“Largest Four Ports in Guyana”

Find Biggest Guyana Port

Guyana is a country South American country on the North Atlantic coast. Suriname, Brazil, Suriname, and Venezuela have international boundaries with Guyana. At the same time, it shares marine borders with Tobago & Trinidad, and Barbados.

If you want to ship goods to and from Guyana, this is the right place for you. We’ve gathered the top list of seaports in Guyana, including each port’s details and address. Learn more about the Guyana port industry.

Port of Georgetown
Port of Georgetown
5 - 9 Lombard Street Georgetown Guyana

Located on the east side of the Demerara River, the Port of Georgetown is a dedicated breakbulk. The bulk cargo port spans approximately 16 kilometers along the Demerara ship channel inward from the river mouth. It has an average depth of 4.5 meters at low tide.

  • TEUs: 39,000
  • Operated by a Maritime Administration Department
  • Numbers of privately held or publicly traded pier operators
  • Handle cargo efficiently and safely at a competitive price
  • Possess specialized cargo handling facilities, extended berth, ample and covered storage
  • Top commodities handled are cement, steel, aggregates, and forest products
  • Around 508,800 tonnes of freight and 821,156 passengers are taken yearly
Port of Essequibo River
Port of Essequibo River
Transport and Harbour Department Battery Road, Kingston Georgetown Guyana

The Essequibo River runs to the Atlantic Ocean in a northerly direction, west of the Demerara River. Essequibo River Port’s geographical coordinates are 6°54′15.01″N 58°22′13.01″W.

  • TEUs: N/A
  • Various portions of the riverbank are used to load vessels
  • Main cargoes: granite, greenheart, and other timber products
  • Maximum vessel size: LOA 121.9 meter, Draught – 5.48 meter
Port of Linden
Port of Linden
Linden, Guyana

The Port of Linden is about 50 nautical miles south of Georgetown. It is a crucial bauxite ore terminal.

  • TEUs: N/A
  • Port limitations: maximum draft – 7,6
  • Almost half of the vessel type call the port is a motor freighter
  • Other vessels include pleasure craft, cargo barge, push tow, etc
  • The largest recorded ship accessed the port has a maximum length of 135 meters
Port of New Amsterdam
Port of New Amsterdam
Guyana National Shipping Corporation Limited 5 - 9 Lombard Street Georgetown Guyana

Port of New Amsterdam is a medium-sized port administered and managed by the Port Authority of New Amsterdam. It is positioned on the east bank of the Berbice River.

  • TEU: N/A
  • 55% of vessels are general cargo, 22% for oil/chemical tanker
  • Bauxite is the principal export, whereas machinery is the key import
  • Maximum vessel size: 135 meters long
  • Port draught limitation: 6,5
  • Maximum Deadweight: 27,000
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