons of commodities in a year
Port of Hefei
Port of Hefei
31 Chaohu Road Hefei, Anhui 230001 China

The Port of Hefei is situated in the Baohe Industrial Development Zone to the southeast of Hefei City.

  • TEU: 100,000
  • One of the nine largest inland river ports of Anhui Province
  • Capable of handling vessels more than 1,000DWT
  • Port possess four operating areas with 113 berths
  • Major cargoes handled: manufactured goods for daily use, bulk ore, chemical fertilizers, etc.
Port of Huanghua
Port of Huanghua
Administration Office Xincun Village Huanghua, Hebei 061110. China

Huanghua Port is an artificial deep-water foreign seaport located on the coast of Huanghua, Cangzhou Prefecture, Hebei, People’s Republic of China. This port lies 90 kilometers from Cangzhou on the south side of Bohai Bay.

  • TEU: 200,000 (2013)
  • One of the fastest-growing and most significant ports in North China
  • Port is separated into four port areas
  • Presently, two general bulk berths, two general cargo berths, and four multipurpose berths are operating.
Port of Wuhan
Port of Wuhan
Hankou Yanjiang Road 91# Wuhan, Hubei 430014. China

Port of Wuhan is one of the largest river ports in China. This port is lying at the convergence of the Yangtze and Hanjiang rivers.

  • TEU: 513, 229 (2013)
  • Possess port main port facilities
  • Major handled: passengers, vehicles, general cargo, timber, cement, fertilizers, etc.
  • Annually managed about 50,340,000 tons of cargo.
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