“Largest 4 Ports in Kuwait”

Find Biggest Kuwaiti Port

Kuwait is formally known as the State of Kuwait, a small country in Southwest Asia. It is located on the Arabian Peninsula, bordering Iraq (north) and Saudi Arabia (south). Kuwait and Iran have a maritime border as well. State’s coastline is around 500 kilometers long.

Among its primary products are mineral, agricultural, and manufactured goods. Leading ports in Kuwait serve as a gateway in transporting commodities to other countries. Kuwaiti seaports is a critical player in the international trade movement and made significant contributions to the country’s economic and construction growth.

Here is a list of the top four ports in Kuwait. Let’s take a closer look at each port’s capabilities.

Port of Shuwaikh
Port of Shuwaikh
P.O Box 3874. Safat 13039. Kuwait

Port of Shuwaikh is one of the major ports in Kuwait. It occupies an area of 320 hectares of land and 120 hectares of water area.

  • TEU: 750,000 container traffic annually
  • Most important commercial port in the country
  • Handles maritime vessels with 21 berths
  • Possesses numerous advanced container facilities
  • Most crucial port in the world for cargo vessels traveling along
  • Vessels operating the port consist of passenger ships, fishing boats, cargo-laden containers, etc.
Port of Shuaiba
Port of Shuaiba
P.O Box 3874. Safat 13039. Kuwait

The Port of Shuaiba is the principal industrial port in Kuwait. It is placed closely on the south of the Mina Al Ahmadi oil terminal.

  • TEU: 110,000
  • Constructed to operate the Shuaiba trade district
  • Multi-functional port handles dry bulk cargoes, breakbulk, ro-ro, and containers
  • Possess 20 berths with 4,068 meters in length
  • 2nd most important port in Kuwait in terms of taking commercial trade
  • Consist of four chief zones: oil pier, barge harbor, small craft harbor, and dry cargo berth
Port of Doha
Port of Doha
PO Box 81. Department of Ports Doha Qatar

Port of Doha is the county’s commercial port. This port consists of 10 berths for general/ro-ro and two berths for the container.

  • TEU: 146,300
  • Comprise nine piers and a storage area with 50,000 sq.
  • Processing most sorts of cargo
  • Annually handled: 2,150 passengers and 2.033 million tons of cargo
  • Accommodated around 750 vessels yearly
Port of Mina' al Ahmadi
Port of Mina' al Ahmadi
3572+549, Kuwait

Port of Mina’ al Ahmadi is Kuwait’s most crucial port, which handles most of Kuwait’s oil exports. This port lies 30 kilometers south of Al-Kuwayt on the Gulf’s northwest shore.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Kuwait National Petroleum Co. operates the gas and products accommodations
  • Kuwait Oil Co-managed the SBMs for crude oil export
  • Accommodates only for gas carriers, crude oil, and tanker
  • Yearly handled: 40 million tons of crude and oil products and 1,450 vessels
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