“Largest Two Ports in Eritrea”

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Eritrea is a country in northeast Africa that borders the Red Sea. Ethiopia, Sudan, and Djibouti are neighbors; Saudi and Yemen share marine borders. The Red Sea was a vital commercial route Turkey, Egypt, and Italy aspired to control by conquering ports on Eritrea’s coast.

Assab and Massawa are Eritrea’s primary ports. Both ports are on the maritime channel that connects Europe to the Persian Gulf and the countries on the Indian and Pacific Oceans’ shores. Let’s take a closer look at these two important ports below.

Port of Assab
Port of Assab
PO Box 58, Assab, Eritrea

Assab, presently a modern port with a former Soviet Union-built oil refinery. It used to be the primary port serving Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s central and southern areas (around 95%). It is located on the Red Sea’s west shore.

  • TEU: 32,000
  • Only accommodate seven ships at a time; ten-meter draft limit
  • Only vessels under 200 meters in length
  • It has a total capacity of 209,000 metric tons
  • Port grain storage facilities can handle up to 55,000mt
  • Open 24 hours a day for stevedoring and shore handling operations
  • Discharge a maximum of 2,800 mt. – 3,000 metric tons per vessel of bulk cargo
  • Each jetty has nine shore cranes, for a total of 18 cranes
  • Currently, handling 2.5 million tons of cargo across thirteen commercial and nine specialized docks
  • Top exports include skins, hides, castor oil seeds, linseed, coffee, dry fish, cereals, and neuk seeds
  • Chief imports are machinery, oil in drums, crude oil, refined products, and general merchandise
  • Fully equipped with modern equipment and experienced team
Port of Massawa
Port of Massawa
PO Box 73. Massawa Eritrea.

The Port of Massawa is the principal port for cargo importation into Eritrea. The port has a unique history, as it is built around a natural and sheltered sequence of bays. It comes with safe anchorages and easy access to Eritrea’s interior. It is located on the southern Red Sea’s western bank.

  • TEU: 4169
  • It has a quay length of 1007 meters and six berths (208.6mx12m)
  • Possess two terminals for tanker vessels
  • Contains a 204,057-square-meter storage space with a 150,000-metric-ton holding capacity
  • Seventy-nine thousand square meters of heavy-duty cemented concrete blocks for container stacking
  • Standard exports include Agri products such as salt, oilseeds, hides, nuts, pearls, and coffee.
  • Imports are primarily industrial commodities like building materials
  • Over 826,000 tons of dry cargo are handled per year
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