“Largest Four Ports in Gabon”

Find Busiest Gabonese Port

Gabon is a Central African country on the Atlantic coast. It borders Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, the Republic of the Congo, the Gulf of Guinea, and the Atlantic Ocean. It covers roughly 270,000 square kilometers.

Gabon is abundant in mineral resources. It is Africa’s fifth largest oil producer, with substantial economic growth fueled by oil and manganese output over the last decade. In the previous five years, the oil sector has accounted for 80 percent of exports, 45 percent of GDP, and 60 percent of fiscal revenue on statistics. The Gabonese administration manages and operates the port.

Let’s take a closer insight into major ports in Gabon.

Po Box 1051. Libreville Gabon

Port-Gentil is the main port in Gabon and is also known as Manji. It is the only port Gabonese coast that offers bunkering services.

  • TEU: 10,000
  • Primarily a general and bulk cargo port with some oil installations
  • Portek International of Singapore operates the facility
  • Major exports: petroleum, palm oil, logs, and plywood
  • Main imports: petroleum products and general cargo
  • About 220 vessels with more than 3 million DWT yearly visit the port
Port of Libreville
Port of Libreville
CC2M+5G7, Libreville, Gabon

Port of Libreville is located near the equator on Africa’s western coast. Its main commercial area is in Owendo at 8.0 nautical miles upriver from Libreville.

  • TEU: 6,000
  • Berthing can only accommodate fishing vessels and coasters
  • The length of the general cargo pier is 345 meters
  • Maximum draught – 2.0 meters
  • Shipyard installations for port supplies and ship wastewater treatment are available.
Port of Owendo
Port of Owendo
Libreville, Gabon

Port of Owendo is a commercial port in Gabon. It is located about 20 kilometers upriver from Libreville.

  • TEU: 3,744
  • Primarily handles: a variety of general cargoes, containers, and cement
  • Top export: bulk magnesium
  • Around 700 vessels and 5,160,400 tons of cargo, each year handled
  • General berth draught – 9.5 meters, bulk berth draught – 11.5 meters, 40,000DWT
Port of Mayumba
Port of Mayumba
HMF4+JMH, Mayumba, Gabon

Port of Mayumba is authorized by the Office des Ports ET Rades du Gabon. It is situated at Mayumba Bay on Gabon’s south coast at 3°25′0.00″S 10°39′0.00″E.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Port Type – Pier, Jetty, or Wharf
  • Open roadstead that is mainly utilized for the shipment of lumber
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