“Largest Five Ports in Congo”

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The DRC, originally Zaire, is a country in Central Africa. It is the largest country in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), the second-largest in Africa, and the 11th largest globally in terms of land area. Kinshasa is the country’s capital and largest city.

Gabon, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, and DR Congo are bordering countries. The Democratic Republic of Congo is rich in natural resources, including copper and cobalt.

Matadi and Boma, the DRC’s two largest ports, are shallow-water ports constrained by the Congo River’s depth. Container Port Throughput statistics for Congo, Republic average 494,500.000 TEU 2008 – 2020, with 13 observations.

This article provides the top ports list in DRC with significant port details.

Port of Matadi
Port of Matadi
5FG2+FJM, Matadi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Having 90% maritime trade, the Port of Matadi is the most important naval port in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is the main port and main transit port for the entire country.

  • TEU: 6,700
  • Yearly freight handling capability of 2,500,000 metric tons
  • Possess of ten quays can accommodate ten large ships simultaneously
  • Major exports: zinc, rubber, cotton, copra, copper, cocoa, timber, coffee, and palm products
  • Primary imports: frozen food, petroleum, fertilizers, salt, rice, wheat, and steel
  • Annually about 350 vessels visit the port
Port of Boma
Port of Boma
Boma, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Port of Boma is a Congo River port town located 100 kilometers above the Atlantic Ocean in the Kongo Central region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, close to the Angolan borderline, built this port to help with the evacuation of agricultural and forestry products from the Mayombe region.

  • TEU: 4,500
  • The second-largest maritime port of the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Goods handled consist of coffee, cocoa, palm products, timber, and bananas
  • Official draft – upstream 21 ft., downstream 21.06 ft
  • Around 40 vessels annually visit the port
Port of Banana
Port of Banana
Office National des Transports (ONATRA) Boulevard du 30 Juin Kinshasa Congo, Democratic Republic of

Port of Banana is a minor seaport on the Atlantic coast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Kongo Central region. This port is located on the Congo River’s north bank, near the mouth.

  • TEU: 100
  • Port handles general goods, oil cargoes via STS transfer at the refinery’s mooring.
  • Serves as an interface between onshore and offshore traffic
  • Coordinating inter-harbor traffic with a view of inter-bank traffic
  • A single commercial wharf can only accommodate one vessel at a time
  • Comprises of 2 small cranes, and several modest jetties
Port of Ango-Ango
Port of Ango-Ango
Ango-Ango (Congo-Democratic Republic), Congo

Port of Ango-Ango (Congo-Democratic Republic) is on the Congo’s east bank, about 2.5 nautical miles downstream from Matadi and south of the Chaudron d’Enfer.

  • TEU: N/A
  • One of the deep-sea ports of Congo
  • Commonly used to discharge petroleum and other risky cargoes
  •  Ships that are not strong enough to navigate the Chaudron d’Enfer used the port
Moanda Oil Terminal
Moanda Oil Terminal
Moanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Moanda Oil Terminal is located ten nautical miles off the Democratic Republic of Congo coast.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Perenco-owned offshore oil terminal with a 95,000DWT SBM and the FSO “Bellatrix Voyager
  • Max size – Offshore SBM: Draught 16.7 meters, size 160,000DWT.
  • Coordinates: -5.9666° / 12.1166°
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