“Largest Eight Ports in Lebanon”

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Lebanon is a country in Western Asia, bordered on the north and east by Syria. On the south by Israel, with Cyprus to the west across the Mediterranean Sea. It is one of the world’s most minor sovereign governments, consisting of a short strip of land.

The ports in Lebanon are key entrance points for freight, carried chiefly to Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and other Gulf states. Its Container Port Throughput statistics from Dec 2008 – 2019 is averaging 1,123,650.000 Twenty-foot equivalent units.

In this list, you can find the significant 8 Lebanese ports and read information about their features, advantages, and more in-depth details.

Port of Beirut
Port of Beirut
Beirut, Lebanon

Port of Beirut is the principal port in Lebanon. This port is the center for Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and the Persian Gulf State.

  • TEU: 1,229,081 container volume (2019)
  • Eastern Mediterranean’s busiest and largest port
  • Current facilities are renovated, and built a new facility for handling containerized cargo.
  • Port comprises of several terminals
  • Ports total area is 1.2 million square meters
  • Main breakwaters 3,190 meters and separated breakwater 550 meters
Port of Tripoli
Port of Tripoli
FR2J+47G, Tripoli, Lebanon

The Port of Tripoli is the country’s primary seaport and one of the ancient ports in the Mediterranean. It is located on the North West coast of Lebanon, approximately 15 nautical miles south of the Border with Syria and Beirut.

  • TEU: 400,000
  • It contains a quay and lighter harbor which sheltered by a breakwater
  • Operates general cargo, passengers, and bulk cargo
  • Libyan Ports Company-operated and managed the port
  • Annually handled around 1 million tons of cargo
Port of Sidon
Port of Sidon
H979+J3C, Saida, Lebanon

Port of Sidon is positioned south of Beirut. It is under the supervision of the Beirut Port Authority.

  • TEU: N/A
  • It contains two piers that handle bulk and general cargo, containers, and livestock.
  • Top handles: fuel and gas oil, dry bulk, asphalt, and jet fuel
  • Annually accommodates 60 vessels
  • Maximum size – draught 5.5 meters, about 10,000DWT
Port of Chekka
Port of Chekka
Chekka, Lebanon

Port of Chekka is a private port in Lebanon. It is located on the north coast of Lebanon, south of Tripoli.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Operates a vast cement works
  • Major imports: 177,000 tons of phosphates, firebricks, and machinery parts
  • Top exports: 178,000 tons of cement and chemicals
  • Managed annually 355,000 tonnages
Port of Jounieh
Port of Jounieh
Jun, Jounieh, Lebanon

Port of Jounieh is a small-sized port in Lebanon. This port is located around 30 kilometers north of Beirut.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Commonly deals with coastal traffic
  • Controlled approximately 300 vessels yearly
  • Maximum size – LOA 60 meters, draught 3.7 meters
Port of Tyr
Port of Tyr
Tyr, Lebanon

Port of Tyr, sometimes known as Sour, is located near Sidon to the south. The port is comprised of an open roadstead with cargo being loaded into lighters.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Latitude – 33º 16′ 8” N
  • Longitude – 35º 13′ 19” E
Port of Selaata
Port of Selaata
Selaata, Lebanon

The Port of Selaata is privately owned. This port is located north of Beirut.

  • TEU: N/A
  • Port is under construction
  • Latitude / Longitude: 34.28048° / 35.65574°
  • Minimum depth – 15.0 meters
  • Max.size – length 154 meters, draught 12.0 meters
Zahrani Terminal
Zahrani Terminal
Sidon Zahrani, Lebanon

Zahrani Terminal is an oil terminal in Lebanon and also known as Sidon oil terminal. It is located around eight kilometers south of Sidon and 55 kilometers south of Beirut.

  • TEU: N/A
  • It consists of two operating terminals
  • SBM size – LOA 235 meters, draught 13.0 meters, 60, 000DWT
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