“Largest Four Ports in Cyprus”

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Cyprus is a spherical island with a coastline in the northeast. It is an island country situated in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, formally known as the Republic of Cyprus. Bordering Turkey, Gaza, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Greece, and Egypt, Cyprus is the Mediterranean’s third most significant and populous island.

Cyprus Ports Authority (CPA), a semi-autonomous government organization, oversees and supervises Cyprus’ ports and port facilities.

Below is the list of four major ports in Cyprus. Please scroll down to review each port key advantages, characteristics, and features.

Port of Limassol
Port of Limassol
Harbor Rd, Limasol, Cyprus

Port of Limassol is the Mediterranean’s busiest port in terms of shipments trade. This port is the largest in Cyprus.

  • TEU: 600,000 annual
  • Port handles 66% of Cyprus container traffic, over 90% of cruise passengers, and grain imports.
  • Well-protected port via breakwaters
  • Cargoes handled: ro-ro, break, dry, liquid bulk, timber, iron, and containers.
  • Possess ferry passenger facilities
  • Annually handled: 371,600 passengers, 4.655 million tons of cargo, and about 3,800 vessels.
Larnaca Port
Larnaca Port
23 Crete Str P.O.Box 22007 Nicosia 1516 Cyprus

Larnaca Port is a well-sheltered port by two breakwaters. This port is positioned on the south coast of Cyprus.

  • TEU: 30,000 containers (2008)
  • Republic of Cyprus 2nd largest port
  • Functioned as an open anchorage
  • Cargo handled: ro-ro, timber, iron, break, dry, and liquid bulk
  • Multi-purpose port with 445,000 meters in length
Port of Famagusta
Port of Famagusta
Famagusta Cyprus

Port of Famagusta is a seaport in Cyprus. This port is the primary port in Northern Cyprus.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Carrying all types of cargos
  • Petroleum products handled by the Cyprus Turkish Petroleum Company
  • Port offers free zone
  • Accessible to domestic vessels traffic
Port of Dhekelia
Port of Dhekelia

Dhekelia is a harbor-type port situated on the south coast of Cyprus, around seven kilometers northeast of Larnaca.

  • TEU: N/A
  • It consists of an open refuge berth and three mooring buoys
  • Only tankers are allowed to berth for discharge to the power plant
  • Annually managed around 517,000 tons of fuel oil
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